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Lets Cum Together and drink
My lovely you a flower of love
the necter of smell on your body
the lust of gleam on your skin
a dream to savour your cream

Alone you came to me
unafraid to lull my cock
grinning and laughing at the same time
my cock head shining with slime

You sucked my head and stroked my shaft
an ambition you had in mind
not to stop until i released of all
to fill your mouth with juicy cum.

I returned the favour and parted those lips
the ones they call a pussy dip
a smell I cannot tell you
of sweet and sour, but lovely of hue

I sucked your clit with all my might
you shuddered your body in delight
parting those lips with my tounge
your juices flowed, mingled in fun

Just then I felt you shudder
I increased in pace
Till you shouted "I've Come"
I knew you won the race.

That was what we did to one another
individually we were satisfied
A change was needed in time
So we rounded off a sixty nine

Fucking you backwards in your mouth
my tounge deep in your hole
together we started a momentum
ragging and gagging in surround

I mouthted you in your cunt
occatonally licking your ass's delight
you pulled hard on my cock with a grip
never letting a move away from your lips

I fucked you with my mouth till no more
You sucked my cock without a flaw
When finally you shuddered aloud
I knew my cum shot down your throat

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2012-09-09 03:35:09
I appreicate you taking to time to contribute That's very helpful.

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2010-08-12 20:47:55
To be honest with u, it was rather shit "/

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