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The Submissive

Ever since her brother started fucking her when she was fourteen, she knew that she would do whatever the men in her life told her to do. She simply felt compelled to submit to anything she that was told.

She was a lovely young girl. Shapely with large breasts and long legs and a beautiful face. She got looks from everyone when she entered a room. Her brother was two years older than she. He came into her room one night as she slept. He put his hand over her mouth and started working his hand under her night gown. She woke up confused and a little scared. He told her to keep quite. He was her older brother and now he was her boss. She had better do as he said or he would punish her. She better not tell anyone about this or there would be hell to pay. She nodded yes and he removed his hand from her mouth.

Her brother covered her mouth with his and probed it with his tongue. Her heart started to race. She had only played with herself a few times but this kiss affected her the same way. She was getting wet between her thighs. He squeezed her young nipples as he forced her mouth open wider. He withdrew his tongue from her open mouth and licked her face. He licked her ear and ordered her to strip off the night gown. She was taken by the hand and led down the dark hall to the back door. He pushed her through the opening into the night.

Her brother pushed her to her knees and unzipped his jeans. He forced his hardening cock into her mouth. She choked a bit as he throat fucked her for nearly half an hour. Large globs of cum hit the back of her throat and were pumped down her by his continuing thrusts into her mouth. He finally withdrew and allowed her to catch her breath. Now he ordered her to go call their black lab. He was all of ninety pounds and very strong. Her brother said that she was to suck off the dog just like she had sucked his cock. It never occurred to her to resist. It was all happened so fast anyway that she simply obeyed her brother’s orders what ever they might be.

She got the dog to roll over on his back and knelt down to fondle his dick. She took him into her mouth as he began to harden. He brother looked on as her head bobbed up and down on the shaft. The dog grew larger and larger as she pumped faster and faster until a second load of cum filled her belly.

She was told to stay on her knees and keep quite. Her brother would sneak out the back gate into the alley. He warned her to stay put or be punished. Several minutes passed before he returned with an older black man. Her brother asked the man if he liked what he saw. They made a deal and her brother got a bag of weed and went back into the house. Once again she found herself with a cock pounding her throat only this time it was much larger. It was so thick that her lips strained to get it into her mouth. He did not seem to pay much attention to the stress she was feeling. For about fifteen minutes he fucked her face and then had her swallow her third load that night.

The black guy ordered her to stay in the back yard naked and on her knees. He stepped out of the back gate and waved to his cousin. His cousin stepped up to the young fourteen year old. She knew what to do. He told her that her brother had traded her for the weed but for such good stuff she was going to suck off both of them. She sucked and moaned as the back of her throat was struck time after time by the large cock. Soon she had the fourth load of cock juice in her belly. She came inside as the two black guys disappeared out the gate. Her brother complained that the guy had taken a long time. She said nothing except to ask if she could have a glass of milk. Her brother got her some milk and told her to go to the bathroom and clean up. As he put her back to bed he reminded her that he now ruled her life. He bit one of her nipples and then went back to his room.

She found herself on her knees sucking her brother’s cock each afternoon after school before their parents got home from work. She was traded for weed whenever her brother ran out. Her brother never knew that by the third time she sucked off the two black cousins, they also fucked her virgin pussy. She opened her legs wide much to her brothers surprise the first time he fucked her. He just thought she was a natural. She moaned quietly as he pounded her tender pussy until he was satisfied.

The night their parents went out for the evening, her brother took he out to the back yard again. She expected to be traded for more dope but tonight was different. Her brother said that their dog deserved some pussy just like he was getting. She got on her knees and sucked the dog until he got hard and rocked forward on to all fours to let the dog mount her. Her brother took snap shots with his digital camera. These could go on the internet. The dog pounded her from behind as he scratched her back with his giant claws. She flinched as he dug his claws into her tender back but she seemed to like the pain mixed with the pleasure she felt as his dog cock went in and out of her tender box. As the dog shot his wad into her wet hole, the flash from the camera fired away time and again as her brother captured the moment to be used later.

For three years the beautiful girl was controlled by her brother. The dog got used to fucking her and jumped on her to knock her down and have his way several times a week. She learned what it took to suck a cock and get the cum out of it and into her belly in very little time. She would smoke dope with her brother and the black cousins who took turns getting fucked and sucked all they liked. She filled out with large breasts and a great ass. This got attention at school. An older guy at school stopped her in the hall and asked her out. She knew that she would have to ask her brother and tell her parents but she was excited to have a real date.

