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What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!
Last weekend I was in Vegas with a friend of mine. We were both turning 40 and hadn’t seen each other for almost a decade. We had tons of fun together; gambling, drinking, going to shoes, but he had to go home early Sunday morning and I wasn't leaving until Sunday night so I had a day to kill. No problem. I went to the poker tables and played for a few hours. They have a massage service at the tables and I had got a massage the day before. Felt really good and as I was cashing in my chips (won about $100) I passed by the woman who had done me massage the day before.

"Hi, handsome." she said with a smile.

"Hi." I replied as I got my money.

I went into the mall area for a late lunch and a walk around. About an hour later I headed back to the tables. I still had 5 hours to kill and couldn't think of anything better
to do. When I got back to the poker area I again passed by the masseuse.

"Hi, good looking." Again with a smile.


"Do you want a massage?"

I had to wait a bit for a seat.

"Sure. That would be great."

I sat down with my chest against the pad she had against the seat back and she went to work on me. After a minute or two I could feel her breath on my neck as she kneaded my muscles.

"Does this feel good?"

"My nipples are hard." I replied jokingly.

She chuckled and I felt her hands trace their way down my back and massage my lats. Her hands snaked around my torso and I felt her strong digits on my hard nipples (they're
ALWAYS hard). As she massaged my nipples (which I LOVE) I was able to think of something to say.

"You didn't do anything like THIS yesterday."

"There's a LOT of things I didn't do yesterday."

Now my head was swimming. I didn't know what to do.

"Can you come over to my place tonight?" she whispered.

”My flight leaves in 5 hours." I replied.

She stopped the massage. I thought I had really wrecked things.

"Come with me." she ordered.

I followed her around the casino. We came to the washrooms and she told me to wait outside. A few seconds later she came back and dragged me into the women's restroom. She pushed me into a stall and closed the latch. Within milliseconds her lips were attached to mine and we kissed passionately forever. My hands were roaming her body and hers mine.

As we made out I heard women come into the room and leave. This was HOT. We could be caught any moment. They HAD to be able to see 2 sets of feet in the stall.

By now I had her shirt off and was feasting on her rock hard nipples. She was squeezing mine. She had figured out that this made my cock HARD. She sat down on the toilet and pulled my rigid cock out of my shorts. I watched her head bob back and forth on my rod as I played with my nipples. I am usually pretty loud when I fuck but I was trying to keep a handle on things. I know I let the odd moan escape my lungs but we had
not been caught yet.

She stopped sucking my dick and quickly took her pants off. She pulled her panties to one side.

"Fuck me. Fuck me NOW!" she hissed.

I was not feeling gentle so I rammed my cock into her wet pussy. She responded with a guttural moan/groan. As I was pounding my cock in and out of her cunt she rubbed her clit voraciously. With the danger and sheer erotic passion neither one us
lasted very long and we came together. When we came we were not able to keep a lid on things. Neither one of us screamed, but we were far from quiet.

As we recovered I asked her what had precipitated this attack.

"When I massaged you yesterday your back, neck and shoulders turned me on. I LOVE hard backs and yours is like a rock. You were all I thought about yesterday and when I
got home last night I masturbated for an hour thinking about you. When I saw you again today I couldn't let you go. When you left the first time I thought I had blown it, but
when I saw you again I KNEW I was going to fuck you - no matter what."

"Holy fuck. You have no idea how good that made me feel - what you just told me."

She looked down to see my dick getting hard again.

"You can go AGAIN?"

"What you just told me makes me feel more wanted than I've ever felt in my entire life. I have to have you again."

My lips attacked hers and our tongues danced. Before I knew what was happening my cock was pounding in and out of you. You were grunting with every thrust. The noise didn’t even register in my brain. We just fucked. I have no idea how long we were fucking for, but when you started to come I got scared. She were screaming and all I could do was hold my hand over her mouth to muffle the noise. After we finished and dressed we kissed for a few minutes and left. I wasn't thinking and I opened to stall door first and when I did I saw these 2 young women leaning up against the counter. I was honestly frightened. Their faces erupted in 2 sly smiles and one licked her lips. I smiled back and left the room.

My flight left on schedule but my mind stayed in the bathroom.

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2016-10-27 07:02:48
I live in Vegas, this just doesn't happen.

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SWsGQb Really enjoyed this blog. Really Great.

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2013-12-05 13:49:58
Liked this a lot, too short though for my liking, got me wet and tingly, but not off! Write longer stories your not too bad . Xx Luvsalik

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