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New clothes and more question about sex
Old Man and Young Tenant Part 3

After getting a new swimsuit they drove for about an hour to a nice beach on a small lake. It was not crowded but they were not alone and found a nice grassy place to spread a blanket out. William was wearing a pair of shorts that double for swim trunks and Alice had gone and put on her new two piece suit.

Alice is not a beauty queen but she did look very good to William as she came walking back with a towel over her shoulder and a new wiggle in her walk. William notice she held her head up, back straight, shoulders back and there seemed to be an interesting sway to her hips that was not there before. He smiled and thought to himself, I wonder if I put that sway there, oh you’re such a dirty old man, and he chuckled.

He had put the wiggle in Alice’s walk along with a new feeling and thought process. Alice no longer ached over the loose of her first love, she now felt beautiful and desired, she felt sexy and knew passion, and Alice had become a real woman.
She saw him looking at her with a smile on his face, not a leer but a genuine smile and she felt a happiness she had not know before. Her hips swung a little more and then she could not help it, she broke into a run leaped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oh god I love you so much, you have made me so happy.”

William staggered back as she embraced him and wrapped his arms around her. He felt her bare skin on his arms and it felt so smooth as only the skin of youth can.
Oh god she is so pretty and so, so ah young and breaking the kiss, “okay young lady this is a family place so we have to sort of behave”.

“Oh so I don’t get to kiss you?”

“Yes you can kiss me but maybe not so forcefully, okay.”

She smiled and chuckled and thinks, oh you are just worried about what people will say about the two of us. I don’t care what they think, I love you. She was looking into his eyes with that look that could melt ice bergs.
He saw her look and his heart melted and he pulled her close and whispered to her “me too sweet one”, like he knew what she had just though.

She knew then there was a very special love between then as it seemed simply by looking at each other they knew what the other thought.

They had gone swimming for a while and then lay down to eat lunch and get some sun.

She lay on her face and he picked up the bottle of lotion. “Okay I am going put lotion on you so you don’t burn.”

He started at the shoulder and was not only appling lotion but he was also massaging as well. His hands squeezed and pushed along both shoulders and the rubbed her neck. The string holding the suit top was untied for better access to the neck and as the hands rubbed down he untied the back of the top so her entire back was bare. The lotion coated hands moved smoothly and with special feeling massaging her entire back.

She loved the feel of his hands on her back and when he had untied the ties to the top she got a warm feeling in the sexy places, in fact she had slightly pushed her hips hard into the ground putting pressure on her pubic mound.

He had see the very slight hip movement and smiled to himself as he moved his hand up and down her spine. The large hands cover much of her back and his old fingers had new life in them as they kneaded her young supple body. She actually moaned as his hands massaged her lower back, not a moan of passion but of relaxing pleasure. The massage felt great but the fact the he was doing it made it even better.

The massage of the back continued for several minutes and she tingled each time his thumbs moved up and down her spine and approached her butt crack. Then she felt his hands rubbing and massaging her side from arm pit to hip. She shivered as his finger tips brush ever so lightly the sides of her breast and she remembered the feel of his hands when they had held and squeezed them. A very warm feeling now filled her and she smiled as her thoughts were all happy thoughts now.

Again the finger tips brushed across the sides of her breasts but nothing more. She shivered again and thought, why doesn’t he reach in and cup my tits oh I want to feel your hand on them. She wanted to roll over and show her breasts to him but the feeling of the moment was too good to change and she was content to let him control things.

He felt her shiver and tremble as his hands had move up and down her sides and he smiled knowing what his touch was doing to her. Giving her this pleasure was making him feel things he had not felt in a long time as it had been awhile since he had given a woman sexual pleasure.

