In parts 1-5, I detailed my experiences having sex with my sister Christine (she was 17, I was 15) for the first time, going on to fuck all her friends, too.
Christine graduated high school and enrolled in a University in a city several hours drive away for the upcoming Fall semester. I was sad that my beloved older sister, now 18, would no longer live under the same roof as I and we would no longer be able to fuck on a daily basis. But as my sister pointed out to me, we'd still be able to hook up when she came home to visit, and besides, I already had an extensive love life servicing all of her friends sexually. We made the best of it and spent the Summer fucking like rabbits, since we had full days of privacy together while our parents worked.

Meanwhile, our parents were having problems. Their marriage seemed to be on the rocks, and one night I heard them fighting in their room when my Dad got home late supposedly from work and my Mom smelled a woman on him. She accused him of having an affair with his hot new secretary, 15 years younger than my Mom, and he blew up, packed a bag, and left. Two weeks later he moved in with said secretary, confirming my mother's suspicions.

By now Christine had gone off to college, and Mom and I were alone in the house. She was depressed for a short time after Dad left, but quickly got over it. She started going to a gym almost daily to work off steam, which also served to firm up her already sexy body. At 39, she was still a beautiful woman and looked 10 years younger than her age, but didn't seem interested in resuming a love life as yet. Most of the time she just hung around the house when she was off work. However, I knew she still had sexual desires, since I found a dildo and vibrator in her nightstand while rifling through it one day while she was at work. I sometimes listened with my ear to her door at night, and could hear the faint sounds of buzzing and her moaning.

Her favorite way to relax was to sun herself by the pool. I enjoyed seeing her in her skimpy white bikini, the top barely concealing her 38D breasts that jiggled deliciously as she walked to the lounge. Her ass was still firm and sexy, and she had no cellulite, varicose veins, or stretch marks to mar her appearance. She had dark black curly hair like my sister, and their faces were of course similarly beautiful. At first I tried not to fantasize about fucking my mother, thinking: "It's ONE thing to fuck your sister, but it's a whole other thing to fuck your MOM!" But I found I couldn't help myself, and soon decided to try to make my fantasies into reality like I had with my sister.

As part of my plan to seduce my mother, I bought a pair of those European nut-hugger swimsuits. I modeled them in the mirror, smirking at how revealing it was. I had turned 16 and grown to 6' even, and had been working out all Summer in between fucking, which also kept me lean, and I had to admit to myself I looked good in the mirror.

The next day I saw my mom sunning by the pool, lying on her stomach on the lounge, her top untied to leave no tan line. I went down and dived in the pool close to her and swam around a little, then paddled over near her and pulled myself out of the pool, dripping. She raised herself slightly on her elbows to watch me emerge, giving me a nice view of her cleavage. Her eyes grew wide with shock as she eyed my bulging crotch, the extremely tight suit clearly outlining my 8" cock and balls.

She said: "Don't you think that swimsuit is a little obscene, son?" looking me in the eyes, then back at my crotch.

"Not really....why, does it bother you, Mom?" I replied,

"Hmmm.., it doesn't leave much to the imagination, now, does it?" she countered, lifting her eyebrows.

"Well, YOUR swimsuit is kind of skimpy, too, Mom" was my defense, and I ogled her ass and the top half of her tits visible from her being propped up on her elbows.

She noticed my lustful gaze and laid down again, replying embarrassedly: "I'm just trying to get a good overall tan, that's all". I laughed and smacked her on the ass playfully, which bucked involuntarily with surprise. I dived back into the pool, then went and sat on the side of it with my legs spread, jutting my crotch out to give my mother a good look. I could see her peeking at me surreptitiously over the top of her sunglasses.

After a while she called to me: "Hey, Jake, could you come over here and put some sunscreen on my back for me?"

"Sure!" I said and went over to her and knelt by her side. squirted some lotion in my hands, and began first to apply it to her legs, starting at the calves and working up to the thighs. She spread her legs a little as I worked the inside of her thighs, and I "accidently" touched her pussy a couple of times with the edges of my forefingers as I rubbed up the inside. She twitched when I did this, and it was obvious to me how desperate she was for a man's touch there.

