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Part one of the exciting series of a Roman whose lustful actions brings the downfall of Rome. Very hot young man, is he gay is he straight, no he's horny!
Let me tell you a story of the very promiscuous young man, of eighteen, whose promiscuity led to a whole region’s disaster. I am one of his many former lovers, I am a woman. Cornelius Erectus is one of the most heterosexual males I’ve ever met, but he’s been hiding many dark secrets. I evolved to become his good friend, to whom he tells all such secrets. Let me tell you something about Cornelius, he is eighteen and has an eleven and a half inch penis when erect. He has a medium sized build, only lean muscles on his body. He has the abdominals of a wooden table, the rear of a race horse, the tan as bright as an orange. His dark, short hair, his spotless face, his strong muscular legs, his luscious groan, his sweating body… his… he….his…

Oh my apologies, he was the desired of all the men in Italy. No other man stood as tall, as strong, and as handsome as Cornelius Erectus. He was a centurion of high rank, one that the emperor Aquitanius adored. Cornelius fought in great battles and killed many men. This the Emperor saw and he soon enough gave his only daughter, Lucretia, to him to marry. The marriage was wondrous, but as he explained to me, in great detail, the night of their wedding was much greater.
You see I am a voyeur and I become one of the friskiest when I hear such stories, so I plead him to tell them to me, and him being such a promiscuous one, does so.

Cornelius lays the beautiful Lucretia onto his bed. She immediately rips off her dress, exposing her plump and firm breasts. They sweat with arousal and her nipples are now firm. Cornelius drips with sweat and they fall onto her voluptuous figure. Cornelius licks his lips as he places his face into her two breasts. He begins to caress her nipples with his moist tongue. She begins to moan. This gives him the motivation to continue sliding his tongue down her stomach and into her groin region. His tongue slides fast with the help of her sweat. He reaches the pleasure spot. The clitoris, he begins sucking at it, sucking the sweat, saliva, and juices from her skin. Her body shakes with ecstasy. He moves south a bit to her vagina and begins to ring around her outer vagina with his tongue. Her stomach convulses as his eighteen year old tongue forces itself into her fifteen year old womb. She holds his head down, deeper into her groin. She moans, and as he comes up for air, he licks his red lips.

She beckons for more and this pushed his lust to take out his eleven and a half inch member. She grasps it with such eagerness. She rubs it, and strokes it up and down. He begins to breathe heavily. He realizes that her vagina is dripping with the liquid of lust. He smiles and stops her stroking. He pushes her to the center of the bed and climbs on top of her thick body. He rubs her breasts and thrusts his penis onto her sweating stomach. He beats it onto her stomach as if it were a drum. He then slowly penetrates her vagina, which is now well lubricated. Her young virgin womb stretches at each inch of his penis. Within seconds he reached her hymen. He broke it with easy. She begs him to pull his penis out. He refuses and continues to penetrate. She crinkles her toes inward in intense pain. Her vagina cannot take this much length at once. Tears run down her hot face. He enjoys this and moves deeper. She grabs her mons pubis in torment and tries to pull out his penis. She doesn’t pull hard enough, he begins to thrust.
Her entire body slides onto his giant penis, she is shaken. He thrusts like this for about twenty minutes. He ejaculated about fifteen minutes earlier. Her body recognized this pain as pleasure, and she fell asleep after ten minutes. He has been raping a semi-dead body for ten minutes. Once he deemed himself finished, he takes his throbbing penis out of her, puts on his pants, and leaves the room; leaving the newly non-virgin on the bed in soars.
He comes back, with a rusty knife. He climbs back on top of her. He looks deep into her eyes and sees her glare on the ceiling. He lifts the knife and stabs her directly into her womb. She cannot scream, because not only was she stabbed, but she had been paralyzed by the utter pains of hymen breakage. Cornelius ran from the scene in a hood and sword.