Her brother surprised her with his consent and her parents said she could go but to be back early so she would stay out of trouble. She agreed and made the date for that Saturday night. Her date picked her up at seven. She asked him where he was taking her. He said that it was his surprise. She was excited. Her brother had told her to wear something sexy so that her date would be pleased but she knew her parents would object. She wore a simple dress to get out the door and into her date’s car. Once inside as they drove off, she said that her parents insisted that she dress like that but her brother had other ideas. She asked if he would like to see what she had on under the dress. Her date said yes of course. She unzipped the dress and pulled it off. Underneath she wore a tiny red halter top. It was almost like a bikini top. She had on a black mini skirt which she had almost outgrown. It barely covered her perfect ass and was four inches below her belly button. She pulled some five inch heels out of her purse to complete the outfit.

Her date said that it was perfect for where they were going. He pulled out a bottle of vodka from under his seat and told her to take a big drink. After a few shots, her head started to swim but she felt good. As she looked out the car window, she noticed that they were heading into a part of town with which she was not familiar. Finally they parked at an old theater. None of the titles on the marquee were any that she had heard of but he was around to her door before she could ask any questions. He opened the door like a perfect gentleman. She was taken by the arm and led inside just as the sun was going down. Once inside the dark theater, she was concentrating on keeping her balance on the five inch heels. They set down and her eyes adjusted to the darkness.

She soon realized that the film showed a young girl being gang banged by a group of older men. Her date put his arm around her shoulder and moved in and kissed her like her brother kissed her. His tongue explored her mouth and his hand reached inside her halter top to find a bare nipple. As he finished kissing her, he whispered into her ear that he had paid her brother plenty for this date and she had better be worth it. Her brother had made her his total whore. She had been bought and paid for and was now expected to do as she was told.

She spread her legs to allow his fingers to probe her young pussy. She wore no panties to get in his way. He pushed her down onto the dirty theater floor in front of him. She knew what to do. As her date watched the young girl on the screen get fucked up the ass by one of the old men while another held the back of her head while she sucked him, his date unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening cock. Her tongue twirled around the head and then she forced him down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down in his lap. She caught her breath between strokes. As he watched the movie and felt the talented mouth on his cock, he soon exploded into her waiting throat. She swallowed like she had been trained.
She rose back into her seat. She asked if he was happy with the way she had sucked him. He told her that she did well but that he had her for the night and wanted some pussy later on. They watched the show together. The girl on screen was getting covered with cum from one old man after another.

The couple sitting there watching the movie had not gone unnoticed by some of the other patrons of that slimy theater. The young girl’s date saw some of the other customers eyeing his slut. He started to show off. He felt her up so that he knew they could see what he was doing. He had her spread her legs wide and pulled up her dress so they could see him finger fuck his beauty. She let him do as he pleased as she could not seem to take her eyes off the screen.

Finally her date whispered into her ear that he was feeling generous and was going to share her with some of the crowd. Deep down he was worried that if he did not share her some of the other customers might just take her away from him although he would never admit it. He told her to go sit down closer to the screen right by some guy. He told her to play with herself. When she got his attention, she was to ask him to finger fuck her while she watched the show. Then she was to come over his fingers ( or fake it ) and offer to suck him off as a way of saying thanks for getting her off.

Her beautiful form could barely be seen as she made her way to the third row and walked in six of seven seats to sit by an old man. She could see that he was fondling himself as he watched the gang bang movie. She did as she was told and soon he had two fingers in her wet pussy. She waited a few minutes and squeezed his fingers between her thighs to make him think that she had come. Then she sunk to her knees sucked the old man as if he were some young stud. She drank his cum and licked his cock and balls clean. Men filed into the row of seats in which the young girl had sucked the old man’s cock. Without much talk, one of them pushed her to her knees once again to feel her talented mouth suck the cum out of him as she had swallowed the old man’s cum before him. Man after man sat in front of the girl for over two hours to have her give him head. Without much rest she sucked and swallowed so much cum that her belly was actually getting full. One of the guys in the theater had her climb up into his lap and spread her legs to give him a fuck. She looked over his shoulder at her date who was still looking at the film while waiting for the others to finish with her.

