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She contacted me on the internet. She had this fantasy about fucking in her office...
I logged in to my account. I had a flirt. I didn't get overly excited. Usually flirts were just that but not wanting to miss an opportunity I checked you out.

Your handle was officefuck69. This intrigued me. I checked the rest of your profile and thought you were worth sending a message to.


Thanks for the flirt. I checked out your profile and you have my attention. What exactly are you looking for? Tell me a bit about yourself and feel free to ask me anything. I will answer any and all questions.'


I checked out a few web cams, read a few articles and was about to log off when I saw that I had a message.

'I'm looking for some daytime fun. I'm 37, married and a bit of an exhibitionist. I was drawn to your profile because of the picture of you pulling your nipples. That's hot! I'd like to meet for coffee and talk.'

"Today may be better than I thought." I thought.

'Daytimes are good for me. Thanks for your comments on my picture. I LOVE having my nipples played with - HARD. I'd love to meet for coffee. When and where?'


I killed time playing a game; occasionally checking to see is you'd returned me message. Finally it came.

'10:00 today. Meet me at the Starbucks at 5th and Morrison.'

"Today!! Holy shit! This might turn into a GREAT day"

I showered, dressed and drove downtown. I was walking to Starbucks when a horrible thought came over me. I had neglected to get your name, phone number or even a picture of you and the only picture of me you had seen was my nipples. I thought about it. Should I go home and send you a message? No. You'll be at Starbucks in 5 minutes. Maybe YOU realize the same things I do and you're sending ME a message. Before I had made a decision I was at Starbucks. I went in, got a coffee and sat down all the while thinking about my predicament.

"This is going to be a HUGE waste of time. I don't know what she looks like. She doesn't know what I look like. Why am I even wasting my time here? I'm so..."


I looked up at an attractive brunette standing at my table. I was in shock.

"Uh... yeah." I stammered, stunned that you had picked me out.

"I'm Candace."

"Nice to meet you, Candace. I'm Roland. People call me Rolly. Won't you sit down?"

You complied and I got a good look at you. You were about 5'2" I guessed and were wearing a pant suit that still showed off your figure. You looked like you had a pretty slim body with larger than average tits, but your biggest asset was your eyes. They had this sparkle about them that just can't be put into words. It was almost breathtaking.

"I'm glad you sent me the flirt this morning. You're a very attractive woman. How ever did you know it was me sitting here? We’d never exchanged pictures or anything."

"I don’t know. I just knew it was you. Thanks for the compliment. I don't have long until my next meeting so I'll get right to the point."

Directness, this is a trait I don't see in many women. I was impressed.

"I've had a fantasy about having sex in my office. I've talked about this with a few men over the last 3 years and none of them have wanted to be involved. That's why I went on online. I thought I'd be able to find some more adventurous people there."

Again I was stunned. This was pretty wild.

"You mean after work when most people have left, right?"

"No. I mean during the day when anyone could potentially walk in on us. I told you I was a bit of an exhibitionist."

I smiled.

"What? Why are you smiling?"

"I really get off on the risk of being caught."

You smiled.

"So you're INTO it?"

"Damn straight. Let's go."

"Here's my business card. Call my assistant and make an appointment."

"Make an appointment? That's kind of kinky." I chuckled.

"I'm so wet right now. I have to go. Call and make an appointment."

"I will. For sure."

We both rose and I went to kiss you, but you pulled away.

"Not yet."

We shook hands and parted.

I walked back to my car and as I walked I looked at your card. Corporate attorney. Again I was impressed.

After I got home did a few things and then called your office.

"Candace Withers' office."

"Uh yes. My names Roland Masters and I would like to make an appointment with Ms Withers."

"Yes sir. And what will this be regarding?"

Oh shit! I hadn't thought about this. What should I say? Suddenly I had it.

"Regarding my corporation."

I had skirted the issue.

"Exactly WHAT about your corporation, sir?"

"Uh... we're looking for a new corporate attorney."

