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Under the bleachers
Chapter One

Under the bleachers.

The crowd cheered as the loacal high scholl team ran onto the feild. Amber who had just graduated the previous year attended tonights game, only she hadn't come to watch the game, she came for a whole other reason. Amber was a luscious red head with large breast and a small waste. Her cute freckled face and her green eyes were a sure bet that if she wanted to find a quick fuck, she wouldn't have to look very long. And this is the very reason Amber is here. She went to the local thrift store and found a cheerleader's skirt and a short white cotton shirt, wearing this outfit turned a lot of heads tonight. Her large rock hard nipples poked through her tight shirt as she walked through the crowd toward the concessions. She noticed a former classmate watching her, she teased him with a wink and turned. She went further arround the concession stand and headed toward the under part of the school stadium, when she noticed the former classmate following her. She knew that he would be the one, he was a shy kid in school and getting him to fuck her would be easy. She turned to face him, standing there just below the bleachers, she raised her skirt to show that she had no panties on, then in a teasing manner she gestured for him to come over. This former classmate, whom she seemed to have forgotten his name, hurried over and stood beside her in a nervous kind of stumble. As he aproched her he never took his eyes off her massive chest popping out at him. "Hmmm" she said, "I suppose I can interest you in this." she lifted her skirt again to reassure him that indeed she had no panties on. She slowly inserted her finger into her smooth bald pussy, then she removed her finger to bring it up to her lips to suck off the jucies. "Come with me." She ordered. Amber took him by the hand and lead him deeper beaneath the bleachers, back where no light could reach them and she had all the privacy she was comfortable with. She began to rub on the head of his fully errected dick through his pants, she slowly unziped his jeans and pulled out his dick and began rubing it. She lowered herself to the ground and put his dick into her mouth, she blew him only for a few seconds because she could tell he was already about to explode. She stood back up, and turned so that he was now behind her, lifting her leg up onto one of the beams running under the bleachers, she ordered him to fuck her hard. He slid his rock hard cock into her pussy and began fucking her, she let out a small moan but it didn't matter, over a thousand people were making noise just a few feet above them, she would never be heard. She began to feel his head swell inside her and knew he would cum soon. "Oh, cum in me" she cried. A moment latter he came inside her filling her pussy with hot steamy cum. After he pulled out she turned to him and whispered, "Go on back now, I through with you." With a delighted look upon his face he left and Amber was alone under the bleachers, but she wasn't satified, not yet. Soon she was out scouting again when she noticed an older looking gentleman buying a soda at the concession stand. He noticed her also, and couldn't keep his eyes off her, he ran his eyes up her legs and took a good hard look at her ass when she flirtingly turned away. She had to be carfull as she walked though, keeping her legs a little closer together than normal to keep the cum that was inside her from ozzing down her legs. She gestured for him, and like the classmate from before, he stumbled over to her. She took him by the hand and lead him to the place where she was just fucked minutes earlier. Again she began by rubbing the head of his dick through his jeans, and like before she unzipped, and pulled it out, but something was different this time. His huge massive cock had to be no less that nine inches. She quivered at the site of his prick and began slurping on it with more pleasure than before. She lifted her skirt to reveal she had no panties and to her suprise, he lifted her up and pinned her up against one of the vertical beams. He sliped his dick inside her, aparently not noticing all the cum that was in her already. He only got the first five inches in when she let out a massive moan, but it didn't matter, the crowd above her was making all kind of noise, screaming and stomping thier feet. He forced his entire dick into her cunts and he began fucking her. She was enjoying this huge monster dick as he fucked her harder than she ever been fucked before, slaming himself into her wet pussy, she bit her lip to keep from scraming out at full force. After a full twenty minutes of non stop banging, finally let out a small cry as he was about to cum. "Please, inside me, please." she begged. He came deep inside her spraying his cum harder than she's ever felt. He put