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part 2
-1Best in Show II

Finally our time has come everyone was ready, willing, and excited. I have added Kym a very unique person, she is a very attractive creature and has a very mysterious look to her as well. I was going for a new look a new feel and getting to really unleash my anger on John has brought me to a new inception. As we set up the stage for my scene my nerves were up a bit never have used a slave before but it was time to take back the number one status.

Front and center was the punishment bench and John was locked in and my former sub and lover was now my dirt. The curtain drew back and my hour has now started looking out I could see everyone in anticipation of what was about t happen. Everyone new John and what he done, so nobody was going to feel anything for his woe that was about to onset. Walking in from the back I had a large paddle and a fierce swing and thundering crack and John’s yelp sure got everyone’s attention. He started to beg me not to and saying how sorry he was for his mistakes, I leaned down grabbing his face staring in his eyes I spat in his face, motioning for Elise to come and in her hands was the ring gag. “Enough! I don’t need to hear anymore of your lies!” I shouted in his face. As he begged for us not to Elise put the ring gag in and his tears enraged me more. I called to Rich my well hung bi-sexual man, I placed him at John’s head reaching down grabbing his soft cock I rubbed it all over John’s face. He whimpers of no, no soon to be quieted by Rich’s cock and with a quick push the head was in, I smacked Rich’s ass and ordered him to stroke his cock let it get hard in this bastards mouth. I had Elise then tie Mason down to the bench, I could see Hailey eager to get involved and with a look she rushed to Mason taking his cock in her mouth leaving her ass up and open I knew what she wanted but not yet. I paddled her ass and those firm buttocks now red from my paddle. Ben was next he wanted to fuck and I made him beg his hard cock just inches away from Hailey’s wet pussy I let it get close but then I I would smack the head, his cries were loud and with every snack on his cock I paddled Hailey’s ass and together their cries barely covered Johns whining. Rich’s cock now hard was ready to move on to the next task and a few spanks on his ass he moved in behind John, as Rich stood behind John I let Rich use the flogger on John’s ass and back. Finally Kym’s turn has come she came out in a long black evening dress on high heels to match. With my crop in hand a ran it around her body circled her breast up the inner thigh and some swats to her ass I had her reach under and ready herself. I could see Johns face it looked like he was happy to have her standing there but he was in for a surprise.

I smacked Rich’s ass and demanded that he start wasting no time he put the head of his cock up to John’s ass and as John tried to move but couldn’t Rich intensified his use with the flogger. Kym nodded that she was ready I pulled back her dress, Rich was now in his ass and as he tried to scream Kym placed her cock in his mouth. I pulled down her top exposing her large breast, with the tray in hand Elise was right on cue, placing some weighted nipple clamps on Kym she just sighed while making the bastard gag on her cock. Ben teasing Hailey’s pussy with his cock I gave his back a few long scratches and I allowed him to fuck her, I now moved to focus on Hailey for a moment. I grabbed a handful hair pulling her of Mason’s cock placing a box there so she couldn’t suck his cock anymore but just out of reach. I had Hailey claw on mason’s chest I put some clamps on his nipples him as well and Hailey was definitely in her mood as poor Mason was feeling her claws and she wasn’t to concerned about his pain just her gain.

Kym was making sure we couldn’t hear John and his whining Rich was slamming his ass, Ben was hammering Hailey and Mason was in need of attention. Alexi sitting off in the corner feeling sad that she was being left out and this was part of my plan. Alexi was licking hers and biting down but her hands didn’t move and you see it that she wanted to be out there with them. I believe it was time for John to get some more pain and humiliation and Rich was making sure John’s pain didn’t stop as he flogged his backside. Kym had a handful of his hair and his gags on her cock was music to me. I handed Kym a large candle and she started to drip the wax on John’s back , head and anywhere else she could get to. I walked Alexi and whispered her instructions, she walked over to Kym slowly sucked one nipple and then the other her hand reached down and caressing her balls. I came up to them with a new gag, for John, Kym pulled out and Alexi removed his ring gag and I placed a new gag on John.