He then pours more lotion into his hands, picks up her foot and massages each toe and as he does the bottom of the foot she wiggles and giggles because it tickles.
“Ah found the tickle point, good will us that in the future for sure.”
“No, don’t do that tickles too much and drives me crazy.”
He did not listen and deliberately ran the end of his finger back and forth over the bottom of her foot causing her to squeal and role over the stop him. She forgot her top was unties and so her breasts became fully exposed. He stopped the tickle and looked at her then she realized her position and instead of embarrassment she only laughed and he laughed too. She then rolled back on her belly and he continued with the feet. Slowly he worked the feet then the lower legs and finally the upper legs.
His hands moved very slowly massaging the muscles deeply in the back of each leg being careful not to touch areas that would arouse her. She was enjoying the massage not lonely because it felt good but because of who was giving it to her. The feel of HIS hands on her body gave her a warm fuzzy feeling she had never know before and it was not a sexy feeling but something she could not really understand.
He could sense that she was very content and happy now and I pleased him to know that he was the cause of that feeling. But he also had deep troubling thoughts about their relationship and where it was going and how it was going to end up. Theirs was a special love but he knew this was not a normal love or one that could last forever and a shiver of sadness ran through him.
His hand moved up the back of her leg and then the hip and as they reached the suit he untied the string on each side of her bottom and pulled it back. Surprisingly she did not move or even question him but accepted that whatever he did.
She felt the hands move up her hips and then untie the ties of the bottom. She loved the feel and thought of him undressing her and she did not care where it was. She was getting a very warm feeling and she pushes her hips into the ground and gave a little wiggle to rub the pubic mound.

Now her back was totally bare and his hands move in and massaged her butt cheeks like a professional. Of course his hands were massaging but in doing so they spread the cheeks apart exposing her cute tight bung and a glimpse now and again of the pussy.
He had seen and felt her hip movement and knew his massage was turning her on. He had also started to get an erection after seeing and touching her cute ass. His hands continued to massage her butt and then he moved his index finger down her crack and across her tight bung causing her to moan softly.
“Sh Sh, quietly, don’t want to disturb the neighbors.”
*moan* “And just how am I suppose to be quiet when your hands are touching me like that?”
“Well you will have to learn to have a quiet orgasm and that might come in useful in the future.”
“A quite orgasm, just what the hell is that.”
“That means you have an orgasm without screaming or any loud noises.”
“Oh so that is what you are doing now” and she bucked her hips up as his finger passed over her bung causing his finger to touch her pussy.

As his finger slid down touching her pussy his erection became full and hard. His moved his hand down as she spread her legs allowing his hand easy access to her now wet and hot pussy. Gently he stroked the tight lips and slipped his hand further down until he could touch the top of the slit. Wiggling his middle finger he parted the lips and found her clit.

She bit her lip as his hand moved down and then she spread her legs so he could have access to all of her. The feel of his hands on her most private sensitive places only made her feel more wonderful. There was not only the thrill of the feeling of sex but the special feel of being touched by someone you loved. Her head was spinning with feelings of pleasure, desire and love as her body reacted by grinding on the ground.

The fingers now parted her lips and he pushed his middle finger completely into her causing her to gasp and give a soft moan. Then he wiggled the finger and slipped another finger in. He now had the thumb and forefinger in her pussy while the middle finger was rubbing her clit. She moaned and wiggled her hips as he moved his fingers faster and harder.
He looked up to be sure nobody was paying any attention and they were not as they still looked like a man putting lotion on a woman.

She had bitten her lip hard now as the sensation of pleasure surged through her and she experienced a wonderful orgasm.

He felt her convulsions and knew she had had and orgasm but he continued to rub fast and hard. She was moving around some but not enough to cause notice and he slipped a finger across her anal ring and put the finger in to the fist knuckle. This caused her to have another orgasm and her whole body shook.

She felt the fingers deep inside her and the pressure on her clit was so wonderful and then the sensation of his finger going into her ass was too much, every muscle in her body tensed and she wanted to scream but only bit her lip.

She was wiggling on the ground like a fish out of water and he had to hold her down with his other hand. As she calmed down he withdrew his fingers then bent down and kissed the back of her neck and then kissed down her spine finally kissing each cheek.

She opened her eyes to see him looking at her with a very sweet smile and she felt a happiness she had just learned to experience.

“See that is how you have a quiet orgasm”, and he kissed her back again, “well as quiet as you can” and with that gave her bare butt a slap.

“Hey easy there, rubbing and kissing are okay but no slapping.” Then she rolled over and tied her suit back on.

As he sat down his erections was very visible in the shorts and the head was visible up the leg.
“Okay I learned how to have a quiet orgasm in public let’s see how you do”, and with that she slid her hand up his short grasping his hard cock and squeezing it at the same time leaning in and kissing him passionately.

