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She was young and he was old but then what does love know
Old Man and Young Tenant Part 2

Does age really matter when it comes to love, lust and desire?

The sun shone through the partially open window and as it hit face he woke. He quickly remembered everything from yesterday and smiled. The young naked woman lying at his side with her leg over his and her head on his chest gave him a warm feeling he had not felt in a long time. He was looking down at her as she woke and this time she did not jump up but snuggled tighter to him and rubbed his belly with her hand. He reached down taking her chin in hand and lifting then looking deeply into her eyes.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?”

She smiled sleepily and said “oh I slept like a baby” and then realized how it sounded and touched his cheek.
“Oh I am sorry, I did not mean anything by that, I just meant I slept without any bad dreams and I felt safe and.”

He cut her off with a soft kiss. “That’s okay I understand and you are not a baby”, and he kissed her again only this time with passion as his tongue touched her lips and entered her mouth without any hesitation. She responded with a growing feeling of desire and putting a hand around his neck pulled herself on top of him. The feel of her naked body on top of him caused his cock to harden with renewed life. She lay with her legs spread outside his and her pubic mound was digging into his belly, she being much shorter than him. As she felt the erection she closed her legs around it and kissed him deeply thrusting her tongue into his mouth and squeezing his cock with her legs.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly and rocked side to side thinking, oh the feelings this beautiful girl has stirred up, the passion, happiness, and ….. , his body quivered with delight at the thought.

You see William had known love, lust, passion and all the associated feeling in what seemed like another life time, but now they were all back like they had never gone away.

She was getting hot wet and excited again and now wanted him. Reaching down she took hold of his cock and guided it to her now wet and wanting pussy.

The emotions in him were stirred as she touched his cock and he then reached over slid a finger along her pussy lips feeling the moisture. She had rolled to the side and this allowed his hand to move freely. He kissed her neck and she moved down to kiss his chest and get in better position. His fingers now stroked her pussy and the middle finger parted the lips while the other fingers lay along each side.

She quivered as she felt the finger stroke her lips and then part and enter her pussy. She moaned and the finger moved out and up finding her clit causing her hips to buck and the pussy to clinch. Then she felt the finger move into her deeper and her kegel muscle flexed and squeezed his finger. Her hand was now squeezing and pulling his cock with a quickened sensation of desire. As she pulled on his cock she felt his fingers probe deeper and with more force causing her to pull even harder and squeeze tighter.

The passion in him had risen to the point where he no longer was in control and there was little he could do to stop what happened now. Rolling over he quickly lifted her legs to his shoulder while his fingers on one hand parted her pussy the other hand guided his hard cock between them. As her pussy was wet with cum and her own sex juices his cock head easily slipped into her.

She wanted him and as he rolled her over she moaned with the idea of the coming pleasure and so as the cock entered her pussy there was little pain only delight and she smiled inside and out. She did not move or even buck but just savored the feeling of the cock slowly going into her.

He did not want to hurt her so he slowly pushed his cock deeper and judged the speed by her reaction. As she lay motionless as he entered he was wondering if he was causing her pain and asked, “am I hurting you, I’ll stop.”

She instantly replied,”oh no don’t stop I want you all please, it feels so good I just want to feel it.” She could not believe how wonderful it felt to have a cock deep into her pussy. He was now fully into her and then slowly started to move In and out with gradually increasing speed. As the speed increase she responded with moans and then her hips started to buck.
As her passionate movements began along with the moans he bent and kissed her hard nipples causing her to gasp and moan louder. He felt her body shiver and shake as he sucked her nipples and increased the speed. She screamed as the sensations running through her caused her to orgasm with a strength she did not understand. Her orgasm causes her to contract every muscle in her body and it squeezed his cock so that he could not long hold back. He moaned loudly and thrust hard causing his cock to penetrate her to the deepest part of her vagina. He shook and she shook as he released a gusher of cum deep into her causing her to have another orgasm.
Now both bodies were shaking and moaning with the thrill of the passion.

He had sent all his cum onto her and he fell to the bed rolling to his side so as not to crush her and pulling her around and on top of him without letting his cock slip out. Slowly his cock softened and slipped out and it felt so good to them both.

She lay on his chest again nearly exhausted but so happy. The pleasurable feeling running through her body and mind were the most wonderful she had ever know. Then it hit her, she had not felt like this with HIM, but why, why had she not felt like this with the boyfriend, why have these feeling now with this old man. She shivered and was ashamed of the thought she had about William being old and doubting him or why she was laying here naked with him.

