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a decent into whoredom
Part 3

Lisa sneaks into the house trying not to make any noise after-all, she is covered in cum and if her parents see her she’ll be grounded for a year and they’ll probably move. She manages to sneak past her dad who is passed out in his recliner with the TV on. She rushes up stairs into the bathroom and quickly turns on the shower. As Lisa cleans off all the remnants from the night she starts to relive it in her mind.
“What the fuck was I thinking? Fucking brad like that was bad but letting those guys use me like that, treating me like a useless whore, what was I thinking?”
Lisa starts to get a sinking feeling in her stomach. Before she knows it she starts to get wet again. “Huh” as she touches her pussy.
“Holy shit I’m wet”.
She then starts to rub her clit. In record time Lisa cums real hard as she thinks how they used her. After coming down Lisa finishes rinsing off and steps out drying herself off. She wraps the towel around her tight body and opens the door.

Her mom standing right in the door way.
“Everything ok honey?”
“Yeah ma I just needed a shower. We we’re dancing all night and I was feeling all scummy from sweating.”
“Ok”, her mom says and she heads to her room and lays down.
“ Wow that was some good instant bullshit”
She says smiling.
Lisa gets in her room and lies down, clicks on the TV and lays they’re still in her towel, still going over the night in her head. Only now she seems to be getting excited when she thinks about all the details.
“What’s so bad about it? Its only sex. Every one does it only I did it in a way most women only fantasize about and never get to do. I did it.”
She gets a proud feeling and decides that she will never again hold herself back from doing something she wants to do.
“As far as what I said to Jose, I guess I’ll live up to my promise for tomorrow night at least. It sounds like fun to be a toy for a day.”
With that thought she drifts off to sleep.

Lisa wakes up to a sound in her room. Its her brother standing there looking at her.
“ What the hell are you looking at?”
“Mom needs you down stairs.”
“Alright shit head, knock next time. Tell her I’ll be there in a few”
He steps out and closes the door. Lisa gets up and realizes that she’s naked.
“The fucker was staring at me”.
She fell asleep still in the towel, which came off during the night. “Damn he got a full spread eagle view of my pussy. No wonder he was standing there. He is a guy after all”.
Her brother is 2 years older than her. After some morning stuff she gets a call at lunch.
“Hey Lisa it’s Jose.”
Hey Jose how are you doing today?
I’m all-good here how are you?
Are you ok about last night?”
I had a great time. At first I didn’t know what to think but its cool”
Good Jose says. Did you mean what you told me just before you got out of the car?
“I thought about it for a while and figured why not? I meant every word.
“Cool Jose says. I’ll be there in 20 mins to pick you up.
“Ok, See ya in 20”.

“Don’t be out too late young lady,”
her dad says as she runs upstairs to get changed. She starts to take off her pajamas when she hears Jose’s car pull up.
“20 minutes, more like 5”.
She quickly grabs a tight t-shirt and a pair of shorts throws them on and starts to head down the stairs. She gets to the door and realizes that she doesn’t have and underwear on and her hair is a mess. She pauses at the mirror but the front door and pulls her hair up tight into a pony tail and ties a rubber band around it, checks out her shorts which fit her a-little snug. She checks out her t-shirt and it is fitting her tight around her flat stomach and very tight around her c-cup tits.
“Damn I even look ok in a t-shits.”
She starts to laugh at her self as she goes out the front door.

Lisa hops into his car
“ Hello there, What r we doing?”
“I have a few errands to run and I wanted some company”.
“Oh, ok I needed to get out of the house anyways. You’re doing me a favor really”.
Coo.l I need to go to a friend’s house to talk to him about a couple things. Then to a few other places. It shouldn’t take too long”.
“Ok no problem”.
After driving for about 20 minutes they arrive at a house that is in a rather seedy part of town.
“Don’t worry about the neighborhood. Its cool.”
They hop out and walk up to the house. As they hit the stairs up the porch the stairs look like there about to give way with each step. The porch looks as if it hasn’t been painted or looked after for at least a decade. The door looks like it would only take a good breeze to knock it over. Jose just walks in like he owned the place. As they walk through the house its surprisingly clean and orderly. The walls are freshly painted and the furniture looks nice and very expensive.

