This is the second installment in my "write off" wiuth Pornyhayes- both of us addressing the same situation. See part 1 "After the disco" by myself and "Friday Night" by Porny. Porny's part two is "Fucking Sharon" Hope you like these stories, please leave comments and scores if you do.
It had been three weeks since our encounter with Michelle in the graveyard (see after the disco). Ricky and I had kept our heads down, all the while fearing a ring at the door and the extension of the long arm of the law, which having ceased momentarily from frigging the public in general and drivers in particular, might have taken to the arrest of those accused of rape. Fortunately no such knock came and we began to relax. So it was that on the third Saturday night we deemed it safe to go out again and so here we were, settled in out favorite local just round the corner from the disco-club where Ricky had worked so hard on Michelle three weeks ago. It was an enjoyable night and we were pretty well lubricated when about 9:30, in walked a group of girls. Ricky was facing the door- he saw them first and froze. I reacted to his expression and swiveled round in my chair. Four girls had entered the bar, all dressed up to the nines and well made up. They were obviously in for a pre club drink (prices were lower here) before going on to the disco down the street. They were certainly spectacular, and would have commanded Ricky’s attention anyway, short skirts, glitter and boob-tubes - but the problem was that they were all Michelle’s friends. I turned back to Ricky
“Oh shit! Here we go”
I knew that this was the moment that we would get our come-uppance if any uppance was coming. At first they didn’t notice us and went straight to the bar giggling whilst they ordered. Then one caught Ricky’s eye, she stopped in mid sentence, her smile withered and her expression froze. I couldn’t see what was happening at the bar but Ricky did
“Oh-Oh” he mumbled keeping his head down “here it comes”
I turned in my chair and saw one of the girls- her name was Casey I think. She was coming over towards our table and she didn’t look pleased to see us.
“Hey you perverts”
I turned to face her fully, she was certainly determined. Her face was flushed and I could feel the heat coming off her. She almost spat at us,
“This is for Michelle”
With that she tossed her drink, newly filled from the bar, all over me. Maybe she feared retaliation because she didn’t wait for an answer but turned and stormed back across the room.
The buzz of conversation seemed to have stopped and the regulars were looking at me now as her flung drink dripped steadily from my nose. I licked some from my lips - fortunately it was gin and tonic and shouldn’t stain; it might easily have been a bloody Mary and I was wearing a white shirt! The awkward silence in the pub passed and conversation resumed. The girls glared at me, drank up and left the bar, all but one that was. I had turned back to Ricky
“Don’t relax too soon mate” he warned “we’re not out of the woods yet!”
I heard footsteps behind me, the sharp staccato clip of a pointed heel.
“Think you’re pretty clever eh boys?”
After one shower I was a little more cautious but although the voice was accusatory, it didn’t seem angry or particularly threatening. I turned. Michelle’s best friend Sharon was standing there. She looked stunning; tight yellow silk blouse through which her largish breasts were doing their best to push, the outlines of her bra clearly visible. The straps emerged at her shoulders revealing the delicate garment to be black in color. Her boobs naturally led the eye down to her slim waist and flat stomach, where her blouse joined a tight disco rah-rah skirt that floated out over her trim hips, settling like candy floss over her well-shaped thighs. These were clad in dark fishnet tights, the nylon emphasizing the tapering shape of her slender legs. I swallowed, it was quite a sight, I wasn’t sure what I would say but I knew there was no point in lying, Michelle would have told her everything. Mentally I readied myself for the next humiliation
“Hey Sharon” I mumbled “Everything OK?”
To my surprise she actually smiled
“Maybe” she said and then to my amazement, she sat down! “Get me a drink?”
We were stunned; Ricky’s eyes were popping out of his head,
“YYyess Yess- right away”
He rose too quickly and knocked over his own glass! I grabbed for it and managed to keep it from a terminal spill. Still the episode helped to defuse a potentially tense situation and Sharon visibly relaxed.
“I’ll have a Vodka and coke”
Ricky threw me a confused look and headed for the bar. I turned to Sharon
“Guess you know everything” I said—“So what’s a nice girl like you doing with guys like us?”
Sharon turned to me and batted her well mascara’d lashes
“Who says I’m a nice girl?”
I wasn’t sure how to take that- was there more trouble in store? Ricky returned breathless from the bar. He cast her a sheepish glance
“Here you go Sharon”
Sharon took the drink and sipped, I watched her red lips form around the rim of the glass, sensual and inviting. She swallowed, the liquor perhaps lending her a little more confidence,
“Look guys, I know what happened with Sharon”
“So why are you here and not away with the rest of the crowd?” I replied.
“Well we don’t all have to think the same way about these things do we? Michelle knows she’s a tease, but she love’s it!” then almost shyly she added “I love it.”
Ricky and I were enthralled- we hadn’t expected this! Sharon continued
“We both know it’s a risk to play with fire. If it goes wrong then maybe you’ll get burned but in any event it’s definitely gonna warm up your evening on a cold night! I know she’s mad as hell and the others are out in sympathy, but it doesn’t seem to me you that you treated Michelle too badly - and don’t worry she’s not about to report it.”
Sharon took another sip and watched us over the rim of her glass
“Chilly tonight isn’t it?” she said quietly.
In fact the weather was still pretty warm and Ricky looked puzzled, but I caught on right away.
“Freezing” I replied, “maybe we can warm you up?”
Light dawned on Ricky’s face as the penny dropped. Sharon had not been outraged by Michelle’s story, far from it. My guess was that the girl was actually pretty turned on by it. Later I found out that Sharon had fantasized for years about being taken against her will. The reality is too scary, too dangerous and too risky to ever contemplate. There are weirdoes out there who genuinely do not like women, they might be carrying any disease under the sun and they use rape as a weapon; they might do anything- the risks are simply too great- But then Sharon already knew the two of us. Michelle had survived her experience with nothing worse than wounded pride, we were known, traceable and we were obviously after the sex not humiliation or pain, in short we were safe. Michelle’s story had churned in her mind for three weeks. She described how the others had railed against us, comforting Michelle and swearing never to speak to us again unless it were to wreak some dreadful act of sisterly revenge. At the same time these events had worked a different magic in her own mind. She had become excited, intrigued and curious. She had made up her mind to speak to us as soon as she could- and tonight was the first time we had emerged from our self-imposed purdah.
She took a deep breath, as if reaching a decision and stealing herself to go on
“So what next boys?”
Ricky and I grinned at her
“I’m sure we can find something to do – drink up and let’s explore?”
With that Ricky and I drained our glasses, Sharon did too, she was looking flushed, only slightly it was true but still more than I thought could be due to a single Vodka.

