A FLASH OF MOM'S FLESH is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Sarah felt the urge to expose herself again. She was in the supermarket with Jimmy pushing the basket behind her. They were in the produce section, but Sarah wasn't looking at the fruits and vegetables. She touched an apple here, an orange there, but her mind wasn't on shopping. She wanted to lift her dress to her waist, show her shapely legs and ass. She began to blush softly, feeling her cunt respond to her wicked thoughts.

She glanced shyly over her shoulder at her son. Jimmy was about five feet from her, and obviously gazing at her ass. She had on a tight skirt, one that framed and held her compact ass nicely. She glanced down to see if he had a hard-on, but the basket concealed his lower body.

She looked around the produce department, and saw only an employee spraying some leafy vegetables at the far end, his back to them. Her eyes began to gleam, and a shy smile spread over her face.

She faced a potato bin, leaning over so the bottom of her dress lifted a few inches above her knees. She glanced at her son, who was watching her. With a quick movement, she jerked her dress to her waist, her tight panties exposed. She heard Jimmy gasp softly, and quickly pulled her panties into the split of her rounded ass, showing the creamy swells. She held her body over the potato bin for a long, breathless moment, her ass revealed, then stood up, smoothing her dress down, but leaving her panties tucked into the crack of her ass. Just as she got her dress down, a woman pushed her cart around the shelf and started toward the potatoes.

Jimmy laughed softly. "You almost got caught, Mom."

Giving the woman a quick look, her face flushed with shyness, Sarah quickly stuffed a few potatoes into a plastic bag, and moved out of the produce department and to the canned goods. She wanted to lift her dress again before they started for the check-out counters, but her nerve failed her. As she watched the items going through the computerized stand, she felt her son brush past her back, pause to push the cart to their car.

"Does that turn you on, Mom?" he asked as he placed the purchases into the trunk of the car.

"I think so," she said softly. "I get the urge to do that sometimes, and I have to do it. Yes, I guess I get turned on by it."

"Do it again," he suggested.

"Here? But, Jimmy... look at all the people."

"Aw, come on, Mom," he said, grinning, "Just raise your dress when you get in the car, all the way up."

Sarah gave her son a close look. "Would that excite you Jimmy?"

He nodded. "It would make my cock hard, Mom."

"It really would?" she asked. "You wouldn't be ashamed of me?"

"I'd be hot, not ashamed, Mom."

Sarah looked around, seeing men and women a few feet away teenagers getting in or out of cars, going to the supermarket, to the bank where she had first given in to the impulse to expose herself. Her son, she saw, had an expectant look on his face. A shiver of delight flowed through her, and although she began to blush, she opened the car door wide, and just before climbing in, yanked her skirt to her waist, then sat in the car and slammed the door fast. Jimmy, laughing in pleasure, moved around and climbed into the passenger side. Sarah sat behind the wheel, gripping it tightly, her skirt bunched about her waist, blushing furiously, but her eyes glittered with exhibitionistic pleasure, too.

"My mom, the flasher," Jimmy giggled, scooting close to her and running his hand up and down her smooth thigh.

"Well, did you like it?" she asked.

He nodded, taking her hand off the wheel and placing it on his lap, where she felt his cock swelling into hardness.

"I hope you were the only one looking," she said, squeezing his cock then starting the car.

"Liar," he giggled, sliding his palm between her legs and feeling her pantied cunt. "You wanted everyone to see you, Mom."

"Well... maybe," she laughed with him.

After unloading the car and putting the groceries in the kitchen Sarah was trembling, her panties drenched with juices. She watched her son, her eyes burning on the bulge of his cock inside his pants, and stripped her dress off swiftly. Jimmy stepped from his own clothing.

"You can't tell me that didn't make your cunt hot, Mom!" He laughed as she peeled her bikini panties off. "You're ready for my cock kinda fast."

Although she blushed, Sarah agreed with her son. "It made me very hot, baby. See..."

She spread her legs and peeled her pussy open.

"Pretty," Jimmy murmured, dropping to his knees and burying his face into his mother's cunt, kissing and licking.

"Ohhhh, baby!" she moaned, grinding at his face. "Let me, too. I want your cock in my mouth while you suck my cunt, Jimmy."

Pulling her pussy out of his face, she dropped to her knees, grabbing his throbbing hard-on and pumping it a few times, kissing at his mouth with hungry passion. Pulling him, she went to her back in the kitchen floor, moving around so he faced her feet.

Jimmy found himself on top of his naked mother, his face above her cunt, her legs flung wide. She ran her hands up her son's thighs to his naked ass, the cheeks, the head of dripping cock rubbing over her face. She gazed up with glazed eyes, seeing his balls, his cock, the crinkle of his young asshole. Her finger slipped into the crack of his ass, her mouth opening as his cock searched for it.

She gasped as his cock pushed down into her mouth, and she lifted her cunt to his face. She felt her son's hand holding her ass, his lips sucking as his tongue, plunged deeply into her pussy. She lifted her head, sucking up and down his cock, his balls brushing her nose and eyes.

Jimmy began to push and pull his cock, sliding it in and out of his mother's tight, wet mouth. Sarah whipped her crotch into his face, drawing her long legs up and back, arching high. His cock burned her lips, making them tingle, her tongue sliding along the shaft. She fingered the pucker of his asshole. She moaned about his hard prick, her eyes glassy, yet able to watch his asshole clench, crinkle, pucker. The feel of his hot balls bouncing up and down on her nose added to her excitement. She hunched her ass up and down, too, fucking at her son's sucking mouth and licking tongue. She squealed in muffled ecstasy when he squeezed the cheeks of her ass, pulling her cunt very tight into his mouth. His clasping lips sent tremors of rapture from her head to her toe.