They go down 5 stairs to a lower lever that looks like a sports bar. There are plasma screens everywhere. Dart games, video games and a bar that has about 10 barstools around it. There are 4 guys playing pool.
“Hey guys what’s up,” Jose shouts out.
“This is Lisa. She’s a friend of mine. I need to talk to Blade for a bit. Why don’t you guys be nice and show her a good time while she waits”.
Jose heads out of the room up the stairs and down the hall.
“Hello guys” Lisa says.
“Hey there, why don’t you come over here and chat with us? Want a beer?”
“ Sure why not” Lisa chimes out.
They played a few games trying to teach little Lisa how to play. The whole time they were looking at her ass as she bends over to shoot the ball. Every time she bends over her shorts tighten up around her ass and crotch and pull up giving the guys a great look at her ass and her camel toe.

As they continue to play one of the guys, a tall black guy, walks up behind Lisa and starts to rub her ass as she shoots. It causes Lisa to shoot erratically and the ball flies off the table.
“Hey” is all she says.
He continues to rub her ass and then proceeds to start to take her shorts off. Surprising to her she doesn’t put up any resistance. The other guys in the room start to hoot. The tall black guy waist no time and shoves 3 fingers right in her pussy. She lest out a moan which he takes as encouragement and puts a fourth finger in her and starts to fuck her hard with his fingers. With out her noticing the other guys pulled out their dicks and we’re now stroking their cocks watching this guy jamming his fingers in her pussy like he was pissed at her.
“Hey guys this pussy is ready for some fucking. Lets fuck the shit out of this little fucking whore that Jose dropped on us”.

The guys taking their cue move in and immediately she has a cock in her pussy and one shoved in her mouth. Another one of the guys takes her hand and places it on his cock. Lisa immediately starts to stroke it as well as she can with the other guys hammering in her like crazy men. After a few minutes of this the tall black guy says
“Hey, put her on the edge of the pool table”.
They proceed to do just that and hold her legs spread eagle. Doing so knocks balls off the table.
“Around here if the balls fall off the table the person that knocks it off gets it. Since you didn’t, it goes in you”.
She gets a questioned look on her face and her question is soon answered. He takes the pool ball and rubs it on her clit for a few seconds before inserting the 8ball all the way in her pussy.
“It stays in there till we’re done with you”.

She thinks, “This is odd. How are they going to fuck me with a ball in my pussy”.
Her answer came almost immediately. The black guy takes his 8.5 inch cock and starts to enter her pussy. She starts to worry about what will happen but is soon put at ease as he starts to fuck her the ball just sloshes around her pussy and hitting spots that almost make her cum instantly. He starts to pick up the pace pounding his cock in her real hard. Lifting her off the table with every thrust. She lifts off so high that his cock pops out of her pussy and goes right into her asshole with no warning. He never misses a beat as she screams out from the sudden penetration to her ass. He doesn’t slow a bit. He pounds her asshole like he was just in her pussy. Hard and fast he pumps not even realizing that he was now in her asshole.
“Wow this ho is really hot. I think she sucked the ball into her cervix I can’t even feel it”.
With that he pulls out his cock and grabs another ball off the table. Before she could mutter out a word he shoves the other pool ball into her pussy.
“This should tighten up this pussy of hers.”
With out warning he shoves his cock in her pussy. She starts to moan loudly as she can’t believe she is taking this pussy pounding from a guy with a big cock and 2 pool balls in her pussy.

“Hey mother fucker how about we get a shot at the whore”.
The black guy backs off and the other guys start to fuck her hard. One of the guys climbs up on the pool table and grabs her by the hair.
“Now be a nice whore and let me fuck your throat for a while like a good nasty whore you are”.
Not waiting for a response he starts to fuck her face hard. It doesn’t take him long before he pulls his cock out of her mouth and sprays thick ropes of cum all over her face. Seeing this the guy fucking her full pussy hops up on the table like a frog and dumps a giant load of cum all over her face. At this point her face is barely recognizable it’s covered in so much cum. The guy standing over her grabs her legs back over her head
“Fuck this cum whores ass now”.
The 3rd guy walks up and just shoves his cock up her ass. He is fucking her with no regard for her pleasure. he just pounds her hard and fast. Lisa not believing how hard these guys are fucking her starts to moan incredibly loud.
“I’m Cumming,” she screams out. “Fuck my ass, treat me like the filthy cum whore I am. Tear my holes up. Fuck me till you can’t fuck no more”.

