THE HOT AIR above the pond distorted under the intense heat of the summer sun. The glorious orb of light, the bringer of life, was slowly stepping down from its glorious pedestal to the western horizon which I faced. The sky, turning from perfect cerulean into enchanting amethyst, had only slight veils of clouds. Warm wind blew my short hair, making it dance like moist yet crisp grass below me. I closed my eyes, spread my arms wide like the wings of an eagle and embraced the breeze. The pond shimmered like a jewel as the light of the sun bounced off its surface. He was calling me, inviting me to the pond.
Slowly, I walked toward it, shedding pieces of my clothing with each step I took. The sun warmed my bare skin and the breeze caressed me ever gently. The water was crystal clear, yet I saw a naked reflection behind the sparkles. Like Narcissus, I fell in love. There was a tender smile on his face. Adoration and desire grew within. I extended my hand, trying to reach him, but stopped myself. I did not wish him gone by my touch. My fingers began to curl as I pulled back. Suddenly, the water stirred, yet still he was there. He saw my hesitation and offered his own hand to me. His hand was warm and firm. Into the pond, he led me. I wheezed as my body entered the pond. Above the surface was warmth, but the depth was cold and still. He simply chuckled amusingly and gave me his heart melting smile. I wanted him then. I wanted to ravage him like an animal, but I felt I must be patient. He drew me to the center of the pond and let me go. He then began to swim around me. His afternoon sky blue eyes admired me like a work of art made into flesh. The back of his hand came close to me and stroked my cheeks ever so affectionately. His index finger went up to my forehead and traced leisurely down the middle brow, nose, lips and chin. As it went up once more, I gave it a kiss. It moistened my honeyed lips before I nibbled it softly, as I thought of his hardened nipples.
Closer he was to me, eyes still fixed upon mine, searching for my soul. His hands captured my cheeks and our lips touched. The world disappeared. There was only me and him. From my lips, he progressed down my right cheek, then down my neck. I moaned, relieving the tension in my still beating heart. My own hand veered to his smooth bronze back and moved up toward his blonde wavy hair. It was as smooth as silk and shone like gold. Down to my chest he went and my stomach knotted in anticipation. I felt my body burn with lust and desire. Those silky lips of his made my skin shiver in delight. Those lips persuaded, without words, to my hopeful heart to be patient a little longer, and promised ecstasy.
He stopped when he reached my belly button and raised his eyes on me with a sly grin. Then he disappeared below my waist, below the water. An intense sensation hit me without much warning. I arched back, lifted my head up high to the sky and moaned loudly. I fell splashing on the water and gasped, taking as much air within me. He emerged from the water, my shaft inhaled by his powerful mouth. I felt like hollering as I grabbed his wet hair and messed it up. A part of me could not handle it, but another wanted more and more, and more. As my shaft exited his mouth, his tongue began licking it, playing with it. My eyes rolled back behind my lids. It was a glorious sensation. My breathing became loud and erratic, every muscle in my body convulsing in rapture. I felt as if time hastened and I stood still. The clouds above me flew as fast as my blood.

I COULDN'T WAIT ANY LONGER. I pulled myself from him before I jumped into his embrace. Our lips became one again and our slippery tongues wrestled. My hands slithered around his ribs, down his back, and clutched his tight muscular buttocks. I could feel his rod growing, hardening, and rubbing against mine. I gnawed lightly at his lips as I tried to contain the urge that was quickly slipping through. I wanted so much for the both of us, our flesh and our spirits, to become one. I wanted him within me. Finally I released his lips and begged softly into his ear, “Enter me…I want your cock in my ass…” The wind grew strong all of a sudden. The purple sky became tainted with vermillion and pink. Behind me, night was soon approaching. The stars were revealing themselves. They twinkled like his sapphire eyes, gazing upon me as he laid me down on the shallow end of the pond gently. He lay on top of me, his tight abdomen on mine. With a single peck on my lips, he told me to brace myself for the penetration. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to relax myself. His rod slid between my legs and neared my opening. I gasped, nearly releasing all the air within my lungs as a scream. The pain came fast like lighting and faded quickly. The muscles of my crack and around my opening tightened even though only the head of his penis managed to enter. My body was terrified and resisted. It did not want the foreign organ to enter. He noticed this and planted another kiss, this time soothingly on my nose. My body began to loosen itself. Carefully he resumed entering me.
He started slow, entering me at pace that did not hurt too much, until his entire penis was inside me. Then he pulled out at the same pace. As he did, the pain soon made way for pleasure. He repeated it over and over again, going in and out of me, his movement becoming slightly faster with each repetition. As his pace increased, the pleasure within me became stronger, as my moaning became louder. He began to moan and grunt along with me. His grip on my shoulder tightened. My grip on his oblique did too. His back arched backwards, while mine arched forward. His breathing matched mine. Our hearts were racing along like wild stallions on a plane.
Something was building inside the both of us, and it was soon going to burst out. We were both trying very hard to keep it, letting it build up. My teeth clenched and his did too. His hands placed themselves on my hard chest as he bend backward, his head lifted to the twilight sky, and began thrust faster and harder. A little of the pain was returning. My hands began to claw his back. I felt my spirit struggling like a wild beast to be released from its prison, its shell. We were nearing the climax. I could feel it. Then, no longer being able to contain the sensation, he stopped abruptly and jolted himself, letting out a holler of pleasure and relief. I moaned louder than I had ever before as I felt his warm fluid spurt into me, as the shell that encased my spirit shattered. I felt my soul and his separating out of our bodies and merging between us before he fell limp on me. At that very moment, we were one being, our bodies and our spirits alike. The wind died and the sky turned red. I draped my tired arms on his back and embraced him. He weakly slipped down until his rod was out of my opening and his head on my chest. “Must you leave?” I asked him weakly.
“Yes. I’m sorry.”
“Will I ever meet you again?”
“Every day, if you wish. You know where and when to find me. I will always be here at this moment. Always, my love.” He answered me reassuringly, his gorgeous face facing me. His hand went up and stroked the side of my face and hair before he fell asleep peacefully on top of me. I smiled upon his answer and began stroking his curly golden hair. But my eyes too had become so heavy that I could no longer keep them open. Finally I gave in and fell into deep slumber. I awakened not too long after to find that the sky had turned dark. The sun was gone and so was he. I got myself up and searched in the darkness for my clothes. Still naked, with my clothes in my arms, I left toward the direction of the rising crescent moon. I paused after a few steps and looked back at the pond. He will be there tomorrow and I shall make love to him again at dusk. I know he will be there for he was my twilight lover.

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2013-12-26 22:25:42
wow stories like this are amazing, it was so beautifully written and wonderful not just sex
so different so good

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2011-03-19 15:30:47
It was beautiful and just to tell you i only read it because your screen name said rob like robert pattinson


2008-03-15 04:35:28
I can hardly believe this piece came out of xnxx of all places.


2007-06-17 22:36:41
Very vivid description and writing, even if it was imaginative sex.


2006-10-08 19:27:42
amazing story keep it up...wonderfully refreshing after all of this other crap

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