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My wife has quite surprise waiting for me when I get home from deployment.
I finally get home from a long deployment, no more getting blown up or shot at. You tell me theres a surprise tonight. “I can’t wait Laura.” I say. We get home and it’s the usual, unpack, shower, dinner, all the usual stuff. All the time I’m wondering what this surprise could be.
See for the past 12 months, being away from the wife lets you really go nuts with the imagination. Having internet allows some release, but it always seemed better to jack off using only my imagination. Well eventually I began to actually try some of the things in my imagination or that I saw online. At first small stuff, pinching nipples, rubbing spots that gave a better feeling. But soon I began squeezing my balls, slapping my cock, and putting stuff in my ass (which was difficult cuz I had to improvise, could be found with a dildo or plug). Then I stumbled across sounding. Yeah right I thought. But one day I lubed up a pen and began pushing it into me urethra. Hurt at first but I went slow, just as with my ass. After a while of pushing only about 1/8 inch at a time it began to feel good. Very good. Soon I was stuffing my ass and cock until cum sprayed everywhere.
I also began watching bi and gay porn. I mean, I liked stuff up my ass, why not a cock? So I would imagine a guy filling me as my cock got rodded. Such powerful orgasms. By the time the tour of duty ended, my ass could fit a 7 inch dildo completely in and my cock could fit my middle finger. Took a lot to stretch both that far. About halfway through the tour I began talking to Laura, my wife, about most of the stuff I was getting into. She seemed interested in trying a little mistress slave stuff and we would have websex all the time with her bossing me around and I would stuff my ass or my dick until we both came buckets. She never mentioned anything when I said I might want to try a guy. But I had my mistress and she did it well.
Anyway, we finished dinner and cleaned up. And Laura said “It’s time for your surprise”
She brought me into the bedroom and we undressed. She went into the closet for a minute and came out wearing a leather Domme outfit with stiletto heels carrying a large duffel bag. “Lie down on the bed bitch.”she said.
I lied down and she immeadiately began tying me down with leather cuffs that put me in a spread eagle position on the bed. They were tight I could barely move my arms or legs. Next she placed a blindfold on me and whispered “Trust me. I love you.” Then came the whip. All over my chest and stomach. It stung a lot and caused me to flinch a little but I didn’t make any noise. Again and again for about 5 minutes (which seemed like an hour) she whipped me. By the end I was so red I looked like an apple (I later found out she videotaped everything so I could see it) My skin was on fire. “Thank god.”I whispered as quietly as possible. SMACK! She landed a very hard smack right across my face. “Shut your fuckin mouth, slut!” She said.
I laid there for a few minutes when all of a sudden my nipple felt as if on fire. “WAX!” I thought to myself. She began dripping the wax all over my right nipple, covering it completely. Then moving to the left one to do the same. Holy hell I tried to squirm but the restraints were so tight. She finished with my now encased with wax nipples and I began feeling better as I was no longer being dripped on. “Ahh Shit!” I scream as wax hits my balls. Oh my god it was so hot. It was a rather large candle so she could either drip a tiny bit or a lot at once. Again Not stopping until My nuts were completey covered (Thank god I shave)Took about ten minutes before she decided they were covered enough. She put down the candle and then said “Don’t think I’m letting your outburst go unpunished you fucking whore. It’s next” What was next?
Well, what was next was completely a surprise. She leaves. Left the room. Later said she watched TV. Well mustve been 30-45 min when the doorbell rings. “What the hell?” I’m thinkin stuck on this bed covered in wax. All I hear is her tell whoever to be quiet and come in. Laura enters and smacks my face hard to ensure I’m awake. “Hows my bitch doing? Isnt this what you wanted?” says she. “Hurts but its good” I say. “Call me Mistress you worthless tiny dick slut!” and she began whipping me furiously with a different whip. She concentrated on my nipples, not stopping until the wax was gone. I thought the first whipping was bad, this one caused a few tears to run. Laura then peeled the wax off my balls in one piece. Then smacked my sack. “oooohh” was all I could say.
She squeezed them, twisted them, smacked them. Oh my poor balls. “Look at these tiny worthless things.” “I don’t think they can even do anything” She said. With one final smack she got up and when she came back a minute later, she began tying off my nuts and cock. Very very tight. First around the sack where it meets the cock. Then around each nut, splitting them from each other. They were so tight oh my god my nuts. Then she tied around both finishing by wrapping my whole boner in rope up to the head. “Where di she learn all this” I thought. Now with my cock and nuts thoroughly aching she called to whoever was in the other room “Okay come in!” was all she said.
They mustve been in socks because I didn’t hear anyone come in. My legs were unbound and pushed upwards towards the ceiling, where Laura had installed a hook and they were tied to keep me in a spread eagle L shape. A pinch of my nipple and then a clamp is put on. I have never had something this tight on my nipples, and they had teeth too. Holy hell did it hurt. But soon I forgot about it once the other clamp went on. The pain was immense. But after a little while they numbed up. While the clamps were going on I felt another person lubing up my ass. All they did was the outside of my hole, but some is better than none. Now I feel something pushing on my asshole, hard and dick shaped. It enters and stretches me some. Must be at least 2 inches across. “Faster” I hear Laura say. That’s when I realize its not her with a strapon. This dick is warm and pulsing. “I’m getting fucked by a guy” I tell my self. He pushes inside faster, reaching the point where I always did about 7 inches deep. “unnh” I groan.