Her date dropped her off in front of her house and drove off before she got to her front door. He had bent her over his car in the theater parking lot for one last fuck. Cum dripped out of her well used hole as she walked into the house. She reached down to wipe it off of her thigh just as she heard someone coming down the hall. She just had time to lick off of her hand and swallow before her brother appeared in the living room to greet her. He demanded that she tell him everything that had happened on her date. He was not happy to hear that she was made to suck strange cock. Mainly he was pissed that he could have made more money if he had been there.

She lied to her parents and said that he was a perfect gentleman and she hoped to have another date soon. She would have more dates for sure. He brother would soon start working her every weekend. Now she would suck cock and fuck her brother and his dope suppliers during the week and every guy in school who had the money on weekends. Some times, a student that she barely knew would come up behind her in the hall and put his hand up under her shirt to get a good feel of her wonderful ass. He would tell not to worry, her brother had been paid and that she would be giving up that ass to him this coming weekend.

Soon the whole school knew that she was now a whore. In fact the first time she was fucked up the ass was by her math teacher. He paid extra for getting to be the first. While he was on top of her in the back of his car, he told her that he would not be paying any more for her services. She would give him blowjobs after school and take his cock up her ass if she wanted to pass his class. Soon she was having some kind of sex at least three to four times a day. One day she asked a girlfriend if any of the other girls were getting fucked as often as she. She was told no but that she, her girlfriend, was sucking her father’s cock every time her mother was out of the house. At first she resisted but later it seem easier to get on her knees and get it over as quickly as possible. Her father said that he was going to fuck her the next time they were alone. She seemed upset. The young whore did not think it would be so bad but did not want to see her girlfriend so unhappy. She told her girlfriend to ask her father if he wanted to fuck her instead. She would do anything to please him and had learned to take it up the ass if he liked. Her girlfriend seemed relived and said that she would see what he said.

The next day, the young whore’s girlfriend said that her father would hold off fucking her if he got some pussy that night. It was set, the whore would sneak out and walk to her girlfriend’s house. She said that she would get there as soon as she could but now she had to meet her math teacher in the teacher’s parking lot to give him a blowjob before she went home.

That night she showed up at her girlfriend’s house as promised. The girl’s father soon joined them in her bedroom. He had the both of them strip for him. He made crude comments about how each of them could be good whores. He made his daughter look on as the young submissive whore deep throated his cock. Before he came, he had both of them take turns sucking him. He told his daughter that she could learn from her young friend. Each of them sucked him for quite a while.

He let them pause for a moment in order to kiss each other. He said that he wanted to see them fuck each other on a regular basis. With that the young and beautiful submissive whore kissed her girlfriend. Her tongue probed the girl’s mouth just as her brother had shown her how. After minutes of kissing she instinctively licked the girl’s face and ran her tongue down her neck and then to each nipple. She sucked and bit these young nipples as hers had been sucked and bitten. Her girlfriend moaned softly as her tender flesh was raked by the young whore’s teeth. Then the submissive whore moved back to her girlfriend’s ear and whispered that she would fuck her father real good so that maybe he would leave his daughter a virgin.

Then she moved down to her belly leaving a slick trail with her tongue. She lingered there for some time and then dove her tongue into her girlfriend’s pussy as deeply as she could. She lapped the juices that where now flowing freely from the tender slit. She spread the pussy lips with her thumbs to gain deeper access. This was her first lesbian sex. It would not be her last.

Her girlfriend raised her legs and wrapped them around the whore’s head as if to prevent her from stopping the wonderful licking and sucking that was bringing her so close to orgasm. Then she came. Hard and long as wave after wave came over her. Her legs squeezed tighter in the hope of prolonging the pleasure. She did not even notice that her father had moved around behind the whore’s upturned ass and was now plowing her with all the force that he could muster. As the father lunged into his new found fuck hole, so the submissive whore was forced into his daughter’s flowing pussy. Stroke after stroke drove the father’s cock deep into the young girl’s wet hole. His daughter had her second orgasm all over the young whore’s talented tongue. The wild fucking went on for half and hour before the father filled the young girl’s pussy with hot cum until it over flowed. His daughter released her grip on the young whore and all three collapsed in a sweaty pile on the bed.

