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Begining of the story line Nessa
-1Bad Day Gone Good

My day started off on a bad note the alarm didn’t go off and everything else followed suite. From missing my turn to getting a drink spilled all over my new skirt, being late to work and getting dumped by my no ex-boyfriend who couldn’t even call just sends me a text. After a deflating day at work and thinking that it couldn’t get worse it starts to rain and my umbrella is locked in my car with the keys. Finally getting home to what I thought was going to be the end of my worst day ever I get inside and the light doesn’t turn, none of them do. Guess that is what happens when you forget to pay your bill, lighting a few candles and thanking someone for having a furnace at least I still had hot water.

I drew the bathwater as I got ready and just as I went to undress there is a knock more like banging at more door, I could hear Hailey shouting my name. Opening the door to get her in before she wakes every neighbor this side of the county, crying her eyes saying “I did something horrible” I comforted her in my arms. We sat down on the couch and talked about what happened, thinking what did I do to get a day like this one. After a few tissues Hailey told me what she did that was so horrible, “Nessa, I cheated on Nevan last night and now he wants to end it with me” what and how I asked her.

I know we were all at the pub last night and everything was fine when I left so what happened ? “Hailey “ and she paused “ I know I had to much to drink and John was going to give me a ride home” yes I know that I asked him to. I knew she had a lot on her mind already and I didn’t want her to feel any worse so I didn’t mention that to her but what she said next I wasn’t expecting. “John and I had sex last night” she stammered out”. Then I blurted out “that fucker dumps me today after fucking my best friend!” and Hailey’s shocked looked made me realize I said that out loud. She cried some and apologized even more but it wasn’t her fault the jerk did that to me before and I took him back but not this time I was done with him, Hailey went to use the room and I sat there pondering why, why me, why today.

After a few minutes I went to go find her since she didn’t come back yet, as I got closer I could hear her in my bath water. Oh great now I can’t even take my bath as I walked by, she left the door open and to my surprise she was standing there in her nakedness I was caught off guard. I always loved her like a sister and haven’t thought of her in a sexual way in a long time. She reached out and took my hand pulling me in with her, her hands ran up my arms to my shoulders. Her touch was soft and gentle her lips softly kissed my neck sending a tingling feeling up my spine, Hailey slowly removed my clothes touching every spot just right. Her touch felt like silk brushing across my bare skin and when her tongue pressed on my nipple I shuddered with excitement, my knees weak and buckling. Helping me in the tub first she guided me in and sat me back against the wall, as she stepped in I tried to speak but she put her fingers over my lips and let out a soft “shhhhhh”, kneeling between my legs Hailey slowly washed me. Felt incredible being touch like that, I was in total state of bliss as she cleaned my body her fingers caressing every inch of me.

I thought she was done but I was wrong as her hands opened my thighs a little further, her hand sliding down my thigh closer and closer she inched to my inner thigh and coming to a rest just above my pussy. I opened my eyes and she was staring right into them and then her hand cupped over my pussy and sudden gasp slipped from my lips as her fingers slid down parting me open. Gently her fingers entered as she kissed me softly her tongue slid into my mouth and I responded with mine our tongues dancing together. With two fingers inside me she slowly fucked me I shifted my hips to allow her in deeper her thumb rubbing my clit with every push and her free hand now attending my breast squeezing my nipples and tugging on them easy. With her fingers hitting my spot and her thumb teasing my clit I was nearing my end, we kissed mouth on mouth as I let out sighs.

It was my turn now to wash her and I ran the cloth along her every curve and made sure her body was clean and before I could return the pleasure to her she stood up and helped me up. Grabbing a towel for me she began to dry me off as I took the towel from her hands to dry Hailey off she grabbed another towel. Wrapping it around my back and pulling me up against her breast our nipples pressed against each others, I leaned in and kissed her cheek softly and slowly kissing my way down her neck. Again she stopped me and walked me to my bed.

Letting the towels drop to the floor her hands placed on my hips pulling me close and I went to her neck and started kissing her again. Tilting her hard back I slowly kissed my way down my tongue tracing down as I moved lower and now at her breast I gave them long soft kisses sucking on her left nipple then to her right. I sat her down on the bed laying her back I returned to her breast and with every squeeze and with every lick she let out her moans of pleasure. Kneeling down between her legs I worked my way down leaving a trail of wet kisses, at her neatly trimmed bush I could smell her aroma. Kissing her inner thighs and kissing all around her nest her fingers locked in my hair pulling me in and just centimeters way I dove in my tongue piercing her pussy. Aggressively I munched down on her my hands pulling her open allowing me deeper into her and I began to suck on her swollen clit. Her clit stuck out further then I have ever seen and I nibbled on it sucked it and licked it and was not long before her soft cries turned to loud moans. Her fingers pulled my her tight pulling me in I sucked on her clit and my fingers stuffed her pussy which I could feel tightening up and with a few more thrusts I could taste her sweetness flowing out.

