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For those of you who enjoyed the first 3 and asked for more. thanks for the votes and feedback
I wake a few short hours later with early morning light flooding our room. Jenny is still asleep. Her blonde hair is across her face and spilling over my chest. Unlike yesterday morning when waking up next to my beautiful, naked sister had sent me into panic I am now feeling content and whole. She feels so warm and soft against me.

Waking up with an erection is not particularly unusual for me but waking up with Jenny, naked, in my arms is having an immediate impact on me. My cock is like a rock. I fight back my urge to wake her and manage to stay still as I watch her sleep.

Jenny starts to stir and I run my fingers lovingly down her back. I whisper “Good morning beautiful”. She purrs into my chest before raising her head to look into my eyes. She smiles softly and whispers;

“Oh good you are here with me. For I moment I thought it was just one of my old dreams coming to torment me”

I squeeze her gently and she lifts her lips to mine. We kiss. As we move together I am hard against her stomach. “Oh you are up early” she laughs, as she wriggles against me. Her dark pink nipples harden against my chest. “God Sis I could get used to starting my days like this”. She nibbles my neck and says “Mmmmm, I’m thinking of making it a habit too, big Bro”. I look into her bright blue eyes and ask “do you want to talk about those dreams?”. She smiles at me and says “maybe one day, but they go something like this”.

Jen lifts one leg over my hip and rocks against me. My cock slides to the top of her slit then down over her clit. Guided by nature and our perfect fit, the tip of my cock presses against her vagina, opening her like the petals of some exotic flower and slipping in. It seems she has woken up as wet as I am hard. We rock our hips towards each other. Her velvety, wet, warmth engulfs me, pulling me into her. We moan into each others mouths as we slowly make love. After many minutes of slowly sliding against me Jenny begins to quicken the pace. Her breathing is more rapid and shallow. I roll so that she is under me and begin longer and faster strokes, pulling back until just the head of my cock is inside her before sliding back all the way in. I feel her start to tremble and her pussy is pulsing on my shaft. Each deep thrust is bringing my pubic mound down on her clit. She humps and grinds against me, my balls slap her ass and the top of my cock brushes the tip of her cervix. Jenny’s thrusting is now so rapid that I just roll myself forward at the hips, holding still while she impales herself on me. Suddenly she locks her ankles behind my ass and goes rigid. Her fingernails dig into my back, she bites my shoulder. I feel her orgasm surge through her, her vaginal muscles contracting, pulling me into her. In response my stomach muscles stiffen, my balls contract. We gasp and moan as we cum together. Rope after rope of thick cum is being milked from my throbbing cock into my sisters tight, hot, pussy. I think I have died in my sleep and woken up in Jen’s dream.

We snuggle in each others arms enjoying the warmth of post orgasmic bliss. A knock at the door disturbs us. I quickly slip into a bath robe to let room service bring in the trolley with our breakfast trays. We have arranged late checkout so have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and get ready for the next step in our adventure. We finish our leisurely breakfast and decide it is time to shower and stat to pack. Jenny says “I’m a bit prickly babe, will you shave me please”. Excited by the idea, I retrieve my shaving things, a hot wet cloth and two towels from the bathroom. Spreading one towel across the bed Jen lies down with her heels at the edge. Kneeling on the floor between her legs I spread shaving cream on her mons and pussy. Jen relaxes and closes her eyes as I start to shave her. When I get to the little blonde triangle I ask if she really needs it. She shrugs and says “you’re the stylist babe”. I decide it all has to go. When I’m finished I wipe away any remaining foam and hair with the wet cloth and pat her dry. Sitting back I admire my handiwork “well babe even if I do say so myself, I think that is a pretty good job” Jenny sits up and looks between her legs, now completely hairless, she blushes slightly and giggles “oh shit, I look like a little girl”. Leaning forward I lick her in one long stroke from her ass to her clit and ask “do you want a candy, little girl”. She says “no thank you Mister, but you can keep licking me like a lollypop if you like”. I return as requested, twirling, sucking and licking her sweet bald pussy. Twisting my tongue into her I am rewarded with the sweet taste of our combined juices they flow out and down to her ass. I follow the stream and lap up every drop before returning to her clitoris. Her nub is swollen, hard under my tongue. Her hips are thrusting against my face. I slide my hands up her soft warm body until I have her breasts cupped in my hands. I gently pull and twist her stiff nipples between my thumbs and fingertips. She moans softly. The response that I am starting to get accustomed to begins. Jenny’s body trembles, and then throbs before she stiffens against my mouth, her body spasms in a series of orgasms that seem to go on forever. I hold my mouth over her clit and labia sucking gently until the waves of her last orgasm subside. Sliding up onto the bed I hold her to my chest feeling her panting breath and racing heart. Together we whisper “I love you”.