As her father regained his strength enough to sit up, he ordered his daughter to suck the cum out of her friend and show it to him before she swallowed every drop. Now it was his daughter’s turn to taste pussy for the first time. The young whore spread her legs as she did when told to fuck her brother. Her girlfriend’s soft lapping tongue and gentle sucking was a new and pleasant sensation. One that soon had her breathing harder and becoming wet again. White cum was soon filling the daughter’s mouth. She had tasted her father’s spunk many times before but not mixed with sweet pussy juice like this time. Finally she raised her head with mouth open to show her father that she had done as he ordered. He nodded his approval and with that she swallowed it all in one gulp.

Her father told both girls that they could go to bed but that he wanted them both back this weekend as his wife would go to visit her sister and the house would be empty. The young submissive whore wondered how she would manage any customers that her brother had for her and still satisfy her girlfriend’s father. Before she could worry anymore about it, the father looked directly into her eyes and said that if she could not make it, he could always fuck his virgin daughter. With that he left the room. Her girlfriend made her swear that she would come back. She kissed the whore on the mouth and led her to the back door to return home.

Just as the young submissive was sneaking back into her room, she heard her brother’s voice. He demanded to know where she had been. He woke up horny and went to her room for a fuck and she was gone! He was told that she needed to see her girlfriend and would not let it happen again. He was not satisfied. He told her that he would have to punish her. He made her strip and go out to the back yard. She hoped he would show mercy and maybe just fuck her up the ass or maybe fuck her throat but this was not the case. He used a piece of rope and tied her hands together. Then he threw the other end up over their old swing set. He pulled the rope tight which forced her to stand on her toes and tied the end to the metal crossbar on the set. He then stuffed some of her old dirty panties into her mouth and warned her not to let them fall out. She heard him unbuckle his belt and slip it from around his waist.

The first crack of the belt across her back took her breath away. It was followed by another and another. Tears welled up in her eyes. Red stripes began to appear on her back. Now he struck her ass and then again. The back of her thighs were not spared. Then her back again. And back to her ass. Then the belt struck her waist and wrapped around to her belly before stopping with a loud crack. Now the belt wrapped around to her tits. Her nipples were on fire. He showed her no mercy for ten minutes. Her young and beautiful body was covered with deep red marks left by the belt.

Her brother asked if she had learned her lesson. She nodded yes not wanting the panties to slip from her mouth. Her tears ran down her cheeks and onto her naked breasts. He lowered her and untied the rope. Now he demanded that she thank him for teaching her a good lesson. She would do this by sucking his cock which had grown hard while he whipped her. She quickly dropped to her knees, removed the dirty panties from her mouth and replaced them with her brother’s penis. Soon after her expert mouth and throat went to work they received the large load of cum that they had come to expect. She climbed into bed now very tired with the sting of the belt still on her nipples, back and ass. Even after all of this, she reached down to her tender pussy and finger fucked herself to one last orgasm before falling sound to sleep.

She ran into her girlfriend the next day at school. She greeted her with a kiss on the lips but noticed that her friend seemed sad. She was told that her girlfriend’s father had come back to her room later last night and fucked her anyway. She said that her planned to fuck her every night after her mother fell asleep. She said that he still expected to fuck the young submissive whore as well. She said that she planned to go to the adult book store she found in the phone book to get a dildo. She said that she needed it because her father had stuck his middle finger up her ass as he fucked her and said that she would be getting his dick up there soon. She wanted to use the dildo to make her back passage larger so it might not hurt so much.

After lunch, the two rode to the book store in a car that the young whore borrowed from one of the guys a school. She gave him a quick blowjob and promised him a good fuck when they got back. They could see the old men coming in and out of the store and almost chickened out but they both knew that they needed that dildo. The worst shock that they got were the prices. The dildo they wanted was almost fifty dollars. They both had no where near that much. They left the store and got back into the car. The young whore turned to her friend and said that there was only one thing to do. They both stripped off their underwear. They left their blouses unbuttoned and just tied them with a knot in front just below their tits. Making sure that plenty of belly was showing and the shirts were folded up short, they reentered the store.

