I am Captain Jessica hiller I’m sitting on the old sofa in my living room after being debriefed by marine corps intelligence on the space craft. i pushed that to the back of my mind for now. I had work to do around the house and errands to run. I went up to my room on the second floor. Something was different, my room was painted purple and i had posters of half naked men on my wall instead of my normal swimsuit model posters. The bed was purple also to match the walls. i went over to my dresser and opened the top drawer to find a black lace thong on top. i grabbed that and opened the drawer to the right and pulled out a matching bra. ‘’The alien squid was right’’ i thought ‘’everything looks as if I was born a girl’’ i slipped out of her marine corps fatigues, and folded them up and set them in the corner and tossed my bra and panties in the laundry, i needed a shower badly my hair which had grown from a buzz cut to a haircut that went to my shoulders, was tattered and had a bit of cum in it still. i set my iPod Touch up so it would play music full blast and turned on Christian Kane’s- thinking of you set the device on the sink and hopped in the shower i took a warm shower and noticed to my great thanks her Axe shampoo had been replaced with two bottles one was shampoo and the other was conditioner
i lathered my hair up and started soaping my whole body up head to toe when i got to my new vagina i felt a jolt of pleasure shoot up my spine. i recovered and started rinsing off the soap and shampoo. i turned the water off and stepped out of the shower and started drying my hair off then turned the ipod down a little bit, and walked to my bed and threw it down on the bed. i laid down and started to examine my new body, i am about four inches shorter i guessed i only weighed 110 pounds and i had perfect c-cup breasts and a normal sized ass but it was my pussy that caught my eye. I had always loved the folds of my ex-girlfriends pussy but now i had my own. i rubbed it gently sending another jolt up my spine. i started to rub my new clit and was in heaven. my breath came in heaves as i inserted two fingers into my pussy and wiggled them. After 2 minutes of that I came all over her bed. Soaking the blanket, and pillows. i just lay there until i got up the strength to get up. i slipped on the thong and bra, and went back to my dresser and found a pair of jeans and a black midriff and put those on as well, and went downstairs to get some breakfast once in the kitchen i saw my car through the window it was still the same Honda civic but it was pink. i laughed a little because i loved the new color. As i sat there eating my eggs i wondered if i could really take the form of anything i wanted,

‘’ he did say anything’’ I said as I tried to call the squid guy with my mind. It worked and I told him I wanted him to take a human form and pointed to a picture of dan donegan from disturbed. He obeyed and then I said’’ can I really take the form of anything I want? Even if its something like a car ?’’
‘’you can only take the shape of something that big for a short time but yes’’ ‘’do people know about my ability’’ yes they do. In fact the marine corps did an extensive testing battery on you before you were assigned leader of the ‘’ hell fighters’’ and your power has saved many people’’ ‘’wow really?’’ ‘’yes we have vast powers outside our own planet’’ ‘’so if I will my body hard enough I can do anything?’’ ‘’that is correct’’ I willed my forearm into the shape of a katana and immediately gasped as I saw that I really could do anything ‘’holy shit’’ I said ‘’that is rad’’ with that ‘’dan’’ vanished. I decided since I could change my looks I would go crazy. I thought of my hair shorter and pink with purple highlights and thought of my body having tattoos. ‘’impressive’’ I thought ‘’I can even make tattoos’’ I suddenly got the thought to make sure my garage was how I left it. I put on a pair of converse and made my way out the door and to the garage ‘’thank god’’ I thought as I looked all over about half of my garage was a rehearsal area for my band the other half was full of locked clear cabinets stocked with rifles and pistols ‘’GUNS’’I shouted ‘’ I need to clean mine’’ I walked over to the duffle on the work bench and unzipped it to find all my gear from my last mission stowed away in it. Just at that moment my phone rang, I knew it was wraith from the ring tone, I answered it ‘’captain hiller here’’ ‘’captain its wraith’’ came the voice on the other end wraith sounded like she was in trouble ‘’ its tim I need your help he wont let me leave and keeps hitting me’’ ‘’ill be right over wraith’’ I dug through the duffle until I found my waist holsters that held both of my glocks all their ammo an my KBAR knives. I hefted the holster and wrapped it around me put on a jacket and pulled out my glocks loaded them up and put laser sights on them real quick. I hopped in my civic and sped off to wraith’s house, when I got there he was on the driveway with a revolver pointed at wraith. I pulled in the driveway and got out. ‘’hey asshole’’ I shouted. Which had the desired effect. The gun was now in my face. ‘’get lost bitch’’ he said ’’get back in that car and drive away’’ to which I replied ‘’you are holding a friend of mine at gunpoint and you think im going to leave?’’ ‘’I would hate to put a hole through that pretty face of yours so put your hands up’’
