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marines are enroute to a strange UFO in michigan only to find out these aliens where not here for our resources
I am Captain john hiller the commander of the 101st marine fire team nicknamed the “hell fighters” sat In the passenger seat of the Blackhawk helicopter in full body armor armed to the teeth
my fire team was en-route to a strange aircraft that landed in the small town of fenton Michigan, and attacked a few locals with what the survivors said “melted them to ashes”

My team was made up of 5 marines himself and one science officer assigned to them by the navy
The whole team loaded up with the most powerful weapons they could carry he looked down the line of eager soldiers

Joan ‘’medic’’ the teams medical officer was barely armed with only a glock
Kim ‘’wraith’’the teams best sniper had a M107 .50 caliber snipers rifle with 20 extra clips in her duffle, and 10x optics, a Beretta M92 for close up, and an M-8 just in case things went SNAFU.

Jeff ‘’tank’’ their heavy weapons expert was loaded down with an M249 the saw (squad automatic weapon), a Desert eagle .50 cal handgun, and a ballistic shield

Tanya ’’fang’’ the teams close eliminations/hand to hand expert was loaded up with two fully automatic Glock 18’s one on each hip, two separate 7’’ combat knives, and her favorite rifle an mp5

Next up was Kevin whom the whole team unanimously nicknamed ‘’ghost’’ the teams stealthy eliminations expert was loaded very light in comparison he had an M-4 assault rifle with a silencer, and a Beretta M92 also silenced tanya was training in a jungle with Kevin one time and she didn’t hear anything until he was right behind her and slashed her with the ‘’knife’’

And what about me you say? They call me “the reaper’’
Well my load out is simple. Im loaded with an M16 A1 with a scope and grenade launcher, a SPAS 10 gauge shotgun, and two Glock 19’s .40 caliber single shot

Suddenly the light beside me turned red flooding the bay we where in with light
Everyone in the team knew exactly what that meant ‘’2 minutes till drop’’ the cabin fluttered to life with movement as everybody put their helmet on and locked the pressure seal
I put on my own helmet locked it and turned on coms saying “com check’’ all 4 said ‘’coms up’’ over the com. It was game time!

‘’okay’’ I said over com ‘once we hit the ground ghost I want you to get in as far as possible wait for my green light then do what you do’’ he nodded ‘’wraith I want you to pick the most hidden spot you can, thread a silencer and wait for my green’’ she too just nodded ‘’tank I want you up in front fang, rear guard’’ I paused ‘’ we will make the main assault’’ both flashed the devil horns. I turned to the science officer I think her name was jenny ‘’jenny you are now ‘’doc’’ welcome to the team your on chopper guard. Stay here till ghost comes in he will lead you to us’’ jenny said ‘’I can handle myself’’ ‘’your on my team now! Stay with the god damn chopper till ghost comes”

The light turned green and I stood up and opened the bay door. Clear for now the pilot turned off the engine and I jumped out and took a look around. My jaw dropped. The whole area looked like it had been burnt to ashes once I regained my breath I called over com ‘’ move out hell fighters the ship is to the west’’
Wraith and ghost slipped out of sight, and tank got in front of me, fang to the rear
‘’holy hell’’ fang said over com ‘’this place looks like hell’’
‘’move out’’ I said we walked for half an hour till we saw the ship. We landed a half mile from it so we wherent spotted on radar if they had one I pulled out my field binos
It was huge! The size of a 757 easily and I spotted out of the corner of my eye a small area where 10 civilians where cleaning up debris under guard by what looked like 3 huge rats with what looked like some kind of weapon that looked like a super soaker but I remembered the report word for word and knew they where no water gun
Something was odd here
The survivors where stripped naked 4 males 6 females all looked as if they had been through hell
I opened up the com again ‘’wraith do you see those survivors under guard?’’
‘’sir yes sir’’ came her answer ‘’ive got em in sight and got three body bags with their name on em’’
I paused ‘’take em out wraith. Our top priority is rescue the survivors’’ ‘’sir yes sir. Three ugly plates of rat salad coming up’’

I could see them drop one after another and wraith came on com ‘’hope ya like your meat well done reaper’’ ‘’outstanding shooting wraith! Ghost get to those survivors and evac them to the Blackhawk’’
‘’ yes sir’’