The girlfriend made the first move. She went up to the clerk and offered him a blowjob for the dildo but he said he couldn’t let a high ticket item leave the store without the cash in the till. She leaned forward to show him plenty of cleavage and then call her friend over to do the same. The guy was plenty hot but knew he would be fired. He told them to go to the restroom in the back. Both girls were wondering how that would solve their problem but they did as he suggested. Once in the dirty toilet, they nearly gagged at the smell. They were about to go back to the clerk and ask if this was his idea of joke when ten dollars came threw a hole in the side wall by a toilet. It was followed by a cock and balls covered with grey hair. They both caught on quick to what was going to happen. The young whore dropped to her knees and started to suck the old cock which smelled about as bad as the toilet the she was kneeling beside. She soon drank the ten dollar cum and rocked back on her heels. Just then another ten dollars came through the hole and she started to suck the second dick. She heard a voice tell her that he could see her through a small hole above the large one which circled the cock she sucked. He said that she was supposed to strip. Both girls hung their clothes on nails in the wall and got back down on their knees. As the young whore sucked, her girlfriend would kiss her ear and lick her nipples while playing with her own tits. The guy came in two minutes.

The young girls sucked cock through the whole in the wall for the next hour. They had plenty of cash for the dildo and some left over. They left the store nearly naked but fixed themselves up on the way back to school. They were met in the school parking lot by the student who loaned them the car. As her girlfriend went back to class, the young submissive whore climbed into the back seat to give the car owner the fuck that she promised. He bit her tits and pulled her hair as he pounded away at her young pussy. She had learned to contract the muscles in her vagina to squeeze his cock and get him to cum faster. The white glob ran out of her pussy and on to her chair in class. She managed to wipe it up with her fingers and swallow it all before anyone noticed.

And so went the life of the young submissive whore until she graduated from high school. Her prom night ended up being a gang bang set up by her brother. Many of the fat and ugly guys in her school had saved up to get a piece of her ass. She fucked anyone who she was told to all night. She told her parents that she had danced all night but even her mother noticed how wrinkled her dress seemed. It had, of course, be thrown in the corner of the cheap motel room in which the gang bang took place and remained there until she was allowed to dress and go home. Things were about to change.

She answered an ad on line at one of the adult websites. The ad was looking for a young submissive girl to live with a dominate couple. She would become their property. She met them at a caf?nd was wearing the clothing that they demanded. She had on a dog collar with studs, a black blouse, no bra, black short skirt, no underwear, no stockings, five inch black high heels. As the couple set down, the female reached under the table and worked two fingers into the young girl’s pussy. She withdrew them and raised them to her lips to taste the juice with which they were now covered. They ordered a bottle of wine and each had a large glass. The man paid the bill and the female ordered the young submissive to her feet. Then she was ordered to strip. Right in the caf?ull of customers. One look from the female told her not to hesitate. She unbuttoned her blouse and handed to the woman. Then her skirt was unhooked and handed over. The female simply dropped them to the floor. She reached into her large hand bag and produced a dog leash which she hooked to the girl’s dog collar led he out the front door of the caf?nd into their car parked just outside.

As they drove alone, the young submissive whore now turned slave looked upon the woman beside her. She was older but still beautiful. Dark hair framed her lovely face. Deep blue eyes that seemed to look right through you and pouting lips covered in red lipstick made the young girl long to please this woman if only to remain close to her for as long a possible. The man driving was tall and slightly gray in the beard which lined his jaw. He was very well dressed with a gold Rolex and diamond ring to compliment his wardrobe. The young slave moved to kiss her older female owner. Her kiss was met with open mouth and wet tongue. The female’s full figure promised a new world of pleasure for the young one. As they broke off the warm kiss, the female slapped her new property hard across the beautiful youth’s face. This was to remind her not to act without permission. This was followed by another deep kiss but initiated by the older female this time. The young set naked and silent for the rest of the ride.

The house was very large and impressive as they pulled past the gate and into the driveway. It was quite a distance from the road to the house. A beautiful Spanish maid met them in time to open the car door. The young slave saw the insignia on the car for the first time. RR. The best car money could buy. The maid seemed not to notice that the young slave was nude. She took the leash and led her into the house. She was taken into what seemed to be a study and was fitted with wrist bracelets of leather. These were attached to chain suspended from the ceiling. As the maid pulled on the crank on the wall the chain was pulled upward so that soon the young slave was barely able to keep in contact with the ground. This reminded her of the punishment that her brother had inflected upon her at the back yard swing set. Never the less, she was determined to please her two new masters no matter how they treated her. The maid opened a cabinet on the wall near the crank that she had used to hoist the slave to her current position. From the cabinet she withdrew an eight foot bullwhip. Her two masters came into the room and sipped on more wine as they observed their maid at work.