The next day, the Emperor’s guard found his betrothed daughter, stabbed and her hands on the knife. The news was reported to him and he declared that she was raped, her body to be burned. You see when a woman is raped, she kills herself because in our society, if you are a raped woman you are expected not to be able to live with the guilt; thus leading to suicide to prove that you did not want it. If you do not kill yourself, you are considered a whore, because it proves you wanted it and that you desired the sexual intercourse, thus cheating on your husband or lover.
That very day, Cornelius came to the palace where his “father-in-law” explained what happened and Cornelius was very sorry for the Emperor’s loss. Cornelius walked out of the palace courtroom and was encountered by Julius, the Emperor’s son. He said to him, “I know that my sister could not handle that deliciously enormous magnum of a penis you have, but you can be sure that, I can.”

Cornelius’s eyes widened in surprise and arousal. He glanced at Julius’s figure, which was medium height, strong abdominals, skinny and hairless legs, just like a sixteen year old teenage boy should look like in Italy. Cornelius turned Julius around to take a look at his gluteus, which was firm and tight, held together by a cloth, tight enough to choke a human. He slapped his butt, and it was so muscular. Cornelius licked his lips. Julius smirked and grabbed his arm. He led Cornelius to his chambers.
Cornelius picked up Julius by his firm ass. He laid him onto the bed. Julius turned himself into a vulnerable state, stretching his arms upward, exposing all of his abs and stomach muscles. Cornelius licked his lips and went to work. He began to lick Julius’s body from neck to lower stomach. He brushed over his sweaty and salty skin, at the same time rubbing his legs. His legs were so firm, so muscular, and so manly. The smoothness made Cornelius erect, quickly. Julius, after some time, pointed at a jar which held warm olive oil. Cornelius quickly grabbed the jar and stuck his hand into it, pouring handfuls of it on Julius’s body like a madman. He took both hands and violently rubbed the warm oil deep into the pours of his skin. He covered every part of his body with oil, rubbing, licking. The oil glistened on his youthful tanned body. Cornelius turned him around and marveled at the exposed anus of Julius, which had now been up in the air. There was no hair, just muscles and tightness. Cornelius stuck his finger into the jar and slid it between Julius’s butt cheeks. He thrust his finger up and down, making Julius moan in arousal. He thrust faster and faster between the luscious and smooth cheeks of the prince. He gave them a nice slap, harder at each time. This made Julius jump sometimes, but also made him bite his upper lip.

Cornelius, now fully erect, took out his great pride. Julius immediately got up and began inserting it directly into his warm, moist mouth. Pools of saliva formed below them as he bobbed his head up and down on the soft flesh of Cornelius. Cornelius was surprised at how much Julius knew of the sexual arts. He rubbed Cornelius’s stomach sensually as he resumed sucking and indulging on the delicious, throbbing penis. Cornelius was panting now, for he had never seen anyone who could pleasure a man this well. He held Julius’s head and forced it down on his well lubricated penis, Julius almost threw up after gagging twice. He came up for air and spit out a cup full of his saliva.
Julius led him to his bed, where he sat Cornelius down, and continued his work. He licked around the red, pulsing head of the penis. He could feel that juices were coming, so he gave an enormous suck and slowly tugged Cornelius’s penis upward with his lips, sucking all the saliva and juices dry off of the surface skin of his penis. This made Cornelius shake in ecstasy, throwing his head back on the bed, and moan. Julius noticed how much his mouth gave Cornelius pleasure. So he rose from his knees and spat in his hands. He rubbed them together until they were dripping wet, and he began to lubricate Cornelius’s penis once again. Cornelius, sitting there, moved Julius closer for a passionate kiss. Then he bent

