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She screwed up, wants her friend back, but he's got something better in mind....
(Names changed to protect identities)

Maryssa and Bill have been friends for nearly 2 years, during those 2 years, Maryssa told Bill "Bill, I know this may sound odd coming from me, but we have been through a lot as friends, what I'm trying to say is, I am starting to consider you as my older brother." "Why would that sound odd, I have always looked at you as a sister" Bill replied. You may think that during those 2 years Maryssa and Bill have known each other were perfect, well your very wrong. Maryssa is the kind of person that lives on the "edge" but Bill never liked how she was acting around him and her attitude. He's tried several occasions to get her to slow her down so she wouldn't hurt herself or do something she'll later regret.

She never listened to him, she kept going about her thing on a daily basis. Bill let it go for a while seeing she wasn't doing anything too risky to get herself in a tight corner. That is, until she started getting involved with drugs, and sex. In the beginning, Bill thought that if he got to convince her about the risks of the bad side of sex, she may just stop in her tracks, but boy was he wrong.

The very first incident that happened between Bill and Maryssa was in an e-mail chat they were having. At times, Bill jerked-off to sex fantasies of him fucking Maryssa hard, and times where she would sucks his cock in public places. He never told her cause he feared it would mess their relationship up. During the chat they were having Bill started to get an urge to ask Maryssa to have cyber sex with him, but he knew deep inside she wouldn't do it with him. Instead of immediately starting it off with her, he slowly slipped it in their conversation. "Maryssa, do you believe in incest?" Bill asked, "What's incest?" Maryssa answered with another question, "Incest..incest is when a brother and sister have sex" Bill nervously answered. "Ook, why did you bring that up??" Maryssa asked, "Don't think of me any different, but I wanted to try that with you."

"WTF, I hope you're kidding" Maryssa said in a semi-angry voice. Bill didn't know what to do, so he left that topic alone and after a half hour of boring chat, Bill started slipping sex into their conversation again. "Maryssa, have you ever sucked a guys.....well, dick?" Bill asked, "No, some guys have asked me to suck theirs but I never gave in" Maryssa answered. "Want to try to with me?" Bill asked Maryssa, "But that would be incest if I sucked your dick" Maryssa said. "It's only incest if I were to put my dick inside...your p-pussy" Bill nervously said. Bill didn't care if it was "considered" incest, he just wanted to have sex with her badly. "It's not like I am going to put it inside you and cu-cum" Bill said, "Yea, but it just wouldn't feel right."

After 20 minutes of talking about it, Bill asked "So your saying if I were to jam my dick into your p-pussy and came inside you, that would be incest?", "I don't know!!" Maryssa said as she started to sound a little angry. To get things started, Bill said "Allow me to show you what I mean." Bill then jammed his dick into Maryssa's virtual pussy, Maryssa typed "Ow, that kinda hurt" but on the other end of the computer, she was enjoying the feeling Bill's dick inside her pussy - virtually that is.

"It's starting to feel a bit better" Maryssa shyly said. "Should I start pushing my dick in and out of you?" Bill nervously but readily asked, Maryssa virtually winced at Bill which told him to keep fucking her. He began to push his dick in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out repeatedly, Maryssa playfully slapped him motioning him to go a bit faster, and that is what he start doing. On his end of the computer, Bill was really enjoying the feeling of having sex with his "sister" online, but after 20 minutes of doing it, Maryssa slowly stopped replying and Bill was getting tired of stroking his dick. After 5 minutes of waiting for her to reply, he gave up and e-mailed her saying "Sorry but, I'm getting impatient, I'm going to bed, night." Bill got up from his chair in a sad way and laid down until he finally fell asleep.

A year later, Maryssa and Bill were talking in text messages and she randomly told him she sorta didn't like the taste of "white stuff." When Bill read that, it set him off, and he began to cuss the hell out of Maryssa, telling her she shouldn't have told him that and how badly she pissed him off, she said it was no big deal that she only gave him a blowjob and nothing else, but anger stepped in front of his loving emotions that he always had towards Maryssa since the day they met 2 years ago, but those memories were long gone in his life considering how pissed off he was towards Maryssa.

He told her to fuck off, and he immediately stopped replying to her text messages. After 2 days of not talking, Maryssa texted Bill saying how sorry she was, but he wasn't budging, seeing it was text messaging, she didn't know his true emotions.

Bill said "You want me back as a friend?" "Yea" Maryssa answered. "Give me a detailed blowjob, and you can!" Bill said angrily. "Fine!" Maryssa angrily agreed. "I want this blowjob to be public since you were able to give those 2 other guys public blowjobs," Bill continued "it shouldn't be hard for you to do it to me." Bill finished. "Fine, where do you wanna do this?" Maryssa asked. "At the mall in 10 minutes. Meet me in front of Barnes & Nobles" Bill negotiated.

14 Minutes later, Bill drove up in fron of the book store and saw Maryssa waiting, she was wearing tight, navy blue jeans, black UGG boots that most rich people wear (mainly the women), a purple matching top, and golden round earings. She saw Bill coming and stood up and said "Can we just get this over with!" Maryssa said in an angry voice. Bill complied but added "You will suck my dick, if you start resisting, I will jam my cock into that pussy right here, I don't care if people take pictures and post them everywhere!!" That made Maryssa's eyes shoot wide open and immdediately agreed.

Without hesitation or instruction, Maryssa got onto her knees and began unzipping Bill's Dickies shorts, pulling them off his body along with his boxers, exposing his semi-erect 6 inch cock in public, right in front of her face. The size of his cock shocked Maryssa, but she didn't care, she just wanted this to end, but it wasn't until she gave Bill what he wanted. Maryssa grabbed Bill's dick into her hands and began slowly stroking his dick up and down and up and down and up and down, that caused Bill to moan silently, hearing that and people walking by watching her stroke him, Maryssa opened her mouth and leaned in sliding Bill's meat inside her mouth.

The feeling of her warm wet mouth sent Bill over the edge, and caused him to grunt in pleasure. At first Maryssa didn't like what she was doing cause people were watching inside and outside the store as she sucked his cock up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down several times. She knew using her tongue would put him in pure ecstacy, so that's what she did. While bobbing her head up and down his cock, she started running her tongue deeply into his dick causing him to want to cum right there. He thought to himself 'Screw this, I'm gonna fuck this sexy ass girl.' With that, he pulled Maryssa up and told her to take her clothes off, she did as she was told and stripped out of her clothes exposing her very sexy body to the public and Bill, she had pale skin, blue-ish green eyes, dark brown hair, with a very smooth skin that you would die over when hugging or holding her, B-cup breasts, shaved pussy, and to top it off a not to small and not to bed but just the right sized ass.

Bill sat down and pulled her onto his lap and jammed his cock deep inside her pussy, what he didn't know, was that she was still a virgin...or well not anymore. She ignored the pain seeing she knew he wasn't going to hold back the fucking she was going to recieve. Bill began to thrust his cock into her pussy, grunting in so much pleasure as well as hearing her moan and scream "I'm CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG, UHHH UH UH UH UHHH!!!!" At the same time, Bill and Maryssa came at the same time. Deep inside her, she feared of getting pregnant but she didn't care cause she just had her virginity taken.

They both thought 'What's next?????'

To Be Continued!

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