first story
first in a series maybe move to erotic but this is a story Ive been waiting on.

chapter 1: life

It was too little too late for this boy, he didnt have a family and looking at the remains of the house burning like the pits of hell he understood what life was ''nothing but hardship''. he stood in the bushes never moving incase the soldgers found him. the darkness of that day put him at an advantage. Thor was this boys name, he was 13 and had life ripped from him. The war was over, deaths, anarchy and famine now struck the empire that expaned there borders. his farther a simple farmer who lost his life to the crulest and souless soldiers that thor ever seen. he waited and waited time had no hold of what a day he had...
it was morning the soldiers had moved on leaving thor to inspect the fall of his home and family. His family was burned in the night, he watched the last embers smoldering away wich felt like an eternity, after a time thor relised that he could not stay where he was standing anymore, he walked around looking for things that would be useful, wich would be harder to find. thor found a pot, pan, bag and his hunting bow and nife under the blackend ash. he packed his bag and found a sword that a soldier that had befallen to his farther. studying the track he thought of ''merlis'' a town, a seven day walk and saired into the forest were he could cut the time down to four days. with one more desperational look back he followed into the ancient forest of "Catomba".

Catomba was the most ancient forest that anyone knew of, old stories about people walking in and never coming out, Thor thought that the old stories were to scare little children. thors thoughts over the day increased in sorrow. what had transired him to walk the land was that he could settle in the forest near water and live happly ever after. Thor followed the damp game track until he came arcross the old road. this road was laid with stone, it was told that an ancient race of people built it and to thor nothing was so buitiful. Thor was walking when the sound of a hourse came up behind him and in a flash a light Thor passed into what he thought was the darkness of where his parents went to the heavans above or the hells below.

Thor stirred, awaking to his primitative sensors, blinking a hundred times over until the picture was clear through his green eyes. A man was there, old an abrupt looked like he had passed a thousand winter nights and the gods hadnt taking him to there halls, he relised that he was bandaged up and he started to move. the strange elder looked at him, his eyes looked mornfull,
Hello thor the old stranger said his voice cast the deepining tone of that of a lion "my name is little of consequence but you can call me thiebs, of what questions you may have , wait and eat.
thor looked and thought to himself "well he offered, and i carnt deney my body the sweet smell of meat." he took a plate and sat to devolve the meal infront of him. after the meal and wiping the fat that consisted around his mouth he looked back at thiebs, his features included a white cloke a black leather belt and a polished sword around his waist. his face was hidden behind a gray beard and had blue eyes of warmth. Thor looked and said plian and simple "what happend ?"
thiebs chuckeld to himself "an abrupt question yet let me gather my thoughts and ill explain the mystery of how you are here" a moment later he sound agian, and explianed what had transpired. " you were ambushed by solders and me been me was around in good timing and these soldiers ran away and they will never be seen agian. thor looked at the man and studyed him, he asked questions about thiebs in his head but there was no logical explanation. "what now sir" thor asked. this thiebs felt very amused now,
"my boy, you will go one way and ill go another"
Thor was quick to respond to the old mans statement. "why carnt i come with you, i have no were to go" thiebs replyed "no family no loved ones mmmm" Thiebs shook his head "well maybe i can take you but you must promis boy that i can help you master the sword and teach you a little magic
"i already know alittle majic'' thiebs look suprised i guess this isnt going to be a tale of master teaching everything he whos to an aprentice" thor looked bemused "when i said i know a little majic how to hunt with my mind cast fire and heal scretches"
thiebs looked happy "Well then that leave alot more room to teach you then, if you know the basic elements to magic" thiebs studied the poor boy "well then nothing we can do tonight, up early and well talk on the road" with that note thiebs looked at thor and said "good night"
the fire went out and darkness befelled the makeshift camp. thor could still feel the heat of the fire and presumed it was a spell. Thor looked back on todays events and he thought '' pity the fool i say fortune has smiled upon me" with that thors mind restricted itself to the dreams of the beyond.

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You should scratch the erotic, fix the spelling and make a book

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