Her hand felt wonderful and he was beginning to appreciate the feel of a woman’s hand on his cock again, to long it had only been his own. He lay back as she stroked his cock and kissed his chest and belly.

Her administrations caused him to build to a climax and soon he was moaning and moving about. Finally he ejaculated shooting cum down his leg. “Oh nice, give me a towel to clean that up.”

“Here let me do that”, and she bent and started to lick the cum from his leg.

Oh god even her licking my leg gets me turned on, as he watched her move up and down his leg.

She had reminded him about his commitment at the soup kitchen and so they had gone in the lake one more time to rinse off and then they headed home. She had left her suit on and so there she was in the front seat in a somewhat revealing two piece swimsuit. He had to keep his wits about him driving as he kept looking at her.

Back at the apartment complex they had gone to his room to clean up and change. They took a shower together and they just washed each other and no hot sex but just gentle touching in a knowing way.

They went to the soup kitchen where she helped to pour milk while William ladled out the grave. A number of the men had made comments that embarrassed her. William smiled and winked at her several times and some of the women had asked if she was his granddaughter. He had only smiled and told them she was a student at the nursing school staying at the apartment complex. Again he had not told anyone they were a couple and she could not understand.

They talked about the homeless shelter and the soup kitchen on the way home and the subject of their relationship did not come up.

As they were entering the apartment building a couple of the other students saw Alice and hollered to her, they waived and continued on. She was excited to get to try on some of the new clothes and see what all he had bought for her. He had gone to the bedroom to change and she was in the spare room going through the things. In along with the bras and panties he had bought she found a nightie which was long black and very sheer with a pair of black boy cut panties.

It was only 10pm and he was in his lounging pants and an old sweat shirt as she came out of the spare bedroom. He looked at her without speaking or moving and she looked at him like she had never looked at anyone before.

Finally he was able to speak, “Oh my you look beautiful and that outfit really is nice on you.” He go up and walked to her but she could not wait and ran to him throwing her arms around his neck with such force that he stumbled back and fell back on the floor.

“Oh I love them they are all such wonderful clothes and oh, oh I love you so much”, she kissed him deep and hard and for a very long time. Lying on top of him she started to get all warm and the kiss heightened the feeling.

He was now on his back with her on top kissing him in the hottest way, she was getting very good at this. His arms had gone around her and pulled her tightly to him feeling the young well formed body of a very hot woman. The sight of her in the black gown was enough to make his cock jump just before she launched herself onto him. The feel of her through the material was like she was naked next to him and his cock was hard as a rock. He could not take any more and rolled her over and stood up pulling her up as he did. Then he bent down and scooped her up in his arm, he may have been old but he could sill muster up the strength when he wanted to and now he really wanted to. With her in his arms the black gown flowing around he carried her to the bedroom and gentle laid her on the open bed then bend down taking her face in his hands he kiss her softly on the lips. Before he approached her he took off his pants and sweatshirt leaving only the boxers and then lay down beside her.

First all he did was look at her, all of her and thought what a beautiful woman she was how kind and caring she had been at the shelter, how smart she is and back to how beautiful she is. He was really glad he had bought the black outfit, expensive but oh did she look good in it. He reached out and untied the top tie and pulled it open and before he could do more she had got up and taken it off.
“I don’t want this to be torn it’s so beautiful” and she laid it carefully over a chair.
All he could do was smile, ah what a woman, and then is eyes took in the young naked female with the black panties standing beside him and he could not resist any more. He reached out and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him. As she fell on the bed he attacked her with kisses first grabbing her foot and holding it up by the ankle he kiss her big toe then bend down he grabbed her head by her hair pulling her to him and kissing her on end of the nose.