He felt her shiver and the change in her body language and asked, “Is everything okay I feel something is wrong.”
She too quickly answered,” Oh no everything is fine and I feel so good” and then hugged him tightly and tears flowed from her eyes.

He felt the wetness of her tears as they touched his chest and he was at a loose as what to do now. A thousand things ran through his mind and all he could do was wrap her in his arms and hug her tight while kissing the top of her head. What had he done to cause her to cry? Had he made her even unhappier? What was he going to do now?

“Oh dear, Alice sweetie, what is wrong why are you crying? Have I done something to hurt you?”

“Oh no, no, you did not hurt me, it’s just I feel so wonderful here with you and I was wondering why I never felt this way with HIM. Why am I some so, so, oh I don’t know how to explain it but I have never felt this way and it is so nice and I can’t believe it and with you. Oh there I did it again, I’m sorry please I am making a mess of everything,”
Now the tears poured out in a flood and he hugged her even tighter thinking , oh man what have I done to this sweet young girl you dirty old man you. The thoughts of recrimination ran through his mind like wild fire and he started to doubt everything that he had done.
Then it happened, she looked up, tears in her eye, and looking at him in a way no woman had looked at him in a long time and simple said, “I love you”. She then with hands behind his head pulled up and kissed him softly, not with passion but with love.
He felt emotions running through him that had not been there for a long time, love was not dead. Crazy as it was there was a love between this old man and this young woman but where was it going to go.

The kiss lasted several moments and when over they both looked into each other eyes, she seeing him as one she loved with a passion and desire and he was looking at her with a love he could not fathom.

She rolled off and wiped her eyes on the pillow case and then got up. Looking down at him on the bed she notices the sheets with the stains and blood. “Oh dam look at the stains. We made a real mess, how can we clean them, I’m sorry I will…..”.

He reached up grabbed her and pulled her to him and kissed her to silence her. Silly girl he thought as he sat up still holding her and then let go. Now they stood up and looked at the bed.

“That is no problem it will wash out fine, now let’s take a shower and get dressed and by the way,” taking hold of her and looking deeply into her eyes, “I love you”, and he kiss her softly. “Now daylights burning and we have much to do” ,he spun her around swatted her butt and pushed her to the bathroom. He had a large shower so both were able to get in. They washed each other and he tickled her and she tried to find his ticklish spots but could not. There was much laughter and horseplay in the shower and they both exited with new feelings about the other person.

After dressing she ran into the kitchen and then hollered back, “I want to make you breakfast so what do you want?” There was a strange feeling in her that made her want to do things for the man, her man. Oh she liked the sound of that, “her man”, and she was going to be good to him.

After dressing he had stripped the bed. He would have to be a little careful washing the sheet in the laundry so nobody would see the blood stains. He chuckled to himself; hell nobody would believe it anyway. Then he heard her from the kitchen and thought, man it’s been a long time since a woman made me breakfast. “Okay I’m coming, how about bacon eggs and grits”

“Grits? What are grits?”

It hit him then as grits were something he had shared with another love and now he was sharing love and grits again. A big smile crossed his face and a tear leaked out of his eye, just one tear. He walked into the kitchen with a new swagger in his stride and a grin from ear to ear. “Grits are made from corn and eaten down south mostly; I acquired a taste for them years ago and I like them with eggs so I will make some while you cook the eggs and bacon.”

Breakfast was fixed by the two of them bumping into each other, pushing laughing and patting butts like a couple of kids in love for the first time.
The day was a happy one for both of them and she had not thought of HIM all day.
She wanted the weekend to be special and she had been online all week checking things out. Surfing the web for sex advice she had gotten some new and strange ideas and wanted to talk to William about them. She had seen some clothes, toys and then there was the one site on BSDM which really intrigued her. She had stopped at a specialty shop and bought some sexy clothes to turn him on. Right after school she hurried to her apartment and changed clothes putting on the sexy bra and panties along with a very tight short skirt and a thin camisole. Her roommates just looked at her with wonder and went asked where she was going and with who and she just replied, “Oh out for the weekend with a friend”, and left. She almost ran to William’s apartment and knocked on the door.