This one was unique it had a small penis for his mouth and a long dildo on the other side. I had Alexi bend over and slowly back up to the dildo, her pussy just to the toy as she waved her ass back and forth. This would have been to nice and it wasn’t going to happen anyway, Moving slightly to the side Kym stepped in and put her cock in Alexi, I hand cuffed her down so she was bent over shackles for her legs she could not move and Kym had full access to her pussy and ass. Alexi cried out she didn’t want that and I spanked her ass while Kym pounded her pussy. Kym dripped the wax down Alexi’s legs and I grabbed a long red glass toy from a bucket of ice I handed it to Kym. Kym placed the toy at Alexi’s ass teasing the hole, Alexi cried for this to stop. Kym with her heels on was raised up in the perfect position I had her back down on the dildo strapped to John’s mouth and as Kym stroked Alexi’s pussy John’s dildo drove in her ass.

Mason now with a drooling Hailey at his cock but not getting anything was desperate for something. Removing Ben from Hailey and I had Ben tie Hailey to the table. Hooking up the legs and spreading her wide open she laid there fully exposed and desperately seeking a good hard fucking. I left Mason laying there and moved the hanging candle board above him. Lighting the candles one by on they hung upside down so they burned fast and dripped wax instantly on him with all the candles lit I gave the boars a slight push and as it swayed back and forth dripping hot wax randomly over Mason.

Hailey needed to be fucked and I had Kym stop and turn her attention to Hailey. Kym with the chilled toy and her wax was at the table with Hailey, Hailey begged to fucked and I had Kym slide her cock in Hailey’s ass. Hailey begged for more and I nodded, Kym took the ice cold glass toy and inched it in, Hailey burst into screams about how cold it was she tried to get away but her restraints kept her there. Kym was banging her ass and the toy filled her pussy and wasn’t long that she was back to her plea’s “Oh fuck me, fuck me”. Rich pulled out of John and I inserted a massive pig tailed butt plug in his ass his tried to scream and shake but to no avail. I had Rich standing in front of John and let Rich insert the dildo to his ass. Rich’s ass in John’s face was a great sight to see after all his treacherous actions.

“Oh god it’s fucking so cold!” Hailey shouted as I walked to Haley taking the hot wax from Kym. Grabbing her face I told her to lay still while mark her, Slowly and steadily I poured the wax across her belly spelling out “slut”, Kym again started to pound on Hailey’s ass and keep the iced toy in her pussy. I could see our time was nearing the end so it was time for the grand finale, Elise joined us now strap on and ready to go I had her go to Hailey. Kym untied Mason and joined Rich and Ben in front of John and as they all stroked their cocks John finally caved in and took what was coming. Elise filled Haley’s frozen pussy and warmed it up quite easily and wasn’t long then before Hailey reached her peak and was about to go over . I used a dildo on Alexi and she was nearing the end and then Rich popped his load first and was a good shot, John might disagree but who cares. Ben was next and covered even more of Johns face, Hailey now hit her moment and her screams of ecstasy filled the dungeon. Mason and Kym went together and Johns whole face was now covered in cum. Alexi finished off just as the curtain closed to a great round of applause.

As the others completed their scenes it was going to be tough to top mine, as they counted the votes and it was a landslide victory as I regained the award for Best in Show. I thanked Agnar for the use of a slave for the weekend but gladly turned him back over. Bree was satisfied as well and it looked like a great weekend for everyone, well maybe one wasn’t happy.


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While these laws are idiotic I can see atsealt some good in them, but no. Look there are NO reasons you cannot see your childs teacher a few times during the year. None. It has nothing to do with hours or being buzy. Just being lazy and self entitled. You have phines,email,cars,video confrencing etc so that nonsense about working is bs nothing more. And if it is too har, then perhaps you should not have had kids in the first place!!!

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AFAIC that's the best ansewr so far!

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