Greedily I lapped up her sauce like a kitten at the milk bowl and as her body twitched I moved back up and kissed her she quickly cleaned my mouth and our tongues tango once again but not satisfied yet I quickly began to rub her, caress her this time getting more like myself I began to pinch harder on her nipples her soft cries were no longer and her moans more distinctive now and I took a nipple in my mouth sucking harder now and nibbling down her oow’s were not of pain but of pleasure. My nails scratched down her chest I as I pushed her up on the bed rolled her over and lifting her ass up in the air, with her bottom exposed my tongue went back to work. Licking her from her pussy to her tight little ass I could her oo’s and ah’s very clearly and just when she thought I was being gentle again a gave her ass a few smacks and her yelps were music to me and without warning I shoved three fingers in her pussy. Every few strokes I would give her ass a smack and her cries of “fuck me Nessa oh fuck me please” knew I was giving her everything she needed but I wasn’t going to give her more, more then she ever had.

My fingers buried deep in her pussy my tongue licking her clit and around to her ass, Hailey was now moaning loudly and her fingers were rubbing her clit. I moved away to get a toy out and she was begging me to “fuck me, fuck me hard Nessa , please fuck me” and she couldn’t see what was coming but I was going to fuck her so she couldn’t walk. I sucked on the toy before I shoved it in and wasting no time I pushed and pushed filling her tight pussy with my large toy. I could see her biting down on the covers and her hand clinched up as I pounded her pussy, I was relentless as I stuffed her pussy. Just as she was getting used to my toy jamming her to the limit I slid a finger in her ass and a scream came out but followed by “you bitch!!!!” and with that I pushed deeper. Pressing up to her so my stomach held the toy in her I reached up and got a hand full of hair pulling her back and up on all fours pressing the toy passed its max her cries filled the room. The animal within me was unleashing on Hailey and she was at my mercy which I had none. Grabbing a second toy a long slender double ender I made her suck on it, shoving it in her mouth till she gagged and when it was wet enough I took away and slid in her ass. She begged me not to and that made me push a little harder her cries drove me as I filled her up, now with both her holes filled I made her fuck them. Every time she stopped rocking back and forth I gave her ass a smack and wasn’t long before her ass cheeks were rosy red, my commands filled her ass and she began to perform to my every command.

I made her do things that would make a school girl blush but I knew she was loving every minute of it. As she fucked my toys I was feeling like she was needing more domination and I was ready to give it to her. I made her call her self those naughty names her voiced stammered one out after another” I am you slut, I am you fucking slut” and every time she said those things I got wetter and wetter. I needed to fuck and there was a toy sticking out her ass I straddled over the top of her telling her to keep fucking herself, and she answered “yes mam, I will” you will what I shouted at her, “yes mam, I will fuck my self”. I eased the toy in my aching pussy and with a few slow short strokes it was in me. I began to puck that toy harder and harder and every time I came down it pushed a little deeper in her ass and her whining about her ass made me push further and further. I was so near an orgasm I wanted to cum on her face and with a quick move I was off pushed her over onto her back and slammed my body on her face grinding my pussy down I could her slurps and when she finally got her mouth locked on my clit I came and my pussy nectar flowed and flowed I could feel it running out and down all over her face I leaned forward both toys were still stuffed in her. Locking into a sixty-nine my mouth devouring her clit I began to fuck her again and after a few minutes her moans were now screams of pleasure and when she bit down on my ass and I could hear a moan of her cumin knowing when she comes her clit gets extremely sensitive I didn’t let up I had her pinned down. I continued to suck hard on her clit and work the toys and as she finished from her first orgasm I was going to take her to her second one. She tried everything she could but could not escape my grasp and I kept sucking her clit and fucking her hard and deep I could tell she was ready to explode this time and as she was about to I removed the toy from her pussy as she began to buck like a wild stallion I wouldn’t let up. After a few more strokes in her ass I pulled the toy an then she came her pussy squirted its juice down my throat her cries were so intense her nails dug in tight to my ass cheeks and after a few seconds I could feel her letting go and her weary body just come to a rest under me. Kneeling next to her looking down with a devilish grin Hailey smiled and said “give me a minute your turn is next!” .


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2010-08-09 23:30:15
One major thing: clean up your quotations and punctuation. Its a bit hard to "distinguish between", what is. being said when" you have misplaced. punctuation all, over the" place.

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