I put more lotion in my hands for her back, then I sat on her upper thighs to apply it. I made sure to place my bulging crotch directly on her ass crack. I heard her give a slight gasp and she raised her head and turned it slightly, about to protest this intimacy, but then hesitated and laid back down. I massaged the lotion over her back and shoulders, then rubbed down her sides and once again "accidently" rubbed the sides of her breasts as I did so. My cock was rubbing into her ass as I shifted back and forth to rub her down, and I felt her shudder and stop breathing. I could see she was restraining herself from showing a passionate response to my stimulations.

Finally I showed her mercy and stood, patting her on the ass (which twitched), and said: "There ya go, Mom! I'm going in now".

"Thanks, Jake" she said breathlessly, peering up, and the look in her eyes told me she was trying to figure out what exactly had just happened between us. I could feel her eyes remain on me as I walked back into the house, smiling. Phase One, complete.

That night I crept down to my mother's bedroom door and put my ear to it, hearing the buzzing and moaning again louder than before. I had certainly gotten her worked up that afternoon. I smiled as I went back to my room. Phase Two, complete.

I laid naked on top of my bed for around half an hour or so, then I heard my door open quietly. I looked up and saw my mother slipping into my room in the moonlight, wearing a sheer negligee. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, and sneaking peeks I saw her tiptoe next to me. She stood there staring at my exposed penis, and licked her lips. This made me become semi-hard, and I saw her eyes grow wider as it enlarged. She tentatively reached out to touch my cock, but pulled her hand back before doing so. She did this several times, and I could see she was waging an inner battle: her lust vs. the incest taboo. Finally she shook her head with reluctance, biting her lower lip, and tiptoed out again, closing the door softly.

I lay there for a while, excited and frustrated. Damn, I had been so close to my mother initiating Phase Three herself! Then I decided to take things into my own hands, and got up and snuck down to my mother's room. Her door was open a crack, and I quietly opened it and slipped inside. The room was dark but by the moonlight I was able to see her laying naked on top of her bed, her eyes closed, and her middle finger buried in her closely trimmed pussy, frigging herself softly.

I crept next to her left side,unnoticed, my mother deep into her self-stimulation. She was softly fingering her clit, moaning, her hips gyrating, her breasts jiggling. I grew hard as a rock at this mouth-watering sight. She moaned: "ooooohhhh,,,,Jake" and that was all I could take. I reached out and began to gently squeeze her yielding yet firm tits, rubbing my forefingers on her already hardened nipples. She opened her eyes and they grew wide with shock seeing me there and what I was doing to her. She knocked my hands from her breasts and crossed her arms across her chest, blurting: "What do you think you're DOING, Jake?! I'm your MOTHER, for Christ's Sake!!"

I pleaded: "PLEASE, mom, I know you want it, and I want it TOO!" I reached my left hand down and rubbed her clit with my forefinger up and down several times. Her hips bucked reflexively, and she knocked that hand away, too, covering her crotch with one hand and trying to cover her breasts with the other.

She panted: "NO, Jake, we are Mother and Son. This would be INCEST!" However, she then looked down for the first time at my erect penis, and when she looked back up I could see she was excited as she gazed at me with wide eyes.

I smiled and put my right knee on her pillow, my hard cock quivering inches from her face. I said soothingly: "C'mon mom, look what I have for you here. I know you want to touch it, I was awake earlier when you were in my room. Go ahead, touch it".

A look of shame went across my mother's face and she looked down and groaned: "Oh, KNEW I was there! What was I THINKING? I'm your mother, we can't be doing THIS!".

I said: "It's OK, mom, I'm not a little boy anymore. I'm a MAN with a hard cock for you. I've had sex before, I know what I'm doing. You'll like it, I promise. Besides, I know you're horny as hell right now". I rubbed her stomach, which quivered at my touch.

