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Phone Call.
A little Parody on the Incest theme hope you like it.

“Princess” her mother called up the stairs to her, “Donna is on the phone for you”. Princess shouted back “Mam can you tell her I will call her back just as soon as I have finished masturbating”. -------Mam said “You probably heard that Donna”-------------Yeah I did Mr’s Blake, tell her I am sorry if I spoilt her orgasm”.----------------“Oh don’t worry on that count Donna; she has been masturbating non-stop all week”------------“Yeah I know it’s over her big brother Alec coming home”-------------“It sure is Donna he will be here at the weekend; the whole family are looking forward to getting their hands on his cock again”.---------------“I bet you are Mrs Blake, I wish he was my brother he would be most welcome up my cunt”.

“You naughty girl Donna you have got a brother of your own to fuck you” said a stunned Mrs Blake. --------------------“I was only joking, and yes Randy does service me when he can, but with 4 sisters there is plenty of competition for his cock and cumm”. ------------------“Oh Donna you poor girl but you have your Dad also; he told me he loves giving you girls anal”. ---“Oh he does Mrs Blake don’t get me wrong, but with Randy suddenly becoming bi he has to give his ass a good service also. Mom told Dad she would settle for a bit of lesbian action with my cousin Kath to help ease his burden. He is a real good Dad really and he makes sure we are all ass or cunt fucked at least twice a week”.

“Oh that is good Donna; I know how lucky we are having a family of three boys and three girls. Even with Alec away there is always enough cock for us girls”. ---------“By the way Mrs Blake; a man has moved in near us and we are all sure he is fucking non-relations”. ----“Hell no, make sure you girls stay away from him”.--------------“Mom has already warned us, people say women have been seen going in there that look nothing like him; Dad just wishes he would move the hell out of it”.--------------

Thomas walks in the door and Mam says “Thomas would you mind asking Princess if she has finished masturbating yet Donna is still on the phone”------------“Oh Mam I am feeling horny right now and fancy emptying my ball sack up Princess before the game starts on TV.”-------“Oh do you now and what about me your mother? I was expecting a 69 with you before my guild meeting tonight and I am having it game or no game”.-----------“Ok Mam you know I would not let you go out with a dry clit, love you”.---------“Well in that case hurry up and fuck Princess before she puts her panties back on again”.

“Sorry about keeping you waiting Donna, Thomas just come in”--------“Oh it’s alright Mrs Blake my cousin Kath just arrived and her daughter Beth has been finger fucking me”.------“Oh Beth has her incesture soon Princess tells me”. -------------------“Yes she cant wait for her first orgasm, she loves masturbating all her uncles and aunts, but wants to shoot her own load now”.----------------“It is always awful waiting for your 10th birthday, but when your dad gives you your first orgasm on that day, you know it was worth waiting for, such sweet memories”.-----------

“Mind you Donna there is talk of reducing incesture age to 8, I mean girls grow up so fast these days”.-----------------“Yes Mrs Blake though Beth only has a couple of month to go, Kath wants all the family there to see her first orgasm. I can’t wait to poke my finger in her little pink pussy”.--------------------- “You will have a wonderful day; maybe you will meet a lost relation for the first time. It happens quite a lot at these events.--------You could have a lovely new cock pounding your cunt before the day is out.”---------------“That would be great; especially if he could stay a while, us girls might get that double penetration Randy and Dad are always promising us”.

“Well I must go Donna, hubby and Arnie will be home soon from the bar, they like to double up face and cunt fucking me before their nap. Then I have my 69 with Thomas before my womans guild to fit in, oh and hubbys brother Walter is caretaker at the guild hall; and he sometimes likes to doggy fashion me during the meeting break. So my fuck holes are going to have a busy day”.-----------“Bye then Mrs Blake hope you have some lovely orgasms”-----“Thanks Donna I am sure I will, and don’t forget stay away from that non-relation fuckers house, there is no smoke without fire”.

Mrs Blake took her panties off in preparation for her husband and sons face and cunt fuck, and shouted up the stairs,------------------“Princess, if you squirt be sure to change your blankets, don’t expect me to do it when I get back from the guild”.
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2014-08-11 08:45:19
No this is Patrick

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2014-08-02 09:33:47
Is this the krusty krab?

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2012-10-31 00:30:17
I actually enjoyed the story but, I do forget who is the one speaking .

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2012-08-30 16:05:31
Wonderful, simply wonderful, pray send champagne to the author.

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2012-08-26 04:31:42
This joke only makes me want to take a shit....

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