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Joe's story continues
Joe stretches as he walks out of the classroom, finally he is done with the last subject, now for a week or so to rest out and then start hunting for a summer job. Two hands closes over his eyes from behind and a gentle scent of lavender fills his nostrils

“Is this the part where I guess who you are?”

A soft giggle is all he hears

“Hmmmm let me think…Maryse?”

The hands slips from his eyes and hugs him to her

“Oh pooh baby you are no fun”

He chuckles, turns around and gives her a soft kiss

“Not my fault that you smell so lovely”

She smiles at him, her arms wrapped around his neck


“Get a room you two”

They both look at Andy, who is giving them both a huge grin

“Come on lover birds, time for Andy to get home with an honor guard and you two will be that guard”

Maryse growls at him and Andy backs away with his hands up in defense, but with the grin firmly in place on his face

“Whoa easy tiger, I’ll just go get somebody cuter than you”

Joe chuckles as Maryse jumps at Andy, Andy ducks her lunge and starts running, weaving expertly between the other students. Joe walks after Maryse, smiling at her lost cause of trying to catch Andy.

“Hey Joe”

He looks to his right and recognizes Chris, one of the final year players

“Hey Chris”

Chris falls in next to him as he continue to walk down the hallway

“So you’re with Maryse now?”

Joe nods


“How is she?”

“She’s a great girl Chris, I’m really happy with her”

“So how are you two going to cope next year?”

“With her going off to college? She refuses to talk about it”

“You do know that a girl like her is going to get hit on…a lot”

Joe stops and turns towards Chris

“What are you trying to say?”

Chris fidgets a bit

“Nothing really, just…you know the stories…”

“Ahhh I get it, you think she’ll be the campus bicycle”

“Uhm yeah something like that, look man I just don’t want you to hear some stories and start to think that the guys have anything to do with it”

“Listen Chris, I have known her just as long as I have known Andy, I trust her. It’s the college guys that I don’t trust”

Chris smiles wryly

“I got to say she seems a bit changed these days, but don’t tell anybody I said that”

“You got a deal there”

“So how do you feel about hitting the first squad next season?”

Joe chuckles and starts to walk again

“Quite excited really, I know that it’s a level higher than we are playing at now, but I think the team will be ready for it”

“Good, good. You ready to be new captain?”

Joe laughs and playfully punches Chris’ shoulder

“Stop talking nonsense man, you know just as well as I do, that I will not take that”

Chris grins

“Stranger things have happened before Joe, this is me, see you around”

Chris head off towards the parking lot, Joe notices Maryse, leaning against the door, watching him. She hooks in with him and looks at him with a slight frown

“What did Chris want?”

“He wanted to talk about you and college”

She rolls her eyes and smiles at Joe

“And you told him that you are not worried at all?”

Joe chuckles

“Did you spy on me hmmm?”

She laughs

“No, but I do know you and if you didn’t tell him that I’d be kicking your butt right now”

Joe chuckles and playfully taps her nose with his finger

“Feisty little tiger aren’t you”

She playfully nips at his finger

“Oh you bet your sexy ass I am”

They both laugh as they walk down the sidewalk on their way to her house, she stops him at the ice-cream parlor

“Come on, I want a milkshake and you’re paying”

Joe chuckles to himself as she bounces inside

“Hey uncle Pete”

“Hey there Maryse…Joe good to see you, what can I get you?”

Pete Gerber is a tall man, his steel grey eyes friendly and sparkling, but Joe have seen them flash a darker grey in anger before and he is thankful that he wasn’t the one who angered “uncle” Pete. Pete seemed to be the oldest shop owner in town and everybody loved him, he is a very kind and generous man, but also a very firm and strict person. Joe’s father once called him an iron fist in a silk glove and Joe can believe just that.

“I’d like to have a Mega Milkshake”

Pete arches his eyebrows and looks at Joe, Joe smiles and shrugs

“I’d guess you want that take away?”

Maryse nods happily and looks at Joe

“That OK baby?”

“Hey you’re the boss, you dragged me in here…”

Joe ducks her mock slap and laughs

“It’s fine Reese, just don’t complain that you run out of breath”

She sticks out her tongue and turns back to Pete who is watching this exchange with an amused twinkle in his eyes as he makes the milkshake, Maryse leans on the counter to watch him and Joe leans on the counter next to her.

“You two got any plans for the vacation?”

“Not really no”

Maryse nudges Joe

“My guy is going to get a summer job, I can see it in his eyes”

Pete looks at Joe

“Oh is that a fact now?”