With that, the guy pounding her ass pulls out, climbs on the tables, and shoves his dirty cock right into her mouth.
“Clean my cock you anal whore. Make sure you get all of your filthy ass juice off my cock”.
Lisa greedily swallows his cock as the black guy return to her asshole. The guy in her mouth doesn’t last long and pulls out and adds to the cum already completely covering her face. There is so much cum it drips all over the front of her t-shirt which they never took off. The guy dismounts but the guy holding her legs over her head stays. The black guy is fucking her hard again calling her names with every stroke.
“”Take this black cock you fucking whore. You love cock don’t you bitch?”
Lisa responds” yes I love cock. Use me like the anal whore I am. Treat me like a piece of shit slut. Fuck my ass with no mercy. Fuck me like a jack hammer”.
Hearing Lisa talk like that he starts to fuck so hard he starts to hurt himself and pulls out of her ass. He pulls her down off the table and stands over her.
“Open your throat whore. I’m gonna cum right down your throat.”

He shoves his cock right down her throat all the way I in one stroke. He fucks her throat deep. She feel his cock start to swell and he puts his cock all the way in. his balls are resting on her chin. Seconds later Lisa feels his cum go right into her stomach. He cums buckets directly into her throat. She never even gets a taste of it. He holds his cock in there till he’s finished Cumming. She tries to get him off, as she is turning blue from the lack of oxygen. He finally pulls out and she gasp for air.

“The bathroom is over there. Go clean your self off.”
Says the black guy.
“Hey just kick the whore out of here. She’s not worth the water.” One of the other guys says”.
The black guy walks over to the guy and punches him in the face. Then proceeds to grab a pool cue and beat the shit out of the guy with it.
“Lisa was cool enough to do these things so we could get off. Show her some respect”
Pointing to Lisa
“There is a sink right behind the bar and some towels there too”. “Thanks a lot” Lisa says.
They pick up the guy off the floor and throw him out the door. “Grow up mother fucker”. Slam!!! The door closes.
“I hope he didn’t make you feel bad. He’s an asshole.
“Nah its cool I don’t take offense to it.”
“Thanks for a great time Lisa, I hope we weren’t too ruff on you?” “Nah, I like it rough and I like the name –calling”.
“ Here Lisa have a beer. You can hang here whenever you want. If you want to play some more cool. if not just come over and hang that’s cool too.
“Thanks” Lisa replies.
They all sit down and start watching the football game. About 30 minutes later Jose comes back
“Hey guys I hope Lisa wasn’t in your way”.
Nah dude she’s the best”.
“You guys fucked her didn’t you?”
“Yeah and man she is one great fuck. She won’t say no to anything. Where did you find a golden girl like that!”
I know her from school”. Jose says.
He walks over to Lisa
“Did you enjoy yourself?”
“Yup I did.”
“Cool we need to go. I’ve god a long drive ahead of me. I’ll drop you off. (14)

“I don’t want to go home Jose. Take me with you”.
“You sure it’s an hour each way?”
“Yeah, that should put us right on time for tonights festivities”.
“Damn I like you. Ok let’s go”.
They quickly go the car and hop in. Jose takes off and gets on the e-way.
“Holy shit!! 1” Lisa exclaims. “I still have 2 pool balls in my pussy”.
“Pool balls? How the--- never mind. Do they hurt or can you wait till we get to the rest stop?.
“I guess I can wait. It does feel kind of wild having 2 pool balls in me moving around with every bump you hit. If I start screaming don’t worry it will be me Cumming.
They both start laughing.
“You are definitely unique Lisa,and don’t you forget it”
They head down the expressway, engine humming and the tunes going.
“Lets see what else the day brings” Lisa thinks smiling.

As they head down the road Lisa drifts off in to a nap. Jose looks over at her. Sitting there sleeping peacefully not one hint of he events that have transpired in the past 12 or so hours. Her flowing blond hair running along side her pretty girl next-door face.
“I can’t believe my luck in finding such a beautiful chick that has this kind of appetite for cock. I’m gonna have to move fast before she comes to her senses and closes up those unbelievable thighs”.
They cruise for about an hour and a half.
“Hey dude, I need to go to the ladies room” Lisa says wiping her eyes.
“Welcome back to the world. I’ll stop at the next rest stop its about 2 miles up”.
“Great I need to pee so bad it hurts” Lisa exclaims.
“Well I was kind of hoping if getting a poke at you with those balls in you”
“Well, I’ll just have to make sure that they stay in there. Where are we gonna do it at. I don’t wanna keep them in all day.”
“We’ll see. Maybe at the rest stop. We can go in the bushes or something.
“Sounds good to me”