Sharon got her coat, I drew Ricky aside- mumbled plans made in haste- back to my place seemed the best bet, Ricky’s was a mess and anyway mine was closer and had a bigger bed. Sharon rejoined us, her eyes sparkling.
“Why not come back for some coffee?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could. She shivered almost visibly and then quietly accepted.

We left the bar, the night air was cooler and it sobered me up slightly, I couldn’t believe my luck- or was this yet to prove the ultimate tease, the best revenge on us yet? We seemed to be walking more rapidly; we turned the last corner and arrived at the door to my flat. I found my hands were shaking as I fumbled with the keys in the lock, luckily they went straight in and I don’t think Sharon noticed. The door opened and I gestured her in. She looked around the street, as if thinking for the last time that here she was crossing a divide, leaving safety behind her. Then her resolve settled, she stepped inside.

The door opened directly onto a small hall leading to a staircase, my flat being on the first floor. It was dark in the hallway; I decided to test the situation. As Ricky shut the door, instead of turning on the light I gathered Sharon in my arms and forced her backwards onto the hallway wall. My body contacted hers along her full height, my lips sought hers. She tensed a little but then relaxed. When I found them her lips were warm and moist, they parted beneath mine as her breathing quickened. This was clearly to be no tease. Gently I nipped her lower lip and wormed my tongue into her mouth. Her saliva tasted sweet and clean, with a hint of cola. She almost sighed.

Unsure what was happening Ricky found the light switch and turned it on. He seemed taken aback by the sight of me on top of Sharon, pressing her to the wall and taking the liberties I had sought. But this was not to be a private party, Ricky was clearly invited and I beckoned him in. I released Sharon’s mouth, she panted as Ricky’s found her lips too. My hand moved to a breast just as Ricky’s cupped the other. Her boobs were heavy and firm in her bra cups, they moved softly under our touch, rolling in their cradles. Ricky came up for air.
“Upstairs” I whispered, quiet but urgent,

Sharon nodded and between the two of us we maneuvered her up the steps, our hands slipping under her blouse, under her skirt, roaming across but not inside panties and fondling her bum. The lacy fabric scratched lightly at our fingers as we relished the smooth softness of her body. I’m not sure that Sharon consciously took a step at all as we manhandled her upwards; the weight of her body was born entirely by four hands on her erogenous zones.

