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She was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide, so I could see her pussy clearly. She had a big dildo in her hands. I recognized the dildo: it was her sister's. She smiled at me through the web cam.

She licked the head of the dildo. She put the thick dick in her mouth and shoved it in and out of her mouth to make it wet. Then she moved the dildo down, between her perfect 75 B tits, down her flat stomach until she reached her slit. She pressed the dildo against her clit and I could see that she liked the feeling: she closed her eyes and enjoyed the rush going through her body.

Then she put the head of the dildo in front of her wet cave, and pressed the head between her labia. She pushed on, and the head disappeared in her moist love hole. She pushed the dildo in and out of her pussy, until the whole thing was wet with her juices. She brought the head to her mouth and her tongue caressed the latex prick. She tasted her own cunt juice. She loved the taste, as did I.

While my girlfriend was getting off on her sister's dildo in front of a web cam, I was watching her thousands of miles removed from her in my hotel room. The sight of her masturbating got me so hot, I got my dick out and started to stroke myself in her rhythm. She could see me jerking off through the web cam I placed on a small cabinet, while I was sitting in my chair, enjoying the show. I was watching her on my laptop in my hotel room in Cairo, while she was able to see me through hers. The connection was pretty good (courtesy of the movie company I was working for), so we both had a good visual.

She put the dildo back in her wet hole and started to shove the thing in and out her pussy. She was fucking herself with it. She continued doing that for about five minutes. I could see her fat lips sucking the thing in. "Ooh yeah," she panted. "I just love that big cock up in my pussy. It's stretching me soo much… yeah…."

I saw her juice leaking from her cunt while she shoved the dildo in and out of her slit. She really enjoyed the feeling. Her head was leaning against the wall. Her back was on the bed so she could put her legs up in the air. I could she her nice little asshole. The hole I had fucked not so long ago.

"Yeah, baby. Watch me fucking myself. I am imagining it is your cock that is filling me. Oooh yeah, your nice hard dick pounding in me… I can see you're enjoying yourself too, love to watch you jerk off that big boner of yours…"

Her feet were shaking – I knew she was close to cumming. She pushed the dildo even deeper into her cunt. Her gasps were getting shorter and shorter. She made little shrieks. Then she pulled the wet dildo out of her slit and pressed its head hard against her clit. She came with a loud cry. I came at the same time, shooting my cum onto the carpet. Karen smiled at me while she licked the dildo once again.

"Hope you enjoyed the show darling," she smiled. "Looked like you came a bunch." Then there was a knock on the door. I saw her startled face. "Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me." It sounded like her dad.

"What is it, dad?" Karen asked while she searched for her robe.

"Can you help me cook dinner tonight?" her dad wanted to know.

"I-I will, just have to finish something. I'll be there in five, okay?"


If only her dad knew that his daughter just gave her boyfriend a peepshow. What a nice way to keep in touch, I thought.

"Gotta go now, hon," she said while she waved me a kiss. We said our goodbyes and promised each other to call soon.

Karen and I were going to be separated for about six weeks, give or take a few days. Provided everything went well with filming the movie I was doing camerawork for. Normally six weeks wouldn't be a real problem, but since her mom and dad were on the brink of a divorce, I rather would have stayed at home, to give her moral support. But we cannot control our own fate, so on the day their parents announced that her mother was going to live at her sister's in Paris for a while, I flew to Cairo.

Actually being away was a good thing too: I could finally put some things in perspective, ask myself if I was really content with the way things were going between Karen and me, and with that whole thing with her brother and sister and all that stuff. It was a hard thing to think about.

Fortunately, I had plenty of stuff to do to get my mind off everything. Once I arrived on the set, I was totally involved with the film. Amsterdam could have disappeared for all I cared. When I arrived at my hotel early in the morning, I immediately left my luggage and took a taxi to the production office. After three days of preparations, I had about two days to kill some time before we started shooting. Some of it was spend in front of the laptop watching Karen doing her dildo thing that one night. Another night she masturbated with her fingers dancing in and out of her pussy and on her clit. Although it was nice, it didn't come close to the real experience of fucking that tight cunt of hers. But that had to wait.

The day before shooting I was lying near the pool of the hotel. I had my eyes closed and was more or less snoozing in the hot sun. Someone threw some water on my belly. I looked up and looked in the beautiful face of Dawn. Dawn was an American chick I'd met while working on another movie. She was a make-up artist. Slim body, nice tits, a killer smile with full lips. Crazy blue eyes. Yes, she was something all right. The last time we met, we had some seriously good sex together, but that was all before I met Karen.

