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After fancy dress anal fucking night.
“Hi can I speak to Princess please”?---------“Is that you Donna honey” said Mrs Blake. -------“Yeah how are things that end”?-------------------“Oh could not be better there are lots of sore cocks and ass rings here, we had a wonderful fancy dress anal party last night”-------------“Sounds great just what we could do with here; all us gals and brother Randy really love a good ass fucking”-----------------“We thought it would be great fun for a change; anal only Donna”-------------“Yeah well you ladies got 4 males to ravish all your fuck holes Mrs Blake, we got 5 girls here and only 2 cocks to pound us”--------------

“Never mind Donna your cousins will be here soon for little Beths incestation, let me tell you, you will not know which end you are getting fucked in once the ceremony is over”.------“I know only a week to go now Mrs Blake; I am so excited”. -----------“You did ring for Princess,- Donna, but you got no chance of speaking to her for a while,”----------------“Let me guess, Alec is home and she has locked him in her room trying to wear his dick out”--------

“You got it in one Donna, he arrived 2 days ago, I was so happy to see my boy I hogged him first and had him fuck me right on the living room floor till I cumm 3 times. The rest of the girls just had to wait, hell he’s my son why shouldn’t I go first? Daddy told the girls”.-------“Bet you cunt was dripping real good Mr’s Blake”.------------“Donna I have never had so much cumm up my pussy from only one cock since Daddy was my brother”.------------“Did the rest of the girls manage to get Alec’s cock up their cunt?--------------------“Oh sure Donna, Alec was tired after all that travelling, but he would not go to bed till he had dumped a load up each of his sisters fuck holes”. -----------

“Poor Mom ain’t getting much cock what with us girls getting more demanding as we get older, but she is getting lots of lesbian action with cousin Kath”------------“I think your Momma should write round all her relations and see if there are any spare cocks. Your Dad and Randy sure could do with help having 5 horny fuckers like you around the place.”-------“I know, I volunteered to go without my anal this week, Dad was so tired, we got plenty of dildos but it ain’t the same”.-----------------------------------“Well Princess ain’t going without, I just heard that orgasm from down here”,

“With the anal night Princess has not had much chance to have Alec’s stiff cock up her cunt apart from his first night home. So she wants an afternoon of cunt only fucking”.-------“Mrs Blake I have to tell you, that man who we suspect of non-relation fucking knocked on our door last week”----------------“Fuck no Donna, what did he say”? ------“Said he wanted to borrow some milk; but I swear he looked at me when I answered the door”---------------“Filthy fucker should be horse whipped Donna, you all stay away here”.---------“Oh we will Mrs Blake, he won’t corrupt our minds with his filth”.

“Thomas, Arnie and Hubby are back from the bar Donna and they all got their dicks out, wait you can’t drill me yet I am talking to Donna. Go upstairs and sort Princess out give her some double penetration, Tell Alec to come down here and lick his Moms pussy while I talk to Donna. Hell he has to go again next week; I want some quality orgasm time with him”.-------“Oh Mrs Blake sorry I got to go, Dad has come home with a huge hard on and all the rest of the family are down the sex shop getting presents for the incestation. Chance to relieve him of some spunk, cunt or ass either will do, bye”---------------“Bye Donna, try not to drain him, see if you can leave a bit for your poor Mamma”.---------------------“Alec come down here darling and give me some pussy loosening licking, ---Daddy and the boys are going to give me an after bar pounding, so open it wide Alec”.
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2015-09-24 14:21:37
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2012-08-28 06:40:48
Wow! What a great series, I only wish I could vote.

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2012-07-13 02:26:28
Jesus fuckin christ man lame can a story get. if all ur gonna post is shit like just go back to jerkin off to a pic of ur flabby grama in a bikini

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