They pull into the rest stop and find parking spot. Before the car even stops Lisa opens the door and starts running to the restroom. Jose climbs out and goes into the restrooms as well. Jose comes out a few minutes later to look for Lisa but she is nowhere to be found. He checks the car, no Lisa. He looks around wondering where she is. He starts to walk towards the rear of the building to find her lying on a park bench while a bunch of guys are waiting in what looks like a line.
“What the fuck is this, I leave you for a couple minutes and your pulling a train at a rest stop? How did you do that so fast?
“ Well Jose this is one of my friends from school. He said he’s heard about the gazebo thing and said him and his friends wanted a turn. I was feeling horny so I said why not. I haven’t fucked any of them yet I wanted to save that for you first. Plus I am not gonna pull a train with these balls in me so get your cock in my pussy so I can get these balls out of my pussy and get to some serious fucking”.

Jose pulls out his cock and without any warm up he shoves his cock into her pussy. He immediately feels the balls and starts going nuts. It’s the most amazing feeling pumping her pussy with those balls rolling around with every thrust. In no time at all he starts to blow his load into her pussy. He starts to continue shoving his cock in her as he comes only to notice that the sensation feels even better with the now lubricated balls adding to his orgasm. As he pulls out one of the balls lodges its self at the opening of her pussy. Looking at it it’s a striped ball with the number 14 on it. She reaches down and puts a couple fingers in her pussy to get a grip of the ball which proves to be a challenge with all the cum on it. She does manage to get it out and starts to lick the ball clean. The other guys watching start to hoot and holler in disbelief and they start to pull their cocks out.
As they do she goes in her pussy again. This time she has to put her whole hand in her pussy because the other ball if further in and the only way she can get to it if by shoving her whole hand in there. The guys go nuts. They think she it fisting her self for a show not realizing what she is doing till her hand comes out in globby mess with the second ball. As soon as she takes her hand away from her pussy the guys immediately start jockeying for position to fuck her. As these 4 guys fuck her Jose is left standing there watching her getting pounded like a $5.00 whore. He looks at her face to see that she if fully enjoying everything that is going on. They are calling her just about every nasty name in the book. Cum-whore. Fuck slut. Sleazy bitch. Fuck hole. This continues for about 15 minutes before all the guys have either cum in her cunt or on her face. (18)

As the guys start to leave, her so-called friend says,
“Hey whore, thanks for the fuck. I’ll make sure everyone in town knows what kind of a piece of shit whore you are. I’ll call you when we get back in town and I’ll set up a party for all of my friends to fuck you like the pig you are. Ok?, I’ll call you later”.

Jose stood there ready to beat the shit out of this asshole when he hears
“ok I’ll be expecting your call. Don’t keep me waiting too long”.

Hearing that nearly floors Jose.
“Why do you let him talk to you like that?” Jose exclaims.
“It’s ok, I like the way it makes me feel. I can’t explain it. It’s part of the game. I don’t take it personal”.
“Next time let me know, I almost started beating the shit out of him. Lets go I have to finish this”. Jose exclaims.
They head straight to the car not giving Lisa time to clean up. Jose pulls away quickly and the speed downs the road.
“You know you don’t have to fuck everyone that you run into”.
“I know that silly but it is fun though,” Lisa says smiling.
Jose starts to smile and says
“Your crazy girl. Now I know why I hang with you. There are some wipes from the rib house in the glove box. Clean your self up we’ll be there in about 20 minutes”.
Lisa smiles back
“Ok, For a minute there I thought you we’re getting mad at me for fucking them. From now on when I’m with you I’ll only fuck who you want me to.”
Lisa starts wiping the cum from her face.
“I’ve got two more things for you to do today. Since we’re running late I’m gonna need your help in settling down the gentleman that we’re gonna meet.
“Anything you want baby. I’ll do what ever it takes to make you happy which in turn makes me happy”.
Jose looks at her,
“Good girl. With an attitude like that I think we’re gonna get along real good. Lets pull in this gas station real quick. Go to the bathroom and fix your self up real nice and no fucking any one.” They both start laughing as the pull in the gas station.

To be continued………………………….

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2011-05-11 16:10:54
Every body loves a whore. I did 9 guys one night. Warm cum ran down both my legs and I loved it. I hope I get the chance to do it again sometime.

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2010-08-26 11:32:32
What happen to the girl (Sue) from the first story? Maybe they can get together and have a great time with a large group of guys.

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