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My wife fills me in on the details.
This is a follow-up to ‘The Listener‘.

She just left again to meet her boss. A lot has happened since I wrote last about Crystal’s exploits. Her lover has been talking to her every day on the phone and they make plans together. His wife found out about them a while back and has been on a war path. It appears that his whole family is disgusted with his affair. He has moved to a hotel so my wife can meet up with him. Neither of them have any regard for his wife or her feelings, which for some reason is kind of a turn on for me. This guy is willing to leave a marriage of over three decades just to be with Crystal. He wants her for more than just sex, I know. I am not really sure about her. She has become closer to him. She gets quiet or hangs up the phone when I get close to their conversation even though she knows I am happy for her to have her extracurricular activities. I knew she would go out with him today because she put on lacey, see-thru panties this morning and she had on her sexy bra that has really cool designs on it. She knows I drool when I see her in that kind of outfit, but today she didn’t pay much attention to my ’romantic’ advances.

I am sure she is fucking him right now as I write this. She likes to have him eat her once or twice before they fuck. One thing I have noticed since I became her cuckold, she gets wetter than ever when she is horny. She has never been so driven to focus on sex in our life as well as her life with him outside our marriage. She tells me how satisfying it is when he has eaten her out. It’s like nothing she has had before. Then, he puts his dick, which she begrudgingly told me is quite bigger than mine, in her and gives her the best sex she has ever had. She described it to me like this.

“ He puts his dick in me and I can feel myself wrap around him. It feels like he was built for me. The head of his dick rubs just right as it pumps in and out of me. It gets me close to cumming very quickly. Which is different than our love making. I have to really work at it to enjoy fucking you. The best part is when he starts getting close, we discuss our feelings for each other. He cums in or on me while telling me how much he loves me. We have talked about how it could have been if we were having unprotected sex like this before he had a vasectomy. He would love to have me carrying his baby. I cum while he says this to me. I feel the same way. I tell him I wish I could get pregnant by him. I wouldn’t mind people knowing about it because it is so good with him. When his cum shoots into me, I imagine we are trying for a baby. It is so hot to be with a more …skilled lover than the past eleven years with you. He is so good at fucking me and bringing out the real woman in me. I can't help but feel warm inside when I see him. You know, I get wet when I see him during the day."
"Let me give you an example of how he makes me crazy. I mean, I make the worst decisions because I can't think of anything other than pleasing him when we are around each other. He asked me to suck him off in his office the other day. His windows are frosted, but you can see through and tell that vague forms are inside. You can see people move around. Anyway, I didn't hesitate to go down on him. His desk is sideways in the room so there is no hiding if anyone walks in. I don't care to get caught with him. It wouldn't bother me for people to know about the affair. It might be a little hard on you since many of them are our friends, but I don't give that a second thought really. He was grunting some and trying to stay quiet, but a saw someone pause in front of the door and listen. They could surely see me as well as I could see them. He began arching his hips and breathing fast when he finally popped in my mouth holding my hair roughly in a messy knot. His cum hot my shirt and I had to rub it off best I could. I got a few uncomfortable looks as I left, but it's definitely worth feeling this satisfaction that I have never had before.”
" Another time, he bent me over in the board room. Everyone has free access to that room since it doesn't lock. He fucked me really hard and fast. I was SO wet. He was whispering in my ear about his love for me when I came calling his name and he followed me coating the inside of my cunt with a huge load. I was sweaty and my dress was ruffled when another department rep came in. I am sure he could smell the sex we just had. After that meeting, I was still hungry for him. We went to your car. Remember? That was the day I had you change the oil in mine. Your car is great for fucking because the seats lay flat. You didn't know that, did you? I rolled the windows down some because it was kind of hot in the parking garage. We fucked very loudly in the front seat of your car and he came screaming my name. His cum dripped out of me some and it stained your seat. I did try to get it cleaned off, but I didn't really do a good job. I didn't want to spend too much time on it. My ass had a red mark on it where the seat was rubbing me from the hard fucking. I had to get out to pull my panties back on and straighten up as much as I could. Some of the guys from the offivce were giggling as they acted as though they didn't see us and walked on to their cars. They might think I'm a whore, but they won't get any from me. I am satisfied more than ever now."

You’d think I would be offended by all this, but by this time, I am hard as a nail. All she has to do is lightly stroke me and I cum on her hand. She wipes it off and goes to sleep without much interaction afterwards. This is also unusual since she tells me that they cuddle for long periods of time before and after they have sex and just love on each other. She comes home all the time with bruises on her hips and red scuffs on her knees that remain unexplained when I ask her about them. I found some fancy black panties in the hamper the other day with a large load of cum dried in them. All of this stuff that goes unspoken is as much of a turn on to me as the relationship they share.
When she comes back this evening, I will hear all the juicy, no pun intended, details of he adventure with her boyfriend. She may or may not decide to jerk me off or let me fuck her depending on how tired she is. I may have to go jerk off in the bathroom.

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2016-02-04 18:23:17
She is his whore now, as soon as he tires of her he will drop her
Like a stone then she will be crawling back to you
Are you ready for that ?
From Misterjedi

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2016-02-04 18:18:18
Your wife all but gone from your marriage.
She is fucking another man, and you are letting her do it without
Saying a word.
Grow a pair of balls or you will certainly loose her to her boss
If that hasn't happened already that is !!!!
From Misterjedi.

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2014-04-12 14:05:17
His bitch is like the guy who said he is a disgusting wimp,,, bro , your Ol lady is probly fucking one of your Buddy's !!!! Oh , Mr. Tough guy ! I bet it was your bitch that swallowed my load after her Harley ride..

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2013-05-12 01:47:10
this guy is just a disgusting wimp............. any man who would allow his wife to cuckold him lhis is really sick in the head'''''''''' his wife doesn't have any respect for him at all and he would be so much better off getting rid of her anf I think the kids would be better of too without a pig for a mother

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2011-10-24 18:16:25
Unfortunately, it sounds like she is slipping away from you...

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