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She was passed out on my bed for the past hour. I had gone thru her purse and got her name and other info. Her name was Victoria. She was a gorgeous 32 yr old housewife and mother of two. She had a sexy body and her tight fitting, low cut, sexy blue dress was now bunched up around her waist, fully exposing her long shapely legs that curved their way up to her beautiful perfect shaped ass. A trail of my sticky semen was visible drying on her inner thighs. She was still in her high heels. The night was just getting started. I fucked this bitch silly and came inside her, but I was far from finished with this snobby bitch. I had gotten on my cell phone earlier and called up a couple of my frat buddies that I knew would be looking for a good fuck. I checked in on her and she was still passed out, so I smacked her ass hard to wake her up. Her head shot up off the mattress and she looked around the room confused, asking me who I was and where she was. Her head was still spinning from the drugs and alcohol. I explained to her that she had picked me up from the bar and she came back to my place and fucked me. When she denied it, I clicked a button to playback the video that I had recorded earlier. It showed her walking in my bedroom willingly and standing at the edge of my bed with me gently pushing her back on the bed and her willingly parting her legs to allow me access to eat her pussy. She moaned as she was cumming on my face. I pressed pause.

"Do you want to watch as I crawled between your legs and started ravaging your pussy with my hard cock?"

She was sobbing now. "No, no please. Stop it. I don't want to see anymore. Why are you showing me this?"

"Because you are a stuck up bitch and deserve to get fucked like the whore that you are! Now, I want a blowjob! I want you to suck me good too!"

"No! I won't do that!" She screamed! "I'm a married woman! And I'm a mother! I don't know how we ended up here, but it was a mistake. I'm sorry. I just need to get going now." She started to get up to head towards the door, but her legs were like jelly.

"If you take one step towards that door I will send a copy of this video to every one of your husband’s co-workers and every member of your PTA!" She sat back down on the edge of my bed in a daze.

"Now, that’s a good girl." She didn't notice as I clicked the record button on the remote I was holding in my hand. She just looked at me with a look of shock and disbelief as I walked over to her. I took my hand and gently raised to her face, caressing her and running my fingers through her hair. She looked up at me pleadingly. Begging me with her eyes. I ignored her and gently urged her face forward to my waiting cock. I moved my semi-hard cock up and down the cheeks of her face and rubbed it across her lips. A drop of my salty pre-cum leaked out onto her full red lower lip. It started to quiver. I looked down at her big beautiful blue eyes and bright red lipstick and it made my cock start to harden. She reluctantly
opened her lips and let me slide my cock into her mouth.

“Remember, Suck it good.” I whispered to her.

I had my hands behind her head and was slowly but steadily pulling her face towards my pelvis. She continued on, taking me past her lips. She started to move her tongue around my pulsing head, then
started slowly taking the length of my hard cock across her tongue and towards the
back of her throat. A long moan escaped me, “ahhhhhhhhhhhh” as I felt the warmth of
her mouth and tongue.

She was dazed and confused right now and not thinking straight at all. All she knew was that she was in trouble and needed to end this and get out of here as quickly as possible. She decided to pretend I was her husband and started sucking me as if I was him. She even slipped and called me by his name.

The doorbell rang and I knew that the guys started showing up. When I didn't go to open the door, they just let themselves in. There were six guys in all that showed up. All eager to tear into some of this sweet pussy. They peeked into my bedroom. When I saw them I waved them in and they started filing in, hard cocks in hand. She had her eyes shut and was concentrating on my cock in her mouth and didn't even realize that there were six more naked guys in the room with her.

She started bobbing her head slowly, letting me slide out of her mouth to the tip of my
head, then slowly taking me back in to her tonsils. She obviously had some practice at
this. She continued sliding up and down my shaft, her saliva flowing and lubricating me.
“Hum!” I ordered her!
She looked up at me pleadingly.
“Hum!” I repeated!
She started humming as she swallowed my cock. Tears building up in her eyes from
the degradation she was feeling.
Oh what a beautiful site she was! She was on her hands and knees on my bed with her back arched causing her nice shapely ass covered with her blue lace bikini panties to stick up and out in the
air. She had both her hands with her long painted fingernails supporting herself with her
palms against my thighs. Her head was bobbing up and down like pro!

One of the guys named Dave didn't wait for an invitation. He crawled up on the bed behind her and aimed his hard cock at her wet pussy slit. She felt the movement on the bed and her eyes flew open. She tried to move, but had nowhere to escape to. Dave moved her crotch band aside and put the head of his cock in her wet opening about a half inch, then grabbed both of her hips for control. Before she could think he slammed his hard cock all the way in and started pounding away at her defenseless pussy.

Every time Dave slammed her forward, the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. Her eyes started to water and she looked up at me with panic and fear in her eyes. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed harder. I applied a little more pressure and her gag reflex
started kicking in. I timed it just right with her gag reflex and the engorged head of my
cock pushed past her tonsils and down her throat. At this point she started to panic
because she couldn’t breath. Her eyes moved around franticly and she tried to pull her
head back, but I kept both of my palms firmly planted against the back of her head,
keeping her lips and nostrils smashed against my pubic hairs.

I said “ breath in your nose” and with that she started franticly taking deep breaths
through her nostrils. “That’s it. Suck it in baby”

I smiled at Dave and we both started jack hammering into Vicky from both ends. We got a good rhythm going. As one pulled out, the other was slamming back in. Vicky’s grunts filled the room. “ugh, ugh,
ugh, mmph, mmph”. My cock was coming all the way out to her lips and then sliding back down her open throat

Her throat was convulsing around my cock and I couldn’t take it anymore.

My balls started tightening up and I saw stars as I exploded in her throat. She swallowed feverishly, trying to avoid choking on my sperm. Spurt after spurt of my thick hot white sperm shot down her throat. Her throat muscles convulsed around my head and milked me dry. She continued sucking as I pulled out.

As soon as I stepped back someone had moved in to take my place. Vicky didn't have time to protest. All that she could do was swallow the next cock as it slid down her throat.

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good story but two of the tags are wrong. no ass to mouth, and no mind control.

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Why can't this happen to me ?? I'd love to have been her ! ! !

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Why can't this happen to me ?? I'd love to have been her ! ! !

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