“Come in the doors open” and when he saw her, “wow what have we got here.”
She ran to him jumping up wrapping arms around his neck and kissing him hard and deep. Their tongues meet and danced while his hands move down to cup her butt cheeks giving them a squeeze as he lifted her up. The kiss lasted a long time and his hands moved down from her butt to her bare legs and then moved up under her skirt and were now holding her panty covered cheeks. His cock jumped to attention at the touch of her bar leg and only got harder as his hands touched the panties. Her hands were in his hair getting tangled as they rubbed his head.
All of a sudden she wanted him she wanted his cock inside her and the desire was so strong she shivered.

He broke the kiss, “okay I missed you too” smiling as he slid his hands from her ass when he set her down. “I have food all prepared and thought we were going to the movies”.
She looked down with a slight pout on her face, “you don’t want to just stay here tonight and make love to me.”
The comment took him back as she had never been so forward before. She had changed and seems to have matured a lot in the last week. He shook his head and could not believe that losing her virginity had made that much difference. Losing her virginity was not the only change in Alice, she was feeling different because she was in love with a man and he made her feel in a way she had not known possible.

They ate the meal he had prepared in relative quiet except for her commenting on how good he cooked. He chuckled and reminded her he cooked for over a 100 people every Saturday and Sunday. She had smiled and touched his hand in the way one touches a lover, knowing he was such a special man to many.

After supper they washed up and played around in the kitchen. When they were done he had grabbed her from behind lifted her up and spun around several time causing her to laugh and squeal.

As her feet hit the floor she was delirious and giddy with the feelings running through her. At that moment she was happy beyond belief and looked at this man with feelings so strong she could not imagine every loving anyone else.

He saw the look in her eyes and felt that old feeling of being with someone so special nothing else mattered. Taking her hand he led her into the living room and sat in the big recliner then pulled her to his lap.
“Okay lady want are we going to do tonight?”

“I don’t care, I just as soon stay here with you”, and she bent and kiss him softly.

“Okay fine but let me put some music on and get some coffee.”

“I just want a soda and I have some questions so we can talk”, boy do I have questions for you. The things she had seen on the internet had raised many questions.

“Oh you want just want to talk that’s all?”

“Don’t be that way; you know I am here all night.” She had not actually been asked to spend the night and now she was afraid she may have overstepped her position.

He heard what she said and hesitated, looking at her with a very warm smile, “good did you bring a toothbrush?” He shook his head and smiled as he had purchase some extra supplies he might need now. There was already an extra toothbrush in the bathroom along with extra towels and some more feminine soap and shampoo. He had also gotten a robe and slippers which were hanging in the bathroom along with some clothes a clerk had help him pick out. She had made asked if he was buy them for his granddaughter and he had smiled and nodded. Nobody would believe an old man like him would be with such a cute young woman.

She had not thought about bringing anything. “No I didn’t maybe I should go back and get some things, okay.”

He just smiled, he love to give surprises, “no I think you should go look in the bathroom first.”

She did not really understand but did as she was told and went to the bathroom. When she saw the robe and then the soaps and there was a toothbrush with a bow on it, she shrieked with glee ran back and jumped into his arms kissing him wildly.

“Okay, okay I take it you like the robe and there are some other thing in the spare room in one of the drawers. I took the liberty of buying a few other things as well as I thought it would be better you did not take clothes from your apartment.

“You afraid my roommates would know I had started to live with someone.”

“I am not afraid but I don’t want to cause trouble for you, what would people say if they knew you were spending the nights with me?”
“I don’t care what people would think, I love you and that is all I care about.” She was getting upset, why he would not want everyone to know.
He was going to have to go slowly now. “People are what they are and there would be a lot of nasty comments if our relationship gets out so please keep it low key for now okay. Now go look at the rest of the stuff I got, I hope it all fits.”
That changed her attitude and she quickly went to the spare room and found the clothes he had purchased for her. She took off her skirt and blouse to try on the new clothes and after several minutes passed he went to check. Walking into the room he saw her in the very sexy black bra and panties she had bought this past week.
“Wow, those are something, very sexy.”
She stopped turned and did a sexy pose for him, “so you like them, I got them special for you.”
“I like them a lot, maybe too much” and he moved to her and took her from behind in his arms pulling her in tight and kissing her neck and shoulder as his hands cupped her breasts in the sexy bra. “ These are very sexy clothes and you have me all hot now.”