"Yes sir. Ms Withers has time a week from Tuesday at 10:45."

"Nothing before then?"

"Sorry sir. She's booked solid."

I was disappointed but figured it best to take what I could get.

"That will be fine."

"Thank you, sir. What's your corporation' name?"

Damn! Another thing I had not planned out.

"Uh... McDonald's."


"You mean McDonald's RESTAURANT?" the assistant said in a shocked voice. I realized that that was not the most plausible choice.

"No. McDonald's Lumber."

"Oh. Okay. And I'll also need a phone number."

I gave her my cell number and hung up. I was sweating. That was harder than I thought it would be.

I went about my day trying not to focus on a week from Tuesday. That was 12 days from now. This waiting was going to be painful.

At 4:30 my phone rang.


"Hello. This is Markie Rogers, Candace Withers' assistant."

I was heartbroken. She's calling to cancel the appointment.

"Hello Ms. Rogers. What can I do for you?"

"Ms. Withers has had a cancellation for tomorrow. You sounded like it was important for you to see Ms. Withers. Can you fit 10:30 into your schedule?"

"Yes that will be great. Thank you."

My heart resumed its normal rhythm.

I was amazed I was able to sleep that night, but I did. When morning came I got ready, had breakfast and went downtown. I arrived and waited in the lobby until I was called into your office.

I walked in the door and saw you smiling at me.

"Good morning Mr. Masters. It's nice to meet you. Please be seated."

"Would you like some coffee, sir." Markie asked.

"No thank you. I'm fine."

Markie left and closed the door. You weren't smiling.

"Why did you make an appointment for 15 minutes? What the fuck can we do in 15 minutes?"

"15 minutes? I never said 15 minutes. I made an appointment for next Tuesday and then Markie called and said you had a cancellation and she slotted me in. I'm sorry."

"Easy. I'm kidding. We've got an hour. Markie told me about your phone call yesterday. McDonald's?"

We both had a good laugh about my inept call.

When we were done laughing you rose and moved over to me. We kissed. Life was good. Your tongue pushed my lips out of the way and invaded my mouth. We kissed hard; our tongues roaming, searching for a target but not knowing what. My hands were all over your body, spending considerable time on your ample breasts. I had undone your blazer and blouse. I pulled away from your mouth and moved down to your chest. Your bra fastened in the front so that made it easier. I undid the clasp and let your melons free. I was aghast. They were easily a DD cup but they didn't sag a bit. They were perfect.

I feasted on you and you moaned softly. We moved back to your chair and I sat you down still devouring your nipples. Your blazer and blouse still hung from your shoulders. As I ate your nipples I reached down to unfasten your pants. I reached behind you and slowly pulled them over your shapely ass. You lifted up to help me. I pulled them all the way off and kissed your stomach, slowly making my way lower.

Your intercom buzzed.

"Ms. Withers. You have Mark Waters from Johnson and Fife on line 2." Markie chirped.

I pulled away from you.

"Don't stop now!" you ordered. "Eat me."

I went back to work and you pressed the intercom button on your phone.

"Thank you, Markie."

You were on the phone for about 15 minutes while I ate your pussy. Sometimes you would cover the receiver while you took a few breaths to regain your composure. When the call was finished you grabbed me, pulled me up and kissed me deeply.

"That was the fucking hottest thing that's ever happened to me," you gasped.

We kissed some more. Again your intercom buzzed.

"Ms. Withers. We need to discuss your schedule for tomorrow. Can I com in?"

You were taken aback. I thought it was over and started to my feet.

"No. Get under my desk and eat me while I talk to Markie."

This was HOT. You threw your pants under the desk and I crawled in after them. You had a big oak desk and there was surprisingly more room under it than I thought there would be. You fastened your bra, buttoned your blouse and blazer, sat down and pushed your pussy towards me. I went to town.

I ate your pussy for all I was worth. Licking and sucking your lips. You have large pussy lips and sucking them was FUN. I sucked your clit as hard as I could. You were squirming here and there and sometimes would let out a small gasp.