When Jen has recovered enough to stand we head for the shower. Between kisses and hugs we gently wash each other. Finally we step out and I pat her dry. I shave while Jenny dries her hair and applies her makeup. We pack all of our things together into Jen’s two bags and put a few carry-on items into my small backpack. The simple act of sharing the bathroom and packing our things together has a strange effect on me. I find that I am slipping, easily, into the role of partner and lover and 20 years of being a big brother have started to fade in just a few days. Jenny holds up a couple of dresses in front of the mirror trying to decide what to wear. She chooses a pale floral dress made of some soft fabric. It has thin shoulder straps, low back and is pleated from the waist, ending just a couple of inches below her gorgeous round bottom. She slides it over her head and wriggles into it. Her firm little breasts are outlined beautifully by the soft material and the hint of her nipples pushing against it looks amazing. She picks up a pair of panties, then grinning at me says “Nah, don’t want to cover your beautiful work do I” She drops them back into the bag and slips into a pair of low heeled sandals.

By midday we have booked out of the hotel and have driven to the airport. Our luggage is checked in, the rental car returned and we have time for a snack and glass of wine before our flight is called. As we sit hand in hand at the small table Jenny looks up into my eyes. I know she wants to say something. She is struggling for the words. I smile and borrowing her expression I ask “s’up Sis” She blushes. Leaning in she whispers in my ear “babe today is my eighth day. We had better get some condoms for the next week” I laugh at her embarrassment and head off to find what we need. I’m back in a few minutes and slip the package into our carry-on bag. Grabbing her by the hand I pull her to her feet saying “come on Mrs. Johnson, we have a honeymoon to get to” the elderly couple at the table next to us smile and the woman says “you two have a wonderful time. I hope you will be as happy as we are after 45 years of marriage” Jenny’s says “congratulations and thank you. I’m sure we will be”.


We are hardly in the air before Jenny leans her head against me and is asleep. I watch her chest slowly rises and fall as she sleeps. She is perfect. Like clockwork she wakes up in a little over two hours. The Captain tells us to get ready for landing at Cairns, adding that the weather is currently 25 C or 77 F the humidity is 85% and there is light cloud. Jen squeezes my leg and says “babe it sounds perfect, I’m so nervous” I smile back at her and ask why she is suddenly nervous. She shrugs and adds “I’m not sure why. I guess it really feels like our honeymoon now babe. Isn’t a new bride supposed to be a little nervous?”.

We collect our bags from the carousel and wander out to the arrivals area. Jenny squeezes my hand and points to a chauffer with a clipboard with Mr. & Mrs. Johnson written on it. She stands on her tiptoes, and kisses me softly on the lips before whispering in my ear “that’s us Mr. Johnson, you had better get used to it”.

