This is the fourth part of the stories involving Derek, myself and some of our other friends. This is also the second (and final) part of the "The Brothers Return" stories. If you haven't read "The Brothers Return" then I suggest you do.
We hardly spoke for the rest of the day, Jordan and I, in fact we only acknowledged eachothers existance by the swift glances at eachother whenever we walked into the same room. I'm not sure why but this only enhanced my feelings for Derek; perhaps it was having seen Jordan as basically an older, more developed, version of Derek had caused me to want to 'compare' back with him again. I don't know, all I can say is that I got that opportunity before too long.

Sleeping in the same bed as Derek that night brought back memories of the very first time I'd been to Derek's house and slept in his bed, the thoughts of what we had done the morning after. All this brought back as I slept with the boy of my dreams, it wasn't a perfect situation just yet though; I now knew that he had shared what we had done with his brother and I knew what I had done with Jordan behind hid back... I felt guilty because of that, of course. Derek was still the hot 15 year old boy that I wanted to be with and share yet more sexual experiences with.

Tuesday was spent almost entirely as though Jordan was not even there, Derek and I talked normally and played video games. Ate the same terrible food and acted the same around eachother, sometimes I even forgot that his brother was in the room. When I remembered though, Derek seemed to realise that something was wrong, his expression would change and he'd stop acting so playfully. Later that night he asked approached me while his brother was in the bathroom.

"Ben, what's wrong? You've been acting strange all day." There was a hint of true concern in his voice.

"Nothing, I'm... I'm fine." I don't know why I lied, it just felt like the right thing to do at the time. I can't remember what was going through my mind; but it payed off. Big Time.

At about 9pm, after I'd been in the shower, Jordan went out to go and meet his friends. Apparently he'd be out all night and be back by the time we were awake the next morning. Finally I would have some time alone with Derek, for the first time in months. Naturally other ideas started to form in my head, being alone with him all night was more than enough time to... enjoy ourselves without his brother getting in the way. After Derek's shower we sat down to watch some stupid Tv show about dolphins and sharks, neither of us paying much attention to the dull voice waffling over the same old videos of dolphins. For no evident reason, Derek stood up and walked through into his bedroom. I shouted through and asked what he was doing, to which he simply replied he was going on the internet; I had no wish to sit and watch him play some shitty online game so I stayed and watched the remainder of the documentary. By the time it was finished it was almost 11pm so I guessed that we'd be going to bed soon and I walked through into the bedroom to talk to Derek. I didn't expect what I saw when I pushed open the door.

He was sitting, completely naked, jacking off in front of the computer. His body had developed since I'd last seen it, he had more toned abs than his brother and he was 2 years younger; his cock wasn't far off either. Standing at just over 7". His foreskin slapped back and forward over his glands as he methodically jerked off, using his precum as lube. I stood there, getting a boner for at least 5 minutes - just admiring the view of a 15 year old boy with a cock bigger than most adults sitting there playing with himself, it was a spectacularly arousing sight. Before long I was as hard as I had ever been and the tent in my pants was undoubtedly noticeable and throbbing in time with my heartbeat. I felt as though one tiny nudge and I would cum on the spot, why was it that I'd had anal sex with this boy but the sight of him jacking off was still making me as horny as ever.

I took a step back out of the door and composed myself, tucking my boner into my waistband to hide it. Then I casually walked in and started getting undressed, pretending not to notice what he was doing, yet making sure that he was aware of my presence. I busied myself looking for clothes, taking off my own and searching for unknown objects; Obviously I didn't know what was going to happen from that moment onward but I could of had a pretty decent guess and still of been wrong.

Derek spun around and looked directly at me, still holding his cock that was now spraying precum all over his thighs and wrist. I, now standing naked with my full boner visible to his hungry eyes, was staring down at his cock. Then all at once, something happened that neither of us had expected. The door to the bedroom opened and Jordan wandered in, stopping the instant he looked up and saw his naked brother sitting with a boner in front of his preteen friend that was also naked (Now that I think about it, it would of looked extremely strange to anyone observing the situation). The three of us remained silent for seconds that seemed like hours, each of us as shocked as each other. Jordan was the first to say something... if you can call it speaking; he made a deep sort of grunt and a smile spread across his face.

"You've grown since last time, Derek."

All at once it dawned on me, Why Derek had told his brother about what we'd done together. How Derek had known what to do when it came to anal sex and blow jobs. He had done it all before he met me, with his older brother.