I knew this was my chance I was an expert in the Israeli defense form of Krav Maga so I faked him out I went to put my hands up but instead I took my right hand and grabed the gun, maneuvered it so it was pointed away from me and ripped it free of his hand. This made him writhe in pain as he held his broken trigger finger. All in one motion I took the gun and threw it in wraiths direction and pulled out my glock aiming it at his ball’s ‘’you must have a pretty big set of these to be so tough and bet your girlfriend’’ with that I dug the muzzle of my other glock into his temple ‘’please don’t kill me’’ he said as he burst into tears ‘’ ‘’oh not so tough now’’ I replied ‘’where is all that toughness now?’’ ‘’please! God no I will never hurt her again’’ ‘’not good enough’’ I pulled the trigger and watched him jump as he thought I blew his balls off ‘’you fucking moron’’ I said ’’the first round was a blank’’ wraith burst out in laughter ‘’listen dirt bag I wont kill you cause then ill be put in a military prison they arent fun but I will make sure you go to a nice home in jail. They LOVE guys who beat women’’ just then I heard sirens ‘’about time’’ I thought ‘’I called them on my way over’’ once the cops got there and took down our names and statements for their reports. They asked my what unit im in. they didn’t believe I was a hell fighter but they looked me up and found my record. With that all done we went inside for a round of beers.
We sat on her sofa and when she stopped shaking i leaned in close and started to snuggle up to her which made her a little shaky ‘’have you ever been with a woman before?’’ I asked ‘’no I havent’’ ‘’well I will show you how much better I am than that asshole. I pulled her close to me and planted my lips on hers giving her a passionate kiss. I took my hand and massaged her breast while my other hand reached her pants and unbuttoned them. I slid my hand inside her pants she wasn’t wearing panties I found her pussy and slid two fingers in wiggling and thrusting them in her pussy with all my might as I kissed her I felt her moans through my tongu. I took my thumb and rubbed her clit while I did this she orgasmed. Letting out an earth breaking scream of pleasure. ‘’that was the best orgasm of my life’’ she said, her breath coming in heaves. ‘’that was nothing’’ I said ‘’get undressed and lie on your back’’ she did just that as I watched her lovely tits bounce. Once she had undressed I got naked and sat on her face ordering her to eat me out. She had me in fits of orgasm when I got a nasty thought. I willed a cock to come out of my pussy and I felt it slide down her throat. I realized that it was a dumb idea and made the cock go away. I got up and told her to get on her hands and knees. she did just that and I envisioned a cock 10’’ long and 3’’ wide I pressed the tip at the entrance of her pussy and rammed in as hard as I could and heard a shriek of pain and pleasure escape her mouth. I was only half way in so I pulled out so just the tip was inside her and rammed in as hard as I could again. She let out a gut churning cry and I kissed her back as I began to thrust in and out of her. I was going as fast as I could when it happened. She did something I did not expect at all. she reached around and started to finger my pussy. That was all I needed I came so hard that my vision blurred for a few seconds and I collapsed on top of kim and we fell asleep together
When I woke up kim wasn’t there and she had covered me with a blanket. I got up and put my thong, pants and shoes, then put on my bra and shirt. After I was dressed I headed to the door. I figured kim was still asleep so I didn’t look for her. I got im my civic and drove back home. I remembered that ‘’dan’’ was supposed to be in a new room under my home. I got home and parked my car stuffed the keys in my pocket I had no idea how to get into the new room so I just imagined myself being there and it worked. It was brightly lit and it had walls full of women in cages and one wall had men bound to it by their hands
‘’ this is going to be fun’’ I said out loud

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