Jimmy's cock felt harder, longer than before, filling her mouth almost to capacity. Jimmy was breathing hotly as he sucked and licked at his mother's juicy cunt, his breath fanning the tight crinkle of her asshole. Sarah whimpered softly and twisted her ass until she felt one of his fingers touch the tight pucker of her hole. With a throaty gasp, she began to rub at his asshole, and Jimmy responded by fucking into her mouth with more vigor, panting into her cunt as he licked and sucked with hunger. When and how it happened, Sarah could not say. She felt her son's finger moving into her asshole, and her clit seemed to blow apart as his lips sucked.

The orgasm surprised her with its swiftness. His finger was halfway inside her asshole, but she felt no pain. What she felt was a delicious sensation of fullness, of stretching. No one, not even herself, had pushed anything into her asshole until now. As she came against Jimmy's mouth, she pressed up as hard as she could into his face, and his finger slipped completely into her asshole. She felt it moving in and out, finger-fucking as if it was her cunt. She couldn't believe how good his finger felt inside her asshole. Her orgasm was more intense than ever, almost so hard and exquisite, it was unbearable.

Feverish and coming so beautifully, Sarah didn't think, but thrust one of her fingers into her son's asshole quickly. Jimmy gasped into her convulsing cunt, and rammed his cock down deeply into her mouth. Sarah almost choked as the swollen head of her son's cock slipped past her throat, his balls smashed on her nose. She began to slide her finger in and out of his asshole. Jimmy's cock jerked about inside her mouth, and then she felt him stabbing his finger in and out of her asshole, fucking it the way she was his. She sucked very hard on his cock, her son's tongue ramming in and out of her spasming cunt as he finger-fucked her asshole.

When Jimmy came, it was a wild, hot flood of come-juice. Spurt after hot, thick spurt ran into her throat. She gobbled with mindless greed, swallowing wetly, straining her cunt into his face, the friction of his plunging finger on the ring of her asshole making her come and come in a series of orgasms she didn't know she was capable of. Her mouth filled with her son's scalding juices, but now she could swallow it all, never, losing a precious drop.

As his cock softened in her mouth, she relaxed, letting her legs down but flung wide apart. She slowly pulled her finger out of his asshole, her arms spreading outward from her trembling body.

Although saying nothing, but giggling in a naughty, little-girl way, Sarah suddenly swung her legs over her son's face, turned toward his feet. She sat down, her son's face between the spreading cheeks of her ass.

"Kiss me right there, Jimmy," she breathed in wanton passion.

Jimmy couldn't answer her. His mouth was smashed against her asshole.

He caught her thighs with his hand, and began to kiss about her asshole, making Sarah squirm and twist, squealing in pleasure. Her cunt pushed at his chin, and when she felt his lips part, and his tongue probe her asshole, she gasped loudly. Her right hand shot down to his cock, pulling and stretching it. She bounced her ass into his face, his tongue lapping at the crinkle.

"Ahhh, Jimmy, baby!" she cried out, feeling his cock harden in her fist. "Ooooh, kiss my ass, Jimmy! Kiss my hot ass! Touch my asshole with your tongue... oh, yes, Jimmy! Lick my asshole!"

Jimmy's tongue lapped feverishly at his mother's asshole, his cock turning hard in her fist. He shoved the tip of his tongue against the crinkle, and Sarah pressed hard into his face. His tongue slipped up her asshole, making her cry out. She tried to hold her ass up so he could breathe, but her excitement made her sit down hard and tight.

"Ahhhhh, your tongue is up my asshole, Jimmy!" she whispered. "I can feel your tongue in my hot asshole!"

Jimmy clung to her thighs, working his tongue in and out of his mother's clasping asshole furiously, his cock straining in her jacking fist. Sarah leaned over and lapped the smooth head of his cock, taking it into her face.

With a cry, Sarah jerked her mouth off his cock, then her ass out of his face.

"In the ass!" she moaned, sliding down his body, the heat of her cunt and ass on his flesh. "I want to feel your cock up my ass, fucking my asshole!"

Jimmy lifted his head and watched his mother squatting over his cock, her back to him. Sarah held his cock at the base, rubbing the smooth head about her crinkled asshole, holding her breath. The touch of her son's cock there sent exquisite shivers through her. She placed the swollen head of his cock against the tight ring of her asshole, and slowly pushed down. She gritted her teeth as she felt the pressure against the tightness of her asshole, and increased her downward pushing. She closed her eyes and sat down, the head of her son's cock sliding up her asshole. She gasped at how her asshole stretched, feeling his cock pulsate so hard halfway inside her.

"Ohhh, Jimmy!"

She lunged down.

"Fuck me, Mom!"

"Ahhhh, baby!"

Sarah lifted her ass, and Jimmy watched his cock pull outward, seeing the ring of her asshole closed tightly about it. She lifted until the smooth head almost came out, and then rammed down onto his cock quickly. Squeals of surprised ecstasy boiled from her tight throat, and she began to bounce frantically at his cock, fucking him with her asshole. Her cunt dripped hot juices until his balls were smeared, drenched by them. Her asshole burned and spread and his cock filled her so good Sarah couldn't believe the sensations it gave her.