We struggled into the bedroom, I have an emperor size bed (king-size plus 1 foot) and the two of us tumbled Sharon backwards onto the mattress, our hands already fumbling at her buttons. I managed to get three undone on her blouse as Ricky crushed her mouth with his yet again. Her bra tumbled into view, the soft mounds filling the cups to perfection. Her nipples were hidden by the protective fabric. I tugged her blouse down further, she squealed into Ricky’s mouth. I pulled the cups downwards at the front and feasted on her nipples as the pink buds were released. Her body seemed to be writhing beneath us. I fumbled round her back and unfastened the bra completely, pulling the strip of fabric out from under her and relieving her of her blouse as well. I kissed her breasts moving to kiss the flesh of her stomach, moving relentlessly downwards towards the prize lurking there. Ricky moved to lie across her upper body. His lips working alternately on hers and on the nipples I had just relinquished. My tongue reached her waist band; I tugged it down, kissing each new centimeter of flesh I revealed. Her panty top came into view, black and lacy. I slid the skirt down over her hips leaving her panties in position. The smooth curves of her body were utterly feminine and completely captivating. Her panties clung sensually to the firmness of her body, her tights encasing both in a fishnet of nylon that was somehow reminiscent of a trapped animal; our captured prize.

I pushed my face down into the cleft at the tops of her thighs; the texture of panty and net was delicious as I rubbed my cheek across her lower belly. I nuzzled my face into her crotch, relishing the salmon-scent of pussy mixed with warm, clean, moist cotton. Somewhere above me Sharon squealed as I buried my head between her thighs and inhaled deeply. Her legs parted to allow me access and I took full advantage. Her scent was intoxicating. Above me her squeals were mixed with “Mmwa Mmwa” sounds, as Ricky cut off her voice with his mouth.

I dug my fingers under the waistband of the panties and pulled them down with her tights. They stuck on the swell of her hips but she raised her bottom and they slid smoothly past their widest point. From then it was easy work to slip them down her smooth legs towards her feet. As I moved down Ricky discovered the rich hunting grounds I had exposed. His mouth roamed freely downwards across her stomach, delving between her thighs, the first to reach her newly exposed pussy. He buried his face in the wiry hairs surrounding her mons. I heard him gasp too as he inhaled the scent of her sex.
Sharon seemed to be almost delirious, her eyes were rolling in her head and now her arms were free and she used them to pull and push at Ricky’s hair, mushing his face deeper between her thighs and scratching at his back.
I succeeded in removing her underwear and pulled the tights free. Then I stood and tore my own shirt off-. In my haste it was ruined, it wouldn’t have mattered after all had Casey assaulted me with tomato-juice!

I returned to her breasts and took a whole mound into my mouth, I sucked hard. Ricky had nearly emptied them but there was still a gorgeous hint of yoghurty berry flavor. I dug my hand into her second breast, marveling at its bulk and firmness. Sharon squealed at the pressure. I sent my other hand down between her thighs, dislodging Ricky who took the opportunity to strip himself before plunging back onto her. I removed the rest of my clothing and at last we all three were naked on my bed. There was a red flush on Ricky’s chest and a similar tinge colored Sharon’s breasts. My own chest felt warm and my ears were burning. There was no doubt, we were each deep in the throes of our passion, the world didn’t exist, there was only this room, only our bodies and the things we could do for each other.

Now she was naked we rolled Sharon onto her side, Ricky lay along her front and I along her back. Two rock hard pricks sprang from our loins towards the pussy-prize. It was a matter of chance which of us penetrated her first, but in the event it was I. My prick slid easily between the globes of her bottom and with almost no effort I found I was ploughing along the furrow of her pussy from behind. It slid easily in the moistness escaping from her nether lips; I could almost hear a slurping sound from her wetness. I angled my hips and thrust upwards. I felt my cockhead come into contact with the cleft in her body, catching on the lips guarding her entry. Another twist and a thrust and her lips parted, the heat inside her was intense almost fiery. I moaned with the sensation of entering her. Ricky had her mouth covered in his but even so I heard a gasp escape her, audible evidence of her penetration. Almost immediately she began to buck back at me, seeking to take more of my throbbing prick inside her. I was thrusting too and I rejoiced as my prick slid into her, centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch. I felt the rippled texture of her cunt walls gripping me, inviting me and welcoming me inside. I bottomed out on her cervix and she grunted. From then on I was rutting from the rear, each thrust sending delicious shivers of delight along my prick. She was grunting in return as I slid into her and out again, in and out, in and out, over and over. She was pushing back at me, becoming more urgent; demanding more from me, faster deeper, harder. I did my best but the texture was so delicious, I didn’t know if I could last. Frantically I started trying to think of something else; anything other than the deliciousness of Sharon’s body and the sheer joy of fucking her. I managed to cling on, for 15 glorious minutes that seemed like an eternity I thrust into her willing body. Then just as I felt I could last no longer I felt the first telltale tightening of her cunt tube, her thrusts became more determined, more regular; the cunt walls were constricting squeezing- it wouldn’t be long now, surely she was close. She started to gasp
“Yes, yes, nearly, uhuh, uhuh, more, more, more…!”
I felt her stiffen; her vagina tensed and squeezed me inside. Her body was rigid, she was straining, straining, straining on my prick inside her, desperate to climb the mountain and fling herself over the edge. She began to tremble with the effort and then suddenly her whole body was convulsing “Uh, Uh, Uh” she gasped with each convulsion as her cunt spasmed onto my prick. Desperately I tried to hang on and fortunately I succeeded. Somehow, deep within me, I found the strength to resist the near ecstasy induced by the spasming of this woman’s vagina. I felt proud of myself for surviving as she subsided, pulling Ricky’s mouth from her breasts to her lips and kissing him deeply as the intensity of her orgasm subsided. She had stopped moving and so I rested my bloated prick inside her, just a short while before I would start my own quest for orgasm and release. I heard her sigh. For a moment there was silence and then to my surprise Sharon was the first to move. She started to slowly grind her hips back at me, opening to me again, slipping me in and out of her body once more. I had heard of multiple orgasms but our sexual experience had not been such as to present any opportunities where we might encounter them. Here, now was clear evidence of a girl in heat, a girl with her own agenda and it was an eye opener for us both.

