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2 girls meet on the first day and wound up together doing things
It was the first day of school at St. Jean’s All Girl School. Christine had been here for 2 years and was a junior. She had long black hair with caramel colored skin and hazel colored eyes. She was about 5’7 and had the body of Jennifer Lopez, but bigger breasts than she would’ve hoped for. She was wearing her uniform, nice white blouse, which was open 3 buttons down, a black mini skirt and black flats.

Normally, she was on time before the bell, but instead she decided “why not make an entrance being late”. So the late bell had rung and she walked into her homeroom class. She took her seat which was located in the back, where she noticed a new student. The girl was sitting in the seat next to hers. So she made her way to her seat and looked at the girl, getting better details.

The girl was pretty. She had luscious brown hair that looked incredibly smooth, fair even skin tone, her uniform fit her perfectly.
“Hi” Christine said to the girl. “I’m Christine”
The girl turned around and said, “Hi, I’m Serena”
“You new here?”
“Yeah, first day. Kinda nervous”
“Don’t be. This school is like any other”
Christine noticed that Serena had brown eyes, which striked her because she was a sucker for brown eyes. She also noticed that Serena’s body was fit and shaped very nicely. Especially her breasts, because they looked more bigger than hers. Christine licked her lips, not noticing that Serena was watching her.
“Christine?” Serena asked.
“Would you show me around school later? I’m still kinda lost here, being new and all”
“Sure. i can show you around. How bout after 8th period?”
“Sure. I’ll see you then” Serena said, smiling at Christine as the bell rang.

They went off to their classes. When 8th period finally ended, Christine met up with Serena in the library. They stayed to talk a little bit, before starting the tour. Christine gave her the basic rules and such for the school. Told her about the cliques, who she wanted to avoid and who she should hang with. But something else clicked in her mind, but she was getting a little horny from it. She thought she should try the new girl before someone else did.
“Serena?” Christine asked
“Have you ever kissed?”
“Yeah, my ex boyfriend.”
“Have you ever kissed a girl?”
“Well wanna try?”
Serena was confused. She had come here to get more education, but little did she know that being in a school with all girls, would change her life.
“Come on” Christine said, “It won’t hurt. Try it and if you don’t like it, I'll let it go”
“Ok. I’ll try”
Christine smiled. She moved her chair closer to Serena, so that they could be side by side and close. Serena was a little nervous and held onto her chair as if she were about to fall.
“Serena relax” Christine murmured into her ear. Serena felt Christine’s hand gently slide around her neck and pull towards her. Christine gently placed her lips onto Serena’s and kissed. She noticed that Serena went completely relaxed and opened her mouth for more. Christine took the invite and gave Serena some tongue. A moan escaped from Serena and Christine both as they deepened the kiss. Five minutes later, Serena broke the kiss pushing Christine away.
“wow. that was....”
“Good. incredibly good” Christine finished.
“very” she said smiling at Christine.
“SO do you want to start that tour?”

They got up and began to walk around school. Christine started the tour at Ms. Herbs class, the math teacher. She opened the door and Ms. Herbs looked up and smiled mischievously.
“Hello girls. How may i help you?”
“This is Ms. Herbs, our math teacher. She’s also my favorite teacher. Ms. Herbs this is Serena, the new student.”
“Oh. Nice to meet you” Ms. Herbs said shaking her hands and looking her up and down. Serena felt nervous. Christine shut the doors and closed the blinds and dimmed the room.
“Christine, what are you doing?” Serena asked.
“Don’t worry about her, darling” Ms. Herbs said unbuttoning her white blouse. Serena was shocked. Her teacher was undressing in front of her. But she couldn’t help but notice that she was beautiful with a gorgeous body. Her blonde hair that was pulled up into a bun, now hang around down her shoulders, blue eyes, pale skin, a body to die for and some medium sized breasts she’d love to lick. All of these made her wet in her pussy, but she tried covering it by closing her legs tight.
“Oh Christine. It seems our new girl has a wet problem” Christine stood behind Serena and reached her arms to her front to pull up her skirt. Ms. Herbs bent down between Serena’ legs.
“Oh Serena, darling, you’re soaked. Lets get these panties off”
Ms. Herbs gently pulled off Serena’s panties and put them aside.
“Darling, your so wet. I want to taste that pussy of yours” Without waiting, Ms. Herbs licked her pussy. Christine tucked Serena’s skirt and unbuttoned Serena’s shirt as she moaned from Ms. Herbs tongue. Serena felt like she was in heaven. She ran her fingers through Ms. Herbs hair. She felt Christine massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. After a while, she had came. Ms. Herbs stood up and kissed Serena, giving her a taste of her juices. once they stopped, They all got dressed and proceeded as if nothing happened. Christine had turned the lights on, opened the shades and opened the door. Serena smiled at Christine. Before she left the class, Serena gave Ms. Herbs a long kiss and slapped her ass.
“Get out of here you two” Ms. Herbs smiled. “And behave. Serena?”
“Yes, MS. Herbs?” she asked.
“I’ll Be waiting for you” she smiled mischievously. Serena licked her lips sexily, making Ms. herbs wet again and her fingers working her pussy as they left.

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2010-12-14 20:17:33
a little longer, one major grammar error, more better, but I didn't see anything else.

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2010-09-22 19:16:00
really cool are you a les.

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2010-09-22 19:14:23
like so omg my name is bria.anyways i love this story.

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2010-08-17 22:23:10
alot of patential. give it a little more detail and you'll be good to go.


2010-08-17 08:48:54
Quick & to the point. Certainly. you've made a trial presentation. It does move FAST! I must imagine you've done so intending to "lay it all out there." Do continue!

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