A young lonely lady was out riding her horse on the her ranch she got from her father who died 2 years ago. She is riding her Buckskin Horse Clint her Father got him for her 18th Birthday two years ago. She is just thinking how great it would be if her man of her dreams was there riding beside her.

Waking up on that saturday morning Lizzy May liked to dream that she'd find her dream man, her one although she had been unlucky in love so far in her life yes she had boyfriends in high school but none she truly loved she had never went any further than kissing and light touching she never felt comfortable to do so. She got up out her bed which was huge and walked into the bathroom it was only 5:30am but she had an early start that morning she wanted to get a ride in before interviewing people for the job of ranch manager.

Walking through to the bathroom she started her shower and stepped in she liked sleeping naked and she need not worry of anyone seeing her when she had the house all to herself. In the shower she thought more about her dream man how he would be tall with eyes that would look right into her soul and his cock, his cock would be just right for her to get pleasure not overly huge like she'd seen in porn films but a natural size she thought while she was thinking this she started rubbing her clit with her thumb while pushing a finger in her love tunnel her other hand gently pulling on her nipples and playing with her 38dd tits after doing this for a few minutes she came the pleasure of her orgasm made her think how her dream man would make her feel.

She got out the shower and made her plans for the day. On the ranch she had to worry about finding another manager and Teddy as he was called was retiring in 2 months so she had to advertise for a ranch manger a few applied but she went with her gut instinct and didn't hire them. She thought no one else was coming so she decided to go out for another ride on Clint

She was riding back home when Clint her buckskin horse got spooked, something had startled him he went crazy jumping trying to throw Lizzy May off until she did eventually did fall off banging her head knocking her out.

Peter seen this in the distance and rushed over to her seeing she was out cold he picked her up like she was is bride and took her back to her house placing her gently on the sofa he got some ice out the freezer put it in a towel and went back to her putting the ice to the back of her head. When she finally opened her eyes she saw Peter he was as least 6ft2 tanned toned light brown hair and deep brown eyes.

"Hey you ok" he asked concerned.

"Yea I'll be ok...."She wait till she heard his name.

"Peter" he said.

"Well Peter I'm Lizzy May" she responded sitting up.

"I know I'm here to apply as ranch manager" he said.

After talking for another hour she decided to hire him straight away he knew his way around a horse and if nothing else he was something great to look at being so hot!

Peter liked Lizzy May she was pretty standing at 5ft6 brown hair grey eyes lovely lips not to mention her 38dd tits god he thought his heart stopped she was that sexy.

The next six months flew by he was great working on the ranch they enjoyed each others company a lot laughing and joking she got to know about him he was 32 single loved riding and had no other siblings, everything was the same apart she was just turning 21 soon.

One day she went out to where they where training a horse and jumped on at first the horse was fine but then tossed her off she fell on her ass. Peter seen this ran over

"What the hell Lizzy May" he shouted.

"I'm fine" she said walking in the house.

Peter followed as he wanted to give her a piece of his mind after closing the door behind him he shouted,

"Lizzy May why are you a silly little girl that horse could have..."

"I'm not a silly little girl Peter and I'm fine".

She said turning walking away into the kitchen. He was about to walk back out the door he had already opened it but decided he wanted to talk to her so he closed the door and he followed her into the kitchen not only was he angry at her for doing that he got a scare he really liked her if not more.

Once in the kitchen she stared taking her shirt off thinking he went back outside the her jeans and boots. Peter coughed he was enjoying the show but didn't want her to think he was perving on her, she turned around shocked he was still there and started blushing still maintaining eye contact with him,

"I thought you'd gone" she said a bit red faced trying to cover herself up.

He took his shirt off and threw it to her so she could feel a bit more relaxed no one had seen her this naked not even ex boyfriends. Taking her eyes of his chest she put his shirt on and buttoned a few buttons,

"Thanks" she said.

He could tell she was nervous her face bright red she was biting her lip and she was a little shaky. He stepped up to her grabbing her hands with his,

"You know you are so sexy Lizzy May" he said softly.

She tried to pull away he seen a new side to her she was always confident and now she was totally shy. He let go off her hands and cupped her face and leaned down and kissed her gently and passionately she responded with just as much as passion as him.

He started to unbutton the few buttons she had done up and pushed it off her shoulders and it fell on the floor. He picked her up like his bride and asked what direction her bedroom was. When they got in her bedroom he took the rest of her clothes of slowly feeling her skin as he did, she started to tell him she was a virgin but he quietened her by another passionate kiss then he took his own jeans and boots off and they lay down side by side.