She looked back up at my eyes, then down to my cock, then again to my eyes. She repeated this several times, barely breathing. Then she licked her lips and tentatively reached out her hand for my cock, only to pull it back again. Her inner battle raged within her. After several more starts and stops, she finally wrapped her left hand gingerly around my shaft, softly fingering my mushroom head with her thumb and forefinger. Then she gently began to stroke me, staring with lust at my cock and panting with desire. Her grip grew firmer, and she began to increase the tempo of her hand-job. Finally she whispered "FUCK IT!" and lifted her head up to wrap her lips around my cockhead. She sucked and licked it softly at first, then evidently lost all inhibitions and began to ravish my cock with her mouth. I began to softly squeeze her right breast and rub her hard nipple as my mother moaned with lust, her tit quivering at my touch.

After a couple of minutes, my mother pulled her mouth off my cock and ordered: "Get up here, son, and lie down!" I complied and she knelt over me, getting down to serious business sucking my cock as only a woman of her experience could. She fondled my engorged balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other, her mouth alternating between licking my glans and bobbing the mushroom head with tight lips. Then she began to suck my cock deeper into her mouth than any girl ever had before. She interrupted her feast briefly to pant "My GOD, what a MAN you've grown into! Your cock is every bit as big as your DAD'S, maybe BIGGER!" She sucked some more, stopping again to ask: "Do you like Mommy sucking your DICK, son? Does it feel GOOD?" I grunted my approval, cupping and squeezing a breast as she knelt over me. She lowered her head again to continue her excellent blow job.

The sight of my own sexy mother sucking my cock was so erotic I knew I couldn't hold out long. Soon my tension built and I began to feel my orgasm approaching. I began bucking my hips upward to meet her descending mouth and yelled "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMMINNNGGG!!!" My mother groaned and didn't take her mouth off of me for a second. She continued to suck and gave my testicles a gentle squeeze as my groin clenched, my balls tightened, and the sperm raced up my shaft to plaster my mother's tonsils in burst after burst. She grunted and swallowed it down, not spilling a drop. She continued to softly lick and suck my cock until it began to grow soft, then laid back on her pillow with her hands behind her head, smiling salaciously.

I crawled on top of her and whispered: "Thanks, Mom" and began to kiss and suck her neck, which made her moan.Then I slid down a little and pushed her big tits together, squeezing them as I circled her large areolas with the tip of my tongue and sucked her hard, excited nipples. Her breasts were not quite as firm as my sister's, but they were a little larger, making up for it. My mother groaned: "THAT"S IT, SON, SUCK MY TITS! SUCK THEM LIKE WHEN YOU WERE A BABY!!!" I continued to feast on my mother's magnificent mammaries for several minutes more while she writhed beneath me, cradling my head with her hands.

I lifted my head and said: "Here's something I DIDN'T do when I was a baby" and slid down further. She spread her legs compliantly and I parted her vagina lips with my fingers to make her engorged clitoris stand out more prominently. I began to gently lick it up and down and circle it with my tongue, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I alternated between licking her clit, sucking it, and plunging my tongue deep into her pussy. Her hips gyrated and bucked under me, and she began to moan loudly in ecstasy. She gasped: "Oh my GOD! A big cock and you know how to eat pussy, TOO!'re driving me WILD!!!"

As her passion grew, I grasped my mother's firm round ass and began to squeeze it as I flicked my tongue up and down on her clit as fast as I could. Her moans intensified to screams as she bucked wildly in my grip. Finally she threw her head back, raised her hips, and began to scream "I'M CUMMINNNNGGG!!! OH GOD, I'M CUMMING SO HARRDDDD!!!!" and her entire body began to shudder. She gripped my head in the throes of orgasm, her pussy pulsating and grasping at my tongue. I continued to lick her until her shuddering subsided and she lowered her hips to the bed, breathing hard and groaning with pleasure.

