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Note: This is a continuation of my stories I have been writing, go back and read the others.

I opened my eyes only to be blinded by the sun sparkling off the water. I got really confused as to where I was I shot upright. When I did this the little paddleboat toppled over sending me overboard. The water hit my face. It reminded me of the water from the water park, on that fateful day that I met Mark. Wait. Mark. Where was he? We fell asleep in this boat! I swam to the dock and climbed on. I looked up. There he was. My blonde babe. He was wearing swim trunks and was on his boat. The sun gleamed on his tan skin and defined his abs. Thank you god I whispered to myself.

I walked over to the boat. “Good morning sunshine” he said sarcastically. “Shut up” I said. He laughed. “What are you doing?”. “I am preparing the boat to go for a ride” he said. “Where are you going?” I asked. “WE are going to go to a remote little island I found in the middle of the lake”. He said. This sounded not only fun, but romantic. “You should go back to the house and grab your things, mine are already in the cabin in the boat.” The boat was large. It had a large cabin under it with a large deck. A few steps up were the controls and in front was a hot tub. What does this kids parents do? I asked myself.

When I got back and he untied the ropes, we were off. “How far away is it?” I asked. “About a day or so, don’t worry though, the ride will be worth it” he said with a smile. I got up and went on down to the cabin. It was amazing. There was oak everywhere with a large bed in the back, a large bathroom on the side, and a kitchenette on the side. There was a tv and sofa in the middle. I went and sat down on the couch and watched the tv. Why not take a little nap?

When I woke up the sun was setting. Shit! Had I really fallen asleep and stayed that way? I better go explain. When I walked up to the deck I looked around. The sky was beautiful. Orange and pink spun everywhere and the sun was resting behind two clouds. I walked up to the wheel only to find mark not there. I panicked. “MARK” I yelled. No answer. I tried again. No answer. I than calmed down when I realized that we were anchored. Phew. I ran around to the front and looked around. Mark was stepping into the hot tub. He was naked. I was as his beautiful butt lowered into the hot tub and his sausage dangled in between his legs. Damn. I stripped and then joined him. “Mark I am so sorry, I fell asleep and didn’t know how long I would be asleep.” “Jer, chill” he said. “Its ok babe, I wanted you to rest for the big night tonight.” He is so sweet, and Jer? I liked that.

We talked for awhile and then he scooted closer. The sun had set and it was now dark. The only light was that from the hot tub. He put his hand on my thigh and leaned in. We started to make out. But there was something different. There was a new passion in his kiss, a hunger. It turned me on. I responded to the best of my ability. He traveled up my thigh and grabbed my dick. He began to jack me off and I did the same to him. After a few minutes I began to breathe heavily. My balls began to tighten. He stopped and pulled away.

He got out and walked down the way and into the cabin. I collected my breath and followed. When I walked in he was on the bed. I walked over and he pulled me down. He kissed my whole body passionetly. He flipped me over and began to eat my ass. It was amazing. He kept going at it before spitting in my ass. Before I knew it, he shoved his dick inside me and began to pump. His hunger from before was being unleashed. I began to meet his thrusts and our thrusts both met at the right time. He kept pumping and pumping. HE began to grunt and breathe heavily. He tightened up. He thrust and pulled my ass to him and shot rope after rope of cum. What seemed like forever finally came to an end.

He flipped me back over and started to suck my dick. The cum drained out of my ass. When my dick was hard he positioned his ass over my dick and went down on it. He began to bounce up and down and I thrusted. He went harder and harder and I couldn’t take it anymore. I began to cum vigorously. He took it and kept going causing my orgasm to continue. When I was down he climbed off and went down on me, kissing me furiously. He continued kissing me and I kissed back. It started to turn into a wrestling match when he pinned me down and kissed me more. He took both are dicks and jerked them off together. “Fuck” I panted. “I want every last drop” he said. The hunger in him was unbelievable, it made me want him even more. I wanted more than I already have. I began to cum and shortly after he did. He fell on top of me and kissed me more. He kept going and going. He trailed down me and started to lick all the cum off of me. I couldn’t believe his passion. It was fucking hot. When he came back up and kissed me, he put cum I nmy mouth too. The mixture was delicious.

He fell off and we both panted. We crawled under the sheets and he cuddled me and kissed my neck. “Like I said earlier, I don’t think I will ever be done with you” he said. “Me fucking either. I love you” I said. “No, I love you.”

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2018-05-23 21:54:31
Just keep it cumming. Needs more chapters.

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2016-09-28 14:07:32
I loved the story and made it through all 3 be losing my load all over my chest

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2016-04-05 10:01:49
Yes!!Loved it


2013-07-19 00:49:54
I love it when a guy just rams you, like he's on a mission. That shows me that he likes to take control. And I love those type of boys. That's why I don't have sex with my Fuck-Buddy, "Danny," for days. He just won't fuck me as hard as when he's on a mission. (Which hurts us both when days go by without sex.) But when I want to have sex........Oh Lord! Does he go loco on me! And that's what I saw in some parts of this amazing story. Just thought I'd tell you people that. Maybe I should write about my next story (which is happening tommorrow) or make a video. Or both? Who knows! :)

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2012-05-15 02:59:04
Perfect!!!!! Loved it

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