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I get to be with Suzanne again
This is the sequel to “Suzanne 1”

After I had met Suzanne at the conference in Melbourne, I had a strong incentive to make a trip to Adelaide. I had a standing invitation to visit a colleague at Adelaide university. I'd been putting him off until I had other business in Adelaide, but now I decided to bring my visit forward. I arranged to spend a week with him, and nights with Suzanne.

Suzanne met me at the airport wearing a very short denim skirt and a white singlet top that did not quite reach the top of her skirt. It was obvious from the way that her top moulded to her nipples that she was not wearing a bra. I rather hoped that she was not wearing panties either. She was wearing the high heels that we had bought together in Melbourne.

She gave me a hug and a big kiss when she found me in the luggage claim area, waiting for my suitcase to reappear.

When we were in her car, she did not start the engine straight away. Instead she turned to me with a worried look on her face.

“What's the matter Suzanne? Has your boyfriend moved back in? Have you got a new boyfriend? Why such a worried face?”

“Oh dear! I'm afraid that what I'm going to ask you will shock you, but I've got to ask for my mother's sake.”

“Hey! If you told me that you don't want me to fuck you any more, that would shock me. I can't imagine anything else that you could say that would shock me.”

“Of course I want you to fuck me. I didn't get dressed in my fuck-me clothes just to tell you I didn't want to do it any more. It's just that...”

“You want me to fuck your mother too?”

“Shit! How did you guess? You're not shocked?”

“Well, I haven't seen your mother yet, but if she's your mother she must be beautiful too, if a little older. I guessed what you were going to ask me because a moment ago you said 'I've got to ask for my mother's sake.' So what's the story?”

“Well, when I got back from the conference I was really very happy. Mum noticed and asked me why. I tried to just tell her that I had met someone new at the conference, but she wanted details. The more that I told her the more detail she wanted. Eventually I relived all our fucks, during that week, with my mum hanging on my every word. I'm pretty sure that she had several minor orgasms as I told her details that you would normally only find on a porn site.

“It seems that she and dad only ever fucked on Saturday night, in missionary position, with the light off. She had never even heard of anal sex, and didn't believe that people really did oral, although she had heard of it somewhere. Anyway, dad died just over a year ago, so she hasn't even had her Saturday night jollies since then. I asked her if dad ever gave her an orgasm, to which she replied 'What's an orgasm, dear?'”

“When you contacted me to say that you would be arriving today, I rang her to say I would be busy with you all this week, she broke down crying. Eventually I understood that she would like us to stay in her place for this week. I can only assume that she wants more than to know that we are fucking in my bedroom all night.”

“Well! You took pity on me when I told you that I wasn't getting any. I guess that I should be as generous to your mother. But, how do you feel about sharing me with your mum, because I definitely still want to fuck you. Hell! I probably would not have come to Adelaide for another six months if I hadn't met you. And by the way, I hope that you inherited your beauty from her.”

“Since you're happily married to your wife in Sydney, I don't feel that I have any exclusive rights over you, so I'm OK with sharing you with mum. It would be great to see her finally learn the joy that good sex can bring. I think that it would be pretty kinky to have threesomes with you and mum. I certainly am expecting a lot of fucks with you, enough to tide me over to the next time that we can be together. From the family photo albums, I know that mum was stunning when she married dad. She's older now, of course but she still looks pretty good. I don't think that you will be put off by her looks.”

“OK! How did you leave it with your mum?”

“I said that I'd ring her before we left the airport.”

“Well, you had better ring her and tell her that we are on our way.”

While Suzanne was ringing her mum I decided to satisfy my curiosity. I put my hand on her bare leg and slid it up to her pussy. I was delighted that she indeed wore no panties.

“Hello, mum. AAAHHH! Sorry mum, I screamed because Bill just pushed his fingers into my pussy. Bill and I are going to come and stay with you for the next few nights. Is that still what you want?”

“I think he might. OK, we're just about to leave the airport now. We'll be home in about 30 minutes.”

“OK, mum. Seeya soon. Bye.”

“You think that I might do what?”

“She wanted to know if you would make her scream like that.”

“This week is going to be like no other week that I have lived, or even dreamed of.”

When we got to Suzanne's mum's place she was waiting to welcome us. She was dressed exactly like Suzanne, except that her feet were bare, and I couldn't help wondering if she was wearing panties. Suzanne slipped off her heels and left them just inside the front door, so I did the same with my thongs (=UK & US flip flops, =NZ jandals).

When I left home my wife had been surprised that I was traveling dressed so informally in a T-shirt, track-suit pants and thongs. I had told her that it was to be comfortable on the flight. Another more important reason was that, if the need arose, I could get my cock out very quickly.

“Bill. This is my mum, Maria. Maria, Bill.”

“Hello Bill. I've wanted to meet you ever since Suzanne told me about your time with her in Melbourne.”

Before I could reply she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me like a lover. At first I was startled, then I remembered that, by agreeing to come here, I had tacitly agreed to fuck her, so I returned the kiss as passionately. I put my hands on the thin strip of bare flesh between her skirt and her top, then slid my hands up her back underneath her top, until I got to her shoulder blades. No sign of a bra strap! Good!

Suzanne came behind me and slipped my track-suite pants down my legs. As I was not wearing underpants, my already erect cock bounced free and pressed against Maria. By now I had moved my right hand from Maria's back to her left breast and was squeezing her nipple. Maria was moaning into my mouth as we kissed, leading me to believe that she was enjoying this so far.