I crawled up between my mother's legs and rubbed my once again hard cock on her clit, then placed it at the entrance to her still quivering cunt, rubbing it up and down just inside her wet pussy lips. I asked her: "Do you want me to stick it in, Mom, do you want me to FUCK you?"

She groaned lustfully: "Yesssss, baby, put it innnnn.... FUCK your Mommy!!" I grinned and pushed my cock into my mother's deliciously slick pussy until I was balls deep in her, her groaning intensifying. She was not as tight as my sister, but her cunt still gripped me snugly. The liquid warmth of her love canal felt exquisite on my throbbing cock. She moaned with desire: "OH my GOD, that's what I've been MISSING...FUCK ME, SON! FUCK ME!"

I pulled back and pushed into her again, sawing my cock in and out of my mother's sweet pussy, faster and faster. She wrapped her arms around my back and locked her ankles behind my ass, pulling me into her. My mother was a lively fuck, lifting her hips up to meet each downward thrust I made, clenching her pussy on my cock as I pulled back for the next lunge. Her beautiful breasts bounced up and down with the rhythm of our fucking.

My mother moaned in ecstasy: "Oh my LORD, fill me UP!!! What a big juicy cock you haaaaave!!! You're making your Mommy feel so gooooooodddd!!!" I bent down and french kissed her passionately, our tongues pushing and circling each other as I continued to slam my cock into her grasping cunt, my balls slapping her ass with each lunge I made. I alternated between kissing her and sucking her tits as my cock plunged the depths of her pulsating pussy.

We continued fucking with a burning passion, our moans intensifying into screams of pleasure. Finally my mother began to gasp: "OHHHH!!! I'M ALMOST THEEEERE!!! FUCK ME FASTER, SON!!! MAKE YOUR MOMMY CUM AGAAAIIINNNN!!!!" She had a death grip on my shoulders and her hips began to buck like a wild bronco as she reached the verge of climax.

The excitement of fucking my own mother to orgasm finally pushed me over the edge, and I felt the cum building up in my balls, preparing to ejaculate. I yelled: "I'M GOING TO CUMMM!!!! CAN I CUM INSIDE YOU, MOMMMMM?!?!"

She screamed: "YES!! CUM INSIDE ME, SON!!!!!! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!!" That was all it took, and I clenched up as my balls released their load, the sperm racing to my cockhead to shoot deep into my mother's womb in a series of spurts, flooding it. Her cunt fluttered and grasped my cock rhythmically in the midst of my mother's own orgasm, milking my cock for every last drop of my cum. We both screamed incoherently in ecstatic climax, our bodies shuddering. Waves of extreme pleasure washed over both of us at the pinnacle of our incestuous coupling.

Finally our orgasms subsided, and I collapsed in exhaustion on my mother, my cock still buried in her cunt. She cradled me and kissed the side of my head and neck as we regained our breath. Eventually I grew soft inside her, and I rolled off her, my cum dribbling from her pussy onto the sheet below. I laid on my side next to her. We both smiled and I kissed her softly as I stroked her stomach and softly rubbed her breasts.

"That was great, Mom, you're an AWESOME fuck" I murmured in her ear.

:"Yes, it was, son. That's just what I needed" she murmured back. But then she frowned slightly, continuing: "it felt good, but it was SO wrong. We're Mother and Son, we can't be lovers. This is incest. We both lost our minds there for a while, but it was a mistake, and we can't do it again".

I said: "Mom, it's just sex. It's just between us, and it's nobody else's business. We're not hurting anyone, and we can make each other feel good. I want to do it again. We'll keep it a secret, no one else will EVER know".

She looked at me doubtfully, so I reached down and softly began to rub her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning softly, and slowly gyrated her hips. Then she opened her eyes and smiled wickedly at me, purring: "Well, OK, but just for tonight. Let's get it all out of our system so we can go back to normal tomorrow" She reached down and began to stroke my cock softly back to life, gazing intently into my eyes with that wicked smile so reminiscent of my sister's.