“Wait I want to try on what you got me first.” With that she wiggled out of his arms and started to try on the jeans and tops he had bought along with a sundress and skirt and blouse. She also looked at the lingerie and hose. “Hey you got a lot of stuff and I think it all will fit, how you manage that, and the sexy stuff nice.”

“Well the clerk was very helpful.” Of course he was not going to tell her the granddaughter comment. “So you approve then”.
She smiled at him with that most loving smile she had and then walked up to him and kissed him. “Oh I approve and you know I am going to enjoy showing you just how much I approve” and with that she kissed him hard and deep.
She was wearing the sundress and the black bra and panties were just a little visible through the light material.
The kiss got more passionate and his hands started to move all over her back across her butt as he lifted her up.
Her hands were first tangled in his hair and then clawing his back as the desire in her rose. She wanted him now and pushed back so she could unbutton his shirt.
As she unbuttoned the shirt she kissed his chest and bit his nipples, which caused him to squeeze her butt hard. He lifted up and squeezed her butt harder as he carried her into the master bedroom and laid her on the bed. The sundress buttoned up the front and was easy to undo. He kissed the bare body as it was exposed and then stood back to look at the beautiful body in black bra and panties before him. She rolled over to remove the dress and he unhooked the bar and kissed her back. Keeping her face down he ran his lips up and down her spine. Then starting at the back of her neck with a bit and kiss his tongue lightly traces down the spine all the way to her panties. While the tongue slipped under the elastic of the panties his hands pulled them down. The tongue followed the panties down and kissed each cheek before moving along the crack around across her bung and to bottom of the pussy. Quickly rolling her over and pulling the panties off he kissed and licked her pussy.

Before he could attack her any further she pushed him back and reached for his buckle. She undid his pants and pulled them down doing to him as he had done to her and the feel of her lips on his belly and legs sent chills through him. Then as he stepped out of his pants she pull his shorts off and his erection sprang up which she grabbed in one hand and kissed the tip. He was taken back as she kissed the end of his cock and then started to lick and kiss the entire length while the other hand was caressing his balls. The sensations she was causing were going to make him cum soon and so he pulled her up and kissed her deeply. The feel of her naked body next to his was the most wonderful feeling and his passion and desire only got more intense.

She did not understand why he pulled her up as she liked kissing his cock and wanted to do more with it. Still the feel of her body on his was so nice she did not protest. As her hands now played with his hair and touched him all over tenderly his hands were rubbing her back and sides until they ended on her breasts. His hands cupped each breast and massaged then along with the nipples. She could not wait any longer and her hands guided his cock to her wet pussy. She rubbed the lips with the head until it was wet and then slipped it into her.

He could feel her body tense as the head of his cock slipped into the tight young pussy and the lips closed around it. They both moaned as his cock slowly slid deeper into the tight wet cavern. She loved the feel so much that as she had an orgasm her pussy and butt muscles tightened causing him to gasp with pleasure. She pushed up into a sitting position on top of him causing his cock to go to the deepest part of her pussy and she shuddered as it hit the cervix. Then she started to bounce up and down while he reached up and squeezed her tits and nipples hard which caused her to have another small orgasm. They continued this way for several minutes and she experienced a couple more small orgasms and then he reached up and grabbed her hips pulling her down hard and he exploded into her. The feeling of the cum shooting into her caused her to shudder and have a more intense orgasm. They continued to fuck for several minutes and then they lay in each other arms as his energy was spent.

As she played with his hair, on head and chest, she looked at him with such feelings she did not understand just what it was but she loved it. His hands roamed over her body in a soft slow manner and the just enjoyed the feeling of happiness that flooded through him.
She rolled on her side as her hand reached down and grasped his lip cock. “Why did you not want me to suck your cock?”
“I wanted to be inside you more and I like the feeling of ejaculating inside your tight little pussy so much”.
And she bent down and kisses his soft member. She licks it and then took it into her mouth where her tongue continued to tease the hardening shaft.
“Oh man that is so nice and it feels so good, yes suck it all you want”. She sucked it and caressed his balls causing him to moan and grab her head pushing it down. She sucked and licked his cock until he climaxed. She swallowed and sucked more until his cock was soft and limp.

She smiled and kissed her way up his body to his lips. The kiss was soft and short but very telling.
She lay on her side looking at him and asked,” would you explain something’s to me?”

“Sure if I can”.

“Well I have been looking at thing on the net, sex stuff, and well there were pictures of women being tied up and I was wondering if they enjoy it?”