her down, pulled himself out, and said "Thanks miss, but I've got to be goning now." She stumbled around a bit afterward and in a daze walked out into the crowd to scout once again. She found her third fuck partener as he was looking for a place to hide and smoke a joint. He walked into the dark area underneath the bleachers and lit his joint, Amber followed him in and without warning just unzipped his pants and pulled out his pecker. She squated on the ground and felt the cum of the two previous fucks begin to run down her legs. She sucked his dick as he smoked the rest of his joint. She stood up and turned to bend over. He put himself inside her and noticed the sticky cum that was filling her pussy, "I'm just relly wet." Amber told him. He fucked her doggie style until he came inside her now overfilled cunt, and then left her still unsatified. Amber stood up, cum was running down her legs all the way to her ankles now. She needed more and as the stoner left the under portion of the bleachers she noticed a woman comming towards her. As this woman got closer she reconized her as her former English teacher, Miss Green. "Oh, no" she thought "I've been caught." Amber wondered what Miss Green was going to say to her, about how she knew she was screwing underneath these bleachers, on school property. Amber stood still as Miss Green slowly made her way toward her. Miss Green stood before Amber looking at her big tits, "You know, I could never get over how big your tits are, would you show them to me?" Amber suprised that this teaher is only not scolding her, but comming on to her, nervously pulled up her shirt as her tits plopped out. "Hmmm, Have you ever let another woman eat you pussy before?" Miss Green asked. "What?" Amber asked. "Oh cut the crap Amber, I know your screwing guys under here, I seen you bring three men back here already. And if you don't want me to tell anyone about you, you filthly little slut, you'll answer my question, Have you ever been eaten out by a woman?" "N-n-no" Amber answered, "Good girl" said Miss Green. Miss Green then slowly pushed amber back into the dark portion of the underneath of the bleachers, she sat Amber onto the ground, spread open her legs and began laping up the cum that was at her ankles. She slurped up al the cum on her inner thighs and then went face first into her bald pussy. Amber had never had a lesbian experience before and was enjoying her first with this Enlish teacher. Miss Green was lapping up all the cum inside her, and swallowing the mixture of the three men that was inside her pussy, licking and sucking on her like she was a glass of milkshake. When she finished sucking out all of the cum, she ran her tounge over Amber's clit and started to lick it until Amber screamed with ecstacy. Miss Green then inserted her middle finger into Ambers pussy and began finger banging her as she licked her clit. "Tell me that your a filthy slut!" Miss Green ordered. "I'm a filthy slut." Amber muttrered. Shoving her finger depper inside her, Miss Green said, "Tell me that your a filthy slut!" Amber screamed "I'm a filthy slut!" Miss Green then took her middle finger out of her pussy and stuck it into Amber ass hole, then she inserted her index finger into her now soaked cunt and began finger fucking both holes as she licked her clit even harder. "I'm a filthy slut" Amber kept repeating, over and over as Miss Green's fingers slid in and out of her pussy and ass. Amber was squezing her own nipples and biting her lip, when all of a sudden, Miss Green stoped. Amber watched as Miss Green pulled a dildo out from her purse and begin to suck on it. "Now I will change my lesson plans, if you don't mind" Miss Green said as she slid the large purple dildo from her mouth. She put it into Amber's pussy and began to fuck Amber with it while licking her clit. Amber's clit was fully erected when she felt a new wetness begin to form inside her pussy. "Oh my, I'm going to cum!" Amber screamed as Miss Green sucked as hard on her clit as Amber did to all those dicks before. Amber let out a moan as she came all over Miss Green's dildo. Miss Green pulled the dildo out of her and sucked of all of Amber's cum. Amber looked up at Miss Green as she put her toy away, and started to thank her when all of a sudden Miss Green spoke "I don't need to be thanked by any little slut. Instead you come to my house tommorow, I have something I need you to do for me." Miss Green reached into her purse pulled out a pen and wrote her address down on a scrap of papper. "Be at my house tomorow, you fucking little whore." And then she gave the scrap of papper to Amber then she walked away. Amber stood up adjusted her skirt, pulled her shirt back down over her huge titties, and walked away as content as any liilte whore who just been fucked by four people could be.

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