"Hi there, stranger!" she smiled.

"Dawn! I didn't know you were working on this one," I said. She sat down on the edge of my recliner. "Yep I am replacing Deborah. Family matters," she said. She moved to my face and gave me a big kiss. I looked deep into her eyes. She wanted to put her tongue into my mouth, but I held it off.

"What's up? You ain't happy to see me?" she pouted.

"Happy as hell. But, I gotta tell you…." She didn't let me finish and placed her fingers on my mouth.

"Don't tell me, you got hitched?"

I kissed her fingers, and held them in my hands. "Not exactly, but I am seeing someone. It's pretty serious… I think…."

Dawn laughed. "You think? Well, that certainly sounds serious. Come on, get your lazy ass of the recliner and buy me a bourbon. Silly man." And off we went to the bar. I walked behind her and couldn't get my eyes of her beautiful ass. Karen had a nice ass, but Dawn was different league, totally different in every way. Stop it, Rob, I told myself. Don't fuck around. Not now.

Dawn and I spent the afternoon catching up, drinking. We ended up in some small restaurant not far from the hotel. We had a lot of fun, especially during dinner. After dessert, she asked: "So how good is your Karen in the sack?"

"Well, she is hot as hell, I can tell you. No complaints. How about you, anyone special in your life?"

"Besides you?" she joked, "Well there are some guys I am seeing…"

"Some guys!? You fucking slut!" I joked.

"Hey, you can't talk that way to a lady," she said sternly.

"I'll remember when I meet one."

She playfully hit my arm. I was wondering if I should tell her about Karen's family explorations, but decided not to. Not for now anyway. We went back to the hotel, and after some drinks in the bar, we both went to our separate rooms, which conveniently were next to each other. While Dawn opened the door, she looked at me seductively: "Sure you don't want to come in for a nightcap, or some special dessert?" God was I tempted. Any other day and I would have fucked her little body from dusk till dawn.

"Thanks. Some other time maybe," I said.

"Fuck. I am glad I brought my vibrator with me. If you hear anyone scream, don't worry, its just me babe," and she went in her room.

There I was, alone in my hotel room. I took a shower and sat on the bed, channel surfing. After a while I indeed could hear Dawn cry out. She was cumming. Must have stuck that vibrator deep in her pussy. I knew she liked it that way. One thing she had in common with Karen, I guess. The hotel had a closed-circuit porn channel. I turned it on, it turned me on, and I jerked off on the bed. After I came, I wondered what Karen was up to.

Let me tell you what she was up to. Everything I tell you now is what I heard from Karen, her brother and Jeanine when I came back. Some of the stuff Karen had already told me on the phone while I was shooting.

While I was jerking off in the hotel room in Cairo, Karen was cleaning up her fish tank. She had this small tank in her bedroom, with little fish in them, I always forget which types they were. Anyway, she was cleaning the tank, wearing only black panties and a tank top without bra, when Jeanine knocked on the door. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Karen said. Ever since Karen, Jeanine and I had fucked together, Karen and Jeanine were a lot closer. The experience had opened up the love the two sisters had felt for each other in the past, but got buried for a long time. Jeanine stepped in the room and dropped herself on Karen's bed. She was wearing her bathrobe since she just had a bath.

"What's up, Jeanine?"

"Oh, just wanted to chat with my little sister. I was wondering what you think of mum and dad splitting up, and all," Jeanine said while she checked out her sister. She could see Karen's nipples were hard.

Karen answered: "Well, we're not sure that they are breaking up, right? I mean, mum just needs to spend some time by herself. I think she'll be back in a couple of weeks and then everything will be okay again."

Jeanine put some cotton wadding between her toes and took the dark red nail polish from Karen's nightstand. She started to polish her nails. "Well, I hope you're right. But if you ask me… dad is sleeping around."

Karen was surprised. "You think?"

"I know it for sure. You know the housekeeper, Anne, right. Well, the other day I was sitting on the balcony outside mum and dad's bedroom, sunbathing. Then I heard a noise inside the room, and I got curious. Although the curtains were pulled, there was a small crack I could look through."

Karen got interested. She sat down next to Jeanine on the bed. "So what did you see?"

Jeanine loved talking secretes. "I Anne giving dad a blowjob."

"No fucking way! Really?" exclaimed Karen in disbelief.

"Really. Check it out for yourself. I think she blows him every time she's cleaning the house. Around five in the afternoon."

