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My first story. Hoping for some constructive feedback
I had been watching her for weeks. I saw her in the park one day in the tiniest little orange skirt and see through white top that showed off her D cup breasts. Every time she would take a step her sexy hips would cause her skirt to sway and give me a glimpse of the black lacey panties that barely covered her most intimate parts. She bent over to pick up something she dropped giving me a full view of her perfect firm round ass. I could see the thin material of her panties outlining her full pussy lips and I instantly got hard.

I followed her around the park watching her and discretely snapping pictures while dreaming what it would be like to part those swollen pussy lips with my throbbing shaft and feel her heat and wetness on my cock. When she left I went home and masturbated 3 times to the shots I had taken. She was becoming an obsession. I knew I had to have her one way or another.

I saw her at the park around the same time and every day I watched her from a distance. She always wore sexy outfits, usually a short skirt but sometimes little shorts that showed off her round perfect ass. I couldn't get enough of her. I knew I had to have her, I couldn't help myself.

I followed her home from a distance to see where she lived and started to formulate my plan. She was only a couple of miles from the park so I knew I would have plenty of time as she usually spent a couple of hours at the park every day.

I parked down the street and waited for her to leave for her daily walk. She was wearing the same orange skirt and thin white shirt that she had on the first day I saw her and she looked irresistible. I waited until she drove out of sight and then snuck around the back of her house and slipped in through the rear door. I snuck around the house looking for signs of anyone being there and found no one so I relaxed a bit.

I found her bedroom and snooped through her drawers checking out all of her sexy bras and panties. I fantasized about what she would look like in each and every one.

After finishing with the drawers I checked out her closet and found a box with several vibrators and sex toys in it. She must be lonely or horny, either way she wouldn't be either for much longer. I decided to keep those handy for a little extra fun.

I decided that the bathroom in the master bedroom would be the best place to hide as she wouldn't see me when the door opened and I could grab her and take her on the bed. I made sure that the handcuffs and blindfold I brought were still in my pockets and I waited for her to come home. I didn't have to wait long; she cut her walk short today.

I heard her unlock the door and walk toward her bedroom. My muscles tensed and I felt the tingle of excitement and adrenaline. She cleared the doorway as I got ready to pounce. She turned toward the bed and had her back to me. She looked so hot in her little outfit. I waited for the perfect moment to make my move. She never even saw me coming.

I lunged out and grabbed her with my hand across her mouth to stifle any screams. I pulled her tight against me so she couldn't get away and drank in her scent as I breathed "don't move" into her ear. She jumped when I grabbed her and tried to struggle to get away. The more she struggled the tighter I held until she finally accepted that she was not going to get away.

I told her I was going to take my hand off her mouth but if she made a sound it would be her last. She nodded that she understood. I asked her if anyone else lived with her or if she expected any company and she told me no. I told her good, that I would take what I came for and leave.

"I don't have any money." She said, "But you can take whatever you want. Just please don't hurt me!"

I told her it wasn't money or her stuff that I was interested in and whether she got hurt or not depended on how we'll she cooperated.

"As for taking whatever I want.... Well, I am not leaving until I get exactly what I came here for." I told her as I put the blindfold over her eyes, pushed her face down on the bed and handcuffed her to the headboard. It wasn't until I grabbed her by the hips, pulled her up on her knees and ripped her panties off that she realized exactly what I was there for.

"No! Please!" She begged as I rubbed her round perfect ass and ran one finger between her moist pussy lips.

I told her, "Shut up and don't make a sound. You told me to take whatever I wanted and this is what I came here for."

She begged "Please don't! Please don't hurt me!"

I told her again whether she got hurt or not depended on how well she cooperated. I watched a shudder run through her sexy body as I told her, "All I want is your pussy." "Not to hurt you, just to fuck you and see if you feel as good as you look. Now be good and do exactly as I say, let me do whatever I want and you get out of this unharmed. Do you understand?"

She whimpered and I took that as a yes. I gave her a smack on the ass and told her "good girl" as I went back to rubbing her pussy.

The feel of her swollen moist lips was incredible as I ran my finger up and down her slit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and I inserted one finger into her waiting hole. She whimpered and squirmed but a quick grab of her hip brought her back into compliance.

Seeing her completely helpless and completely under my control had me turned on like never before. I had to taste her glistening perfect pussy. I slid my head down and ran my tongue up and down her slit to moisten her even more. She whimpered and squirmed again but again a mildly forceful grab brought her back into line.

I rolled onto my back with my head between her thighs and began to lick up and down her now very wet slit and over her clit as it became aroused. I then pulled her down on my face and sucked her clit between my lips and into my mouth as I massaged it with my tongue.

As I tasted her sweet juices I knew I had to taste her cum. I licked and sucked her clit harder and faster until I could feel her orgasm building against her will.