We join the driver and another couple and are led to the resort limo that is waiting just outside the terminal. On the way to Port Douglass we introduce ourselves. Melissa and another Paul are also on their honeymoon. The girls drift into conversation about their weddings. Jen rummages through her handbag and produces a 6 * 4 copy of our photo. Melissa gasps “OMG where did you find that beautiful gown, it is so …… well…. Sexy”. Jen giggles and says, “Yes it is a bit, um, naughty, isn’t it. My bridesmaid designed it”. I smile at Jen trying not to laugh at the way she has so easily assumed, or should I say stolen, the role of the bride from her best friend.

By the time we arrive at the resort the Melissa and Jenny seem to have become new best friends while the two Pauls have struggled to get a word into the conversation. The girls have organized for us to meet for dinner that evening and have challenged the guys to a round of golf the following day.

We book in and are led to our room, which feels bigger than my apartment back in Sydney. It overlooks acres of swimming lagoons and comes with a marble bathroom and 2 person Jacuzzi spa bath.

Almost before the door has closed Jenny is getting undressed. I watch this beautiful woman casually strip her one piece of clothing off in front of me. I ask “are you already horny again Princess”. She giggles and say “Maybe. But I can wait a little while. At least until we have explored a bit”. Jenny holds up two bikinis and asks which one I like best. I choose the white one and she slips into it, turning her back to me so I can tie the straps behind her neck and back. She adds a white cotton shirt that comes just below her cute round ass and twirls asking “How do I look”. I take my time and reply “fat and ugly. You have really let yourself go since the wedding”. Jen giggles and slaps my ass hard as she passes me my swimming shorts. Grabbing two towels she heads to the door shouting “last one in is a rotten egg”. I chase after knowing who will be first into the water. We have played this game since she was 5 or 6 and I have always let her win. After our swim and a little exploring we return to our room. Jenny fills the spa bath, add bubbles and turns on the jets. We relax in the swirling water until it is almost time to meet our new friends for dinner. Not too surprisingly Jen and Melissa are victorious on the golf course the next day as well so the boys have to buy drinks.

The next three days race by in a blur of playing golf, tennis, swimming or beach walking by day followed by drinks and dining in one of the resorts many bars and restaurants in the evening. Paul and Melissa have become good friends and are great company, however, the best time is by far is the time we are alone. We make love every night and wake up for more each morning. It seems we can’t get enough of each other and each time seems better than the last. As we lay recovering in each others arms on Thursday night Jen announces that she has a big surprise in store for tomorrow. I try to get her to tell me what she has planned but fail. I straddle her and tickle her ribs threatening to keep going until she tells me or she wets the bed. She stubbornly refuses and I give in.

Next morning Jen is up before me, she is already dressed and putting bits and pieces into our backpack Again I ask about her big surprise. She giggles and says “you will find out soon enough, now get ready for breakfast”. All through breakfast she has a smile on her angelic face, her bright blue eyes twinkle with mischief and the wait is driving me mad.

Finally finished eating she grabs my hand and leads me out and down a pathway I haven’t explored before. Rounding a bend we arrive at the resorts private heliport where a small helicopter is waiting on the pad. I look up at a sign on the office building which advertises “Spend a day on your own private Great Barrier Reef Island”. The pilot greets us and we scramble onboard for the short flight. We fly low above the tropical waters over one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Pilot chats into our headphones pointing out features of the reef and giving us a list of Do’s and Don’ts for the day.

We land on pure white sand beside a turquoise coral lagoon. The Pilot unloads several plastic containers which have all we need for the day, food, ice and drinks. He also gets out a beach shelter and picnic blankets. Asking if we are ready to play Robinson and Crusoe for the day, the emphasis on the incorrectly placed “and”, he chuckles at his own joke and returns to the chopper. As it disappears in a flurry of sand I pull Jen into my arms

“Babe this is wonderful, I can’t believe you organized this and managed to keep it a secret”.

