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The parentals enjoy their daughter's dominance.

After Thanksgiving and the drive-in, the leaves dropped and it was up to me to give Mommy and Daddy something special. They do so much for me, teaching me how to be a Real Woman, and I want to give something back to them. They deserve it. My family is me, and I am my family. And of course you too, Dear Diary.

Miss Evans of my English class gave me lots of ways to “think about” things like this in Creative Writing. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, Dear Diary, but I certainly would like to be a writer sometime when I grow up. How exciting! In fiction and writing, you can make things happen that may NEVER happen in real life….or maybe WILL!!!!

Well, I had some great dreams after Thanksgiving and after Daddy and Mommy took me to the drive-in, and I’ve decided that Janice (that’s my Mom, you know) and me should climb in bed and screw ourselves silly so we can practice to give Daddy an exciting evening watching us do it. I know Mommy could give me some real pointers. Oh, I don’t know if he’ll be allowed to join in or not….I’m not saying yes and I’m definitely not saying no….but I just want to give Mommy as much pleasure as she’s given me and at the same time do something special for Daddy, since he likes to watch. He loves Mommy so much, and me, too. I told Mommy my thoughts about this after our Thanksgiving family get-together. She hugged me and said I am such a good girl and learning so fast and that she’d love to practice, which was exactly what I had been thinking of. She said Daddy would really get turned on. I liked that. Dear Diary, I liked that A LOT! She said that Daddy would be gone on Sunday and that we’d have the whole day to ourselves, so that would be time to practice. OMG!

Janice said it’s time, honey, since Daddy’s gone and it’s only nine o’clock this morning. She had come into my bedroom and her hand was rubbing my stomach, and that’s what woke me up. I had my pajamas on, and so did she. “Let’s shower, honey,” she said, “and then we can decide what we want to do to prepare for Daddy.” Mommy bent down and kissed me on my lips, and even though I’d just woken up, Mommy was so warm and right on top of me like that, so I opened my mouth like they’d taught me already and pushed my tongue into her mouth. Wow, she sucked it right in, and Dear Diary, I was ready for anything Mommy wanted to do. I felt her move on top of me and start pushing her hips down on me. That was exciting, especially when she kissed my neck. There’s no way I wanted to stop this. I put my arms around her and pulled her head harder onto me and pushed her down to my chest. I knew Mommy liked sucking my tips and she opened my pajama top and started right in! And then suddenly she just quit! Did I do something wrong?

“Oh baby, you are such a neat little whore, and I’d love to fuck you right here and now…but we’ve got so much more to do for our practicing!” Mommy raised up and looked me right in my eyes and said, “C’mon, let’s go shower, and then we’ll do whatever you and I want to do so we can make Daddy happy. Okay?” She smiled at me, and I could smell her and knew she was so hot for sex. “Yes, Janice,” and she grinned real big, like I knew she would.

She said, “It’s real sexy when you call me that. And if you want to be in charge, that’s okay with me. I love it when you’re the boss, honey, just like Daddy does sometimes. I want you to learn how to be in charge of your own sexual nature, and to take what you want, okay?” She leaned down and kissed me again. I got real bold, like I did the last time she said this, and pulled her harder into my mouth. Then I pushed her out and said, “Janice, suck my tips again, and then we’ll go shower together and you can fuck me however you want to.” She looked into my eyes and saw I was serious, that I was “taking charge”. She said, “yes, baby, you’re getting really good at being the boss…it’s okay for you to make me your whore,” and dipped below sucking my nipples like I told her to and wow this was the best ever to have Mommy do what I wanted, and I could feel something happening down in my cunt while she was sucking me. I love making Mommy do what I want! I really want to make Daddy do what I want him to do, too. Could I actually do that?

I love watching Mommy’s tongue wrap around my nipples. It feels so wonderful. When I lay down they’re practically flat like a boy’s. I don’t think she even noticed. A few minutes later, we both stripped and were showering. Oh my gosh, Dear Diary, that was the second-best shower I’ve ever had. Mommy did everything I wanted her to do. I was in charge, and she just was, like, my slave! She even said, “Go ahead, tell me what you want me to do to you, Cassie,” and so I just went with my most outrageous thoughts and she DID THEM! I had Mommy kneel right in front of me, kiss down my front and lick my pussy, and she did that! I turned around and told her to kiss my butt like Daddy liked to do. She did that! I said, “Put your tongue in my butthole, Janice.” I could feel her hands pulling my buttcheeks apart, and then her wet tongue right smack on my asshole and pushing in! I loved that, her tongue wiggling inside me! That’s so naughty!!!! I really pushed myself hard into her mouth again and again. I was the Boss! I thought it would be terrific if I had a picture of Mommy doing this, so I could see what it looked like back there. I turned around and pulled her face to my stomach and then lifted up her face. “Janice, you’ve been so good to me, I want to do that to you, too. Let’s go on the bed so I can fuck you.” My Mommy grinned real big – “Anything you want, baby.”