She began bucking and moaning on my face and whimpering with shame as I felt her hot juices flow into my mouth and I lapped up every last drop from her soaking wet pussy.

Satisfied that I had drank all of her sweet honey and being harder than ever before I couldn't take it anymore. I got on my knees and entered her from behind. I felt her tense up and try to pull away but a tug of the hair brought her back in to line.

The hot wet feeling of the muscles in her pussy gripping my throbbing cock was indescribable as I slowly thrust half of my length in and out of her slowly. As she began to relax, without warning I thrust the entire length into her and she cried out in a combination of pleasure and pain.

As good as she felt I knew it wasn’t going to last long and she did too. As I felt myself getting closer to cumming she felt my cock throbbing and pulsing inside of her hot opening.

“Please don’t cum inside me!” she begged

I hadn’t planned on it but I don’t think she knew why yet.

As I felt myself cross the point of no return I pulled out and with a couple of strokes on my wet sticky shaft I shot load after load of hot sticky cum all over her back. I think she was relieved that I had pulled out and that it was over. Little did she know that I wasn’t going anywhere and I had only just begun.

I heard her begin to sniffle softly as I got up off the bed. She thought I was leaving. Instead I opened her box of sex toys and lubed up the pink vibrator I had found there. She gasped and held her breath as she felt me get back onto the bed.

She let out a cry when I inserted her own toy into her and turned it on. I stroked it in and out of her as the rubber tip of the rabbit vibrated against her clit and the head of the dildo pulsed and massaged away at her insides.

I kept this up until she bucked and thrust again cumming against her will for a second time.

When I pulled that one out of her after her orgasm I think she again thought I was done. Little did she know that I had a big surprise for her. I pulled out a giant pink vibrator that I found in her box that looked like it had never been used. Looking at the size of the toy and feeling how small her pussy was I knew that if it had been used, it wasn’t by her as there was no way it would fit, I could barely wrap my hand around it.

I lubed it up with as much lube as I would keep on it and slowly slid it into her as I relished in the force I had to use to even get the head in. She cried out in pain as the walls of her too small opening stretched and gave way to this giant monster. Inch by inch I worked the entire thing into her until I reached the end of her hot tunnel. I then slowly stroked it in and out to try to stretch her pussy out as large as I could. After a few minutes she got used to the size and I pulled it all the way out and tossed it onto the floor. I looked at her pussy as it was now gaping wide open and was completely stretched out and loose.

A shudder ran through me as I thought how good her loose box was going to feel now that it was stretched to approximately 3 times its original size.

I covered my throbbing hard shaft with an overload of lube and again slid into her now gaping hole from behind. Again she let out a cry as I entered her fully and thrust my hard cock in and out of her for all it was worth. It felt incredible! She was amazing before but this was completely indescribable! She was so loose I could almost fist her and I slid in and out with ease.

She whimpered and squirmed as I pounded in and out of her stretched out loose pussy. I never knew anything could feel as good as she did. I felt myself getting hotter and harder and could feel myself getting close to cumming again. She must have known what I was thinking because she started begging me to stop.

"Please! No! Stop please! Please don't! Don't cum inside me please!", she begged.

Hearing her beg just made me hotter and made me pound her harder until I emptied load after load into her sloppy loose pussy. I held it there until I was sure I had drained every drop into her and then pulled out.

She whimpered as I sat watching a river of my cum flow out of her abused pussy. When it finally stopped I put the big pink vibrator back inside of her and cranked it all the way up. I left her there moaning and cumming against her will while I walked to the kitchen to get a drink.

After 3 more orgasms from her toy I decided to have one last bit of fun and lubed my cock up again. I yanked the vibrator out and slammed my cock into her swollen pussy. It felt even looser than last time and again she begged me not to cum inside her as I shot one more load into her hot hole.

She came against her will one last time on my cock and I inserted the vibrator into her again before I left her on the bed cumming on her toy. I don't know how long she left it there or how many more times she got off before she finally freed herself but I will ask her the next time I see her. She should be home from her walk any minute now. I am betting she isn't expecting what I have in store for her when she walks into her bedroom again.

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2015-10-30 14:53:20
nice. fucked some nice married pussy last week.used no condom on the whore enjoy her hope she preg let her explain that to her hubby.


2015-05-30 20:04:06
Nice story

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2015-03-15 03:40:11
Made my pussy wet as fucj


2015-01-13 00:55:40
Great story. It felt a little rushed at the end (but I do that too.) I want her to get so addicted to what you're doing to her she starts begging for it!

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2013-03-02 02:35:27
I loved this so much I HAD to say something. This is so unbelievably sexy and it was the only story that I could find that was good enough. should try writing a romance novel. I would buy that book any day.

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