Wraith were going for the ship. How are the roads there?’’ ‘’ roads are blocked sir but if you look to your right you may like what you see’’
He looked to his right and indeed like what he saw ‘’ hey ghost unmount the Gatling gun from the chopper and mule it to my location. Wraith……. Thanks’’
‘’just remember something captain……. I saw it first! Finders keepers’’ ‘’ roger that wraith! Ill keep the set warm’’
They worked furiously getting the hummer wraith found ready for its new job
They removed the doors and welded them to the front
“well’’ tank said ‘’she aint miss America but shell work fine’’ I got behind the wheel and started it up tank took a position on the roof with the gun “you secure tank? You aint gonna fall off?’’ ‘’ roger that im secure here’’ fang climmed into the rear and broke the rear windows out so she could shoot
We started barreling down to the ship when we saw the rat army I gave the ‘’fire at will’’ order and heard tank open up I stepped harder on the gas and tuned into the thick of the army
After all why alse did we weld the doors to the front?
We came to the ship and I pulled under it to a blindspot and got out ‘’tank your with fang. Fang I want you to find a place to stow the truck we may need it to evac more survivors. Im going in! wraith keep an eye on the front door’’ ‘’roger sir, careful I have a funny feeling’’
I unsung my M16 and went inside as they sped off, the inside of the ship was dimly lit so I turned on my helmet light. When I did a saw it. Right in front of me was one of the rat guys and his buddy who looked like a squid with legs. Training took over, I dropped to one knee and opened fire on the rat who fell to the ground in a pile of green blood. I turned the barrel of my weapon on the squid who took it and batted it aside and knocked me on my ass. Now very pissed off at this thing I sprang up un hooking my glock but leaving it in its holster and reached for my KBAR knife and planted in the slow squid who let out a ear shattering scream, I left the knife in him and started punching away at his ugly face. I took my hand off him long enough to reach my glock, and empty the clip into sis ugly head. I stood once again and saw my M16 laying on the floor, I reloaded it with a fresh clip and slung it
It was too long for these tight corners. I instead un holstered my second glock and reloaded the first
‘’stupid alien bitches! Wait till they taste this’’ I walked down the hall to what looked like a door, I opened it and cursed my luck. There were 20 more squid fuckers in tho room they all saw me, one of them wrapped its tentacles around my glocks and ripped them away. My first thought was to throw a frag but they must have read my mind cause they unzipped the vest they were pinned too
I had a tentacle around each of my wrists and one on each ankle the head squid fucker spoke to me in clear English telling me to stop fighting ‘’fuck you’’ I said ‘’oh believe me you will’’ with that I blacked out from being drugged.
When I came to I felt cold and noticed I was floating in the air and I was naked
‘’what do you think earthling?’’ came that same fucking voice I answered ‘’I am captain john hiller USMC you can kiss my ass alien fuck! Itll be a cold day in hell before I tell you anything so you can just kill me now” ‘’ oh captain we do not intend to kill you. We simply want to conduct some experiments’’
‘’id rather you fuck off! Once you took off my helmet my team was alerted and any minute they will find me and kill you’’ he pointed to 2 more floating naked people ghost and wraith ‘’ you mean them?’’
I breathed a sigh of relief that they didn’t find fang tank and the truck
“you are perfect for our research’’ he started to take off his suit ‘’oh great im going to get raped by this ass’’ I thought ‘’im just glad I have been with a bunch of guys’’
He got down to completely naked and I stared wide eyed! His penis was two feet long and 5 inches wide
I screamed as he stepped closer to me and started to snake a tentacle around my now hard cock
‘’hmm how ineffective’’ he said and snaked a second tentacle into my ass hole ‘’these organs are so small and crude’’ his tentacle snaked deeper into my ass and kept going and going I was screaming in pain as every inch stretched me to my limit ‘’oh earthling’’ he said taking the tentacle all the way out ‘’ that was nothing’’ he gagged me as he aimed his massive cock at my asshole the pain shot through me worse than a bullet it felt as if he where going to tear me in half by fucking me. My ass swallowed inch after inch of the squids cock as he hit something and couldn’t go any farther I said a silent prayer but that soon turned out bad. ‘’this hole can take more’’ he said as he grabbed my shoulders and pushed in till the base hit my ass cheek. Pain shot through me as he destroyed my inner organs, and I blacked out.
When I came around for the second time I felt a weight on my chest and spoke ‘’oh my god where am I’’
I noticed the voice was not mine and my heart jumped I looked down and saw my ccup breasts.I felt light headed as I took a hand and grabbed at my crotch only to find a vagina
‘’I am truly sorry for that’’ came the lead squids voice from the corner of the room ‘’I didn’t think I would hurt you that bad’’ what did you do to me you squid ass hole?’’ ‘’ I am sorry captain but when I was having sex with you , you broke and I fixed you’’ ‘’by turning me into a woman?’’ ‘’ I read your mind it is a deep secret of yours isn’t it ?’’ ‘’well it is but I didn’t think it would happen I want kids someday’’