Joe places an arm around Maryse

“Well somebody has to pay for your upkeep your highness”

Maryse tosses her hair, holding her head in a snobbish way

“That is true peasant, now make your queen happy”

Joe quickly slips behind her, pinning her to the counter and starts tickling her, she squeals out his name and loses all manner of speech in bouts of laughter. Joe finally stops tickling her and she elbows him in the stomach and wipes tears from her eyes

“You big oaf”

“Aaaaaawwwwww did I not make my queen happy by making her laugh?”

Pete places the huge take away glass on the counter

“As a matter of fact I think you asked for that Maryse”

Maryse looks from one to the other and sniffs

“So that is how it’s going to be? Two big guys teaming up on small, little ol’ me”

Pete and Joe bursts out laughing, Joe pays for the milkshake as Maryse picks up the milkshake with a smile and starts sucking on the straw.

“Thanks Joe”

Pete leans in closer

“I must say that it seems you are a very good influence on her, she seems genuinely happy for the first time in a long time”

Joe smiles

“She is a great girl, she deserves it”

Pete smiles back at Joe, Joe takes his change and turns to open the door for Maryse

“Good bye uncle Pete”

“’Bye uncle Pete”

“Take care kids, see you again”

They continue their walk, Maryse drinking her milkshake, she looks thoughtful and Joe just find that little frown on her face when she thinks so adorable

“What are you thinking Reese?”

She looks up at him

“When last did we have sex Joe?”

Joe frowns as he also thinks it over

“With the finals and all I think it’s been around two weeks?”

Maryse pouts

“You’ve been neglecting me Joe”

“Hey you also agreed that we got to study hard for this final Reese, I can’t take all the blame here”

She grins at him and he realizes she just caught him

“Oh man”

She giggles and hooks in with him again


He just smiles at her and gently squeeze her arm, then he realizes something, it’s been two weeks for her, the girl who used to go nuts if she didn’t have sex every day

“Reese you do know what this means don’t you?”

She nods and suck on her milkshake

“I told you that you would be a good influence on me baby, just look at me two weeks of no sex and I haven’t gotten like before”

“So who is he?”

She nudges him in the ribs and smile with him

“Don’t try me mister, I’m a good girl”

He stops and pull her to him, she looks up at him with those lovely eyes and he leans in and kiss her gently, she kisses him back and he deepens the kiss, feeling her body pressed against his. He gently pulls away and find her smiling up at him

“Oh you know how to make me feel special don’t you?”

“I love you”

She blinks and smile even wider

“I love you too Joey boy”

They untangle from each other and start walking again

“Why is it so far today?”

Joe chuckles

“Well you wanted to go get that milkshake my dear, are you running out of steam hmmm?”

“Oh hush you big bully”

They both chuckle and he opens the gate for her, she enters and he follows her to the front door, she opens the door and turns around to him

“Come to the den, I have something I want to show you”

Joe grins, that voice is used only for one thing and it doesn’t matter where they are, it entails sex. He closes the door behind him and follows her down to the den, she starts setting up the pool table and he starts to wonder what is going on. She places the que ball and bending down low he has a clear view of her soft breasts as the stick slowly glide between them, her eyes is looking teasingly at him and he grins at her, starting to understand. She undid some buttons on her shirt while she was setting up the table and now she is showing off those lovely breasts and long legs as they play. Joe can feel how this slow seduction is starting to have an effect on him, being with Maryse have showed him that there is a time for patience and that this is one of those times. Planning his shot with care, he rolls back the que ball to where he usually stands, Maryse comes over and bends down to play her shot, slowly Joe runs his hand up her right leg, under her short skirt and rest it on her hip

“Oh my, seems that you have been a naughty girl today”

She grins at him over her shoulder, he slowly run his hand over her firm asscheek and she shudders slightly at his touch, slipping his hand between her spread legs he can feel dampness on her innerthighs and he can hear her breathing shorten. Suddenly she shoots and step away from him, he grins and watch her as she watches the table, she turns to him and smile sweetly

“Winner takes all”

Joe realizes that she would only be so cocky if she is in the lead, but what she failed to realize is that he has set up his table and with this being his shot the game could be over. But that is when you are not thinking of sinking your throbbing member into her tight pussy, he thinks to himself. Joe grins at her and shake his finger admonishingly at her

“You are such a crafty girl”