“Well everyone likes different things and yes some people like to be tied up and some like things like spankings.”
“OH will you tie me up to see if I like that.”

He chuckles looks down at her and kisses her lightly, “okay someday maybe if you’re a really bad little girl.”

“There was another video of women and men using all sorts so things like vibrators and ball and some they were putting up each other’s rectums. One woman actually had a cock she wore and she fucked another woman.”

“Yes that all happens in real life as well as the staged videos and some people really like that.”

“Do you have any of those things or have you ever used anything like that?”

“I have done some different things in my day and no I don’t have any.”

“Mmmm I was sort of wondering what it would be like with the vibrator. Do you think you could show me?”

Oh man what am I getting into with the woman? “You sure you want to do all that? “

“Yes, I want you to teach me everything there is and I want you to do everything to me.” She pulled herself up on top of him and kissed him softly. Then sliding back to his side they both fell asleep.

She woke up first and rolled over and looked at the man next to her with very mixed feeling and emotions. After lightly kissing him she got up and went into the spare room to look at all the clothes he had bought her. The sexy lingerie really made her smile as nobody had ever bought such panties or bras for her before and she could picture his difficulty in doing so. She slipped on a pair of red satin boy cut panties and a red pushup bra then posed in front of the mirror on the door. Wearing only the bra and panties she went into the kitchen to make coffee.

As he walks into the kitchen in his shorts she turns, “Well good morning sleepy head, here’s your coffee”.

Taking the cup he can only stare and smile in shock as his coffee is served by a very cute/beautiful young woman in very sexy attire.

Dam how did I get so lucky as to have all this and he reached out taking her head and pulled her to him so he could kiss her.

“This has got to be the best cup of coffee I have ever had”, and then he tasted it, not bad but the service makes the difference.

She likes the friendly feel of the morning and the way he just joked and accepted the fact she was almost naked in his kitchen in the morning. It made her feel like she belonged here and it was good so she asked, “What are we going to do today?”

“I have not made a lot of plans so the day is open but would you like to help me cook tonight at the shelter?”

She could not believe it he asked her to go and help him at the shelter with all the people around. “Sure that would be fun” and she move to him and kissed him tenderly.

He felt her body against his bare chest, the bra and her skin made him get feelings of pleasure. As she hugged him closer and rubbed against his leg he got the start of an erection.

She felt his cock through is boxers against her bare leg and rubbed it with her leg causing it to get even harder.

There he was balancing a cup of coffee in one hand and a cute woman in the other. He put the cup down on the counter and reached down and kissed her hard and deep. Reaching down cupping her butt cheeks in each hand and squeezing he lifted her up and as he did she wrapped her legs around his waist. The kiss got more passionate and she pulled the bra straps down off shoulder allowing her breast to pop out of the bra. Now her bare breasts with hard nipples were rubbing against his chest.

He could feel the breast against his chest and his cock jumped. There was nothing else to do but lay her on the table. As he set her on the table his hands grabbed the panties and pulled them down and off. Looking at her naked pussy drove him wild and he attacked it with his mouth like a starved man licking and biting then sucking.

She wanted him now and then she was naked on the table with him sucking and licking her pussy. The feel of his tongue was driving her crazy and then without any more pause his cock was pushing into her.

She was laying on her back on the table with legs up around his shoulder with is cock buried deep in her pussy and his hands cupping squeezing her breasts and his fingers pinching her nipples. She had experienced two orgasms already and now she was building for a third and he started to climax. He let out a moan and she could feel the hot cum squirting into her warm wet pussy. Her body tightened and her pussy squeezed every last drop of cum from his cock.
He finished slow as his cock became soft. Bending down he kissed her softly and stood up, “man you can sure cook breakfast. We better take a shower now.”
They took a long warm shower together washing and touching each other in the most intimate of ways.

He told her to pack a bag with a swim suit but she said she would have to go back to get one.

“No that’s okay we can stop and get one in town. It might not be a good idea to go and get one with your roommates around.”

She was a little upset that he did not want her roommates to know but she liked the idea of him going with her to get a new one.

The y drove to town and stopped at a woman store and as they were looking at the swimsuits the clerk came up and asked if he needed help finding something for his daughter. They both smiled at that and did no correct her but continued to look at the selection of two piece suits. A nice one with very high hip and nice bra cups to really show off her body. Then they were off again to a special beach he knew.

There will be more to come. He has to go shopping again for some toys and such.

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