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God! I can remember it so clearly, even now at this distance in time. I was 16 years old and was home from school early. I let myself in to the house and ran almost silently up the stairs to my room to change. My Father was of course at work and if I thought about it at all, which I didn’t, I would have assumed that my Mother was out. She wasn’t.
At 16 I was very naïve; teenagers were in the early sixties. It wasn’t until the late sixties with flower power, psychedelia, pot, acid and such things that we all grew up rather rapidly. My sexual experience at this time was limited to the magazines I kept hidden under my mattress and a very active right wrist!
It was July and very warm and I rushed into my room and tore my school clothes off and was on my way to the bathroom for a shower. Let me explain the layout of the house. The stairs came up to a long landing at the end of which was my parents’ room with the door across the end of the landing. My room was half way down the landing with the door straight off the landing and the bathroom door was opposite my door. Other rooms were further down the landing. When I’d bounded up the stairs I’d passed my parents’ door to my left as I’d turned right at the top to go to my room. OK?
As I came out of my room with my towel over my shoulder, I realised that my parents’ bedroom door was open and more than that my mother was standing in front of the long wall mirror with her back to the corridor! She was wearing a black suspender belt, black stockings and black satin lace fronted knickers. Nothing else. I froze. I’d never seen a naked woman before. I was an only child; no sisters and it was rare for my girlfriend to let me touch her breasts outside her clothes let alone show me any bare flesh. For Christs sake, in those days they used to airbrush women’s pubes out in ‘top shelf wank mags’. I was still wondering how girls went for a pee!!!
Mum was about 44 at this time and had quite a trim figure which she was obviously quite proud of by the way she was posing in front of the glass. She didn’t notice me at first and as I watched she slid her knickers seductively down her thighs and put one hand between her legs and start to fondle herself through her densly hairy bush (that was a revelation as well!). My cock rose rigidly out of its own nest of pubic hair and before I could do anything about it, my mother saw me in the mirror and then she froze as well.
We stood looking at each other for what seemed like hours. She looking at me in the mirror with my hand (by now) on my stiff cock; me looking at her back with her nix down and her hand between her legs. With a resigned smile she turned to face me and suggested I came into her bedroom. As I walked towards her she looked at my erection and said ‘ My word Darling, you have grown into a big boy!’ and without anymore ceremony she reached down and gripped it and led me over to the bed.
‘This is where your education really starts today’ she said as she pushed me down on the bedspread and, having stepped out of her knickers and dropped them on my face, lay beside me with her face over my cock. She steadied the shaft and licked off the glistening drop of pre-cum which had appeared at the end before running her tongue round the glans and then holding it by the end licked my balls prior to running her tongue from my arse crack over my balls and up the underside of my shaft to the top and plunging the length to the back of her throat. She repeated these movements so many times I was feeling delirious.
I reached out and squeezed her full breasts with those wonderful brown swollen nipples. She gasped ‘ Gently boy! Fondle, caress ...tease my tits …. later I’ll tell you if I want you to be rougher … sometimes I like the nipples pinching .. but this isn’t the time!’ and then she took my hand and led it between her thighs and guided my finger firstly to her clitty and then two fingers into her vagina.
She took her mouth away from my cock and told me to pull myself up the bed so that my head rested on the headboard and then straddled me facing down to my feet while she pushed her bottom with her lewdly gaping glistening cunt into my face, saying, ‘there’s something for YOU to suck on!’ Instinctively, I ran my tongue over her arsehole (and slightly inside it) as she gasped with the unexpected pleasure before tonguing her outer, then inner labia and sucking her clit between my teeth and biting it. I found I could reach both her breasts doing this and learning fast fondled them gently at first but judging from her own increase in convulsions getting increasingly violent so that before long I was squeezing the nipples and pulling them out to half an inch with my tongue flicking her clit and the entrance to her fanny tunnel and sometimes pushing into her arsehole .
She was sucking, licking and wanking me with increasing violence; squeezing and licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth and I switched my fingers from her tits and poked one finger deep into her rectum.
She rolled off me and lay on her back next to me. ‘Get on top of me’ she moaned. She spread her thighs as I got between them and then wrapped her legs around my back as I slipped my entire length into her cunt and started to fuck her. Slowly at first and varying it at her command (always obey your mother boys!) between the first two or three inches to sinking it up to the root! I put my hands under her bouncing buttocks and pulled us closer together and then fondled as I fucked, pushing first one finger, then two up her arse and frigging that in time with my cock thrusts; I leaned forward and kissed my mother in a way that I’d certainly never done before and experienced for the first time a tongue attempting to push its way inside my mouth.
She put her hands on my bottom; not since I’d been about six had I felt her hands on my bare bum and that had been for something entirely different. This however was fantastic as she dug her nails into my thrusting buttocks and made me fuck her harder and faster.
Within half a minute she started to wriggle and twist and thrash about and to moan and finally to cry out; I was worried that she was having a fit but she managed to gasp out that she was cumming. When she DID cum it was fantastic (I still get excited thinking that I can DO that to a woman!).. I knew I was cumming and so did she .. and she suddenly told me to pull it out and offered her mouth to me and so I came in that instead … well some went in her mouth and some went over her belly and some on her tits and some on the pillow and some on the bedspread!
That’s why she was still doing the family wash when my Dad came home a couple of hours later!


2016-08-16 06:13:50
Its all right could be better though

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2012-01-12 04:22:24
mother and son stories Always get me off........... I never had the opportunity to fuck my ,mother but I always wanted to....... just to scared to try

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2009-05-04 18:48:00
they are the freaks . it makes then feel superor by calling us freaks . most lkely they go through mommys dirty laundry for pantes to smell . a good story , keep it up. more ways than one .

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2008-08-22 15:54:45
am an south 23 nd my mom is 42..... an year ago we went on a holiday to malaysia.wer dad didnt accompanied with us.... mom an i was soo intimate that a sexual hour happened between us in a hotel..... i fucked my mummmy nd squirted in to her belly..... we wer very feared that she would get pregnant....luckly we escaped...... but know she gives me money to buy condoms for our love making.......

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EAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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