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Passion holds my heart's desire,
Lust, and ravage, light my fire.
Lovers embrace in twilight's choir,
Songs echo to the tops of spires...

It starts off with a simple kiss,
Lips merge and do not miss.
Lungs expand in breathing hiss,
Hands tremble, you want this.

Tongues entwined in moaning dance,
This is it, our wanton chance.
Loins on fire within our pants,
Physical needs do now advance.

Arms tangle as they explore,
Passion climbs a little more.
Buttons pop, one through four,
Shirts fly, and hit the floor.

Chests bare, as they titillate,
Pressed together, increase heart rate.
Bodily needs can no longer wait,
Hormonal urges to procreate.

Zippers fumbled with shaky hands,
The hour glass slows it's timing sands.
Naked flesh that now understands,
How it must meet it's demands.

With lust at an all time high,
No stopping now, you must comply.
You have the needs of my supply,
Let me slip into your thighs.

We two souls become as one,
Hearts race from the starting gun.
Like fire thrown from the desert sun,
Dirty deeds have just begun.

Down our bodies, the sweat pours,
A rhythm wild, my piston bores.
Silence broken, with animal roars.
Time stops, pulses soars.

Take it hard, take it fast,
It won't be long, I'll try to last.
Loins slapping, needs amassed,
This spell we're under, our bodies cast.

The time has come to release my seed,
This I must, it is my need.
Take me deep, I must concede,
There's nothing left, to impede.

A final thrust, I must eject,
As spirits fly, and we connect.
In your womb, I do affect,
Tiny tails, left unchecked.

Exhausted from our hours of bliss,
Loving tenderness now in our kiss.
Attention to you I won't dismiss,
Our passionate moment, we reminisce.

As I stare, I must confess,
Hair entangled, we're quite the mess.
A new found joy, we coalesce,
Lover's embrace, a soft finesse.

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2014-08-09 15:42:31
dan / Hi Coach!Im 5'11 and weigh 170lbs ive been on the fat shredder diet and still cant see my abs, lost a ton of wegiht in all other area though.. Im currently at 1900-2100 calories a day with 50/30/20 (P/C/F)..should i lower my calories or stick with the fat shredder diet longer until I can see abs..


2014-08-08 07:40:12
Terrific imagery!


2014-08-08 07:40:11
Terrific imagery!

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2014-07-25 16:36:08
Splendid sex poem. the writer is good at the art.

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2014-07-16 16:42:52
Good poem

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