"Oh my God! I'm getting fucked up the ass," she whimpered. "I don't believe I'm doing this!"

"You're doing it Mom!" Jimmy groaned. "I can see my cock go right up your asshole! You're getting fucked in the ass, all right!"

Swinging her ass about, Sarah kept up a relentless up-and-down motion on his cock, fucking him in a sluttish way she didn't know was in her. The depths of his cock made her mind spin with erotic ecstasy.

"I'm getting ready to come!" she screamed out. "I can't believe this! Cock in my hot asshole... and it's going to make me come! Ohhhhhhh, Jimmy, this is wonderful, so wonderful!"

Leaning forward, Sarah braced herself with her hands near Jimmy's knees, and humped up and down, fucking on his cock in a frenzy. Jimmy stared at the way his mother's asshole flew up and down his cock. The hot tightness, the squeezing her asshole was making, caused him to grit his teeth and arch his hips upward.

Sarah cried out, the ecstasy of her son's cock inside her asshole making her shake, her ass gyrating lewdly. Her tight tits were bobbing, her nipples straining. She looked between her knees, but only saw the silky hairs of her cunt smashing at his balls. Her pussy was vibrating as if it had a cock inside it, too, and her asshole was burning with such sweet fire, her cunt felt as if it was going to burst.

"Jimmy, I'm about to come!"

"Me, too, Mom!" he groaned.

Sarah's ass seemed to move with a blur up and down, smacking in a fleshy sound each time she lunged onto his cock.

She lifted her head, a scream coming from her as her cunt exploded, making her asshole grip and squeeze Jimmy's cock.

"Mom, take it!" he yelled, spurting hot juices into her asshole.

Sarah screamed again, the spurts of her son's come-juice searing the sensitive, delicate walls of her asshole.

"Hey, anybody home!"

With a yelp, Sarah yanked her asshole off her son's still-gushing cock. Without saying anything, leaving her dress and panties on the floor near her naked son, she ran for the only place she could hide... out the back door.

"Hey, Jimmy..."

Keith stopped short.

Jimmy rolled onto his stomach quickly, sending a final gush of come-juice onto the kitchen floor, looking up at his cousin.

"Shit!" he said. "Don't you know how to knock, Keith?"

Keith grinned. "Hey, guy, what are you doing naked on the kitchen floor, jacking off?" Then he saw Sarah's discarded dress and panties.

"Oh, I get it," he pinned. "Getting some more of your mother's pussy, huh? Where did she go?"

"Get the fuck out of here!" Jimmy said.

"Hey, that's no way to talk." Keith grinned, sitting in a chair at the table. "Where did Aunt Sarah go?"

"Fuck you," Jimmy said.

Crouching naked outside the back door, Sarah heard them.

At first she was angry at her son for telling her nephew they were fucking, which was obvious from the way Keith was talking. She looked around the back yard, hoping no one could see her naked body, crouched with embarrassment near the door. There was no place she could hide, either, except go back into the house, and her nephew seemed to be making himself at home in the kitchen. She wished her son would at least get off the floor and take Keith into the living room so she could sneak back into the house and someway get to her bedroom, or her dress on, or something.

She had a hand cupped between her thighs and the other arm over her tits.

Her asshole still tingled as if Jimmy's cock was still inside it, and her inner ass cheeks were slippery with come-juice. It was fun to expose herself at the bank, then the supermarket, but something else entirely to be in her backyard naked, with the sun still shining brightly.

She could hear her nephew talking.

"I sure would like some of Aunt Sarah's pretty ass too, Jimmy," she heard her nephew say. "I've been seeing her cute ass for a long time, and other than my mother's ass it's the best one around. Tell me, Jimmy, is your mother a good piece of ass?"

"Keith," Jimmy said, "fuck you."

"Aw, come on Jimmy," Keith said. "We're buddies I don't blame you for getting some pussy, even if it is your mother's. But I want some of the action. What do you think people would say if they knew you were feeding your mom some hard cock, huh?"

"If you say anything Keith," Jimmy threatened. "I'll kick your ass."

Keith laughed. "You might just do that in a few more years. But I don't think you can do it right now."

"I can try," Jimmy answered.

"Hey, remember when Aunt Sarah pulled her dress up at the bank? Did she know we saw it, her cunt?"

"You know she did," Jimmy answered.

"Didn't she say anything about giving me some pussy, too?"

"No, she didn't."

Sarah began to shake. She didn't want to feel what was in her body, but she was getting excited again as she crouched and listened to her son and nephew. She tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck her nephew, with her son. She blushed. For a woman that didn't have much use for fucking a few weeks earlier, she was becoming very wanton, she thought. She peeked into the kitchen, out of sight. Her son was sitting on the floor, her dress pulled into his lap, and Keith was in a chair at the table. She glanced at her nephew's pants, but didn't see what she expected to see -- a hard-on.

She heard a door slam.

Frantically she looked over her shoulder across the low fence that separated her backyard from the other house. The woman that lived there was a gossip, and with a yelp, and not thinking about anything but getting out of the woman's view, Sarah jerked the kitchen door open and jumped into the room.

"Ah, there you are Aunt Sarah!" Keith grinned.

Sarah crouched shyly, trying to conceal her body with her hands and arms, doing a miserable job of it. She looked at her nephew with bright, embarrassed eyes.