‘’you can still you are a fully functional woman……with a few bonuses’’ ‘’what bonuses?’’
‘’ since I owe you for what I did I made it so your friends, family and everybody you have ever met will see you as if you have always been a woman even your squad mates’’ ‘’wow’’ ‘’ there is more we also gave you our ability which means you can take any shape you want male or female and you will be able to grow a working penis of any size by just thinking of it and you have an unlimited supply of wishes’’
‘’wishes’’ yes we will grant you anything you wish for as long as you live’’ ‘’okay give my team back their clothes ant put them where you found them with no memory of what happened’’ ;; done’’
‘’ I want you to give me my suit back’’my suit appeared in front of me ‘’ weapons too I wont kill you’’
My weapons appeared to the left of everything I started to check my weapons they where all in working order I started the pre suit up routine on my suit ‘’so we have a few minutes while my suit boots up so lets try out my new pussy! I want you to shrink your cock down too 10 inches and go easy
His dick shrank down and he got me in doggy style position and started to insert his cock in my new pussy
The pleasure was so intense I couldn’t stand it I came in the first minute as he fucked harder and harder I came more and more he was all the way in my pussy when he flipped me over and started playing with my tits as he thrust in and out it was amazing. I imagined a cock 12 inches long and it appeared before my eyes. I started jerking it the feeling of having a pussy an a cock was intense I came a gallon on my hair and face and the squid came in my pussy. I collapsed to the floor in a heap as he pulled out ‘’wait can I get pregnant ?’’ ‘’not unless you want too’’ ‘’good I want you to make me so I look like a model but not super skinny and not bitchy looking’’ I went to a mirror and the face staring back at me was one from my dreams ‘’I got dressed in my armor all but the helmet for now it felt like it was made for me the same way it was when I was a 250 pound man. ‘’my new name’’ ‘’jessie captain jessica hiller’’ I need you to transport yourself to my home and your ship to get off earth. It has to look like my team finished their mission’’
‘’ it is already set up my men will make it look real don’t worry their guns will be set to safe mode if they hit you it will knock you down but it wont hurt.’’ ‘’good. My weapons are as I left them?’’ ‘’ none of my men altered them in any way’’ I had all my gear on by now all weapons strapped in ‘’ I have never met an earth force this strong. How are you so effective? My team got lucky’’ ‘’ my team has trained for years’’
‘’ fair enough’’ ‘’ I need you to release 3 more survivors and have them come with me’’
‘’okay’’ ‘’ the rest you can play with and alter their sex organs actually transport them to my home with you make a new room under the house and we can play with them together’’ ‘’ your such a freaky girl now’’ I laughed as I un holstered my glocks and racked the slides back and released them
‘’sorry I killed so many of your guys’’ ‘’its okay I have plenty’’ ‘’okay love its time to get this show going’’ I said as he disappeared hopefully to my house and 3 survivors appeared in front of me
‘’who are you?’’ said a tall guy ‘’im your rescue sir’’ I said slipping my helmet on I said ‘’follow me’’
They all followed as we went back to the entrance I noticed there where two more rat guys there I slammed them with the butt end of my glocks and went through the door ‘’fang ? Tank? Do you copy?’’
‘’read ya loud and clear reaper lost radio contact for a while you okay?’’ ‘’im good things got hairy I had to claw my way out bring the truck I have 3 survivors’’
‘’ roger ‘’
I pretended to ‘’hold off’ the rat guys till they arrived I got the survivors in the truck told fang to get shotgun and I got in ‘’listen up science op aborted all teams fall back to the chopper pilot get us ready to dust off heavy 3 more survivors’’ everyone acknowledged
Once at the chopper we all got in linked up with ghost and wraith and lifted off
So did the alien ship as it vanished in a cloud of fire ‘’that’s what took so long huh captain?’’ said tank
‘’yeah I wired their reactor to blow’’ (that just popped into my head)
I took my helmet off and joan gasped ‘’you are bleeding reaper ‘’
‘’yeah I smashed my head’’
I leaned back and sighed. In the USMC records it would show that my team eliminated the hostile craft and its leader
When the truth was their leader was in a new secret room under my house

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2016-10-25 12:15:54
The instant that many of us flip 07, find that we are at our strategy to maturity.

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2013-01-10 21:47:06
Glock 19 is 9mm, not .40 caliber and certainly not "single shot".

Facts are fine but not when you make them up.

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2012-08-18 18:56:26
Good but a few things, as well as some already mentioned, an MP5 is not a rifle!
But good apart from that

For those that dont know, a rifle is a gun with spirals in the barrels, meaning greater accuracy, guns dont have that.

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2011-09-11 17:38:07
fucking loved it, why couldn't you carry on?

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2011-06-05 23:21:35
I'm sure the writer didn't know how much the bullets weigh, it isn't even relevant

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