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I had been waiting for this day for my entire life.

Master woke me as usual, opening my cage door and allowing me to crawl out and give Him a blowjob, my breakfast given to me in the form of His hot cum . He was kind enough this morning to give me a dessert of oatmeal, eaten from my dog bowl on the floor of the kitchen. Crawling, i followed Him into the living room where He watched television from the couch while my face was buried on His cock, only coming up for air once every 30 seconds.

I wasn't there to suck Master's cock, but simply to keep it warm and covered, and totally ready in case Master wished to fuck my face at any time.

This is how i have been living now for 4 years, and today was going to be the day that Master allowed me to fulfill my life's goal; today i was going to give my life to my Master.

Before you judge me, i want you to understand that this is truly how i feel. I was born an innocent little girl and eventually came to understand my true place in the world - as a slut and a cumbucket for Men. My Master understands my true desires, the need that i've had ever since i was young, to give myself completely to a Man to prove my worth. And what am i worth? About 3 and a half minutes of the best deepthroat blowjob performance of my life.

Staring up at Master, i know that he hasn't forgotten. He has a sparkle in His eyes that wasn't there yesterday and He glances at me now and then as if to tell me to be patient. He knows how excited i am. As i run my tongue slowly around His cock i can feel my cunt already dripping with excitement. Today is the day!

Finally, Master begins to stroke my hair and His cock starts hardening in my mouth. I smile, and begin to suck, using only my lips and my tongue. Master reaches over to the coffee table and picks up the handcuffs, and i instinctively put my hands behind my back right before he cuffs them together, then replaces his hands on the back of my head as i work to get Him harder. I suck, licking the underside of His cock and staring up at Him as His hard cock begins to push into my throat, gagging me. I keep staring, my eyes misting with tears and the corners of my mouth beginning to glisten with my saliva as i choke. I push harder, gagging myself freely, enjoying the sounds that i make as my throat convulses around His cockhead. He looks down into my eyes as He pushes my head onto His cock, holding me there for a count of 20 before He begins to speak.

"Are you sure that this is what you want, slut? Although you truly are just a worthless slut, you still get a say in this. The one thing in the world that you get a say in, cunt. Think about it well."

He pushed my head down even further for a moment before letting me up for some air, nodding at me for permission to speak.

"Master, i am sure. I was born for this, it is what I truly want."

He looked at me a moment, considering, then smiled and slid my lips back around his cock, letting me work on His orgasm. I moved my head up and down along His shaft, letting my own saliva help as I twirled my tongue around his dick. Before long, He was grunting low and deep, and He grabbed my hair with a firm grip and pulled my head all the way onto His cock, His cum spurting into the back of my throat. I could feel my cunt quivering slightly, longing to cum as i opened my throat, welcoming my Master's cum.

I sucked most of the wetness off of Master's cock and waited, kneeling between His legs with my lips slightly parted. Master stroked my hair and smiled at me, the pleasure in His eyes warming me to the core.

"Well little fucktoy, I will be bothered to have to get a new slut to replace you but I won't deny you the one thing in life that you deserve either."

I smiled up at him, my eyes shining. Master had never looked so happy with me in the whole time that He had owned me, and immediately i knew that everything was going to be worth it just for that pleasure in his eyes.

"I wont lie, I will thoroughly enjoy it whore, and you will always be a good slut in my eyes if you go through with it" He said. I nodded emphatically, sincerely.

"I won't disappoint You, Master."

He smiled again. "Good girl."

. . .

Later that day, Master's friends showed up, knowing that i was to make my sacrifice that evening. Rather than being intimidated, i was excited! The more Men that i could please with this act, the better. I was teeming with happiness, knowing that Master trusted me to do well for Him.

While the Men ate dinner, i knelt under the table, sucking them off when they called to me, or taking their urine if they needed me to. All four of them pissed in my mouth at least once during dinner, fully expecting me to drink every drop. At one point, two of them needed to piss and one of them wanted to get a blowjob. When i finally got around to the one who wanted the blowjob, He ordered me to turn around and put my ass in the air. I obeyed, on my hands and knees with my ass sticking in the air. He slid something thin and cold into my cunt gently, telling me to grip it as hard as i could before getting under the table to blow him. It wasn't long that i realized that he had pushed a large knife into me. Thankfully it wasn't a very sharp one and it didn't hurt at all, but i knew immediately that if it slid out that it would hurt very much, and i gripped it with my cunt muscles as i bobbed my head on His cock, praying that it didn't move around too much. Once He came in my throat he gently removed the knife as i relaxed my cunt muscles, revealing that it had done no damage to my cunt.