Keith looked over Sarah's naked body, eyes bold and hot. No matter how she tried to cover herself, one tit was exposed and the soft hair of her cunt spread out around her cupping hand. Jimmy wasn't saying anything, but looking from his mother, to his cousin. He wasn't making any attempt to hide his body. Looking about frantically, Sarah saw her dress in her son's lap, and made a scramble for it. But Keith jerked it away from Jimmy before she could get her hands on it. For a moment, her tits were fully revealed, stiff and upright.

"Nice tits, Aunt Sarah," Keith observed a wide grin on his face.

Sarah covered them with her arm, knowing she should say something, even if in protest, but nothing would come from her throat. Her cunt was on fire, dripping juicily, and she felt as if she was about to come. Her body fully exhibited to her nephew, while her son looked on, was more exciting than lifting her dress at the bank or in the supermarket. Sarah felt as if she would come if she stood there much longer.

Fighting off her bashfulness, Sarah stood up, letting her arms hang at her sides. She tried, but failed, to look her nephew in the face, and turned her head away. She was so embarrassed, she could die, but her cunt was vibrating as if she was about to have a fantastic orgasm. She began to tremble, causing her tits to shiver in tightness. From the corner of her eye, she noticed her son's cock standing up in hardness from his lap, and then saw the bulge of her nephew's cock in his pants.

"All right," she whispered.

"All right?" Keith asked. "What does that mean, Aunt Sarah?"

"It means..." She couldn't tell him.

Jimmy had been watching her, and understood. He climbed to his feet, his cock pushing out with jerking hardness. Moving to his mother as his cousin watched, he stood at her side, taking her hand and placing it around his cock, then wrapped his arm about her waist, his hand moving up to cup one firm tit. "I think she means you can fuck her, Keith."

"Is that what you mean, Aunt Sarah?" Keith asked.

Sarah jerked her head up and down, still not looking at him, her face burning with shyness. She felt her son's cock throb in her fist, and she squeezed it, then began to pump.

"Ahhhh, that's nice," her nephew whispered, then she heard the sound of his zipper.

She wanted to look but felt too embarrassed. "Play with this one, too, Aunt Sarah."

She had not heard him move, but she felt her wrist in Keith's hand, then her fingers touched his cock. Without hesitation now, she gripped her nephew's cock and her son's cock, standing between them. A soft whimper came from her, and she began to jack them both, her cunt oozing sweet juices down the insides of her thighs.

"Pretty ass," her nephew said as his hand stroked the checks of her naked ass, squeezing them gently. "I was just telling Jimmy what a pretty ass you have, Aunt Sarah."

Jimmy placed his hand around his mother's on his cock to stop her pumping. He looked at her other hand still moving back and forth on his cousin's cock. Sarah gripped Jimmy's cock, wanting to pump it, but he refused to let her. She looked at him, her eyes pleading. Her other hand moved faster on Keith's prick, pushing her ass back at her nephew's squeezing hand.

"Jimmy... please!" she whimpered, flexing her fingers about her son's cock, making the head bulge.

"I just wanted to make sure, Mom," he said. "I wanted to make sure you wanted Keith here."

"I do," she said, her voice so low the words were hardly audible.

Keith was now fondling her tits with his other hand, lifting one to stuff her nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard. Sarah gasped with pleasure as he pulled her nipple deep, his hand sliding down her shaking stomach to the hair of her cunt. Now he was fondling her ass and sucking her tit, and his fingers moved through the silky hair of her pussy and between her thighs, pressing at the swollen lips and tight cunt. She spread her feet on the floor, her knees bending slightly as she began to sob with desire. She was once more jacking on her son's cock, and the feel of two very thick hard cocks in her hands was doing things to her emotions she would never have suspected in years. She wanted them both, plunging into her body, anywhere her son and nephew wanted to fuck her.

"I've got to have some," her nephew groaned. "Aunt Sarah, my cock is really hard for your ass."

Sarah wanted to cry with anticipation. Without giving it a thought, she moved forward pulling them along by the hard grip she had on each cock. She brought them to the kitchen table and only then did she turn them loose. She leaned over the kitchen table, smashing her tits against the top, her hands gripping the edge.

"Fuck me," she moaned in a soft but urgent voice. "Please, fuck me!"

"Who, Mom?"

"One of you... both of you!" she whimpered, her ass twisting wantonly.

The very thought of her son and nephew fucking her, taking turns ramming their cocks up her boiling cunt, sent a small, but exquisite orgasm rippling through her pussy. She mewled softly as the hairy lips of her cunt twitched in spasms, her clit pulsating. Neither one had touched her as she lay across the table, and she was coming, anticipating those two cocks taking turns with her cunt.

"I will, Aunt Sarah," she heard her nephew's husky voice.

Jimmy stepped to one side, watching as his cousin pushed his swollen cock to his mother's pooching cunt. His own prick was jerking up and down, dripping wetness.

Sarah held her breath when she felt her nephew rubbing the head of his cock up and down the slit of her cunt. She spread her feet on the floor, resisting the urge to shove her hands to her ass and open her cunt lewdly for him. She gripped the edge of the table when she felt the smooth head of Keith's cock pushing into her pussy. She held her breath, and when the swollen head penetrated her cunt, she let it out in a soft, low whooshing sound.

"Oh, my God!" she cried out as Keith's cock rammed all the way into her cunt. "Ahhh, God, Keith!"