But that’s not it. More pushes inside me stretching me open. “Does the little slut like the 11 inch cock in his ass?” Laura says. “11!” I think “Just fuck him hard and fast, he’ll get used to it eventually” she says. I feel two strong hands grab my legs and the giant dick is pulled from my ass with a pop and immediately shoved back in, all the way. “AHHHHHHHHHH!!” I scream as I am completely stuffed full. Again and again he pounds my ass. Filling me with cock. And I am screaming and I cant control it. Somehow I hear Laura say “I gotta shut this bitch up” she mounts the bed and sits on my face. “Eat!, Bitch!” I begin licking her asshole like a madman. She twists the nipple clamps reminding me of more pain. My ass is gaping open and eagerly accepting the monster cock again and again. Oh my ass felt so good. Laura then grabbed my tied up aching cock, gave each ball a flick, then stuck two fingers in my ass for lube. With my cock still rock hard from being fucked so hard repeatedly, she began working her index and middle finger into my dickhole.
Now with her pussy on my mouth I am licking like never before, trying to get my Mistress to cum. I love when she sprays her cum everywhere. Its delicious. As she keeps pushin into my dick she lifts her pussy off me and asks if I want to drink her. “Yes Mistress!” I scream as she pushes deeper into my cock and my ass gets slammed. She lowers her pussy to my mouth again and as I lick she moans and moans I open my mouth to catch her cum. It flows into my mouth, so salty and bitter. Wait, Shes pissing in my mouth. “Swallow it all you fuckin slut or I’ll fist ur cock!” I swallow every drop. She rewards me by yanking off a nipple clamp. “Ahh” but then the blood returns to it “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” it hurts but she starts slamming her fingers in and out of my cock while my ass continues to be violated. “Oh mistress, I’m gonna cum soon” I say. She fucks my cock harder and faster. He grabs my nuts to pull on as he fucks me as hard and fast as he can. “OH OH” she grabs the other nipple clamp and as she pulls her fingers from my cock she rips off the other clamp. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I scream as my cum is flying everywhere. It just keeps flowing. Never cum so much in my life. “OOH MY GOD!” I feel the guys cock begin to tense and he pulls out of my ass, and shove it in my mouth. Cock with ass on it tastes quite good for my first time. He jacks his dick off and begin spraying inside my mouth. Loads of cum, delicious cum. I try to swallow it all but some drips out of my mouth. After he finishes I am untied and bent over the edge of the bed with my knees on the floor The blindfold is removed and lying before me on the bed is another guy! Stayed quiet the whole time. “Suck it you fucking cumwhore!” says my Mistress. I begin sucking on a smaller dick from before but I cant take the whole thing in my throat. As I continue sucking and doing my best to get his cum, I feel my ass begin lubed again. Mistress is behind me pushing 4 fingers into my ass, not too difficult after the fucking I just received. But as she pushes further I realize she trying to fist me.
“OH my god” I say to myself once again. I try to relax my ass and concentrate on the delicious pole in my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down doing everything ive ever seen in a porn to get this guy to blow his load. My ass stretches more and more than before, hurts so bad, and with on final push (well punch to be exact) her fist enters me. Holy full. She begins pushing in and out as if fucking me, while going deeper each time. As I gag on the cock again and again I hear her say “I’m almost at the elbow!” “The elbow?” I think “holy shit” she begins driving her hand back and forth punch fucking my asshole with her other hand she unties my balls and cock. “Oh so good to be free” faster and faster she punches my ass and I feel a second orgasm building she grabs my dick and holds it as she fucks me. “Oh, OH, OOOOOOOOOHHH” As I cum again she pushes on my prostate as I cum and I empty another huge load. She pulls out of me and get me on my knees. The guy I was blowing stands up in front of me and strokes his dick fast. I open my mouth but am told to close it. He tenses aims and sprays cum all over my face. In my eyes, up my nose, everywhere. As he finishes Laura takes his place, holding a glass with a large amount of cum in it. “That’s why she held my cock” I thought “You worthless bitch, you are such a cumdumpster.” She says as she pours it all over my face. Covering my face, dripping on my chest. “Thank you, Mistress” I say cum dripping into my mouth, so delicious.
“We need to clean you off” she says. Both guys get in front of me and piss all over my face, washing the cum off me. As they finish, they both shower then leave while Laura and I lie in bed. As they leave, she turns to me in bed “I love you so much.” “I love you too, Laura. Thank you”

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2010-08-25 01:32:20
i will give this a positive rating but gets a little to far fetched at points, could have backed off a bit and made it a little more realistic to believe

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-16 14:47:46
I don't understand why the low score. It's hothothot. I wouldn't want that done to me, but I could sure get off on doing it to someone else.

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