I have to tell you a story of something that happened to me several years ago. When this happened I had been divorced for a couple of years and finally got a home of my own. Living with my mother at the age of 42 was very stressful to say the least. I have three children two boys and one girl. Since the divorce my daughter and I have gotten along very well and she has encouraged me to date but it has been difficult. She has a friend named Susan whom she has known for several years. They are both 16 and occasionally Susan hangs out with us when we have our visitations. Many times my daughter has stated that Susan thinks that I'm cool. It feels good to hear that because I like getting along with people especially teens. I guess since I'm a kid at heart it's good to know that I 'fit in' to the young crowd. This makes it easier on my daughter as well at least she doesn't have a dad that's a nerd.

As I've said, Susan comes with us from time to time and we all have fun together. I noticed however that Susan began watching me, you know staring at me while we're eating and at times watching my every move. I found out from my daughter that Susan got involved with some older boys that she met on the internet and went to thier house. She got into some pretty kinky sex acts and got into some big trouble with her parents over it. My daughter and I are very open about dicussing sex which I'm glad for. I was shocked to here that Susan got involved with something like that but I have to admit that I felt aroused somewhat at the thought of it. Susan is a fairly attractive girl a little overwieght but not to excess. At 16 she has very big breasts which bounce nicely when she walks or runs. Her lips are nice too and I have to admit I've thought about those lips wrapped around my cock but I brushed it off.

Well, I had settled into my new home and my daughter and Susan were spending the night. We were going fishing the next day so I thought it would be better to have them over instead of getting up early and picking them up. We spent the night watching movies and playing video games but the evening became strange as it went on. During our dinner I again noticed Susan watching me this time I caught her staring at my crouch. I was sitting in a way that my cock and balls were bulging through my pants and she was looking intently. She raised her eyes to mine and I smiled. She turned away quickly and I laughed inside. I dismissed it as a young girl's curiosity. However, while we where playing video games Susan came and sat next to me rather close. She was wearing a very low cut blouse that showed her cleavage quite well. I stared at those huge tits and was thinking how nice it would be to bury my face between them. I began to get a hard on and I guess it showed because Susan was staring at it. Now it was my turn to become embarrassed.

Bedtime finally arrived and I said my good night's to the girls and headed off to my room. I have a king size bed and it always feels lonely going to bed alone. I was thinking of Susan's tits and had a huge hard on but I was tired and decided to just go to sleep. Around 1am I was awakened to my dick being pulled out of my boxer shorts. I thought I was dreaming but I opened my eyes and there was Susan about to place her lips around my cock. She was dressed in a night shirt which had pulled up some and I saw she was wearing white panties which is a major turn on for me. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. My ex wife never liked oral sex so I haven't had a blow job for years and here was this 16 year old beauty going down on me. I thought I would die as she slowly moved her mouth up and down over it. I moaned and she was scared that she was going to be in trouble. I placed my hand on the back of her head and lowered her face back down to my dick. "Go ahead and keep going." I said. She smiled and went back to work..The sensation was marvelous and my excitement building.

I stopped her and pulled her to me. We embraced and I kissed her my tongue finding hers and I held her tighter. She was moaning and squirming in my arms, I reached up and grabbed hold of her tits. She through her head back and caught her breath. "I've been with boys she said but never with a man, teach me how to make love." she said. Not saying a word I lifted up her night shirt to expose those beautiful young tits of hers. I laid her down on the bed and began to suck on them. Her nipples hardened as I sucked on each one in turn and pinched the other with my fingers. She was moaning with excitment then I slipped my hand down to her panties. They were soaked by now and I rubbed her pussy through the material. She raised her hips and spread her legs to allow me entrance. I got up and kneeled beside her pulling off her panties. Her pussy was shaved! I have never eaten and shaved pussy before so with eager anticipation I dove right in. It was smooth as silk and as my tongue entered her love hole she went crazy! She grabbed my head and fucked my face moaning and screaming. "Yes, yes, yes I'm cummmming!!!" Her juices flowed from her pussy and I licked up every drop. She colapsed on the bed sweating but I wasn't done yet. I turned her over on her stomach and lifted her ass in the air that sweet ass of hers drove me over the edge. I slid my cock into that pussy oh the sensation of a young pussy once again! 'Fuck me please, oh....fuck me!' she kept saying over and over again. 'Your wish is my command.' I said and contiuned to pound away but her ass was inviting me. I have never done anal sex but considering the circumstances I figured why not. I pulled out of her pussy and slowly began entering her ass. She screamed, "Am I hurting you?" "No, I love it fuck me in the ass!" That was all the encouragement I needed. I went for broke and rammed in my cock to the hilt. "Oh, oh" she kept moaning over and over again. I couldn't take it anymore and let my load go in her ass.

When it was over we lay next to each other. I played with her tits and she played with my cock and balls. At one point she leaned over to look at it, studying it as though she wanted to take in all of it's features. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Yes," she said, "the boys I've been with always just wanted me to suck on it and never made me feel like I was important." "That's wrong of them Susan, yes a man wants to be satisfied but I found that it's more important to satisfy a woman. Did you like what I did with you?" "Yes very much but..." "But what Susan?" I asked. She looked and me and smiled. "When I did it with the boys, I really liked sucking on their cocks and having them cum in my mouth. I didn't at first but I like it now. Would you cum in my mouth? I want to taste an older man's cum." This was like a dream come true. I looked at her and said, "help yourself sweetie." She immediatly when down on my semi-hard dick which hardened immediatly. I gave her suggestions along the way as to how to use her tongue and to suck on the balls. She was a good student and did everything that I wanted her to do. As my climax approached I didn't say a word but I did push her head harder on to it so she had the whole thing in her mouth. I was suprised that she didn't gag but I didn't have time to think about it too much. I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

We lay there for a few minutes and finally I said to her, "Susan, I think that it's time for bed." "Ok, and thank you." she said in a perky little voice. She put back on her nightshirt and headed back to my daughter's room. Needless to say I slept very well that evening and the next day we went fishing with my daughter who was none the wiser. Being a heavy sleeper she didn't hear a thing. There's one thing for certain though, I won't be sharing this experience with her. Susan is older now and occassionally stops over my house for a quicky. She's engaged but has told me that even though she loves her new man, he doesn't satisfy her like I do. Well, what can I say? Experience pays off and at least once in a while now, I get to see a younger girl.


2010-09-05 07:35:48
ok there is a small amount of lube from having fucked a pussy. but it drieds away pretty damn swiftly. absorbed by the skin i figure. secondly. there Are girls out there who love it dry. don't knock it untill you meet them. thirdly ass to mouth is not really an uncommon occurance. i know alot of people who use it in a D/s relation. so once again shot.

lastly. Loved the story. hope to read more of it


2007-03-22 01:32:40
cock plz i lov it and im a guy


2006-12-12 11:41:51
good story,i agree,get daughter involved!8/10


2006-12-08 01:45:44
uhh...coolhand...if you bothered to check, you'd notice that Maverick is a chick...


2005-11-08 03:18:19
I think its better if a daughter and a dad dont fuck.. but thats just MY opinion... I never fucked MY dad.. and if my friends fucked my da-... they wouldnt want to fuck my dad... Good story, but they're right. It's more fun with an innocent little prize. *wink*

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