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Dogs are dogs
Vera's Bad Day
© This is fiction; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental.
Mrs. Peal was frustrated; nothing seemed to be going right. Her husband had apparently lost interest in sex. She wondered just who he was fucking now. Was it that new blonde bitch assistant he had just hired? He seemed too eager to attend that two-week seminar in Vegas.

The morning after Hal was gone; she had to call the plumber to fix a leak. The two hundred dollar charge to fix a leaky faucet was bullshit. Then she had had a fight with her oldest daughter, Susan, after catching her sucking her boy friend’s cock by the swimming pool.

Vera paused in front of the hall mirror to take stock of her body. She blew a strand of her dark hair out of her face and opened the short robe she was wearing. “Not too bad for an old bag.” She thought. Her breasts sagged a slightly, plus a little pouch in her belly. No cellulite in her ass or lush thighs she noted. Then Vera blushed remembering the looks she got from the neighbor boys the other day. Very briefly, she wondered if she should seduce the twin lads. No, better not even think of it they were only fifteen.

With the summer heat getting to her, she decided to take a shower. So there she was in nothing but her skin searching for her other shower shoe. She found it under her youngest daughter’s bed where one of the dogs had left it.

“Stupid dog!” she complained kneeling on the floor with her elbows on the bed. She looked at the mangled remains of the shoe. “He should know better by now.” She snorted.

Jack a massive Golden retriever and the perpetrator of the crime looked in the open bedroom door. He was following a scent he had smelled before. Now that he was an adult, it meant something special.

He padded silently across the carpet and poked his cold nose against Vera’s ass. Before the five foot seven inch matron of thirty-nine could do more than gasp, his long warm tongue swiped the length of her naked pussy. “Stop that!” she shouted at Jack moving her ass to one side. He ignored her command and proceeded to lick the source of the wonderful scent. Vera instinctively opened her legs giving him better access to her pussy. When she moved, he growled at her. Startled, the woman froze in position.

Jack, another Golden retriever and Jack’s littermate Jake, looked on with interest wagging his tail.

Vera was beginning to be very frightened, even as her body responded to the attention her pussy was getting. She heard about women mating with dogs and the thought of it repulsed her. “Stop that Jack!” Her shout ended with a moan as the hot wet tongue reached inside her cunt. Jack could tell the female was getting ready. He pushed his tongue deeper yet. Too frightened to move Vera moaned again. “Oh, God! Oh God!” She gasped as the dog’s tongue ran over her pussy lips and asshole. By now, her pussy was very wet, almost dripping. If not for Jack’s tongue, her fluid would have been running down her lush thighs. Her nipples were hard points of burning desire. Sweat dripped from her face and body. Her body was screaming yes, while her mind gibbered in terror. Try as she might she could think of nothing to stop the dog.

Jack true to his instinct rose up and mounted the matron. When she felt his soft fur scoot up her back, she gasped. His fore legs locked tight around her waist. “No Jack no!” She whimpered.

Then she felt his hot cock jabbing against her thighs and pussy. She shuddered and wailed in horror. “No Jack! Stop it Jack! Oh God Nooooo!” She screamed. He found his mark and jabbed in her hot wet cunt. With success at hand, Jack slid deeper into the hapless women’s pussy. Then he began to fuck her.

His big red cock went deeper and deeper in her with each trust. Her mind reeled as she realized the dog cock was big, very big and longer than her husband was. He started fucking her with rapid strokes going deeper with each thrust.

Her body was flushed and running sweat. She was horrified when she realized she was pushing back to eagerly take the raping dog cock. Dimly she noticed a thick part of Jack’s cock pounding against her cunt lips. Vera whimpered in despair knowing what it was.

Oh God! It’s his knot!” She moaned through her tears. “Please, oh God no!” Vera looked back and saw Jake, Jack’s littermate sitting to one side. His tongue hung out as he waited for his brother, the alpha male, to finish. Then it would be his turn. His cock was part way out of its sheath and dripping dog cum. Vera’s mind reeled when she saw the bright red cock. The other dog wanted to rape her too!

Just outside the bedroom door, out of her mother’s line of sight, her youngest daughter Jane, eyes agog, watched the scene with surprise. Jack was actually fucking her mother. She had never heard of such a thing. He mother seemed to be enjoying it even as she protested. Jane’s little fourteen-year-old virgin pussy felt warm for some reason. Almost without knowing it, she reached into her tiny bikini bottom and started rubbing her small clit. The same funny but good sensation crawled from her fuzzy snatch up to her stomach.

