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Baby I want to take you slow and carefully, some nights I might take you hard, make you my slut. But tonight I want to take it slow, and pleasure you forever. Make you reach heights of passion you have never reached before. Turn you on slow and deliberately. I tell you “this is your night baby, do with me as you wish; guide me when I need it! Hold nothing back baby!” But the beast within me had other plans.
It would all start with us standing together, and the touch of my hand against your cheek, the touch of my lips lightly against yours. My tongue darts along your lushes’ lips, gently parting them, we touch tongues together. Kissing deep and passionately my hand slides from your cheek to the back of your head, I entwine it in your sweet hair and hold your lips firmly against mine. My other hand is resting on the top of your firm ass, and I move it slowly up your dress until I find the zipper.
I taste the sweetness of your lips, and your tongue as I lower the zipper of your dress down to your ass. My hand is free to caress along the smooth hot skin, the curves of your back. Still kissing, you move your womanly body tight within and against mine. You can feel my hard thick cock pressing into your belly and you move your hands around my waist pressing me tighter to you and slowly start a little belly dance against my cock. It’s so hard and long, you can feel the weight and the heat right through our clothes. Your mind starts to imagine how it will look and feel in your hand, or between your sweet red lips.
My mind on the other hand, is on fire with the hot passion and fervor of an animal, of a beast! Your mouth is so sweet, so pleasing to my body, as if I have never tasted before. I can’t get enough of your flavor. Your essence and the waltz your belly is dancing against my prick is pouring power into the beast. I use the conscience part of my mind to fight with the beast, hold it at bay, driving it back to the dark reaches to lock it up for now. For this time is for you, not the beast. Not now… no not now, not today!
With my hand at your shoulders, I move the straps of your dress until they drop to your arms. As the dress drops to your ass, you step back and allow it to fall to the floor. I behold you for the first time in your breathtaking beauty, with nothing on but a thin white thong. Your breasts are so lovely, nipples ripe for the taking, the curve of your waist, the smoothness of your skin, causes my cock to pulse and jump. You shine in the shadow of my lust; your skin is aglow with the splendor of a thousand moons.
You shiver as you watch my eyes examine your body; there is no mistaking the lust for you within my eyes. Your skin glows with the warmth of knowing how much you arouse me. You feel the moisture inside the pearliness’ of your pussy grow. Stepping in against me once again, you peel the shirt off my back and soon your breasts are against my chest, skin to skin. You look up, into my lustful eyes, as I take your tits and, squeeze, cuddle, and enfold them in my rough hands. As I kiss you, you take a hold of my zipper and lower it, guiding my jeans over my ass until they fall to the floor. As soon as my cock is released from its confinement, it smartly whacks up and bounces against your tummy spraying your smooth skin with a wicked amount of hot, slick pre-cum. The feeling of all that wetness splashing upon your skin shocks you into breaking our kiss to look down, seeing my prick for the first time. The head of my cock is the size and color of a plum, my dick lips slightly open and staring, with a thin, clear, string of pre-cum attached to a pool on your skin. With wide eyes you lower yourself to your knees to see it. It’s staggering straight and proud, the skin taught and smooth along its length. It pulses with every beat of my heart and it is all of seven or eight inches long. It has a purple mushroom shaped head the thickness of a pop can that is mounted upon a slightly less thick shaft. Feeling a tingle within your pussy and wetness flowing out and down your cunt lips, you reach out to take it into your hands.
Watching you from above the beast almost break’s out as I reach for you; the beast is demanding the pleasure of your full red lips wrapped around my prick. Keeping it under control I reach for you and stand you back up, and lifting you like a baby I carry you to the bed where I lay you down. Lying beside you, I kiss your lips, nibble on your earlobes and down your neck onto your breast, all while caressing you with my large strong hands. I find the wetness of my pre-cum and rub it into your skin. My hand brushes down to your thong, stroking and touching the thin wet material. Parting the petals of your flower I run my fingers up and down along the crease. Stroking up, I press into the hood protecting your clit. Closing your legs upon my hand you arch your body up and against my hand with each upward stroke. New juices start flowing into the fabric of your thong as more of my pre-cum wets your thigh. My contact on your pussy and kissing of your breast has started a deep welling of pleasure growing inside. The heat of my cock along your thigh, the heat and wetness of your pussy lips being caressed, drives you into the first of many orgasms of the night. It rises and builds until cum is released within you, then it rises higher and you cum again. Spurt after spurt of juices flow from deep within, sliding between your hot, blood engorged lips, and through the material of your thong, spread by my hand all around your panties.
I lick the sweetness of your moisture off my fingers. The taste and aroma spark like electricity into my brain. I need more! I move between your legs, spreading them wide, I wrap my hand around your thong and rip it away from your body. There for my lustful eyes is the prize I want, glittering in the light with moisture, the most perfect pink flower! I lower my nose to the rose, and inhale the bouquet of lustful aromas. There is no flower that smells as good, no perfume could compare to what I scent. My tongue darts out to taste, to lick. Oh…God… the taste is as wonderful as any chef could dream! Heaven sent nectar of the gods. I lick and clean it all, sending you into another orgasm that supplies me with more, and drives my tongue deep within the folds to receive it.