Gripping Sarah's rounded hips, Keith lunged back and forth, making fleshy slaps against her naked ass. Sarah gasped loudly, gripping the edge of the table as her body jiggled on top of it from the pounding of her nephew's cock. The firm flesh of her pretty ass rippled from the rapid smacks of his cock darting up her cunt, and the lips of her pussy clung to the shaft of throbbing hardness tightly.

"Do you like it, Mom?" her son asked.

"God, yes!" she cried out, arching her ass to take her nephew's cock deeper. "Ohhh, yes, yes! I love it!"

With her passion taking control, Sarah shook her ass in a wanton manner, urging her nephew to thrust harder. "Faster, Keith! Ohhh, God, ram it in harder!"

Clinging to the edge of the table, Sarah lifted her head, her face showing the exquisite rapture she felt. Her tits rubbed against the top of the table, her nipples stiff but crushed inward, burning, feeling so good. Her clit ached with hardness, but the sensation was beautiful. She had the feeling she was about to come, yet it was taking its time. It was a fantastic feeling, but tormentingly so. She wanted to come, but she wanted that amazing feeling to linger as long as possible. She strained her ass back, crying out in ecstasy when her nephew rammed his cock very hard and deep into her cunt, his balls smacking at the bulge of her clit.

Jimmy, his eyes watching as his mother's asscheeks rippled from the pounding of his cousin's cock, moved around the table to his mother's head. Seeing her son's cock, Sarah let out a delighted squeal and released one hand from the table edge, and grasped her son's cock with it, jacking him in a furious manner.

"Ohhhh, Jimmy, you're so hard!" she sobbed. "So very hard! Nice cock, baby! Ahhhh, Keith, fuck me harder! Ram that cock in my cunt as hard as you can! Fuck me, damn you, fuck me!"

Keith was grunting with his efforts, clutching Sarah's ass at her hips, jerking her back as he plunged up her tightly gripping pussy. He stared at the way her naked ass rippled, then her fist pounding on Jimmy's cock swiftly, back and forth, as if not sure what excited him the most.

"Give it to me, Jimmy?" Sarah hissed, pulling at her son's cock, her glazed eyes watching his juices drip from his piss-hole. "I want your cock, too, Jimmy! I want both of them in me. I want two hard cocks in me at the, same time! I want to suck your cock, Jimmy!"

Jimmy stepped before his mother's face.

"Mmmmm, fucking and sucking," Sarah sobbed in a passion-thick voice. "Fuck my cunt, Keith, because I'm going to suck Jimmy's cock off? Fuck my pussy while Jimmy fucks my mouth!"

Jimmy cupped his mother's face, sliding his cock past her wet, hot lips and across her tongue.

Sarah whimpered as his cock burned her lips, the hot taste once more on her tongue. She turned loose of the table and wrapped her arms about her son's body, clutching the cheeks of his ass. His cock had just been up her asshole, but she didn't care. She wanted to suck it and swallow his sweet, thick come-juice as her nephew spurted his juices up her fiery and intensely hungry cunt. The sliding of her nephew's cock up her cunt and her son's into her mouth sent her into a trembling rapture that was even better than ever. Two cocks, two hard, very hot, delicious cocks fucking her mouth and cunt at the same time caused Sarah to believe she was experiencing the ultimate sexual thrill.

It delighted her the way her son ran his cock back and forth, deeply into her throat, his hot balls swinging against her chin. She clutched the cheeks of his ass tightly, as if afraid he would yank his cock from her mouth. The stabbing at each end of her body created the most fantastic, most beautiful, sensations ever.

Tears of rapture streamed from her eyes, her ass jerking about in a lewd motion to urge her nephew to greater efforts. Her lips clung to her son's hard cock as he fucked into her face. A muffled wail came out of her throat around her son's cock when her cunt exploded with rippling heat. The orgasm sent a sucking tightness about her cunt and around her nephew's cock. She strained her ass back at him as she came, and at the same time sucked as hard as she could on her son's thrusting prick, her fingers digging hard at the crack of Jimmy's jerking ass.

Her whole body was a mass of trembling ecstasy, as if she was coming hard from every pore of her flesh. Juices ran wetly down her inside thighs, all the way to her knees. The squishy sounds of Keith's cock still banging up her cunt mingled with the wet sucking sounds of her mouth on Jimmy's cock.

"Your pussy, Aunt Sarah!" Keith yelped. "Your fucking cunt is going oh... oh, shit, Aunt Sarah!"

Keith plunged his cock deep and hard, his balls smashed into her puffy cunt, throbbing and jerking powerfully. Sarah strained her cunt as hard and tight as she could against the base of her nephew's cock, still coming hotly and wetly. She heard him groan then felt the rapid squirts of his boiling juices spurting into her pussy. The sensation of her nephew coming in her cunt sent her orgasm into stronger, muscle straining contractions, and she sucked mindlessly on her son's stabbing cock.

"Mom, here it comes!" Jimmy yelped.

Sarah squeezed her son's naked ass hard in her hands, her tongue pushing the head of his cock to the roof of her mouth. The eruption of his bubbling, sweet come-juice sprayed the back of her throat, and she began to gulp it down as fast as she could.

With the taste of her son's come-juices spattering into her mouth, her nephew spewing hotly up her cunt, Sarah went through mind-boggling orgasms, one after the other, every muscle in her naked body taut and ready to snap. As her cunt filled, so did her mouth. She became weak, very weak, and her hands slipped off her son's ass, hanging loosely over the edge of the table, her body slumping and trembling.