Now I am not kidding you, Diary, my Mommy and I spent at least ten minutes in bed naked just kissing each other, sometimes with me on top, and sometimes with her. She is such a good kisser, and she says I am, too. I got so hot, and she said she did too, laying on top of me and then moving me around on top of her. She said, “you are the best whore in the house, honey,” and I was sucking her boobs so I lifted up and said, “no, Janice, you’re Daddy’s whore, you’re the best, and now you’re my whore, too!” She laughed real hard at that and pushed my head down onto her pussy and held me real hard there, so of course I just sucked and sucked until she began her UH UH UHs and started coming. She was moaning a lot of OH FUCK, CASSIEs, OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK. Wow, I always love it when I can make Mommy come like this! And just as she started coming, I pushed her hips and legs up higher and started pushing my tongue right into her butt ‘cause I knew that would make her even hotter. Gosh, she just SCREAMED then, and I knew she was having the most exciting come…and I caused it! Diary, isn’t it just the best ever when you can make your Mommy come so hard!!!! After she finished all her shaking and stuff, I scootched up to her face and said, “Janice, your ass and your cunt are on my tongue, do you like that?” And she said yes baby of course, anytime, baby, and I pushed it in her open mouth just like I was fucking her ass with my tongue.

Finally Daddy came home later that evening. Mommy and I had eaten supper and were watching “America’s Got Talent”, sitting on the couch. My head was in her lap and she was caressing my hair when he opened the door. “Hey, girls, I’m home!” I immediately popped up, ran and hugged him, and Mommy came over, too, and hugged him with me squashed in-between. “Wow, such a neat welcome!” he said. “Two beautiful Real Women in my arms!” Dear Diary, I wanted to give Daddy the idea right away that this was to be a special night, so I just slipped down to my knees right then and there and wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his butt and squeezed while I had my mouth pressed as hard as I could against his zipper. Mommy knew what was going on – we had talked this already – and as she hugged him with me squashed down below, she whispered, “Hey baby, our little whore wants to give you something. “ I loved it when Mommy called me her whore, it meant I was real special. Daddy reached down and pulled my head tighter to his crotch, and I could feel his cock getting hard there. He was kissing Mommy above me, and I could feel her arms reaching around to Daddy’s butt and pulling it even tighter into me. Golly, that was great, Daddy pushing his crotch into me and Mommy pulling it too! I knew they both wanted me, dear Diary.

I slid off to the side, looked up at both of them. I said, “Hey, I’ll be the Boss, okay? Daddy, it’s been too long since the drive-in. It’s time for more fun with us, isn’t it?” He looked down at me, still hugging Mommy, and I could see his cock bulging his pants out. “Daddy, your prick is pretty hard right now, isn’t it? How about if I lick some of that sticky stuff off?” Mommy whispered in his ear. He said, “Okay, baby, you’re the Boss. Yes, it’s been too long. Tell Daddy what you want him to do.” I reached my hand up to Mommy’s butt and caressed it and said, “Janice and I want to show you something special.” Daddy said, “Baby, anything you and Mommy want to do is alright with me.” I said, “She loves to suck my pussy and I really love it when she sticks her tongue right up my butt like you did. Daddy, let’s all go to the bedroom and then you can watch us, okay?” His response was immediate – “Oh baby, you and Mommy are my treasures. “

I can’t remember exactly how it happened, Dear Diary, but by the time we got to their bedroom, all of us were bare-ass naked. Daddy sat at the foot of the bed and I watched him stroke his erection thing while Mommy pushed me down on the bed. Her tits hung over my mouth, so of course I started lifting up and sucking first one, then the other, and Daddy said you go, girl. I took charge again. “Janice, fuck my mouth!” I spread my legs to give Daddy a great view of my Real Woman pussy while Mommy climbed on me and spread her legs on my mouth. She got on her knees, they were on both sides of my head. Dear Diary, it’s absolutely the most wonderful thing to suck Mommy’s cunt while Daddy watches. I pulled her butt tighter into my mouth. She moaned, so I knew she was happy. I love the taste of Mommy’s juices. And she was SO WET! I pushed her off me then and said, “Janice, Daddy wants to see us sixty-nine. Come suck my pussy and I’ll suck yours.”