We set up the shelter under a small patch of palm trees, noticing as we do that the palms are in large pots and realize that island has no natural vegetation. The only other man made objects on the sandy atoll are a small amenities building hidden by the circle of palms a BBQ and picnic table. Once we have things organized Jen simply slips out of her clothes, I waste no time in following her lead. We are naked and alone in paradise. Jenny giggles and says “I don’t know about you, but I feel more like Adam and Eve than Robinson and Crusoe. Do you think there might be an apple on one of those trees” I spank her bare ass and reply “yes Sis, I’m sure one of them is an Apple Palm. Last one in the lagoon is a rotten apple”.

I watch her as she rushes off to the water, free of any clothes, inhibitions or traces of civilization. She is the most beautiful creature in paradise. I find the goggles and snorkels that have been provided and join her. The lagoon is teaming with life, colorful fish dart in and out of the coral, sea weeds off all shapes wave in the water and a sinister looking stingray slides across the sandy bottom. Suddenly a wall of tiny, almost transparent fish appears in front of us. As we swim towards them the school moves so that a hole appears and we pass through this curtain of life. The hole mends as quickly as it appeared and the school goes on its way as if we don’t exist.

By the time we get out of the water the falling tide has exposed a long crescent of sand and we are several hundred yards from where we entered. I lay on my back on the damp sand and Jen lies on top of me. We kiss passionately there under the tropical sun the salt water quickly drying on our skin. Jen says “Oh damn I need to pee, and we are miles from our little toilet block. I guess I will have to go in the water”. As she pushes herself up from my chest I pull her back. She giggles and say “what are you doing, you silly boy I need to go” I hold her with one arm around the waist and tickle her with my free hand.

“hehe, stop it baby you know I cant stand being tickled”

“I told you I would tickle you until you pee yourself if you didn’t tell me your secret”

As I tickle, her laughing gets louder and she calls me several unflattering names. I feel a dribble of hot liquid on my stomach she catches her breath enough to giggle “oh fuck. Stop”. I tickle her some more and the dribble becomes a trickle. Jenny’s bladder finally wins the battle over her willpower. She begins to gush. Her urine is surprisingly hot as it floods out of her over my stomach, down to my cock and balls. I’m laughing so hard at the look of horror on her beautiful face that I feel the need for relief too. Without any further thought I add my share to Jenny’s already substantial flood. The angle of my cock sends the hot liquid further up our bodies to our chests. Even though I have stopped tickling her Jen is still in a fit of the giggles. She gasps “Oh you dirty little boy, is that you pissing on my tits?” We are eventually drained. She finally stops giggling, I release my hold on her waist and kiss her lips softly. She lifts her head and looks down at me saying “you bastard, what have you done to me now? That was the craziest, dirtiest and sexiest thing I have done in my life.” I roll over and pull her to her feet “yup it was kinda weird and fun, all at the same time. Look how hard you have made me.” Jenny takes me by the erect cock as if it is a leash and leads me back into the lagoon where we rinse off.

I’m chest deep in the crystal clear water and Jenny is floating on her back. She paddles up to me feet first and wraps her legs around my waist then her arms around my neck. I run my hands over her floating body and she holds me tighter. Bending my knees slightly I reposition my hard cock between her legs it is pushing up against her. She reaches down, takes me it her hand and slides my cock into her. The contrast between the heat of her pussy and the temperature of the water is incredible. I start to slowly fuck her. Jenny purrs in my ear that she loves me. We have been grinding against each other for about five minutes when I start to feel myself building towards ejaculation. Not having brought any protection down the beach with us I whisper “babe you had better let me out of you. I’m so close to cuming!”

Whether it is the result of the amazingly beautiful setting we are in, the residual excitement of our first attempt at water sports or the primeval drive of a fertile female that overcomes the rational 21st century woman, I will never know. Jen locks her ankles more tightly behind me, pulling me deeper. Her tight little pussy grips me even more tightly and begins to rhythmically contract sucking me into her. My balls churn, my cock throbs. Jenny moans four words that have the potential to change our lives “cum in me baby”.

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Best episode so far. I managed to get to the end without cumming then closed my eyes and imagined it was me deep in Jenny's bald pussy!!!!

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