When her son pulled his cock out other mouth, come-juice dripped from it. Keith was pulling his cock from her cunt, and she felt his juices dripping out of it, down her creamy smooth inner thighs to her feet on the floor

She was aware the two boys were standing back and looking at her, but she was so weak from ecstasy, she didn't care now. She didn't blush with embarrassment, either. What she was feeling left no room for her to be embarrassed.

"I want more," she moaned.

"Are you sure, Mom?" Jimmy asked.

"Please, give me more!" Sarah cried softly, her ass writhing invitingly. "I want more and more cock! Please, both of you, fuck me again!"


It seemed as if she had lain across the kitchen table for hours, fucking her son and nephew.

There was a dull ache in her pussy, and the hairy lips felt a bit bruised, puffy. They were bruised from being beaten by two cocks, the friction making the delicate inner tissues feel raw.

But Sarah still wanted more.

She didn't know why, but she was insatiable. She came almost as soon as one of them thrust his cock into her cunt, and kept coming as they fucked her, fifteen, twenty minutes a piece. She had not been on the table for hours, though, only about an hour and a half. Her tits felt smashed flat, but when she finally struggled to her feet, they stood out and up as firm as ever. She felt wrung out, exhausted, her cunt pulsating with a deep ache of soreness, but she still wanted more.

Leaning her ass against the table, she smiled shyly at them. Both boys' cocks drooped, looking red from all the friction. Their balls dangled empty. She looked at her son's cock and balls, then at Keith's. Keith, being older than Jimmy, had plenty of hair around his cock, and his balls were bigger. That made no difference to her, however. Hair or not, big balls or not, she loved them both equally. What surprised her was Jimmy came more than Keith, almost drowning her in come-juice, choking her at times. Her inner thighs were slick with juices, and the soft hair around the lips of her cunt were matted with moisture from her pussy and those cocks.

While she leaned her ass against the table, she fondled them both, cradling their balls tenderly then soothing the red cocks by gentle squeezes and caresses. Her clit, after so many spasms, seemed to burn but with a gentle, nice feeling.

"I think I've just been gang fucked," she giggled softly. "Was that what you guys call a gang bang?"

Her son laughed. "If you can call two of us a gang, Mom, then I guess that's what we did -- gang fucked you."

"Whatever you call it," she said, her eyes glowing with pleasure, "it was so good. I want more."

"Now?" Keith asked, his eyes opening wide.

"Well, my cunt is a little sore," she replied, her eyes lowered in shyness, but looking at his face. "But then I do have other places, don't I?"

"You know, Aunt Sarah," Keith said slowly, cupping her tit. "You're the most beautiful woman I know, except my own mom, and I thought you were cold."


"You know, no passion," he said, twisting her nipple.

"I was just shy," Sarah answered, not wanting to go into a long explanation with her nephew now about this abrupt change in her sexual hungers. She squeezed his cock. "I love cock, feeling it in my cunt and mouth... it's the most glorious feeling a woman can have, other than coming."

"Speaking of your mouth..." Keith said, grinning at her.

"You mean you'd like a blow-job?" she asked, teasingly.

"Well, now that you mention it," he grinned.

Sarah shivered with anticipation to have her nephew's cock in her mouth. She had sucked her son while Keith fucked her, but not him. They had taken turns fucking her cunt until it was a little sore, but somehow she had not gotten Keith's cock into her mouth. They had stood behind her ass, and as soon as one fucked her pussy, the other rammed into her, over and over, while she clutched the edge of the table and screamed and cried and came.

"Keith, I'd love to suck you off," she purred, lifting her lips to kiss his. "I think I'm getting to be a very good cock-sucker. Is that right, Jimmy?"

"The best cock-sucker I know, Mom," he laughed.

"Silly," Sarah giggled and squeezed his balls. "You don't know any other cock-sucker besides me."

The words came from Sarah without hesitation, willingly, and she didn't blush. She liked her new self, and there was no doubt that her son loved her this way.

She pulled at her nephew's cock. "Okay, Keith, you're going to get a blow-job. Let's go into the other room, though. That fucking table is about to make my tits flat."

"Hey, we can't have any flat tits around here!" Jimmy giggled. "I love the way your tits stick up, Mom."

"Sweet," Sarah said, caressing her son's face. "Just for that, you get a blow-job, too. But let's go easy on my mouth, okay? You two have already fucked my cunt sore, so let's take it easier on my mouth."

Sarah felt good to walk ahead of them, her naked ass swaying with a lightly exaggerated movement. Being naked with her son and nephew, about to suck them both off, was exciting her once more, and the sore puffiness of her cunt seemed less. She ran her tongue over her lips, moistening them, getting ready to taste those young cocks.

She sat on the couch, her knees parted. Keith stood in front of her, his cock dangling downward. Sliding her hands up his legs to his hips, Sarah thrust her tongue out, and bounced his cock on the tip of it for a moment as her son watched. Slipping her hands to her nephew's ass, she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, tasting her pussy on it. She moaned softly as she filled her mouth with his cock, the wiry hairs at the base tickling her lips and tongue. She worked her tongue on his cock, his balls resting on her chin. She massaged the cheeks of her nephew's ass while she sucked, feeling his cock hardening between her lips and tongue.