"Fuck, I could never have imagined. Dad is such a nice man, how could he?" Karen wondered.

"Who knows if mum and dad are still… doing it," Jeanine smiled mischievously.

Karen took the polish from Jeanine's hand. "You're messing it up. Let me do this for you." Jeanine smiled. Karen got on her knees in front of Jeanine's feet and started to paint her toes. "I don't believe it. I gotta see it. I gotta see dad getting a blowjob from Anne. Jesus Christ."

Jeanine loved the sight of Karen painting her nails. Peter might have been a fetishist who liked pictures of dripping cunts, Jeanine got the hots for nice feet and sucking toes. Well, no family is perfect I guess. LOL. While she looked at Karen, she imagined Karen sucking her toes. Putting her big toe in her mouth and sucking it hard. "Hmmmmm, that feels nice," Jeanine said out loud.

"No problem," Karen said. "We used to do this all the time, remember?"

Jeanine nodded. Then she remembered something. "Karen, could you do me a favour?" she asked. "Could you pick me up from work Wednesday, around five. I gotta go to the doctor to get my new subion for the pill and all."

"Hold on," Karen said, "While she put down the polish and checked her calendar. "Five you said. Yeah, I can just squeeze you in before I go to the gym."

Jeanine got up and hugged her sister from behind. "Thanks sis, for the nails and the driving." Karen turned around and hugged her sister. She lay her head on Jeanine's shoulder. "I love you, Karen," Jeanine said. "We should stick together. Especially now."

"I agree, J." Karen said and kissed her sister on the mouth. "Now watch out, you're toes aren't dry yet.

"Karen?" Jeanine asked. "Shall we sleep together tonight? I don't like to sleep alone considering."

Karen thought about it for a moment. She had to get up early and she always had trouble sleeping when someone was lying beside her, especially in her small bed. But then she thought she really missed me, and needed a warm body to hold in the night. "Sure. Just like old times."

An hour later Karen came in to her room. Jeanine was already lying in her bed, wearing only her panties. Karen threw her t-shirt on the ground and slipped in bed with her sister. There bodies pressed together, since it was a single bed. But Karen kind of enjoyed the feeling of her sister's body against her. "Jees Karen, you're body feels cold, babe," Jeanine screamed.

Karen smiled "So, come closer and warm me up!" Karen giggled. Jeanine looked at her little sister, realizing how much she loved her. Jeanine bent forward and kissed her sister on the lips. Karen opened her mouth invitingly and felt Jeanine's tongue penetrate her. Jeanine lay on top of Karen and really started to kiss her now. Their breasts were pressing against each other, as were their cunts. "Hmmmmm…. that feels nice," Karen said. Karen's hands roamed Jeanine's lovely back and slit into her panties. Karen caressed her sister's buttocks. She had always loved her sister's butt, since it was bigger and much more defined than her own. Jeanine started to crush her mound into Karen's, feeling her juice spill from her cunt.

Karen started to pant and slipped her sister's panties down. Jeanine lifted up her body so she could do the same to Karen. Now they were both naked, wet pussies and tits pressing on to each other. Karen enjoyed the feeling of her sister's shaven pussy against hers. Jeanine resumed kissing Karen. She first kissed her on her lips, but then kissed her neck, because she knew Karen liked it. Meanwhile Karen's hands were making small circles on her sister's ass, every once in while teasing her brown pucker with her fingers. She let her finger creep down Jeanine's ass cheeks until she reached her wet lips. She succeeded in getting the tips of her fingers up Jeanine's moist slit.

Jeanine purred in Karen's ears while she sucked her earlobes. "Hm, darling sister that feels nice. Please go on." Karen wanted to, but it was hard to keep this up, since Jeanine was a little bit taller than she was. "Let's switch places," she said.

Now Jeanine was lying on her back. Karen threw off the covers and looked at her naked sister below her. She loved the way her shaved pussy looked. It was so similar to hers, and yet so different. She put three fingers in her sister's cunt, while the thumb of her left hand was caressing Jeanine's engorged clit. "Hmmmm, yeah, that's the spot. Go on, you got me cumming in seconds if you keep this up. Ahhhh," Jeanine panted. Karen started to move faster. Her fingers shooting in and out of her sister's cunt. She knew she liked it from experiences in the past; she also knew that Jeanine liked getting fucked hard.