Julius’s body forward and began to lubricate his anus. Cornelius’s tongue went in and out, in and out. He devoured Julius’s warm, tight anus hole. “Are you a virgin?” he asked.
Julius replied, “By my anus, may you see, I was waiting, for the best in Italy.”
Cornelius retorted, “So you’ve been waiting for me all this time?”
“Surely your penis is the greatest in Italy, and you are the greatest lover for me.”
With this Cornelius grinned wider. He made Julius moan by forcing his tongue deep into his sphincter. Julius began to sweat, as Cornelius began to lick his tight young oil covered cheeks. Upon doing this, Cornelius stuck out his middle finger to Julius, for him to lubricate. He then inserted it into the warm crevice of his anus. He swirled it around, then added another, and then another; jabbing it deeper and deeper. His penis swelled with blood, and Cornelius grabbed it, pulled it gently toward him going under the butt and began to suck it. Julius was smiling at Cornelius’s inability to suck a man’s penis very well; he found it charming that he was trying.
Julius couldn’t take it; he brought his anus closer to the erect penis and began to sit himself down. It slipped out many times due to the oil, but he would stop at nothing to lose his anal virginity at the hands of the most handsome lover in all of Italy.

Cornelius and Julius could feel penetration, so Julius began to loosen his anus to allow him to slide down onto the eleven and a half rod. At each passing inch, Julius began to lose breath, because of the pain. He took himself off of the sitting Cornelius and took a breath. Then he sat back down, at five inches in, Cornelius grabbed Julius’s hips and started pushing him down, forcefully. Julius cried at the massive penetration. He began though to feel the bottom of the shaft, and he easily sat down, feeling the penis in his lower stomach area. He began to ride on top of Cornelius, and with each passing bounce, Cornelius breathed heavy. They both were in sexual harmony, at the same rhythm. Julius bouncing up and down, while Cornelius was thrusting up and down. It was more work for Cornelius though, but he didn’t mind.
Cornelius’s penis was being tugged by the tight anus, it was so tight inside that he thought at one point he needed more olive oil, but his pre-ejaculation was enough lubricant at that point.

Julius could feel the throbbing penis in him, and Cornelius could feel the convulsing rectum, that he was in. Julius began stroking his own penis. The penis inside him was massaging his prostate so well, that he was about to shoot all of his liquids in seconds. He did. Julius shot four feet across the room, while screaming like a woman in labor. The warm inside of Julius rectum was now tugging at Cornelius’s penis, which made him orgasm. He quickly took out his penis while Julius was just about finishing ejaculating. He grabbed Julius’s shaking face, and ejaculated and shot into his mouth. Julius was still shaking with his orgasm, but Cornelius had already fallen back on the bed shaking ecstatically. Julius quickly licked the remaining semen off of the penis, which was still shooting some semen out. Cornelius was near out of air, breathing so heavily he couldn’t form words. He just groaned.
Julius’s face was covered in white and his mouth was a slippery mess. Cornelius brought Julius’s head closer and he licked the semen off of his chin, lips, and nose. They both passionately kissed, saliva dripping from their chins. Cornelius told Julius that he had never lasted as shortly as he had when he made love to him. This gave Julius a bright expression.

Cornelius knew he must leave, lest he be found sleeping in his quarters by one of the guards. So he left, fully dressed; but Julius was still in the nude. Cornelius opened the chamber door and slowly crept out of it. He saw four guards congregated very close to where he was, conversing. But he got out just in time, leaving no trace of anything behind. He took a deep sigh of relief.

Then he heard a scream and he looked back, and there was Julius, naked, pointing his finger at him beckoning the guards to assist.

“Help! Guards! This is the man who raped me! Take him down, he who is called Cornelius!”

Running ensued.

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2010-08-27 23:19:41
This was such a good story!
This was like.......I cant even think of a way to describe it
PLEASE, write more!

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2010-08-19 15:49:05
you have to make another one!!!

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2010-08-19 15:49:04
you have to make another one!!!


2010-08-09 19:18:53
Great story!! A lot of good deions of the actual sex acts, and - omg!! A plot!!

Thanks to Seemingly Satisfied for linking this story recommendation. Now, I'm going to see if there's a chapter two!!


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