“I am going to kiss you on the toes and the nose and EVERY place in-between. Letting go of both he pinned her to the bed and kiss each nipple and then started to kiss each breast everywhere.
She was not sure what to make of the initial attack but as he started to kiss her she relaxed and decided to let him have his way because so far his way had been oh so wonderful. The sensations were starting to run through her body as his kisses on her breast and nipples excited her more and more.
His tongue licked and circled each nipple several times and slowly his lips covered the nipple and they were sucked into his mouth. The teeth gently holding each hard little nub as he pull back lifting her breast causing her to utter a soft moan. Just the sound of her moans made him even hotter and he had to work to control his urges as he really wanted to just jump on her and fuck her for all he was worth but this was going to be a special night for her and so he continued with kissing.
He stopped and reached for her legs and picked up her foot and proceeded to kiss each toe and nibble on the side of her foot. His tongue licked the bottom of her foot and he got a giggle and squeal for his effort. Now was not the time to tickle as this was going to be a very passionate time and he simply kissed her heal and let his lips move up her leg slowly to the knee. He kisses every inch from toe to knee and then took an arm and kissed each finger then the palm and sucked each finger in a very suggestive manner. He kissed up the arm paying special attention to the inside of elbow and then up to shoulder and over to neck. He kissed every part of her head paying special attention to ears and eyes but not the lips as he was saving those for later.
She could not believe the sensation running through her body and she wanted to reach up and grab him and pull him down on top of her and make him fuck her NOW, but he had held her arms to the bed every time she had tried. She would let him do whatever he wanted with her as she now trusted him completely, she loved him and that was all it took to give herself to him. The passionate feeling surged through her making her now very wet pussy tingle and her nipples ache for his touch. She could only moan as she could not find any word to express her feeling at this time. She wanted so to kiss him to have her lips touch his but he had moved back to her legs and she felt his lips kissing her knees and up the outside of each leg. Then she felt him spread her legs and his lips now kissed up the inside of her legs.
Oh yes she wanted his lips to move up higher and higher to her wet wanting pussy. Her body trembled with anticipation and desire but it did not happen. Instead the lips hand moved to her belly and kissed all over it. She wanted his lips to go down lower and she begged him, oh please, please do it now.
He could feel the tension building in her and he started to move quicker rolling her over on her front he kissed her spine and all of her back. She quivered as his tongue moved up and down the spine and she moaned loudly as he kiss the shoulder. He kissed in a passionate way each butt check and then back of each leg. His tongue traced lines up and down the leg and he felt her tense and relax many times while she moaned. He kissed her crack and spread her cheeks so he did not miss any part before rolling her on her back again.
She was between screaming and crying then biting her lip and tensing every muscle in her body. His lips and tongue were driving her insane with desire as her whole body quivered. She was sure he would kiss her pussy from the back but stopped only kissing the crack between her cheeks. Now she was on her back again and he was kissing her belly and moving down.
OH please kiss me eat me I want you to fuck me so hard NOW. She felt her legs being spread and his lips moved down through the fuzz and finally.
His tongue touched the top of her slit and wiggled. Her entire body tensed, vibrated and she moaned loudly. Then she had the most wonderful orgasm ever as her body was electrified with the passion.
He felt her orgasm and pushed his tongue deep into her then kissing and biting as he covered the last unkissed area of her body. His lips move down as he lifted her legs spreading them wide he kissed the tight little anus. She had bucked her hips as he kissed her anus and moaned a deep guttural moan like an animal.

She was in such a state when he had lifted her legs high and kiss on her anus that she could only utter the most primitive sounds.
Oh god what is he doing that is so bad and so good, what kind of woman am I she had asked herself? It did not matter what he did as she loved it all and the questions could wait as she was having another orgasm now.
As his lips had touched her anus she had bucked her hips and then the moan as she had another orgasm. Her body was wet with sweat and it was now time to take her completely.
He started to move up between her legs and then realized his erection had softened some. He had taken his pill but had not put on the cock ring and so the erection he had started with was now soft. Slowly he moved up and over her body then holding himself up above her he guided the cock head to her slit. Rubbing against her lips he hear her moan as he squeezed his cock and pushed forcing it into her very tight little pussy. Even though it was not completely hard it still was enough to slide into her hungry wetness and he pushed it as deep as he could.

She screamed humped and bucked as another orgasm passed through her body. There was no controlling her now as she felt his hot flesh against her hot flesh. The muscles of her pussy tightened and strangled his cock making him moan and thrust as hard as he could. She was humping and he was thrusting when he exploded as best he could giving her all he had and her tight little pussy was filled with his hot cum. He continued to pump but his cock softened quickly and soon slipped out of her wet dripping pussy and then he bent down and kissed the only place he had not kissed yet, her sweet lips.
She felt his cum shoot into her and she tightened her pussy again as that wonderful thrill ran through her body for the umpteenth time. Then she felt him his cock go soft and slid out and she sensed there was something but then he kissed her so tenderly she could only thing of how much she loved this wonderful man.