He gently ran his hand up and down her body and she started getting aroused. He kissed her again on her lovely pouty lips and all over her face and neck and softly nibbled her neck before he moved slowly down reaching her 38dd tits and he gently started sucking and licking her tits avoiding her nipples till her nipples started getting big and extended out too about half an inch long. He then started sucking her nipples from one to the other for a about 10 minutes. She slowly put her hands on his head and gently pushed him down towards her very wet and aroused pussy. He slowly started kissing down her tummy then down to her pussy running his tongue up and down her pussy lips nibbling her engorged clit and soon hear a soft low moan. He knew she was getting heated up and soon they will they'd make love, he started putting his tongue inside her and she hissed,

"Yessssss baby ooohhhh god yesss please make me cummmmm please" she begged him.

And he brought her to orgasm and she reached the most best orgasm of her young life by the man she has dreamed of she was in pure bliss.

He moved back and lay back down beside her still gently rubbing her clit and slowly fingering her while he kissed her again her hands moved to his face and kissed him back.

He was rock hard by now and wanted to fuck her to heaven and back he loved her completely.

"Okay baby," he warned "This might hurt a little bit."

Her eyes went wide with nervous, he kissed her again then grabbed a pillow and put it under her hips as he moved into position still kissing her passionately. He looked at her as he pushed the tip of his cock in her till he felt her hymen she sucked in a deep breath through her clenched teeth as he thrust hard into her tight pussy. He had felt a slight bit of resistance as the tip of his hard cock pushed against her cherry, and then it burst, coating his shaft with blood as he slipped half way into her.

Her pussy squeezed Peter's hard cock so hard as she suddenly started panting quick and shallow before bursting into tears.

"No" she wept. "Take it out. It's it hurts".

He bent down, taking her in his arms, and as he lifted her shoulders off the bed a couple more inches of his stiff cock slipped into her, and she threw her arms around his neck, holding on tight. Peter held her head against his shoulder with one hand, and grasped her prefect rounded ass with the other her legs locked around his.

"It hurts" she sobbed.

He slowly slide the rest of his thick cock into her tender, swollen tight pussy until he was deep inside of her feeling the tip of his cock push against her cervix. What he had to, and wanted to was to reassure her, to tell her to relax, and that it would be okay so he did tell her to relax and everything would be okay he make it feel better and soon the pain would fade.

He held her that way for a while, not moving, just letting her get used to his cock in her pussy. Her crying had stopped by now but she still held him tight her breathing more like panting. Peter had to fight his urge to just start fucking her he wanted her to be okay first.

"You okay honey" he asked.

"Yeah kinda it hurts a bit but not as much" she replied.

Peter turned and sat on the bed still keeping his manhood in Lizzy May, he lay back pulling her with him while kissing the he told her to start when she was ready. After a few seconds she lifted herself up a little then back down she done this a few times then he put his hands on her hips and moved her faster, Lizzy May started moaning loudly as did he, he knew he was about to cum but wanted her to cum first. He started pulling her down to meet his thrusts faster and harder soon her body stiffened and her heart was beating faster her, he snaked his hand to her clit and rubbed it gently in circular motions. He felt her come dripping onto him as she panted and moaned for him not to stop.

He kissed her lips and told her to scream his name, he wanted to see her come before he did and he was close and he knew it. He looked into her eyes as he took her nipple in his mouth as his fingers strummed over her clit faster and he was in her deep as he thrust up into her,

"PETER" she screamed as she came holding onto him tightly as she gasped for air her breathing fast and hard her pussy milking his cock he tilted her head to kiss her as he came in her.

He lay back they were still joined as she lay on his chest

"I'm sorry" he whispered

She turned to look at him then put her hands on his chest and under her chin and asked looking confused,

"Why Peter?"

"I hurt you ba"

Was all he got to say as she kissed him till he realised he had to shut up then she spoke,

"I'm glad my first time was with you and yes it hurt but you waited till I was ready to move and didn't force me to hurry let me set the pace...and let me tell you it felt great I've never came that hard and I enjoyed it...I enjoyed being with you and want to do it again and again and I..."

He finished her sentence for her,

"I love you have since I first seen you honey"

"I love you too"

She said as she snuggled into his chest and nuzzled his neck kissing it gently as he pulled the covers up and they dozed off knowing this wouldn't be the last time they'd be in each others arms, in bed together happy and contented not wanting anyone else being happy with each other forever.

Xx xxX
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