"Just think of the nice little fuck video we made with Robert," Karen hissed between her teeth. Masturbating her sister was a big turn on for her. She let go of her sister's clit and caressed her own. Jeanine started to rub her clit by herself. The next couple of minutes the girls didn't talk to each other, but their fingers moved frantically. The room was filled with their soft moans and sighs. The smell of sex covering the hole room.

Jeanine panted "God, I feel it cumming. I am almost there!" And then she climaxed, biting her right hand so she wouldn't make too much noise. Karen felt her sister spurting her juice. She moved her wet fingers towards her own pussy and started to finger herself. The thought of smearing Jeanine's pussy juice on her own slit, made her even hotter. She couldn't hold back and climaxed. She threw herself on to Jeanine, who immediately stuck her tongue into Karen's mouth. While she came, Karen sucked on her sister's tongue.

Then her orgasm was done and both girls looked into each other's eyes. They were both grinning. Karen rolled off her sister and felt Jeanine spoon up against her. "Good night, Karen. I love you," Jeanine whispered.

"Love you too sis. Sleep well."

Wednesday came and Karen arrived at Raymond's store at 4:55. She parked the car in front, and went in. She went to the cash register and ask the girl behind the counter where Jeanine was supposed to be. "She's in the warehouse at the back, checking out some shopping orders." This meant Karen had to walk all the way to the back of the store, where a big warehouse contained a lot of backorder books, and other stuff. It was a labyrinth of corridors filled with crates and bookshelves. The place looked deserted, until she heard some noise coming from the back. Karen walked through the narrow corridor, walking towards the noise.

She heard Raymond's voice. "Yeah baby, that's it. Take my cock, take it fast. Yeah, that feels good." "Oh my God," Karen thought. Did she hear that right, was Raymond fucking someone, was he fucking her sister? Karen turned a corner and her jaw dropped to the ground when she saw Raymond's black buttocks going forward and backward. Raymond's trousers were down to his ankles and he was holding on to somebody. He was definitively fucking that someone in the ass, as Karen could see two white legs bungling on either side of Raymond. Someone was bending over a couple of boxes, getting fucked in the ass by Raymond. Karen kept behind the crates she was standing against, so she wouldn't be spotted.

Raymond was holding that person's ass and squeezed the buttocks with his big hands. Karen couldn't see whom it was, but got wet by what she could see and hear. The other person was moaning load. Raymond was speaking up his thrusts, and judging by the way he moved and what he said, he was on the verge of cumming. "Yeah, baby. I love the sight of my cock going into your little hole. Yeah, take my cock, I am almost there."

Poor Jeanine, the size of Raymond's cock must really stretch her ass to the maximum, Karen worried. Then she felt a presence next to her and turned around. Jeanine was standing behind her. She winked at Karen and held a finger against her lips. "Shhhh," she said. "Don't let him hear you." Karen put her mouth to Jeanine's ear and whispered "I thought he was fucking you up the ass."

Jeanine was shaking her head. "Not on your life, not with that big cock of his. Look at him going, it's been going on for more than 30 minutes now. I don't now how the other guy can take it." Karen's eyes widened. "That's a guy he's fucking?" Jeanine smiled. "Yeah, babe. Raymond is gay."

Karen wanted to say something, but got distracted by Raymond's screams.

"Yeah, here it comes! Take my load, bitch. Take it!" Raymond's body started to shake while he dumped is his big load up the guy's ass, or at least in the condom he was wearing. The other guy came at the same time, spurting his cum all over the boxes he was lying on. Karen felt Jeanine pull her arm. "Come on, before he sees us." Karen was nailed to the floor and couldn't move. She watched Raymond disengage his cock from the guy's ass and step away. His cock came into view. Even in its flaccid state it was impressive, although the filled condom covering his shaft looked ridiculous to Karen. Jeanine tugged her arm again and Karen moved away from the scene.

To be Contnd...........

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2012-03-23 22:36:22
I think this is a good thing to think about. I am thankful for the ahncce to write through my blogs because it helps me make sense of what's going on in my world. Truth through story, that sort of thing. I am also thankful that there are others that share their stories, knowledge, wit, etc. and I can read about it on their blogs.Granted, there are a lot of bad posts out there, Lord knows I have several on my blogs. On the other hand, I have read things off the NY Times bestseller list and thought that the story was awful. I think people who like to sit with words, struggle with revision, analzye an issue, or find their voice, a blog is a great way to do that. And yes, I suppose that means we are writers. Now good or bad ones? That's another question.

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Liz Seume - Such great pictures!!! Thanks again so so much! They made me feel like I got to be there too. I'm so glad they will have all these to look back on!

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