He lay alongside her looking at her naked body and then she rolled into him and kissed his cheek. She was beside herself with emotions and feelings about this man and then the answer came, “William I love you, I love you so much.” She pulled herself onto him and kissed him hard and he felt the wet tears as they fell from her eyes.

He reach up and held her tenderly thinking, yes Alice I love you more that you will ever know.

It had been a long and eventful day and sleep overcame them both.

He woke early and realized she had spent the night curled next to him. He liked the feeling of her naked body against his and bent and kiss her cheek as he rolled off the bed not waking her. Looking at the naked body in his bed gave him a very happy feeling but also cause him some concern. His thoughts went back to the age difference which he could not shake. She had fallen deeply in love with him, well in love as she could best know it, and he too had fallen in love with her, but he knew that it could not last for long and this caused him some pain.

Still he was not going to do anything about that now as he was just going to enjoy the company of this wonderful young woman. He quietly dressed and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast, bacon eggs and grits. There was a big smile on his face as he busied himself fixing her breakfast.
She woke and heard him in the kitchen and started to get up as he came through the door carrying a big tray of food.
“Here we go breakfast in bed” he then proceeded to put pillows behind her built a pile for himself and then settled in alongside her with the try. She was still naked and had just pulled the sheet up but now the tray pulled it away and she was exposed from the waist up. He looked and her and only said, “Are you cold?”

She smiled at his familiarity, “no I am just fine” and picked up a dish. He smiled because he was sitting in bed eating breakfast with a naked woman and neither thought anything of it. They were behaving like a regular couple and they both liked the feeling as it showed when they smiled at each other.

After breakfast as he cleaned the kitchen she had showered and dressed in some of the new clothes he had bought her. She especially liked the selection of bras and panties he had gotten and smiled at the thought of him in the women’s store picking them out, she actually laughed out loud.

He heard her in the shower laughing and wondered what was so funny; he would have to ask her.

He looked at her in the tight jeans and red and white striped V neck tea shirt, and approved of his selection especially since is showed a nice cleavage.
“Well you look really great in that, I have good taste if I must say so.”
“Oh I love this outfit and the jeans are so nice they fit just right”, and she make a pose and wiggled her hips in suggestive manner.
“It looks like the fit a little tight as I can see every little bit of you but I suppose that is the way today.”
“What you don’t like seeing all my little bulges and wrinkles?”
“Oh I like seeing you just fine, just worried about the other fellows out there.”
“Well don’t worry cause I only dress for you” and with that she walked up to him and kissed him softly and with much affection.
“Say I heard you laughing in the shower what was so funny?”
“Oh, I was thinking about you buying my clothes especially the bra and panties and how that must have looked as I bet you have never done that before”.
“Well it was a little comical, but I have done it before just a long time ago and things have changed, boy have they changed” and he chuckled at the sales girl that had helped him. He was sure she thought he was some sort of pervert.

“Okay want are we doing today”.

“Well you have school work to do I am sure and I am working at the shelter again this afternoon”.

“So we have the morning to ourselves, how about we just relax here. There are a lot of things I wanted to talk about and questions, is that okay?”

“Sure, let’s get some coffee and sit in the living room” and he went and sat in his big recliner thinking she would sit on the sofa so they could talk but instead she just sat on his lap then kissed him.
“Okay I’m comfy are you okay?”

“Well this is not the best of arrangements for conversation but I do like it” he did like the feel of her young body next to his.

They first talked of her schooling and just how she was getting along in general. Then she started to talk about what she had seen on the internet sex sites and this one in particular xnxx. She went on to explain what she had seen in the videos and then there was the other part where people actually posted pictures of themselves.

William was a little taken back by the questions and her explanation of the sex site. He explained that some of the pictures could be just pictures taken from anywhere and so they might not be the actual person. She had told him she thought that they were real and the conversations were very deive of sex. She then asked about some of the toys she had seen and he was at a loose for words. She wanted to know more about the toys and if they really worked to give a woman an orgasm. Then she hit him with a brick when she asked if he would get her a vibrator.

“Oh my Alice do you know what you’re asking?”