We fucked all night long in every position I knew. We did it doggy-style while I grabbed her ass and rammed her deep. She got on top and rode me while I reached up and mauled and sucked her tits, alternately grabbing and squeezing her exquisite ass as it plunged down, impaling her pussy on my cock. She rode me reverse cowgirl style and laid back so I could rub her clit with one hand and rub a nipple with the other while I lunged my cock up into her cunt. I tit-fucked her as she lay on her back, squeezing her large breasts around my cock to give it a tight, fleshy channel to fuck, and sucking the head of my cock into her mouth each time it emerged. We lay on our sides with me behind her, lifting one of her legs while I sawed my cock back and forth into her cunt, reaching around and grasping a breast with my free hand. We screwed missionary style again, this time with her legs up on my shoulders so her pussy felt even tighter and my cock rubbed her clit as I plowed it into her repeatedly. I laid her on her back with her ass on the side of the bed and lifted her legs in a V, myself standing on the floor and pounding my throbbing cock into her cunt brutally. She had her arms crossed beneath her breasts, and they bounced enticingly with each ram of my cock into my mother's vagina. I reached down and gripped her tits as I blew my load deep into my mother, her legs wrapped behind my back. I even got her to agree to anal sex, which was delicious, her sphincter gripping my cock like a vise as I blew a load deep into her ass, which squirmed with this unusual pleasure. We fucked until dawn, enjoying countless orgasms, until we were both too exhausted to go on.
Life went sort of back to normal after that. I continued to fuck my sister when she visited from college or when I went to visit her there. We hooked up about once a month, and I continued to fuck her friends the times in between. I never told my sister what Mom and I had done, living up to my promise to keep it secret. My mother never found out about my ongoing affair with my sister, either. I preferred it that way, no need for jealousy within the family.

Unfortunately, my mother held firm in not continuing to have sex with me. She rationalized our night of sex as a mistake brought on by her own sexual starvation, vowing not to repeat it. That did not stop me from trying- I would sneak up behind her at the sink and squeeze her ass or reach around to fondle her breasts or rub her pussy while I kissed her neck, but she always pushed me away gently, softly saying: "No, Jake, not again". I tried to entice her by walking around the house naked. The first time I did this she told me to put some clothes on, but I said: "What for? You've already seen me naked and there's no one else here. Besides, I'm more comfortable this way". She said nothing more, but I could see her ogle me from the corners of her eyes as I strutted around bare. She then started sun-bathing in the nude herself (we had high privacy fences). The first time she did this I went up to her with a hard cock, lust in my mind, and tried to climb on top of her, but she pushed me off and said: "Don't get any ideas here. You've already seen ME naked, too. I just don't want any tan lines". However, she had a sly smile on her face as she lay back down and closed her eyes. Evidently she enjoyed the affect her nude body had on me.

This mutual teasing went on for a month or so, but finally the sexual tension was broken when she walked into my room naked one night and blurted: "Jake, I can't take it any more. I'm so horny I could explode. Let's FUCK!" and climbed on my bed, immediately grabbing my cock and lowering her mouth to it. I got her into a 69 position and began to tongue her wet pussy, squeezing those awesome bare tits and ass I had been craving for. She then climbed on top of me and rode me like a crazy woman, our bodies slapping together loudly, her juices leaking down the shaft of my cock. It was obvious she had been wanting me, too, and she intended to make up for it with some wild fucking. We went on to ravish each other all night, screwing like sex maniacs. From then on we had sex fairly regularly, now that all her inhibitions were gone. My mother rationalized it as stress relief from the tensions of daily life, but I knew that she craved my big cock and couldn't resist it.

Eventually, my mother met another man and remarried. Luckily, he has a job that takes him out of state often, giving my mother and I have ample opportunities to fuck while he is gone. My sister got married, too, but we still fuck occasionally when we get a chance, being very careful not to get caught and destroy her marriage. Someday I know I'll graduate high school and move off to start my adult life, but I know I'll continue to fuck my mother and sister whenever we have the opportunity. But for now, things are GREAT.

What a wonderful life I have!

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