"You two fuck eachother?" The shock of everything seemed to burst out of me and those were the words that it formed.
I got no real reply, just a slow nod. What happened next surprised Derek, no where near as much as it surprised me though. Jordan moved across the room and sat on the bed closest to me and began to strip; taking off all his clothes and throwing them into the corner of the room until he was completely naked. Now that made three horny teenagers (12 is close to 13) all with boners and all dying to have sex. Now it's obvious what happened that night.

"Come here Ben, I'll repay you for yesterday and show you a neat trick that Derek loved when he was your age."

All the ill feelings and resentment I had towards Jordan seeped away with each step I took towards the bed, when I finally sat I felt nothing but lust for this model of a man. It was nothing compared to how I felt when he was done with me though. He told me to position my balls above his face, he lay back on and bed and I rearranged my body over his face; I assumed that he was going to lick my balls or finger my ass - when he told me to sit though, I knew exactly what he was planning. I moved slightly further forward and lowered my ass onto his mouth, until I could feel his warm lips kissing my tight hole. Then his tongue emerged and started to draw circles around my hole, darting once or twice through my muscles and savouring the moment for a few seconds before going back to circling. He done this for a few minutes before he roughly threw my body off and positioned himself over my throbbing cock, without warning he swallowed me entire cock, I could feel him gagging and the muscles in the back of his throat vibrating and causing my cock to twitch and my body to writhe with pleasure until he stopped and pulled off of my dick. Something was moving his body, his back was rocking backwards and forwards with a rhythmic motion from that which comes only from sex. Derek was standing at the bottom on the bed, thrusting agressively into his brother, causing him to clench his jaw and accept his younger brothers cock. It took him only a moment to get used to the movement before he returned back to me and started to deep throat me again - this time it was too much, the sight of Derek having sex with an older version of himself combined with the rippling muscles in Jordan's throat were too much for my body to handle and I came, without any other warning than my body jerking seconds before hand. I exploded into his mouth and thrusted back and forth until all of my cum was sucked off and swallowed. Now that I had been satisfied, I took it as my responsibility to make Derek experience what I just had. So I climbed over to Jordan's ass and gently pushed Derek out of him. Putting my body into the same stance that Jordan had been in; Derek seemed to realise what I was intending to do so he shuffled along and started to poke me with his dick, testing out my hole. Jordan moved into the same position that I had been in and slid the bottom of his body under mine, now his cock was practically up my nose - at the same time Derek started to fuck me, I took all of Jordan's mammoth 8" cock down my throat. Forcing myself onto his crotch in order to keep it down as long as possible, it was only 20 seconds before I had to emerge for air, his thick bush of brown pubic hair springing back into shape from where my nose had been. Derek was still thrusting deeper and deeper into my ass, deeper than ever before, I felt like I was about to cum again just because of his cock up my ass; Not yet, that moment would come. Once, twice, three more times I swallowed Jordan's cock until I felt that familiar jerking and tensing of muscles and he came. Directly into my mouth - there was too much, too much to keep in my mouth alone, I could feel it running out of my mouth and back down his cock; so I swallowed that which I could and began sucking off the rest from all the way along his shaft, paying close attention to the head and beneath the foreskin. The sight of his brother cumming into my mouth sent Derek over the edge and he thrust one last time deep into me, causing me to yelp in pain and clutch onto Jordan's legs. Then he came, deep within my body his burning cum slowly began running down along his dick and out of my ass, leaving a growing white stain on the bed. I meanwhile was jacking myself off, the extreme stimulation from being used TWICE as a place to cum, being fucked and sucked. The knowledge that I had made two people feel such pleasure caused me to orgasm, yet again. I was 12, still going through puberty. I barely came the second time.

Derek pulled out of my ass with a blob of cum still on his dick and lay down beside Jordan and I. His cock right beside his brothers face, so Jordan licked off the cum and slid out from underneath my body. Then we lay there, for the rest of the night until we woke the next morning and cleaned eachother off in the shower. Derek pushing his finger into my ass to get out the drying cum and I sucking the cum out from underneath both their foreskins.

Thanks for reading this story. It's a true story so I'm not going to change the facts to make it a better read. If you've got any opinions about the story, be they positive or negative please do leave a comment. Don't forget to rate. If you've got any questions then send me a message on the forums.
There is one, maybe two more stories involving Derek. After they are finished I will either write more true stories from when I was under 16 or I will start fiction.
Thank You.

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