Intensely curious Jane dropped to her hands and knees to get a look at what Jack was doing to her mother. She crawled closer to the door to get a better look.

Jake noticed her then. He moved behind her and sniffed the crotch of the girl’s bikini from behind. Now he did not have to wait. He would take this bitch. The bikini bottom was in the way but it took little time for Jake to pull it down to her knees, with one quick jerk.

Surprised Jane looked back and saw Jake. “Naughty dog.” she laughed softly, trying not to let her mother know she was watching. Jake wanted to lick her bottom just like he had before. She lifted her knees and pulled the bottom to her ankles where she kicked the bottom off.

Jane was now on hands and knees with her naked cunt readily available. Jake wasted no time at all taking full advantage of the situation. He stuck his snout between the girls’ legs and began licking her pussy allover, adding a few swipes on her tight asshole now and then.
Jane had no words for what she was feeling…It was just awesome. Better than anything, se had ever felt before. Her first look between her legs surprised her. Jake’s cock was way of its sheath and growing thicker and longer. Something oozed out of the tip and dribbled on the carpet.

Jane squeaked in surprise when he jumped on her back and wrapped his forelegs around her stomach. She was very frightened so Jane crawled to the bed next to her mother. Jake held on to the girl walking on his hind legs behind her. Tears of fright filled her eyes as she looked at her mother beseechingly. “Please Mommy don’t let him hurt me!” She whimpered.

At that point, Vera’s full attention was focused on what Jack was about to do to her ravaged pussy. Jack drove his knot deeper and deeper into the hapless woman’s cunt. Her pussy lips stretched wider with each thrust, finally with a last effort his dog knot slipped in her cunt. When Jack felt her pussy tighten around the base of his cock, he knew the bitch was his. She whimpered in pain as the knot expanded to full size. Vera shuddered with a perverse thrill as his hot sperm pumped in her pussy.

With a savage thrust, Jake took the Jane’s virginity. Jane shrieked in surprise and pain. Mommy, Mommy!” The girl sobbed. “Help me! Jake is hurting me! Oh! Mommy he’s fucking meeee!”

Jake was in a hurry. His jackhammer approach to taking the little bitch was working. After a few rapid savage thrusts his knot, still small, slipped into Jane’s tight cunt with ease. Then his knot expanded to seal Jane’s pussy. The sobbing girl screamed when the knot expanded to full size. After the first jab of pain, she dimly felt the hot dog cum flood her pussy. Her little cunt was painfully full and sealed tight. Jake thrust a few more times letting his sperm finish filling the girl’s pussy.

Jane drop to her elbows, tears dripping on the carpet. She looked between her trembling legs to see the dog’s hairy balls swing between her thighs. The dog rapist stopped while waiting for his knot to go down. “No! No! I’m going to have puppies now! Oh Mommy Help me! “

Vera knew it was only a matter of time before Jack’s knot shrunk enough for him to pull out. Then she heard he little girl sobbing on the floor nearby. “Dear God!” She gasped,” not that!”

Jack’s knot went down a few seconds before Jake’s did. When he pulled out his cum ran in a stream out of the matron’s abused cunt. Jack paused long enough to give Vera a lick or two. Then he laid down on the floor the lick his gooey cock clean. When Jake pulled out his doggy sperm gushed out of Jane’s pussy mixed with her virginal blood.

Now free from the dog’s knot. Vera got towels from the bathroom to clean both of them up. After that, she rocked her baby girl in her arms to comfort her.

“Mommy why did Jake hurt me?” Jane sobbed clutching her mother. “What am I going to do? I don’t want to have puppies!” She wailed. “Why did you let Jack fuck you?’ She added, “Did you want to have puppies?”
Jane looked at the dogs licking their cocks nonchalantly by the door. “Bad dogs!” She said. Then she broke down sobbing again.

It took a while for Vera to explain what happened to them, and to reassure her daughter that neither one of them were going to get pregnant. She also warned Jane not to tell anyone what happened. If this gets out,” she said, “it could ruin our family.” Jane whimpered a little and nodded
Then she smiled at her mother and said. “Can I have hot dogs for lunch?”

Susan, Vera’s oldest daughter, had seen everything through the bedroom window. Now she was in her room with the door locked. She was frigging her clit rapidly. The image of the dogs screwing her mother and sister, floated threw as her mind as she neared her orgasm. “Oh, fuck!” She thought. “The dogs had cocks bigger that Danny’s

To be continued??

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