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Three students face punishment for sexual conduct during school.
Larry Moen Curley

Head master Dumbledore stood in the center of his large oak paneled office and
looked very disappointedly at the three students that Hagrid had brought in to

"So," Dumbledore said to the huge man, "you caught the three of them at it

"Yes, Sir. Going at it like scalded monkeys they were. On the floor in young
Harry's room this time.”

The three kids looked down nervously at the floor as the two elders spoke about

"What... exactly did you see them doing?" the head master asked.

"Well, Sir. They had young Hermione on her hands and knees between the two
of them. Her skirt was pulled up on her back and her knickers were down at her
knees and both the boys' trousers and underpants were down as they knelt
before her and behind her. Young Harry here was balls deep in the girl's little
quim and she was sucking master Weasley's hardened tallywacker in her

"What did you do about it, Hagrid?"

"What COULD I do, Sir? I watched them for a time. They were paying me no
attention. Didn't even know that I had come in the room. The two lads had
their eyes closed tight and it seems as though they were REALLY enjoyin' the
pleasures of young Miss Granger's nubile body."

"Did they say anything?"

"Yes, Sir. Young Harry said... now let me remember the words.. 'Fuck, Ron! I'm
cumming in her!' and young Weasley moaned, 'I am too, Harry! Suck! Suck me
really hard, Hermione, and eat my sperms!'... Sir."

"Is that true, girl?" Dumbledore spoke to Hermione now. "Did you eat his sperm?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered in a quiet, embarrassed voice. "I ate his sperm as fast as
his hard tinkler fed it to me." She looked up at the head master now, a glint of a
tear in her eye. "I had to. Harry was cumming deep in my pussy and his spewing
hardness felt so good inside me that I was cumming too... for all I was worth."

Dumbledore held up his age-wrinkled hand. "Okay," he said calmly. "This isn't
the first time the three of you have been caught fornicating here at Hogwarts..."

"Please, Sir," Harry Potter said now. "Don't tell our parents."

"I'm not going to do that, young Potter," Dumbledore replied. "I'm going to handle
the discipline myself."

"Can you wait until Spring, Sir?" Hermione asked the old man.

And then Dumbledore got a strange, far-off look on his face as he began to reply
in a voice that was almost like singing, "Spring was never waiting for us, girl. It
ran one step ahead as we followed in the dance. Between the parted pages and
well pressed in love's hot, fevered iron like a striped pair of pants..."

Hagrid made a loud, throat clearing sound that stopped Dumbledore's half-
hearted warbling in mid note. "Sir? You're singing that God-awful park song

"Oh. Sorry, Hagrid. Where was I?"

"Here in your office, Sir. And you were about to deal discipline to these three."

"Yes. I remember," he said to the large man and then he looked at the three
young, teenagers and said, "Now then. I want you two boys to turn around and
unbuckle your belts and drop your pants and bend over. And Hermione... I want
you to turn and pull your panties down and hike up your lovely plaid skirt and
bend over too."

All three of the kids reluctantly did exactly as the head master instructed them.

"Hagrid?" Dumbledore called to him.

"Yes, Sir?"

"I want you to take your trousers down and get behind young Miss Granger here
and put your cock into her vagina fuck her hard, okay?"

"Fuck her, Sir?"

"Yes, Hagrid. You must hold her by her developing hips and fuck her hard and
cruel-like. We must punish her and teach her that sex isn't all just pleasure."

"Yes, Sir!" Hagrid replied, unfastening the rope that he wore for a belt and
letting his trousers fall to his feet. He was already hard from what he had seen
and from seeing young Hermione now, bent over with her hands on her knees
and her tender ass and wet pussy exposed to him. Hagrid's cock was a huge,
ten, thick inches and already oozing as he stepped behind her and worked it at
the slit of her sex opening.

"That's it. Shove it right in her hard, Hagrid!"

And he did and Hermione’s eyes went wide and she gasped loudly as the huge
man thrust himself fully up into her sexual passage.

"Fuck her now. Fuck her HARD, Hagrid!"

And Hagrid grasped the curves of her hips between his huge hands and began to
push and grunt and rut and thrust deep into the small girl, causing her to gasp
and grunt and pant and cry as he went deep into her and his loins slapped
loudly and painfully against her tender ass cheeks over and over again.

Dumbledore stepped to in front of her now and lifted the robes that he wore,
exposing the fact that his old, grizzled cock was standing erect and full and
dripping with his pre-cum. "Suck it, child," he said as he stroked her hair. "Suck
me like you did young Weasley."

Having no choice, Hermione took the old man's cock into her mouth and began
to lick and suck it, making it even harder and causing it to leak even more
acrid-tasting excited juices into her mouth.

"That's it, girl," the head master encouraged, "suck. Suck my cock... yes. You're
so good at it, little one. Suck and make me cum. Yes. Yes. Suck harder, child.
Use your tongue... right there... go deep... deeper."

Then old Dumbledore grasped the young girl's head with both his hands and
gasped, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your sweet mouth, girl! Eat it! Eat my
sperm for me!"

And Harry and Weasley could both see and hear their little, feminine friend
sucking and swallowing the head master's sexual deposit just as Hagrid called
out, "AAaaah I'm spunking into the young lass! Aaah! Ahh! That feels so good
in her tight, little quim!"

Once they had calmed, each man pulled back from the girl and Hagrid watched
as his creamy deposit appeared at her pussy opening and then dripped thickly
down her thighs and to the floor.

"Now," Dumbledore spoke as he stepped to his desk and picked up a cricket bat.
"It's time to punish you naughty boys."

Harry and Ron's hearts beat fast as the old man stepped behind them with the
bat. There was a loud crack sound as Dumbledore brought the huge paddle hard
against Harry's exposed cheeks. Then another crack as Weasley's cheeks were
hit. Then a loud slap as Harry took a second paddle whack and a third and then two
more hard whacks for Weasley.

"There," Dumbledore said, out of breath as he looked at the three sets of
reddened ass cheeks before him. "Go," he commanded them, "and sin no more!"

All three kids pulled up their respective pants and panties and now, rubbing
their asses behind them, they walked out of the head master's office and stopped
outside the door, looking at each other.

"What will we do now?" Weasley asked.

Harry smiled and suggested, "Let's go to Hermione's room and fuck."

"Okay," Hermione giggled and the three ran happily down the Hogwarts hall.


2012-06-19 10:30:45
Gave me a hard on just thinking of fucking Hermionie, but would have been better if D and H had fucked the boys asses.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-01 02:35:28
good story but should change the "eat my sperm" thing very juvenile

anonymous readerReport

2010-10-25 23:16:17
Eat my Sperm? ummm have you ever read an erotic story before?


2010-08-13 21:31:25
Nice mix of hilarity and perversity, excellent work. :)

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-13 10:25:25
nice. . Would have loved if dumby and hag had fun with all 3 asses. .

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