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I always loved the way you smell
in different places I can tell
relating to your body heat
clothe or naked to your feet

I always love the way you taste
when sucking your pussy's swell
a sweetness of mixed up juice
of golden waters and slimy ooze

Trust me to suck you hard
gliding my mouth over your clit
you thrust forward your mount of heap
I stick in my tongue really deep

You shudder in pure might
screaming out in sheer delight
creaming my face as you go
making a shine all wet and glow

Returning the favour you grab my cock
sucking with lips designed to rock
pulling hard at every turn
to extract cum for savouring yearn

I shoot a force of thikened cream
down your throat in magic stream
your mouth now a tightend grip
on my shaft to prevent a slip

Slowly cleaning up my cum
you swallow all with a yum
lovingly you beg to ask
am I next going to fuck your ass.

Oh Yes....

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