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from straight to gay tranny in weeks
Male cum slut

My name is John I am now thirty two quite slim, live alone and have a thing for women’s panties, I just love to wear them under my clothes and have a large selection of thongs and other types of panties and I want to tell you how this has changed my life completely. When I was a teenager me and my best mate Tommy used to have what we called play time. This involved us both sitting around in just our boxer’s watching porn films and masturbating together, it was nothing gay but I did love to see him cum he always shot loads of sperm all over his chest and stomach and this was always enough to get my spunk flying. Like most people we drifted apart when collage and work came between us but a few months back I bumped into him at a mutual friend’s wedding, so we arranged to meet up the following weekend for a few beer’s . The night flew by and both of us got a little pissed up. After the pub closed we went round to my flat to hit my supply of homemade wines and a large bottle of vodka. Tommy said I should put a porn film on for us to watch so I put one of my favourites on and we sat back to watch it, Tommy said do you remember when we used to jerk of too together, I went a little red but could feel my cock throbbing at the thought of doing it again. Twenty minutes later Tommy got his big fat 8”cock out and started to jerk himself in front of me I thought what the hell and got my own erect cock out and joined him, Tommy noticed my black lacy panties and asked if I was a tranny to which I told him I just liked to wear girls panties but had never gone any further, we continued to wank together and when Tommy told me he was going to cum I watched him instead of the porn film as he shot four thick ribbons of cum all over his legs and onto the floor in front of him, like old times this got me off and my own spunk was soon shooting from my hard 7” cock and all over my panties. Tommy then said he and a couple of his friend met up every Wednesday night to have a few beers and watch porn together and if I fancied it he would introduce me. The following Wednesday Tommy picked me up and took me to his mates house he introduced me to Phil and Gary and I had took a few bottles of my homebrewed wine, we wear soon relaxing as we drank and the Phil put a film on which showed two guys fucking the brains out of a pretty little Japanese girl, we all started to get our cocks out and after a few minutes Tommy noticed I had not put my girly panties on and asked me in front of his friends why, I explained I didn’t think it would be appropriate, Phil and Gary told me I should have worn them as they both thought it would be nice to see me in them so I told them I would wear them next time, we continued to jerk of together and soon Phil started to cum and I watched as he fired his load over himself and within five minutes we had all shot our creamy cum all over ourselves and I have to say I had the time of my life watching them all cum.
The following week when Tommy called round he asked if I had my panties on and when I said I had he asked to see them, they plain white cotton ones and Tommy told me not to be so conservative has the lads wear looking forward to seeing me in something a little sexy, so I changed into a red silk thong that Tommy picked out of my collection, when went to Phil’s flat this time and after a few beers the lads made me strip down to my thong and model them before we all sat down to watch a new porn film that Phil had bought. This time Gary was the first to shoot his thick creamy cum and I followed next shooting all over my chest and even getting some on my chin. Then Phil and Tommy came at the same time and some of Phil’s cum landed on my legs and red silky thong, this was the first time I had felt another man’s sperm on me and the thrill it gave me was unbelievable, the lads thought it was a turn on to and Tommy said he wanted to cum on my thong next time, I turned as red as my thong but was so turned on by the thought of it that I told him he was welcome to,
The following Wednesday I wore a pair of black lacy panties that covered my bottom completely and gave we a hard on at the thought of what might happen that night. When we got to Phil’s flat I was in for a surprise, I was asked to strip again and when I was in just my panties Gary gave me a suspender belt and a pair of black fishnet stocking and told me to put them on, as I started to roll them up my legs I told them I had never worn anything other than panties and Tommy said from now on Wednesday was my girly night and I would be called Joan instead of John, they then had me put lipstick on and blue eye shadow I was glad I had shaved that evening and when I looked In the mirror I was shocked to see how sexy I looked, my cock was as hard as iron and making a large bulge in my panties, we all sat down to our drinks and I was given a glass of white wine instead of lager. We started to watch a film and this one was about a transsexual getting used by two guys and I realised this was going to be my fate, soon Gary who was sat next to me on the sofa said he was going to cum and turned towards me and shot his thick cum all over my stockings it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me and had me shooting my own load over myself, then Phil and Tommy gathered around me and started to cum and shot ribbon after ribbon of thick juicy spunk all over my stockings, panties, chest and even my face, this continued for a few weeks the lads would buy me different types of women’s clothes and I would model them and let them cum over me, mostly they shot there loads over my face and panties, Phil used to like me to bend over so he could cum over my panty covered bum, then things took a step further, when we were in the middle of a hot session Gary said it was silly him wanking his own cock when there was a tart in the room and standing in front of me he placed my hand on his cock and told me to jerk him off, Phil who was on the sofa next to me did the same and I was soon jerking them both off, Gary came first shooting his load all over my face and hair, then Phil fired his load all over my hand and thigh, Tommy then told me to open my legs and came over to me and fired all his lovely spunk all over my panty covered erect cock, I was covered in cum and loving it Phil told me it was my turn and they all sat round me watching me wank using Tommie’s cum as lube wank with and finally cum mixing my sperm with there’s which covered me completely. The next week was the same only they had me bend over the sofa so as I was jerking two of them of Phil stood behind me thrusting his cock along the crack of my arse. Tommy and Gary soon emptied there balls all over my face again and Gary shot his load all over my back and arse soaking the little triangle of material at the back of my thong. That night as Tommy was taking me home he came in with me and explained he was still horny and then he pushed me to my knees and got his 8” cock out and pushed it into my mouth, I started to suck him off and play with his balls. Tommie’s cock felt great in my mouth and it wasn’t long before he fired his second load of the night this time deep in to my throat making me swallow down his salty load, he then thanked me pulled his pants up and said see you soon as he was at this point as I sat there on the floor in stockings, thong and a bra, totally covered in cum inside and out that I realised I was a male cum slut and I loved it. There was only one thing they had not done to me and the following week as I was bent over the sofa dressed in a silky red bask and matching panties with black fishnet stocking, sucking on Gary’s thick cock as Tommy jerking of next to me that I felt Phil lube up my arse then force his cock into my virgin passage. It hurt but I couldn’t stop him and it didn’t take him long to cum shooting his sperm deep into my male pussy then when he pulled out Tommy took his place and fucked me really hard causing me to take all of Gary’s cock into my throat choking me as he filled me full of cum from the front as Tommy did the same from the back, I was then made to stand in front of them with my panties round my knees jerking my cock as the cum dripped out of my well used arse, and as I shot my sperm all over the carpet the all clapped and cheered, now this is what happens every Wednesday and the lads are talking about getting another of their friends involved.

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Nice story.

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