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I get drunk for the first time an d decide to prove a rumor about a big cock
So, this summer was the first time I ever got drunk and high, both together and separately. It's going to sound super-ridiculous, but this is written from my perspective of the first night where I was both drunk and high on pot for the first time.

I didn't remember much of anything the next day other than screaming a bunch, but later, the night after, I had my first ever wet-dream in which I think I recall what happened to me. Surprisingly, the screaming and event in question aren't related though they should be....

So in the middle of summer, I go to a party at my friend Enzo's house. I had been drinking a lot already because it was my senior year, but I hadn't ever done pot. So as the night carries on, Enzo talks me into trying some, along with all our other buddies.

I take about three puffs and already I start tripping. Not only did I drink before-hand, but it turns out I;m the kind of toker that gets super-paranoid about everything. So I'm pretty much flipping out and screaming a bunch. That explains the first mystery of the night. I was screaming because I am a paranoid druggie ;).

But the other half is even sweeter.

Around our group of friends, Enzo is the kind of guy that always talks about the size of his penis. One time he said that it was 5 inches already flaccid. Another time, he would say that the weight of his dick is what kills the gas mileage in his car. Anyways, no one really ever takes heed his self-observation about his dick. But it was something that was definitely on my mind when I was high.

Enzo is a soccer player. Nicely built and under 6 foot, I would totally fuck him. Apparently, that was obvious to him and all the other people at the party because' as I've been told, I was trying to suck his dick the whole night. I would get the chance once all the other people left that night. Like a good host, Enzo made me stay since I was the only one that didn't have a girlfriend to take me home. From this point on, I'll stop narrating and start telling the story as I dreamed it.

Drunkenly, I begged Enzo to take me to the bathroom. I took a wobbly piss and tried to wash my hands. I kept falling so Enzo grabbed me and helped me from behind, taking each one of my arms into his hands. That really turned me on and I started to move back into his chest.

"Enzo, fuck me"

"Alright, you are really fucking wasted. Come on."

I turned myself around, falling on my knees and grabbing his at the waste. "No, no seriously. Fuck me with your penis. I just want to feel it." My hand tried to grab his crotch but he snagged it away.

"Come on Scott, I got a sleeping bag set up for you"

I obediently led the way to his room, Enzo steering me down the hall to his room the whole way. I crashed on his floor and Enzo dropped his pants and got into his bed.

"Now if you gotta throw up just tell me."

"Okay, Enzo." I laughed. Being drunk and high is interesting...

"Good night dude. Don't piss all over my floor."

"Enzo, do you really have a big dick?"

"I still love you even if you are gay, just go to bed"

"No seriously, is it really big because, oh, just fuck me."

"Do you really want me to?"

I perked up jumped into his bed. "Yes, I want to feel you inside of me."

"Okay, I'm not going to let you fuck me though. And you gotta get me hard."

There was not a moment wasted before I was sucking on his dick. It really was about 5 inches flaccid, maybe no a full 5, but impressive none-the-less. Soon I just yanked off his boxers and shirt and really started to blow him hard. He even started to moan a little.

When he was really hard, or at least what I felt was sufficient, I popped off of his dick and said "Okay, now fuck me."

"Alright, hold up." Enzo left me on the bed and went down the hall. He came back with a dildo and a tube of KY. He proceeded to make me completely naked and pulled my ass to the edge of the bed. I just lay back, waiting.

First, Enzo covered the dildo with KY, then proceeded to massage it into my ass. Once he got it in, he went to work. It was one of the vibrator ones and felt so good up my hole. The KY gel was almost like a spice in my ass. It had a bite that cruised between pain and ecstasy. I was shouting out. But he was spending too much time on the dildo.

"Come on, fuck me already"

"Shit, I am fool." Enzo was trying to dupe me. He thought I was so far gone that he could use a dildo without me knowing, but I was driven to get the real sex.

"Liar, stop with the dildo just fuck me." I picked up my head and stared at Enzo and his muscular bronze, Italian frame, naked at the edge of the bed, holding the vibrator in my ass. His dick was still semi-hard. I pulled the dildo out of my ass and sat up on the edge of the bed.

"Please, I really want you to put your dick inside of me."

Enzo just stared down at me, almost with a look of shock. I started to suck his dick again, this time sure that it was hard. He probably had 9 inches, girthy too. It looked amazing and sweet. I took the KY bottle and rubbed it all over his dick. Then I fell back into his sheets. Enzo seemed overcome and pulled up to my stretched out hole. The dildo played good role but I wanted foreplay to be done with.

First, the head started to make its way in. He didn't force at first, but just let the thick head sit pressed against the passageway of my ass. I edged myself closer,building up the pressure. Enzo woke up and grabbed my knees. He stared down for a moment and didn't really move. Then he started to thrust.

First the head popped in and I felt the full inch of girth in my ass. It was pain and pleasure. Then he added more. Eventually the whole 9 inches up to his ball-sack shot right up to my sphincter, shooting pain and pleasure through my body. He kept pounding in and out of my ass for all of a time that I can't remember. It seemed like forever. He would keep shoving in and pulling out in a hard rhythm. Then at some obscure moment he came and shot what felt like a boatload of cum into my ass. His dick was so huge that I guess the off-the-cuff rumors and comments about his dick were true. It was big; really fucking big, and it was fucking me 100%.

Enzo pulled out and left the room. I heard the bathroom sink come on. After that I passed out again in my dream. When I had physically woken up the next day after the party, I had my clothes on and was sleeping next to Enzo in his bed, not on the floor.

When I had the dream the night after, I could only hope that this was actually real. It was so massive and felt so painful, in a good way.

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second. write more please.. i want a series

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first. Alright Story

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