The first lash of the whip brought a familiar sting to her tender back. This time the red mark would last until the next day. Again the maid stroked her with the whip. She could not help but cry out. The female told her that they did not wish for her to cry out to loudly but that no one could hear her if she did. The young slave made up her mind to bare the pain in silence. Lash after lash came down upon her back and ass. Just as with her brother, her breasts and belly felt the kiss of the whip. The maid delivered the strokes slowly and deliberately as she had been trained and indeed had been whipped many times herself. After half an hour the young slave was set free. She was laid over the back of a padded chair and secured by the wrists to the front legs as her legs were secured to the back of the chair. In this manner her naked and well whipped ass was higher than any other part of her lovely body.

The male was aroused by the display that he had witnessed. The maid walked in front of him and dropped to her knees. She quickly freed his manhood and took it into her mouth. Her head bobbed quickly back and forth as she gave him suck. As he became erect, the maid moved aside and crawled to the female dom and used her experienced tongue to eat the female’s pussy. The man approached the young slave from the rear and without any foreplay shoved his cock full length into her ass. He pounded her for another half hour before discharging a massive cum load into her bowels. With that he left the room. After coming over the maid’s tongue the female left the room as well. The maid got back to her feet and moved to release the young slave. She took her to the largest bedroom that the young girl had ever seen and into the adjoining bathroom. The maid bathed the girl and scented her with expensive perfume and put her to bed. The maid then removed her uniform and climbed in with her and fucked her for several hours.

As she was being fucked by the maid, the young slave was told the rules of her new life style. No clothing would be worn in the house. Certain rooms were off limits to slaves. She was there to submit to anything her masters demanded of her. She would be whipped every day. All her needs would be provided. The maid paused and had her roll over on to her belly. The maid wrapped her lips around the young slave’s asshole and sucked very hard. The last remaining drops of cum were sucked from her bowels. The maid explained that all of the master’s cum must end up in the slave’s belly. With that she spit the combination of cum and butt juice into the young slave’s mouth which was swallowed as ordered.

The young slave sent her parents a letter saying that she had found someone and decided to move in with them. The maid posted the letter without a return address. As the days passed, the young submissive was trained to work around the house. She found herself on hands and knees scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms and dusting the huge rooms which seemed to have no end. She cleaned rooms built for reasons that she did not understand. She knew one thing for sure. Here was wealth like she had never known. Each day the maid summoned her to the room with the suspended chain and whipped her without mercy. The pain seemed to mix with pleasure as each sting gave way to a warm sensation that became quite pleasant. The maid carried marks of a whipping but the young slave was not told who administered the lashes.

One day while the young slave was cleaning windows which faced the garden in the rear of the great house, she saw the figure of another naked young girl. The girl was tall with blonde hair bleached by the sun. Her figure was lovely. She was deeply tanned as if she spent most of her time out of doors. She was dirty from what must have been time tending the garden. As the slave looked closer, she could see scratch marks that may have been left by thorns of the wonderful rose bushes that seemed to be everywhere. Sweat ran down her breasts and mixed with the dirt that covered much of her body. Suddenly, the master of the house came up behind her. Sensing his presence, she rose to her feet and leaned forward until her hands braced her against a wall of the house. He pulled his cock out in seconds and fucked the tall blonde in the ass just as he had the young slave on her first night. He gripped her by the hips and plowed her backside for twenty minutes or so. Then he released his grip and withdrew as quickly as he had come. She resumed her work in the garden as the young slave finished cleaning the windows which gave her the view she could not seem to take her eyes off of.

Now the maid appeared outside and produced a garden hose with nozzle sprayer. She turned the hydrant full on and had the blonde gardener stand with arms above her head. She sprayed the lovely creature head to toe and front to back to back until she was quite clean. The maid turned off the water and knelt down behind the blonde beauty. She parted the golden cheeks of her bottom and sucked the cum from her well used ass. They kissed. The young slave assumed that this allowed the maid to pass the cum into the waiting mouth of the beautiful blonde to be swallowed by her. This was after all was a rule of the house. The slave girl secretly wished it was she who could part the lovely ass cheeks of the blonde gardener and suck her ass as an excuse to kiss the tall beauty. As she daydreamed, she let her fingers explore her tender pussy which soon was dripping wet. She also failed to notice the mistress of the house coming into the room. She rose to her feet quickly when the mistress finally got her attention. She was told not to be alarmed. She was allowed to pleasure herself whenever she liked as long as she performed her duties as instructed. She should get into the habit of raking her finger nails over her nipples and licking her pussy juice soaked fingers. The master liked to watch such activities.