Since your desk was so thick I couldn't hear Markie very well. She sounded muddled, like the teacher from the Charlie Brown cartoon shows. I could hear you pretty well. You were conducting your meeting while I ate your pussy. The conversation stopped.

"Yes." I heard you say.






Then you leaned down.

"Stay under there. Don't move. I'll be back in a minute."

Your pussy left me and I heard some rustling. A minute or so elapsed and then I saw your legs sit down and your pussy came home to me. It eased up to me face and I inhaled before diving back in.

Wait! This smells different. These are different pussy lips. I sat for a second pondering and then it came to me. This is MARKIE'S pussy.

'Oh well,' I thought and dove into the new pussy.

Markie groaned and squirmed and writhed around in the chair. I ate her as hard as I had eaten you. She began to gasp and moan and then it hit. Markie's orgasm. You had yet to have one, but Markie came quick and when she did a stream of liquid SHOT onto my face. I was shocked but not repulsed. Markie was a squirter. I continued to eat her and she shot me again. I stayed attached to her pussy until she pulled away from me.

No pussy replaced it so I stuck my head out from under the desk. I turned to me left and saw two naked women standing there smiling back at me. I crawled out and stood up. My knees resisted, but I made then do their work.

"What the fuck happened here?" I inquired.

"Markie decided to join us," you chuckled.

"No shit, Sherlock."

"She came in to do our meeting and then when we were done she turned to leave. When she got to the door she spun around and asked me if you were doing a good job of eating me. I said yes and then she asked a few more questions and threatened to expose us unless she could join us and that's where we are."

"How did you know I was under the desk eating Candace?" I asked Markie.

"I never saw you leave her office. You weren't here when I entered and this office smells like one huge pussy. It didn't take a rocket scientist."

We all laughed.

"Now - we're both naked and you're wearing all your clothes. They're wet, but you're still wearing them," you say.

Both women move towards me. I hadn't even looked at Markie's body until now. She was close to your height with slightly larger hips and smaller breasts; maybe a C-cup.

You two unbutton my shirt and attach pull it off.

"I met him on-line, Markie and his screen-name is twistmynipples so guess what he likes."

You each grab a nipple and twist it for all you're worth. Usually I like to start off easy, but I am so turned on that it felt good. You pinch, pull and twist my nipples for a while before you suck them into your mouths and nurse on me.

You keep sucking and playing with my nipples while Markie takes my pants off and engulfs my cock in her warm, wet mouth. I must be dead 'cuz only heaven would be THIS good.

Markie puts a condom on me, mounts my member and rides me like a pro. You pull yourself away from my nipples and sit on my face. You are both moaning as softly as you can, but it's still audible. Nobody seems to remember that we're in an office. There's a knock on the door. Everybody freezes. The handle rattles, but thankfully Markie had locked the door before she spun around to initiate things.

I have a chance to say something.

"Candace - turn around so you're facing Markie."

You do and sit back on my face. As I suck on your clit my nose is rammed in your pussy. This is a new sensation for you. Your hands have been manhandling my nipples since you sat back down but suddenly leave. I'm blind since you're pussy is in my face.

"Oh yes, Candace. Squeeze them."

Now I feel like I can see. You're playing with Markie's boobs.

"Do me, too, Markie. Yes. Harder. Come here."

Your position changes slightly. I still can't see anything but I know you and Markie are kissing.

You two continue to kiss while riding my face and cock. You start to gyrate with a purpose and Markie starts her moaning and groaning. I know what's happening. I'm very close too.

The orgasm hits all three of us near the same time, but Markie's goes on by far the longest (and wettest). We collapse together in a pile, kissing and stroking each other. After a few minutes, Markie begins to speak in a soft voice.

"I want $75000, 6 weeks holiday and sex at least twice per week."

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A bit lame,more detail please

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Actually a pretty played out scenario. You could have at least come up with a new twist.

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