“Yes, I want a vibrator and would you get me one? I don’t know where to get one and well I want you to show me.” Seeing the vibrators on the sex site had turned her on and she had actually masturbated looking at one of the videos. She wanted to see what it was like for real but did not know where to get one and was afraid to ask her roommates.

“Mmmm, well I will see what I can do.” He knew what she wanted and he knew right were to go or at least he did once. Dam I wonder if that shop is still open it has to be more that 10 years since I was there. Oh well the internet certainly has everything.

“I also saw some other things I would like you to explain and well maybe try.” She was only a little embarrassed to ask him. Oh why am I embarrassed he has seem me naked, had so much sex and he has done things to me I did not even know about. She had led a somewhat sheltered life.

He could not believe what she was asking as it excited and it scared him all at the same time. “Oh and what is you want to try?”

“Well there was one site called BDSM and the women were all tied up, do people really do that?”

“Most of those were staged for the video but yes many people to like to be tied up both men and women.”
“Oh, good can I tie you up?” She asked with a devilish smile and giggles and then kissed him hard on the lips.
Oh this little woman is going to turn me inside out with all this sex but oh want fun.
His arms went around her holding her tight and close. “We will see who ties who up”.
“There were some other sites too called anal sex and that look impossible.” She could not believe anything that big could ever fit up her ass. Still there was something that turned her on looking at the pictures and videos but maybe it was just the naked bodies of the men and their big cocks. She got a warm wet feeling just thinking about the pictures she had seen.

“Oh man you have to stop surfing the porn sites cause I cannot keep up with all these question”. He was getting a little nervous as how he was going to explain all this to her. Well some of it might be fun but then some is going to be difficult as he was not sure what she wanted to know really.
“Well I will do some checking and we can talk about it next weekend okay” and he hoped that would be the end of it for now but no such luck.
“Okay so next weekend you will show me about vibrators and such, great I can’t wait” and she bounced up and down on his lap causing him to get a little aroused.
“Hey sit still if you want to sit here and talk” and he held her hips with both hands to keep her still.
She had gone back to her room to study and he had gone to the shelter to work where everyone asked if his daughter was going to come back and help. He smiled and explained as best he could but the daughter thing kept haunting him.
He needed to get the things she had asked for and so he had gone into the city to see if he could find the old sex store he had use many years ago. To his surprise the story now looked like a supermarket for sex as it had grown many times. The young girl at the entrance was checking ID’s on the couple ahead of him that looked like teenagers and when she saw William she just smiled and motioned him through.
“Gee you are not going to check my ID I’m hurt.”
“Oh I think you’re over 18” way over she thought as she smiled at the funny old man.
“Yes but it would be better sales practice to play up the old people as they usually have more money, stroke their egos and they spend.”
“Okay, let me see yours’ “
“Sorry you blew it but you can direct me to the vibrators”.
The clerk looked at the old man and gave a little chuckle and pointed to the back corner. He walked through isles of videos of all sorts of things and he was wondering if maybe he should get some to learn what was going on now but then thought that what he had seen on the net was enough education. At the back he came to several display cases with all sorts of vibrators and toys and there was a young woman behind the counter smiling at him.
Dam this is not going to be easy with a cute young clerk trying to help, oh well better just ask, “Hello, I am looking for a vibrator”.
She smiled at the old man was laughing to herself, what could this old geezer want with a vibrator? “Yes, well we have a very extensive collection, is there anything in particular you want?”
“No I will just look around”, god there are so many and the sizes of some I can’t believe a woman could do that.
He walked around looking at the various items just shaking his head and then he saw it, a silver vibrator that looked familiar. There were several other things he recognizes from the net and so he bought several items giving the young clerk pause to reconsider her opinion of the OLD man. He took his several bags of items and went home to look them over and plan for the weekend.


2017-10-09 01:32:59
I have enjoyed the first three. I wonder why they have never talk about getting pregnant. Did I miss him just shooting blanks? I see you have finish with seven. I like them short and not with a lot of words just to take up space.

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Ohh good story..I had my youngest daughter jerk me I read it. She massages my cock lots, when her mom is out.
I massage her tight little cunt. Phoebe is just 7. I cannot wait until she is older, then we can fuck.


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great story. where does he go from here, hope they can do more.

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