The mistress was usually formally dressed with only the finest of clothing. Today however she wore only robe and slippers. She untied the robe’s belt and shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Taking hold of the back of the young slave’s head, she guided her to her shaved vagina. This was really the first time that the young girl had had a chance to view her mistress’ completely nude body. She was stunning. Like the movie stars of the fifty’s. She was full figured and voluptuous. The slaves tongue worked it’s talent on the mistress’ pussy. This brought orgasm after orgasm until the mistress seemed exhausted and turned and walked away from the young slave completely naked. She did not bother to retrieve her robe.

Later, the maid came to get the robe. The young slave asked about why she had not seen the lovely blonde before today. The maid informed her that the gardener was not allowed in the house. She had a crude bedroom in the tool shed in the back corner of the garden. There she had a chain similar to the one used on the slave where she was whipped by the maid daily. She was fed in dog bowls with no utensils. This seemed cruel to the young slave but the gardener seemed to have a quiet smile on her face all of the time.

So the days passed. The young slave got used to service in the house. The maid and she got on fine. Then she was informed that the great house would host a lavish party. She could expect to be in service all night. A beautician came to the house and fixed hairdos for all the women. She even went to the garden and worked on the tall blonde. Their nails and toes were painted. She even shaved all of their pussies. After she left, the mistress gave the maid jewelry fit for queens and every female in the house looked stunning. The young slave wondered what she might be given to wear for the occasion. She was to remain nude. Even the mistress would wear only a shelf bra which left her nipples exposed and g-string panties. Even these were of the finest quality.

The night of the party arrived. The huge house glowed in the darkness of the surrounding grounds that evening. Expensive cars began to arrive. The dining room was filled with the finest foods the young slave had ever seen even in magazines. The blonde gardener was on duty as valet. She stood at attention as each car pulled up to the house. She opened their doors and offered her hand to the ladies exiting the automobiles. Though a window, the young slave girl saw clearly that the women were dressed much as was the mistress of the house. The maid greeted each new arrival at the large front door. Many of the men, all fully dressed in the finest suits and ties, kissed and fondled the maid. The women with them did the same. Then each arriving couple moved into the living room to greet their hosts. The mistress was fondled and kissed. Many of the women knelt in front of the master as their male companions shook hands and spoke to him.

Finally some of the gests came into the dining room. The young slave stood at attention ready to serve food and drink to all. One women addressed the slave directly. Was she new? Where did she come from and how long had she been in service at this great house? The slave answered honestly. She was new and had only been there a few weeks. She was the high school whore and her brother was her pimp for years before her arrival here. The beautiful redhead did not seem at all surprised. She herself had been taken by her master at a very young age. Her parents were drunks who needed money. They looked the other way as he made her his property in exchange for the cash they wanted so badly.
She bore faded red whip marks which strangely complimented her hair and complexion. The young slave handed her a small plate of food and she moved on but not before fondling the young girl’s nipples. This reminded the young submissive of the mistress’ statement about playing with herself. She began to serve more guests and rake her nipples in between service.

As the night went on, the men began to relax in various parts of the house. Their companions began to service them sexually. The redhead could be seen on her knees sucking her master’s cock with deep strokes. No one seemed to need any more to eat. With that the young slave went to kneel beside the redhead. The redhead moved aside without speaking and allowed the slave girl to give her master suck. Her head moved up and down in long strokes. Years of deep throating were now paying off. She swallowed her first load of cum within minutes. Now the redhead pushed her on to her back on the plush rug and climbed up to sit on her face. The young slave ate pussy as wave after was of orgasm swept over the horny redhead. The old memories of sex with many total strangers came back to the young submissive slave as she was passed from male or female to male or female. As dawn approached, she laid on the floor in the living room with a belly full of cum, a sore pussy, a sore ass and the fading red marks of the whipping she given by the maid as the crowd cheered her on. She was content. She knew her place. She lived to serve.

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