I could see Daddy wetting his hand with his spit and then stroking his hard-on as Mommy turned around. When her cunt came close, she pushed down hard on my face and I pushed my tongue right smack into her wet pussy. I felt her do the same to me, and truthfully, Dear Diary, I had a bunch of UH UH UHs right there! I could feel my toes curling up while my stomach and my body were just going wild. I was so glad Daddy was watching, and with Mommy sucking my clit and sticking her tongue right in my cunt, I was right in my UH UHs like a volcano going off and I came hard right when Mommy had her lips pressed tight on my cunt.

I saw Daddy out of the corner of my eye then, and boy, was he jacking off! Oh Dear Diary, I love seeing Daddy jack off, ‘cause I know that makes him happy! I remember that first time on Day Two of my training when I watched him on the bed doing that and the white stuff shot all over his stomach, right in the air. I was so excited, but I remember that I wasn’t even a Real Woman yet and it kinda scared me to see that. But now, I wanted him to come again, I absolutely love watching that. I think it was when he saw Mommy sucking my pussy and made me come that he shot his wad. Mommy and I both heard him doing his UH UH UHs. I really wanted to go over to him and lick up all that come.

Mommy turned around quickly when she heard Daddy doing his coming. She laid right square on top of me and said, “Kiss me, honey,” and so I did. Mommy’s tongue just strangled me, I think, and it was so delicious that I couldn’t even think for a minute about my Daddy. And then what do you know, Daddy invaded Mommy and me and pushed his finger into my mouth and I tasted his come, and then Mommy was on her back beside me and Daddy’s cock was in her mouth and I just watched them. I was so astonished that Daddy was right beside me shoving his cock into Mommy’s mouth. I said, “Janice, Daddy wants to fuck my mouth, too, doesn’t he?” And Mommy said, “Hey, fuck my baby’s mouth, okay?” Daddy shifted over to me, crawling over, and forced his hard cock into my mouth, and I was so happy that he did this! I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck out my tongue. Daddy slid it in and boy did I suck it! I could taste some more of the come. He fucked my mouth like there was no tomorrow, and Mommy was right there beside me saying oh god, suck honey, suck hard, suck him, suck Daddy, eat his big dick, baby!
I felt Mommy go down to my stomach and my legs and start sucking my pussy, and that was the best ever, with Daddy fucking my mouth and Mommy fucking my cunt! I tell you truly, Dear Diary, you have never felt anything better than this in your whole life than when your Mommy has her face between your legs and your Daddy is face-fucking you! Really, it took about one whole minute before I blasted off into space AGAIN, the real volcano! Daddy even started shooting in my mouth again and I was so thrilled to swallow it all like that while Mommy was fucking me with her tongue! Daddy’s come is so delicious!

Much later, as we were all laying on the bed with me between Daddy and Mommy, Janice said how much she enjoyed everything I had ordered her to do. Daddy said he had loved watching me and Mommy do the sex-stuff. I said that since Janice liked for me to take charge of this sexual stuff, I wanted to do it again. Mommy’s lips were wrapped around my tips at the moment, but she lifted up and said, “Hey, honey, if you want to be in charge of me and Daddy having sex with you, then let’s just make a schedule when YOU will be the Boss. Daddy and I love to fuck, and both of us love to fuck you, and I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say that we both would love for you to enjoy being the Boss of us for fucking again. “ Oh god, I am so happy to hear that! Dear Diary, you can’t imagine how wonderful and exciting that was for me, just a kid!!! My Mommy and my Daddy wanted ME to be the BOSS of their fucks! I’m only thirteen years old! Well, I’m not na? anymore, I don’t think, and you can bet I know what the hell that means! I want to fuck my mom and my dad, and I want it often ‘cause I know how fun it is now. It’s clear to me that they want me, and I want them, and if I want anything sexual from them, I can really be in charge and make them do what I want. Boy, is this going to be fun!
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