I had still not come and to my satisfaction my prick firmed again instantly, rejoicing in the delicious slide of her rippled walls over taught cock skin. I felt urgency rising in me and started to fuck into her, meeting each thrust with one of my own and soon we were rutting as frantically as we had before, but this time Sharon’s orgasm was closer. Her movements became more frenzied before she tensed once again and her cunt convulsed around me, squeezing, almost milking me. It was an invitation I could not ignore and I defy any man to stand for long against the frantic pleadings of an orgasming woman. I felt my own time arriving, closer, closer and then I burst inside her; my whole body shaking and my penis twitching to blurt stream after stream of creamy goo deep inside her. As I came she held Ricky close and squeezed his prick firmly in her hands.

I was spent, my prick deflated quickly and slid wetly from her, a minor flood of sperm following. ”Thank you baby” murmured Sharon and turned on her side to kiss me tenderly. “But time for number two I think”

She rolled onto her back as I slid sideways, taking Ricky’s place at her breasts and mouth. He eagerly slipped on top of her willing, waiting body. Sharon raised her legs and reached down to guide Ricky into her. I heard her grunt again as penetration succeeded. Ricky gasped as I had done at the warmth of her. Her cunt was now well opened and moistened, his hips slipped forward and he fucked her easily. Soon he was bucking into her as I had done. Sharon was returning each thrust, her hips were moving easily, and then suddenly she tensed again, and then convulsed once more with her orgasm. For a short while we lay still. Again, Sharon was the first to move, pushing back onto Ricky’s prick, teasing, tantalizing, commanding attention and demanding more effort from the intruder. Ricky responded bucking into her again and once more they were off! The bed was shaking violently with their efforts and I clung to her breasts and mouth as the shaking threatened to dislodge me. Again she tensed and again she came; her tongue working frantically in my mouth as she went over.

It wasn’t enough, again the pause was only short lived before she started moving once more, challenging Ricky to respond and respond he did, again and again. Four times he brought her to orgasm. I was slightly jealous at this success since I had managed only two; but then Ricky had not run that lonely first mile up the first side of mount Sharon, a long uphill climb leading to her first orgasm, the orgasm that had unlocked her body for more. With the fourth orgasm I saw a look of almost panic in Ricky’s eyes. He and I have shared enough women (even if most of them have been unconscious) that I can recognize that look. He could hold back no longer and now, as Sharon crested for the fourth time he too was swept over the edge. I noticed his hips tense. He thrust firmly into her, spending his emission deep in her vagina as Sharon pushed back as though eager to take it all. As they relaxed Sharon knew this ride was over, she too subsided gently, cooing and coaxing the both of us, kissing us each alternately.

For a moment we all relaxed, and then Sharon’s hand crept out to explore between my thighs and gently encircled my prick. I was now better rested and under the gentle but firm attention the tender folded flesh grew, rose and stiffened. Gently Sharon pulled me towards her vagina…

That night seemed endless, Sharon turned out to be insatiable, her orgasms came flooding one on the other until it seemed that her hips were rolling in oil, and although each became gradually smaller, it became easier and easier to send her over the edge. I lost count of how many times she came, Ricky and I both had our fair share, but in the early hours it was clear that we could go no further, our balls were thoroughly drained. I just managed to reach down and pull the covers over us before all three of us fell asleep, Ricky and me laying each side of Sharon, our pricks laying limply between our legs.

That first night was magic and I’m pleased to say it wasn’t the only one. However it was also the beginning of the end. Sharon was always going to do the “choosing” thing eventually, and in the end she chose Ricky (I still wonder why). So that was the end of our frequent and mind-bending threesomes. Soon afterwards I moved to the coast and set up my own hotel business and continue my drug-fuelled adventures … but that, as they say, is another story (see the Hotelier series).

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2010-08-14 17:01:50
That was a really detailed story, shame it brought an end to your threesomes but i guess Ricky's in "Sharon Heaven". Wonder if she'd still like a third partner?

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