She purred in delight as his cock became hard in her mouth, and then she sucked back and forth, sliding her hot lips on the fiery hardness. She loved it when her nephew placed one hand at the back of her head, the other on her cheek.

Jimmy's cock lifted. Seeing his mother wrap her hungry lips about his cousin's cock excited him, and he began to stroke his cock slowly as he watched. Sarah gazed at her son's fist moving on his cock from the corners of her eyes, sliding her mouth back and forth on her nephew's throbbing prick. She cupped Keith's balls in one hand, but kept squeezing his ass with the other. His balls seemed to fill, turn hard and hot in her palm. Finally, she pushed her other hand to her son, taking his cock in her fist and jacking him as she sucked on Keith's prick.

"Mmmmm," she murmured as she drew her mouth off her nephew's cock. "I want to taste your cock, too, Jimmy."

Jimmy thrust his hips forward, and felt the wet heat of his mother's mouth close about his cock. Unlike his cousin, Jimmy fucked into his mother's mouth, but slowly. With her son's cock in her mouth, she stroked her nephew's prick with a tight fist.

A whimper came from her as she pulled off Jimmy's cock and went to Keith's prick once more. The taste of them both sent shivering ecstasy through her body to her slightly sore cunt. Her nephew's cock was a little longer and thicker than her son's, but she had sucked her son off so many times by now, she could swallow Keith's cock with ease.

Back and forth she went, sucking first one then the other, mewling happily. There was no difference in the taste of the dripping juices from the two boys, but she had not expected any. The hot throbbing of the two cocks sent her mind reeling with lewd pleasure, her tongue actually tingling against the hot hardness. She swished her tongue into her son's balls, then her nephew's, and quickly gave them each a suck or two. Lifting her face to them, her eyes glazed in passion, she whimpered in hunger.

"Give me a big load. I want two big loads of hot come-juice in my mouth. Please... I want to suck two big loads of juice out of your balls."

Sarah feverishly gobbled at her nephew's cock, hungry and wet. She moaned as she sucked, then jerked away and slipped her son's cock into her mouth. She was anticipating his hot spurt of come-juice, the creamy sweet taste of it. Her cunt was responding with quivering wetness and she slipped her hand between her legs to touch it tenderly.

"Oh, I know what I'd love!" Sarah said, yanking her mouth from her son's cock. "Fuck me again... but in my ass!" Keith's eyes lit up. "You like cock up your ass, Aunt Sarah?"

Sarah, her eyes glittering, nodded.

"With such a pretty ass, I should have known," her nephew laughed. "An ass like yours is made for fucking."

"My ass loves to get fucked," she said, pulling her nephew onto the couch, his cock up hard. She twisted about as her son sat down, spreading her legs wide, her cunt gleaming wetly. She stroked her nephew's cock and looked at her son. "Jimmy, can you get your cock up my ass this way?"

"You bet, Mom!" he agreed, gripping his cock at the base as his mother squirmed her ass to him.

"I'll help," Keith said, and pulled her knees up and back.

Sarah lay on her side, her head in Keith's lap, her ass turned to her son's cock. With her leg held up and held by her nephew, the expanse of her cunt and ass was visible, the puffy lips coming wetly, her clit bulging with feeling. Turning her head to Keith's cock, she closed her lips around it, taking it deeply, mewling with pleasure. As she sucked on her nephew's cock, she felt her son pushing the swollen head of his cock against the tight ring of her burning asshole. She pressed her ass down on to the smooth head, and the ring spread open. She moaned with excitement as the head of her son's cock slipped past the tightness of her asshole.

"Mmmmm," she purred, sliding her lips up and down her nephew's throbbing hard-on, her tongue licking wetly. She purred again as she felt the length of her son's cock push deep into her ass, and then he was rubbing at her juicy cunt with his hand. The added stimulation on her pussy increased Sarah's ecstasy significantly, and she tried to hump her ass back and forth on her son's cock, but her twisted position was too awkward. She lifted her mouth off Keith's cock, turning her head and looking down at her spreading crotch.

"Ooooh, Jimmy, you're so fucking hard in my asshole!"

Keith was holding one of her tits, fingering the stiff nipple, looking down at her hairy cunt, too. His cock throbbed against Sarah's face, and she turned back to it, sliding her tongue over the seeping piss-hole before wrapping her hot lips around it once more. Jimmy began to hunch into his mother's gripping ass, sliding his cock in and out, staring at her face as she gobbled his cousin's cock. He rubbed firmly at her juicy cunt, spreading the puffy lips and sliding his fingers inside.

Sarah whimpered, the sound muted because her mouth was filled with hard cock. The ring of her asshole burned sweetly, the friction of Jimmy's cock making her tremble with rapture. She stroked her mouth up and down her nephew's prick, trying to suck him slowly, wanting to make the fantastic sensations last as long as she could. On the other hand, the wild feelings made her want to suck rapidly on her nephew's cock, bring up the sweet juices of his balls, and for her son to stab hard and deep and fast into her asshole.

Jimmy was agitating her bulging clit with his fingers, twisting and pulling on it, while ramming his cock in and out of her tightly clasping asshole. Sarah had the most delicious feelings rumbling through her body from head to toe.

"Let me have her ass," her nephew said.

Eager to let them switch places, Sarah lifted her mouth. "Ooooh, yes, trade places with him. Keith, fuck me in the ass... Jimmy, slide up here so I can suck your hard cock!"