Then, as Maria held us together with her arms around me, I moved both hands down to her bare thighs, then up under her skirt to her pussy. No panties! Better! No pubic hair. Best!

Now Suzanne moved behind her mother and pulled at her top, wanting to take it off. Maria had to let go of me, but she stayed pressed against me as I fingered her clit and plunged a finger into her cunt. Once Suzanne had tossed Maria's top aside Maria put one arm around me, while with the other hand she grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips. I had to take my hands out of the way, so resumed my attention to her two, by now erect, nipples.

I decided that it was time to fuck Maria, but I did not think that it would work very well standing up. Then Suzanne came to my rescue:-

“Why don't you two move to the sofa over there?”

Maria led me to the sofa and encouraged me to sit down, then she knelt facing me with her knees each side of my legs and pressed herself down onto my very willing cock. She was very wet and I slid in easily, and was quickly balls deep in her cunt. Maria started to lift herself up and down on my cock and, instinctively, I pushed up to meet her down thrusts.

I wanted to hold off until Maria came first, but I had not had any relief since Suzanne's and my last fuck, on the Friday morning which was the last day of the Melbourne conference. I had resisted the temptation to masturbate during the intervening two weeks because I wanted to save myself until I could fuck Suzanne again. Consequently I could not hold off anymore. As I squirted my load inside Maria she began a very low pitched moan and her cunt clamped down on my cock as she came with me.

When she came down from her orgasm, she slumped against me, pressing her nipples against my chest.

“Oh! Thank you, Bill! That was extraordinary. And thank you Suzanne for lending Bill to me.”

“Bill's not mine to give or to lend, mum, but I really enjoyed watching you getting such a good fuck. I hope that Bill agrees to give you more fucks like that while he's here.”

“Hey! Suzanne! Don't forget that I came to Adelaide to fuck you. As soon as I can get it up I want you next.”

“Yes of course.” her mother said.

“Yes, please.” she said.

By now, I was naked except for my T-shirt. Maria was naked except for her skirt, bunched up around her waist. Suzanne still had on her skirt and top, although I knew for a fact that that was all that she was wearing. Maria straightened her skirt and went to pick up her discarded top but Suzanne intercepted her:

“No, mum! Let's not wear any clothes tonight.”

“Goodness, Suzanne, I've never done anything naughty like that. What if someone comes to the door?”

“That's not very likely, is it? If someone does come they'll have to wait while I put something on. Then I'll go to see who it is.”

“Oh very well then. Dinner's almost ready. Let's eat now and then Bill can make love with you Suzanne.”

“Mum! Bill's going to fuck me, not make love with me. He's going to thrust his dick into my cunt, or perhaps into my arsehole. He's going to dump a load of cum inside me, and he's going to make me cum too. And you're going to watch us.”

“Goodness. I don't know. I've never used words like that.”

I joined in the conversation. “Maria! I think that you'll find it quite liberating if you start using them and let go of your inhibitions.”

Then we all stripped out of our few clothes and headed to the kitchen while Maria dished our dinner.

Over dinner we emptied a very nice bottle of wine from one of many vineyards in the Barossa valley, just to the north of Adelaide. We were all in a great mood after a very enjoyable meal. Maria was now quite relaxed about being naked and seemed comfortable with the fact that Suzanne and I liked talking about fucking and the like.

After dinner Suzanne took control. We all went to Maria's bedroom and stripped the bedclothes off her bed, except for the bottom sheet. She had her mum lie across the bed on her back. Then Suzanne climbed on top of Maria in a 69 position and asked Maria to lick her slit and suck on her clit. This was obviously something that Maria had never done before, but when Suzanne plunged her tongue into her mum's cunt she caught on and did a creditable job on her daughter.

Suzanne had given me a tube of lube and I now pushed some into her arsehole with one finger. I put more lube on my cock, which by now was bouncing in front of me whenever I moved. Maria had a perfect view of what was happening as I moved to push my cock into Suzanne's arsehole. As soon as I had eased into her she came with an explosive orgasm, gushing her juices onto her mother's face and into her mouth.

I started stroking in and out of Suzanne's arse, really enjoying the tight hole. After a few minutes, during which apparently Suzanne continued to lick up and down Maria's slit, Maria groaned into Suzanne's cunt and came as explosively as Suzanne had. At that point I squirted my load inside her then collapsed on top of her, with my cock still inside her. Soon after it shrank and slipped out.

After that we all had a shower together, something that Maria particularly enjoyed. Apparently she had never done anything like that before, not even with her husband. She spent a lot of time making sure that my cock was clean but it remained limp.

Then we went back to the living room, opened another bottle of wine and talked some more.

“I feel like I'm in a dream. I should be shocked by the things that we have done tonight, and yet I'm not shocked, I'm thrilled. Do you think that I'm disgusting?”

“No, mum. The things that we have done here tonight are just some of the things that Bill and I did in Melbourne, things that got you so excited when I told you about them later. I just think that it is sad that you had to wait so long to discover the thrill of good sex, and I'm so glad that Bill and I can help you to make that discovery. Of course, in Melbourne, Bill and I didn't have anyone else to have a threesome with, so that was new, but I think that we all really enjoyed it. Right?”

“Yes.” “Oh! Yes!”

We continued to chat while we emptied the second bottle of wine, then we all went to bed together in Maria's bed, where I fucked Suzanne again, missionary style this time, and Maria watched. Then Suzanne switched off the light and soon after I fell asleep with Suzanne's naked body pressed against mine on one side and Maria's on the other.

To be continued in 'Suzanne 3'.

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