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It was late. Very late. And I had a craving for pussy.
My hand was in my shorts stroking the pulsating Cyclops there as I lay topless in bed. My cell phone lay neglected beside me. Tonight was different. No booty calls tonight. Need something different.. to.. do.

I went out for a walk. Outta home and into the isolated back roads a coupla blocks away.
The place was like a junkyard crossed with a park. Mounds of dirt, rubber and metal mingled with bushes and trees. Uneven earth and a solitary roads. It was close to home, but risk made it exciting, innit? I walked steady, like a man walking home and kept my ears open wide. It might take a while before...

I walked on, letting time, cars, and people pass by. I recall two or three of each. I spent the time smoking, patting the little guy down and identifying new paths for which to stalk on. No harm doing some homework. Never know when you need a particular piece of information.

I stopped for a second. Needed to seat my ass. Walked up to the shadows of an abandoned and deteriorated home, settled myself down on the dusty steps of what was its side entrance and took out a smoke. The night had grown cooler. I hadn't noticed.

Drags deep and crisp.
I can never have enough smokes. I looked lovingly at my companion in solitude. I can never have enough smokes.

My romantic musings with the inanimate narcotic were interrupted by a sound of footsteps. Small steps. Quick. The kind that made you think of short people. I had seen other pedestrians like myself earlier and paid no attention to them. This one was walking in the opposite direction. And this one though, would not be ignored. This one was a girl.

I cupped my cigarette in my hands to hide its flame. No mark would stop me from smoking though. Slower drags now. Don't think she could see me. Not where I was. Which was good. I focused on the girl. Small. Got that one right. Had about six maybe seven inches on her. Six inches. Ha fucking ha. Brunette. Nice. She had covered herself up the way girls insecure about their bodies do; Loose clothing and odd combinations. Not that I gave a shit. Petite. This one would do fine.
The little guy indicated his assent with an extended nudge.

She walked up the road and was out of my sight. I thought I'd give her about a minute. 60 seconds later I'm out of there. Fresh smoke in my hand and a stride a predator would envy. I walked quick and light. No coins, keys or zippers to give me away. I crossed my fingers against the minute probability of a car passing by just now.. All I needed was another two minutes.

I was almost on top of her when she felt that intuitive little prick you get when you know someone is staring at you. She jerked around and her eyes widened at the sight of me. She wasn't the prettiest piece in the lot, but I was too far passed at that point to care. Blood was coursing and I was starting to bake.

"Hey bitch, what's up?" and a tight fist to her face before she could turn her head back around. Half a scream and uunnhhh was what she said as she toppled to the ground. Both hands on the side of her face and her body curling into a ball. This bitch had no idea what was going on. With a kick, I rolled her off the road, into the mess of earth and bush. I could head a faint crying noise from her.

"Whyja .. why .. What you gonna .. "

I love interesting conversation. Tossed my smoke and light up a new one.

She had on a long denim skirt. Yeah. Seriously. I got on my knees and pulled the bitch closer. She tried to get her hands in the way, like she was trying to push me off. Meek bitch. Hands free smoking now; I grabbed her face in one hand and threw in a fist with the other. Crying. And more from the pain I'd think.

Over turned her fine skirt to see a white undy with colourful dots. Cute. Pulled them down to see a recently trimmed bush. This girl was growing on me already.

"Unnnhhh .. Ssssthaap .. Please, Ssssthaaaaap. ". She was even breathing shallow. Trembling a little.

Sure. Just a minute. I pushed my jeans down as far as they would go, and liberated Mini Me from my Jockey. Fucker looked a little.. Knotted. A pat, a once over and he was ready to go. I pulled her up to doggy and grabbed her arms so I could hold them together. Immobilize her a bit. A brief knock on her doors and I gained admission.

Dry. I tried not to take it personally. Still, nothing a wad of saliva couldn't remedy.

The bitch was good. I pushed myself deep to savour her warmth. Deep, deep drag.
Drop away the smoke.
One hand on the small of her back and we begin.

Nothing like snatched snatch. Har de Har. My rhythm builds up inexorably as my breathing begins to catch up. Bitch was saying something. Trying to pull away. Fuck. I'm nearly over bitch. Chill it. Don't wanna stop and give you another one. Did a car just pass by? Dunno .. Don't care..

Crying, saliva and high pitched squeaking. Ho, imma fuck you up.
She's trying to get free. Trying being the keyword. All you have to do is Get up, Hit me and Run, bitch. I've got my eyes shut for gods sake.

Nearly there.. Nearly there.. Here. Slow down as the reservoir empties and stop as the little guy limps out.
"You did good" and a slap on her ass.
Light another and pull on my pants.
Pick up the dead butt fling it away.
Fist to her face to give me some time.
Get away smoking.

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2011-10-07 02:39:16
Not bad,could use some work. Needs more on the action in the rape, what is he feeling, what is she feeling. Some more abuse and rougher treatment of the little bitch would be better. poping her in the ass hole and then making her clean him off would be good. She also needed to be gagged and tied tightly while he was fucking her, he also should have burnt her tits and nipples or her ass with his cigarettes while he was using her. Also that abandoned home may have been a better place to drage the slut and use her for a longer time and hurt her more. The more and the longer you can prolong the sluts pain and suffering the better your storie and the hotter the fucking. Your rapest could also cary a backpack with gear he could use on his girls while he is raping them, pliers, clamps, small propane torch, almost anything his heart desires to keep his girls happy and entertained.

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2010-08-13 15:52:28
This wouldn't give a hard on to a virgin teenage boy in prison.

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2010-08-13 00:48:14

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2010-08-11 20:58:17
maybe the lamest story ever. congrats on your fail.

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