She grins at him and motions for him to play on, he starts to sink the balls that he had set up, but misses on the last one, the ball settles across the table from where he is standing and Maryse leans over to play her shot, he can see her tight pink nipples popping out of her shirt as she leans far over the table, slowly sliding the stick between her breasts, he can’t stop thinking of sliding his own meat stick between her soft breasts, she makes the shot and stands up, her breasts slipping back under the cover of the shirt. Joe realizes that while she is hell bent on teasing him, she is also playing a good game, she keeps on teasing him with glimpses of her breasts and naked ass as she go on playing, luckily for Joe she misses the shot on the black. By this time his cock is ready to tear from his jeans and he knows that he got to win this one if he want any say in what happens further today. Calming himself down a bit and pushing the sight of her hard nipples and soft breasts from his mind, Joe makes his shot on the last ball, it falls and now they are both playing on the black, Maryse’s miss has placed the black close to the side pocket. Joe glances over at her, she is gently chewing on her lower lip an excited light flashing through her eyes and Joe knows that no matter who wins, her plan have succeeded. Taking careful aim he shoots and for an agonizing second it seems like the shot was too soft, but the ball wavers for a second and then falls as the que ball settles against the side. Joe turns to face Maryse who is regarding him with a seductive smile

“You play like that at the club and I’m sure we will be the double team champions”

She grins and set the stick on the table, Joe pulls her into his arms and kiss her hard, her arms snake around his waist and hold him tight as she kisses him back, her lips opening for his exploring tongue. She sucks his tongue into her mouth, nibbling gently on it and rubbing her tongue against it as he explores her mouth, she grinds herself into his hard cock and he knows that they are both ready as he takes in her smell and feels the heat radiating from her. He keeps kissing her, slipping his hands under her skirt, gripping her firm ass in his hands, she moans softly, pushing herself tighter against him. Suddenly she pulls away from him, turning herself around in his embrace, he reaches up and gently squeezes her breasts through her clothes, elicting a moan from her. Her hands reaches back and uzips his jeans and pulls his throbbing cock from his boxers, she gently stroke over his length as he gently nibbles on her neck, her breathing becomes more ragged and he gently pulls on her hard nipples, she moans softly as his fingers teases her nipples and squeezes her breasts. She lets go of his cock and leans into his hands, pushing her ass out, rubbing his cock with her firm buttocks.

‘It’s been a long two weeks’

Joe thinks to himself as he pinches her nipples a bit harder, getting a gasp mixed with a moan from Maryse, he grins as he nibbles on her earlobe, knowing that he is driving her even more up the walls than her ass rubbing his cock through her skirt is driving him mad. He squeezes her voluptious breasts, feeling the soft skin ply under his hands as her tight nipples offers resistant to his pinching fingers, her groans intensifies and he wonders if he ever saw her cum with just her sensitive nipples being played with, he deftly unbuttons her top and grasp her naked breasts in his hands, she shudders as his hands massages her soft breasts and his fingers start to pinch her nipples and roll it between his thumb and fingers. He continues to lick her ear, nibbling her earlobe and her neck, her hands join his on her breasts and squeezes along with him, he smiles as a particular hard pinch on her nipples makes her gasp loudly, moaning out his name, he can feel her body starting to shake and he times his pinch on both nipples just right. Her scream almost bursts his eardrums as she throw back her head and convulses hard against him, he grins in triumph as she whimpers in pleasure, pressing herself against him as her body convulses in the throes of her orgasm. Finally she slumps against him, breathing deeply, a kiss to her neck draws a shudder, she looks up at him


“Aw but I bet you enjoyed it baby”

She smiles at him

“It feels like I peed myself and I think my nipples is going to be very sensitive tomorrow”

Joe grins

“And it would not be worth it?”

She smiles even bigger at him

“You bet your sexy ass it will be”


He leans her forward and she grabs hold of the table, she gently sways her hips as he lifts her wet skirt up, from the amount of her juices on the skirt and on the ground it is obvious that she had squirted in her orgasm, suddenly Joe feels sad that he couldn’t see it, but he is sure that there will be another time. He runs his hand over the soft skin of her ass and she leans on her elbows to give him an even beter view, he slips his hand between her saturated innerthighs, his fingers brushing over her lips sends a shiver up her spine

“Don’t tease me anymore baby”