Your hands grab my head pressing me further into you as at the same time you raise your hips up begging my tongue deeper. The taste and scent of you sends energy into the beast in my head. The beast grows, bigger and stronger, while I weaken. I can’t hold the beast back any more, he breaks free within me and grabs your ass with both hands. He presses my face hard and deep between the folds of your lips. All my pretence of civilities has left me, I am the beast that just wants pleasure, NO… demands pleasure! My cock grows harder and longer then it has ever been, the head is stretched to the limits, any larger and it will explode from the pressure of all the blood forced inside it.
You are lost to everything but the rutting, Cumming, orgasm that never quits. Grinding your pussy into my face, you cum and cum, over and over again. Your body is shaking, quivering with intense pleasure, while sweat beads out of every pore of your skin. Your heart beats faster than it ever has, your eyes roll into the back of your head, your lungs expand to bring in the large amounts of air you need. You want my cock; need it so bad, deep within your cunt. You start to push me away, grabbing and clawing at my head, but the beast doesn’t understand. You scream “Cock… your Cock…I want your cock… I need your cock deep in my cunt” “Please!” you cry.
The beast hears you; slowly it thinks… yes… yess… my cock needs pussy! Slowly it raises its head out of the wet folds between your legs. You see its eyes, and there is no depth to them, no intelligent mind behind them. Fear wells up within you as you see the bestial strength of him, the wanton lust, and his hard cock with the huge bulbous purple head heading straight for your pussy lips. It looks twice as large as it was, it will never fit, and your fear grows as you know that it will split you apart. His dead eyes lock onto yours, freezing you in place as he rams his cock into your wet pussy. It’s too large! The head is splitting you into! You feel your cunt lips forced roughly apart as the head pushes its way within. There is pain but the pleasure is intense. Oh…God it feels good! You feel your pussy walls expand wide around the head and close back up around the shaft as it glides by. It reaches your cervix, striking it hard like the ringing of a bell, forcing it apart. You have never had a man that deep. The beast only bottoms out when the head of his cock has passed the ring of your cervix. You feel your cervix grip tightly around his shaft, almost milking his head. The idiot tries to go further, grinding his hips into yours. His slow mind catches up and he starts to pull out, the large head drawing out all your cunt juices like a plow. He is smart enough to know when to stop, when your cunt lips are tightly wrapped around his cock head. In and out his prick goes, each time striking your cervix hard, forcing it in, and causing an intense orgasm and spurt of cum from you. You feel every pulse of his large heart forcing blood through his penis. His great hands have your breast in them, milking them violently. He places his lips around yours and tongues your mouth as he fucks you.
You can’t breathe with his hard tongue down your throat, his lips clamped around yours. You wrench your head away and take one deep breath before his hands force your head back around to his lips. You’re about to die from pleasure and affixation at the same time when you have your most intense orgasm yet. Your cunt walls quiver, shake, and start milking his cock hard! The maw of your cervix and cunt lips clamp down hard upon his cock! With his great beastly strength he tries to pull his cock out, but instead pulls your whole body up and back with his hips. Surprised, He releases his lips from yours and rises up onto his arms with your body dangling from his cock. You gasp in all the air you can, as your cunt grinds and grips his cock with renewed strength. You see his eyes change and enlarge; he slams down into you hard on the bed. He grows and snarls, and tries again, only to have you hanging from his cock again. Your body is shaking, legs quivering; you feel your weight pulling on your pussy that is clamped around his cock. You’re being turned inside out, all while your cunt milks his cock, and the strong suction that it causes, brings his release. His cum full balls crash and churn, a hot high pressure spurt of ropey cum travels up the tube up his shaft. You can feel it rumbling pass your cunt walls like a freight train, traveling up to the giant head within your cervix. Cum explodes from his head, smashing into your cervix walls like a fire hose! Filling your body with hot boiling cum, it pushes out between the walls of your pussy, splashing against both your bodies.
All that nasty slickness causes the release of his cock from your body, it pops out spraying his and your cum all over you. Falling back to the bed, the beast slams into you, releasing another blast of white sticky cum inside your cunt. Rope after rope of cum fills and overfills your pussy, spewing out between your pussy walls and his cock. Wrapping your quivering legs around him, you cum like never before, whipping your head back and forth, crying with pleasure! Finally, the beast is sated, completed, finished, slowly he releases my body back to my bewildered mind. I collapse onto your hot cum covered body with every muscle shivering, and shaking. I can’t speak, I feel you breathing and quivering beneath me, so I know you’re alive, but I worry that the beast has hurt you.

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2016-07-08 07:11:42
It's actually kinda poetic. Too bad you stopped posting more.

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2012-02-11 23:00:30
ICNj3F Very amusing thoughts, well told, everything is in its place:D

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