One of Master's friends finished dinner early and turned to me for entertainment while the others were finishing. He knealt behind me on the floor, pushing His cockhead into my asshole just a tiny bit before he began fucking me full-force, stretching open my hole with no regard to my level of pain. After a few minutes i felt Him cum inside me, His cum leaking hot and sticky into my bowels. When He pulled out, he replaced His cock with a buttplug, ordering me to keep His cum inside of me while slapping the buttplug in place, causing me to yelp quietly.

I looked up and saw Master looking at me tenderly as i bit my lip, my body glistening with a fine sheen of sweat already. He ordered me into the other room while He spoke with the other Masters privately, and i crawled into the living room, looking toward the dining room as i sat down, instincitvely pushing the buttplug further into my ass, grinding the floor slowly, loving the mixture of pleasure and pain the plug gave me.

A few minutes later, Master and His friends came into the room, and He pushed me down onto my knees, my back arched forward and my head close to the ground. He pulled the buttplug out and replaced it with one larger, eliciting a low moan from me. Then, Master pulled His cock out and pushed it into My cunt, fucking me while applying steady pressure to the buttplug, a move He knew drove me wild. I moaned, loving the pleasure that He was awarding me with, clinging to His cock with my cunt as he slid in and out. Soon, my cunt was convulsing around His cock, my moans turning into orgasmic screams.

I felt one of the Men slip something between my teeth while i orgasmed and deep inside i knew what was coming next. A warm excitement flared in me right as the orgasm was ending, causing my cunt to double its gripping convulsions. Master stroked my hair as He pulled out of my cunt, moving to position His cock in front of my face.

I tongued the ring gag that had been placed in my mouth - it was exactly the right size for Master's cock to fit comfortably, and it was strong enough that if i had any uncomfortable convulsions it would keep my teeth safely away from His shaft. I looked up at Master as he stared down at me, His cock pulsing a few inches away from my face.

"Now slut, if this is what you truly want, you need to start it. This is your last chance, whore. If you don't want to do it, just don't start it. If you do, put your face on My cock and know that it was fully your own decision."

I stared up at Master for a moment, my eyes shining with tears. Master loved me truly, and i loved Master completely. There was no one else in this world that i could possibly be happier doing this for.

And that's why i leaned in, and pushed His cock between the metal ring gag and began tonguing it while i pushed forward. I heard Master groan immediately, and whisper just loud enough for me to hear, "Good girl, very good girl."

I swelled with pride and determination as i felt Master's hands entangle in my Hair, grabbing it tightly as he began pushing my head down further and further onto His cock, for the last time.

As i felt Master's cock reaching my throat, i felt a hand begin to finger my cunt roughly, pushing one, then two, then three fingers in. I realized with a thrill that i was going to be fisted while i gave myself to Master when I felt a fourth finger start squeezing into my cunt, stretching it slowly. I gagged a little as Master's cock pushed into my throat, and i could hear Him coaching me on, "good slut, that's right. Open your throat for your Master you worthless cunt. Yes, you were born to do this, you're pleasing your Master very much." My cunt began to get wetter, making it a little easier for the hand to push into me, all five fingers now pushing steadily to invade my cunt. I tried to look up at Master but my eyes stared into His pubic hair, His cock now fully pushed into my throat.

Master bucked his hips just a little bit as i realized i had been down for about thirty seconds. My cunt started gripping the hand that was entering me as i came to understand that i was really doing it! I felt so proud, knowing that i was giving myself to my Master completely. I moved my tongue around His cock as the hand began to pump inside of me, stretching my sore insides and reach in further, toward my cervix.

"Thats a good fuck slut, yes.. you're making your Master so fucking happy right now, cunt.. you are such a good little whore.."

My vision started to blur slightly as i felt the hand punching faster and harder into my cunt, causing my face to push into Master's cock over and over. Harder and harder the hand pushed into me, slamming up against my cervix, and suddenly i was cumming again and simultaneously beginning to struggle, natural instincts kicking in as i moved away from Master's cock.

But his hands, entangled in my hair, held fast, and while the now well-lubricated hand kept violating my cunt, my Master held my head down onto His cock while the last of my air left me and my vision began to dim.

"God you are such a good fucking slut... Oh god... fuck yes.."

I barely heard the words, my vision going black as i feel my Master's cock pulsating in my throat one last time, His cum filling me with warmth and love, and the last thing i remember before it was completely dark, was the feeling of complete satisfaction deep inside of me. I had done it.

I was a truly good little slut slave.

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