He doubt that he could stand more of this himself, he moves closer to her and she pushes out her ass more, spreading her legs a bit further apart. Using his hand he guide the head of his cock into her steaming hot entrance, she moans softly as his spreads her lips open. Joe still can’t believe at how tight she is as he slowly slide deeper into her, her walls clings to him, moving as if to pull him deeper into her, he slowly pulls back, closing his eyes in pleasure as her movements intensifies, he slowly push back into her, gripping her hips in the sheer pleasure her massaging walls sends through his throbbing cock. He keep sliding slowly deeper into her, breathing deeply as her hot tightness envelopes him, his groin pushes up against her firm ass and he starts to slowly move backwards and thrusting back into her, enjoying how her body moves around him and her deep moans of pleasure. He slips his one hand in front of her and his searching fingers quickly finds her clit, his first brush over her clit makes her gasp. He firmly presses down on her clit and start rubbing down with his fingers every time he thrusts in and back up as he pulls back, he keep stroking as he increases his pace, her muscles clamping and releasing his cock, makes him moan out as she herself moans loudly each time he thrusts into her, as his pace increases the tempo and intensity of her moans increases as well, he uses his grip on her hip to pull her back into each thrust. A soft thump makes him open his eyes, but he keep on thrusting hard into her, another thump makes him look at her hands, they are clenched and she slams her fist onto the table top with every particular loud moan from her. She slowly swivels her hips, the sensation it creates as his cock seems to thrust into her at different angles and how her tight walls seems to make his cock twist between them creating an intensely pleasurable friction. He starts to thrust faster, his fingers moving faster over her clit, they both start to gasp for breath as his groin slaps loudly against her ass. He can feel how his orgasm starts to build with each thrust into her, her moans and small screams urging him on to thrust even faster, she grips the edge of the pool table, throwing her head back, saying his name in breathless gasps. He gives a hard, deep thrust and she screams out loudly, her muscles clamps hard on him and he grabs her hips, trying to thrust deeper into her, she releases her muscles just to clamp down on him again, he can’t hold out much longer and grunt as his orgasm washes over him and he explodes deep inside her, each convulsion of his cock spurting a load of his cum into her, her body shivers under his hands and he can feel their mixed fluids oozing out past her lips and slowly drip down his balls as he continues to pump his cum into her and her pussy convulses around his throbbing shaft, as his orgasm starts to wind down it feels like his energy leaves him as well, he slumps against her, breathing heavily as he rests his hands on the side of the table, she leans forward onto her elbows again, breathing just as heavily. It takes them a few moments to catch their breath, he slowly steps away, his cock slowly slips out of her, releasing a rush of their mingled cum to escape from her pussy, she sighs deeply and turns around to face him, her skirt falling from her hips. She smiles up at him as she starts to button her top

“You know Joe, I think that I wont have to eat for quite a while with all those vitamins and minerals you just injected me with”

He laughs at her

“Not my fault that I had a two week build up baby”

She runs a hand over her eyes, he takes her hand and starts to walk with her up the stairs

“And just where are you taking me?”

“To bed, you look so cute when you are tired and sleepy, that I just instinctively want to tuck you in”

He can feel her blush and when he looks at her there is a rosy blush on her cheeks, he smiles at her, she returns the smile, squeezing his hand with hers. He opens her bedroom door and close it behind them, she quickly goes to the bathroom and he starts to take off his clothing and drop down on her bed, the long nights of studying and the exertion of the sex he just had catching up with him as he dozes off, he feels the bed weigh down and a gentle breath of lavender wafts over him. He smiles and wrap his arms around Maryse’s soft body, she pulls the covers over them and lies in his arms, looking at the gentle smile on his face as he slowly drifts off to sleep and she decides that he really is one of the best things that could ever have happened to her. She snuggles up to him, wrapping her arms around him, reveling in the feeling of being truly loved and protected as she also starts to slips away into the sweet embrace of sleep.

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2015-12-24 23:16:40
Good job but I think that you should have had more sex and gave more details about it love,DarkSex.

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2015-12-24 18:51:09
Good job but I think that you should have had more sex and gave more details about it love,DarkSex.

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2015-08-29 08:33:07
spelling and grammar only matter if you are literate. If you are ignorant, and only have a grade school education, then no, they don't. But for those who are educated, and used to reading stories that are well written, it is VERY distracting when it's not correct. This author is not as bad as some on this site. There have been times when I had to read a sentence out loud three or more times to figure out what the person was trying to write.

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the fucking verbs don't matter

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2014-02-16 09:16:04
You really need lessons in basic grammar.
Feels like something that is brought up in grade 2 but your subjects and verbs are repeatedly not in agreement- in most, if not all, of your stories.
Hard to read your stories when simple grammar is being butchered repeatedly which is a shame as your stories could have promise.

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