Raped by a dog at 12. I liked it so I let a couple other dogs fuck me later in life.
My name is Luke. I am 27 years old, brown hair, athletic build. When I was 12 years old
I was raped by a neighborhood dog when I was home alone one afternoon. I had seen the
dog around so when I saw him come into our backyard I didn't think anything of it. The
dog laid down in the grass as I kept swimming around in our pool. After a while I got
out and walked naked toward my towel. The dog got up and walked over to me. He started to
lick water off my legs. It tickled so I laughed. The dog then stuck his snout in my
crotch which startled me and I dropped my towel. I bent down to get it and the dog knocked
me down to my hands and knees.

I laughed cause I thought he was playing. As I tried to get up he knocked me down again
and suddenly jumped up on my back. He gripped me by the stomach and started to hump
me. I felt something against my ass and realized the dog was trying to fuck me. I tried
to get away but the dog gripped me tighter and I suddenly screamed as I felt the dog
penetrate my asshole with his dick. He started to fuck me and though I was trying to
get away I suddenly realized I had popped a boner. It was actually starting to feel
good as the dog kept fucking me at an incredibly fast pace. My dick began to bob up and
down. As the dog kept fucking me I felt something hard against my asshole. As the dog
gripped me tighter I suddenly screamed in pain as I realized he had pushed his knot
inside my asshole. Without warning I suddenly came even though I had not even touched
myself. The dog then stopped humping and I felt his cum shooting inside me. After he
came inside me he pulled out of my ass about 10 minutes later and I came again as he did.
The dog then ran off.

I never told anyone about that incident. I became sexually active with girls soon after
that. I was a good-looking guy and didn't have a problem finding girlfriends that were
willing to fuck. I've probably fucked about 10 different girls over the years. When I
was 15 my then girlfriend Renee had a doberman pinscher that always seemed to be horny.
He had the bad habit of humping the leg of anyone around. Renee would scold him and put
him in a room. It reminded me of my experience at 12 years of age and would give me a
hard-on when he would hump my leg. Renee had to go out one day and told me she would
be back in about a half hour. She had put the dog in the room.

As soon as she left, for some reason I opened the door where the dobie was. He got
excited and started to hump my leg. I got a hard-on and decided I had time to let him
fuck me. Although I was raped before, I liked it and got horny. I quickly pulled down
my shorts and underwear and got on my hands and knees. The dobie quickly came around
behind me and mounted me. He gripped me by the stomach and started humping. I moved
around and he was able to penetrate my asshole. He fucked me hard and my hard-on was
throbbing. I felt his knot at the edge of my asshole and pulled forward. His cock
slipped out and I felt cum hit my legs. The dog gave my ass a few licks and quickly
mounted me again and drove his cock up my ass. He was fucking me hard and I came as
he was thrusting in and out of me. I felt him shooting cum inside me as his knot was
at the entrance to my asshole. I pulled forward and quickly got up. I grabbed my
shorts and underwear and left the room.

I went back to clean up the area and although the dog was trying to get me down again
I didn't let him, knowing that my girlfriend would be back soon. As I was waiting for
Renee to come back I began to wander if maybe she lets the dog fuck her and that is
why it is always so horny. She always laughed when the dog would hump someone's leg.
When Renee got back I kissed her hard on the mouth, pushed her down to the floor and
fucked her right there. I was so turned on by my earlier dog fuck that I pounded her
mercilessly but she just grunted and took everything I had to give.

My current girlfriend is Becka, a cute 21 year old blond, nice B cup tits, great legs,
and a nice firm little ass. I love fucking her and she even lets me fuck her sweet ass.
I also enjoy eating her out because her pussy is delicious and I love to make her cum
before fucking her. That way she is on fire by the time I drive my cock deep into her
ass or cunt.

I have recently seen a male dog in the neighborhood. It has a collar so I know it
belongs to someone but it is always walking around alone. He has come into my yard a
few times. I couldn't help but notice he was packing a nice cock and I got a hard-on
thinking about my prior 2 experiences with dogs. All my neighbors work and I am home
before any of them in the afternoons. I was wondering if I could get the dog to come
into my garage. One day after work I was out front and noticed the dog walking in the
area. I went inside the house and brought out a dog treat. I called to the dog when I
saw it near my yard and held up the treat. The dog came toward me. I had the garage
door open and retreated toward it with the dog following. When he followed me in I
gave him the dog treat and closed the door.

I was in shorts and quickly pulled them down and then my underwear. The dog looked at
me quizzically. I walked in front of him and he sniffed at my cock which was already
rock hard. He gave it a few licks and I almost came in his face. I turned around and
I felt his snout at my ass. He gave that a few licks as well. I looked back and saw
the tip of his cock was out of its sheath. That was my cue. I got on my hands and knees
hopin the dog would know what to do. He gave my ass a few more licks and then I felt
him jump up on me. I looked back and saw I was right. He had a cock at least 10 inches
long. Oh this should be fun.

He mounted me and started humping. My cock was painfully hard. As I felt the dog drive
his cock in my ass I shot a load. I was that excited. The dog began to fuck me hard
and fast and I backed in to him meeting his thrusts. As I felt his knot at the
entrance to my ass I pushed back to let him slip it in. He gripped me tighter and was
able to drive his knot in. I quickly pulled forward some and the knot slipped out. He
again gripped me tight and thrust forward hard getting his knot back in me. I pulled
forward again and the knot again slipped out. His cock also slipped out and I felt
some precum hit my legs. I wasn't done. I just wanted the fuck to last a long time.
Neither of the other 2 dogs that had fucked me had cocks this big. It felt so good
sliding deep up my ass.

The dog quickly mounted me again and drove his cock up my ass fucking me at a good
fast pace. I felt his knot again and when he drove it in me I moved forward just enough
to let it slip out. I kept this up for a couple of minutes and as the knot slipped in
and out of my ass I shot another load. As the dog gripped me tight again I let him
drive the knot in me and stayed put. I felt the knot growing as he fucked me hard. I
began to push back hard. Once the knot sealed my ass I felt the dog give a big lunge
forward and he started shooting his cum deep inside my ass. I kept humping back
against his cock as he was emptying his load into me. This lasted about 10 minutes
before I felt the knot shrink and the dog was able to pull out of me. I felt his
cum drip down my legs. The dog lapped it up and gave my ass a few licks which made me
cum once more. The dog backed off and was cleaning himself so I got up.

I opened the door and let him out. The dog walked out, stopped a moment, and looked
back at me. I gave him a smile letting him know that we could do this anytime he came
around and I was feeling horny for some dog cock up my ass.

Becka came over that night and I fucked her silly. I fucked her cunt, her ass, and
shot a load down her throat. She didn't know what had gotten into me but loved it all.
I also ate her pussy and made her cum about 5 times during our rampage.

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