As her son and nephew moved, Sarah held her knee against her shoulder, shivering with erotic passion as they both looked down at her with hot eyes, their cocks jerking and dripping. She found it delicious to be so spread open to their appreciative gaze.

As her son moved to sit at her head, she rubbed her face into his balls and cock, mewling softly while her nephew positioned her naked ass. This time, instead of keeping her on her side, Keith had turned her onto her stomach and lifted her creamy ass, her knees beneath her. Sarah pulled her son's cock into her mouth and arched her ass in readiness to her nephew, the tight pucker twinkling.

The insides of her thighs were slippery with the juices of her cunt, as they seemed to be most of the time lately. Her juiciness was a surprise to her as much as her newly discovered passion.

With ass jutting into the air, Sarah began to suck on her son's cock. She moaned softly, and sucked faster on her son's cock, causing Jimmy to groan with pleasure. As her nephew began plunging his cock in and out of her ass, she cupped her son's balls and devoured his cock, ignoring the fact it had just been up her ass. That fact increased her insatiable, perverse hunger.

"So tight, Aunt Sarah!" Keith moaned, clinging to her naked, gyrating hips, watching her asshole grip his cock. "Tight, hot asshole! It's as good as your juicy cunt and wet mouth!"

Jimmy gazed at his mother's writhing ass, listening to the fleshy slaps as his cousin pounded deeply. He shoved a hand below her, cupping her tit, squeezing it, brining a moan of pleasure from his mother.

Sarah began to sob softly around her son's cock in her lips sliding wetly up and down while her tongue pushed it against the roof of her mouth. She went down on his prick with a frenzy, banging the swollen head against her throat. She could feel Keith's hot balls swinging against her cunt, and her hand curled tighter about her son's balls, lifting them to rub them at her cheek when her lips smashed at the base of his cock. Her body began to shiver and shake, her cunt puffing out with tingling ecstasy.

When she came, her mouth was filled with Jimmy's cock, and the sound she made was low and muffled. Straining her ass back onto her nephew's cock, Sarah came hard, her pussy snapping and clenching, her clit vibrating tightly. The ring of her asshole squeezed and pulled on Keith's cock, but somehow he managed to fight away the threat of discharge. Her cunt exploded over and over, her ass trembling and straining. Then, as it calmed down, she lifted her mouth off her son's cock, her eyes glazed in passion.

"Trade places again," she cried out throatily. "Please, trade with him again!" ]

Her son and nephew switched places once more, and as Keith settled beneath her face, she buried his pulsating cock into her mouth quickly and felt her son's cock ram up her asshole without a pause. She grunted as her asshole filled, and began to suck with greed on Keith's cock, the slight scent of her asshole on it, inflaming her once more.

Jimmy, as his cousin had done, held his mother's hips, but he didn't yank her ass back onto his cock. Instead he rammed in and out, making her face push and pull as she sucked wetly at Keith's prick. Sarah was moaning softly as she pulled her mouth off Keith's cock, swirling her tongue wetly and hungrily about his full balls, only to race her tongue up the hard shaft to the head once more.

Feverishly, sucking the thick prick of her nephew, Sarah churned her ass wildly and wantonly for her son, knowing he was staring at it. Her cunt seemed to expand when his balls slapped against it, and she felt as if they would penetrate her cunt while his cock was up her ass. She began sobbing softly, another orgasm building hotly inside her body. She sucked with greed, moaning, her ass hole on fire and her cunt twitching toward her second orgasm.

She felt Keith's cock swelling even more, and the dripping juice seemed to increase. She felt his balls in her hand writhe, and when he pushed up at her face, she knew he was ready to come. Almost at the same time, her son's cock seemed to double in size, spreading her asshole even more, going much deeper. She moaned and pushed her ass back hard on her son's cock, wanting to feel the rapid spurts of his come-juice as deep in her ass as she could get his cock.

"I'm gonna come, Mom!" Jimmy shouted, straining into her ass.

"Me, too, Aunt Sarah!" came Keith's trembling voice.

He had put his hand on the back of her head, pushing her face down as he lunged his cock up. The head of his prick was in her throat, but Sarah wanted it there.

Grunting, Jimmy gushed, spraying his mother's asshole with the scalding juices of his young balls. Sarah cried out with her lips smashed at the base of her nephew's cock, and felt his come-juice squirt into her throat. Despite Keith's hand on the back of her head, she began to suck frantically, gurgling up and down. She loosened her lips as she went down, closing them tightly to suck up, pulling the hot spurts of come-juice out his cock into her hungry mouth. The fiery spurts of her son's juices along the velvety walls of her steamy ass, the spewing of her nephew's cock into her mouth, sent Sarah into a wild, straining, mind-spinning orgasm. Her cunt throbbed, the hairy lips, flexing, her clit bursting with frenzied ecstasy. Since her nephew didn't come as much as her son, she had no problem swallowing every drop.

She clung to the boys, her mouth gripping Keith's cock and her asshole clasping her son's. She felt them softening inside her, and then she lifted her bruised lips as her son pulled his cock from her asshole. She sat up, leaning back, sprawling her legs out and wide, breathing hard, her tits lifting and falling, her expression glowing with pleasure, eyes half closed with tiredness.

"I never thought I'd say this," she said softly, "but you two have worn me out. My cunt, mouth, and asshole are sore now."

Neither her son nor nephew answered; they were exhausted.


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