A young man gets a surprise after assisting a needy customer
Work sucks. Late nights and rude customers, 3am came much later than I wish it had. I work at a rather up scale bar downtown, which happens to be surrounded by many other not as up scale bars. After college I was unable to find a job I wanted, so I decided to work at a bar. I already new my way around liquor and after 2 years I was rather content. By the end of this night I had snuck "several" drinks and was be feeling pretty good, or at least good enough to get through the night.

While walking to my car, feeling pretty buzzed, I noticed a guy searching his pockets and struggling to stand by the only other car in the parking lot. He was in his late 30s, I had seen him in my bar earlier, hitting on some of the older ladies, looking for a good time. He must of tried his luck at some other bars and ended up drinking more than he expected.

"You doin ok over there?" I hollered.

The man patted his evidently empty pockets and looked up.

"Not unless you have the keys to my car." he stammered. "Can I catch a ride? I just live a few blocks from here. I would walk but the sidewalk won't stop spinning."

"As long as you don't puke in my car." I replied, not that it mattered. He could have easily bought 20 of my Civics with what he spent on his Mercedes.

I helped him over to my car and got him stuffed into the passenger seat. As I pulled out of the parking lot, he began what I guess was a drunken attempt at small talk.

"What does it take to get laid in this town? I bought drinks for every girl in every bar and all I got was teased. My wife is a complete prude and this is the only night I will have without her for month. I just blew my only chance of getting pussy for I don't know how long. Maybe I should sa...the....." he slurred off into language only understandable after a bottle of rum and a case of beer.

"Don't forget to tell me where to turn." I reminded him, mostly to make sure he was awake.

"Next right," he spouted, "into the parking deck. I will probably need some help getting up to my apartment if you don't mind."

I didn't mind. Normally guys like this tip a lot at the bar, so I figured as drunk as he was he would tip me nicely for all my troubles. I found a parking spot and practically dragged him to the elevator in the lobby.

"27th floor" he murmured. This guy had more money than I thought. His apartment was among the most expensive in town. We got to his floor and made it to his room. He reached over the top of the door frame and pulled down a key. I could tell this was not the first time he lost his keys. He fumbled with the lock and finally got it open. As soon as he was in, I heard his pants unzip.

"Shut the door will ya, I gotta get ready for bed."

I turned to shut the door and heard a thud. Turning around, I found my drunk comrade lying in the floor, fighting with this shoe.

"Come on, lets get you into the bedroom before you kill yourself." I joked, pulling him up off the floor.

I found my way to the bedroom, dragging him beside me. He turned around and fell back onto the bed. I bent over and started untying his shoes until he spoke.

"Shit, I can't let my wife see me like this. If she finds me like this and smells the booze on my clothes she will know I was cheating on her."

He began to pull off his shirt without unbuttoning it. He ripped a few buttons but finally got it off. You could tell two things immediately. One, he worked out. His broad shoulders and well defined abs only accentuated the second fact: he waxed his chest. His drunken sweat make him look like someone out of a cologne commercial. The smoothness and even tan of his chest made me wonder about the landscape further south. After kicking his shoes off, all that was left was his pants. Not really caring to see what was underneath, I started to leave.

"Have a good night." I said, heading for the door.

"DAMNIT!" he hollered. I spun around sure he had fallen again.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed completely naked, holding the most beautiful cock I had ever seen in my entire life. About 8 and a half inches, uncut, so thick his hand couldn't even fit all the way around it. I stared, half stunned.

"If my wife comes home and finds me with a hard on like this, she will know I went out tonight. Fuck!"

"Good luck taking care of that, I got to go." I practically whispered to him and began backing up. I had never really seen another mans dick before, and I couldn't stop staring. My 6 inch dick had always served me well but I had always secretly wished for a dick like his. After seeing him completely naked my suspicions where proven correct. There wasn't a hair below his neck. His smooth cock rose up from two gorgeous balls, glistening in sweat.

"Hey man, would you do me a huge favor and give me a hand with this? I am not sure I can do it as drunk as I am."

I froze. I'm not gay. Never been attracted to a man. Then why hadn't I left already? Why wasn't I running away right now? I simply stared. His cock was bigger than mine. I wish my cock was that big. I wonder what it feels like. No, I can't do it. I can't touch another man's cock. It isn't right. I shouldn't...

"Hey, I am not jacking you off."

"Shit, come on! If my wife knows I went out she will leave me and I will lose all this. This place was payed for by her parents. I don't do shit. Come on man, just between you and me. No body else will ever know."

"I...I can't. I mean...I just can't. I..."

"At least touch it."

"I'm not..."

"I said touch it."

His voice turned solid, firm. He was no longer asking me to touch it, he was telling me to. I felt like running, screaming, something. All I could do was stare as I silently moved closer to the bed. I still felt kind of buzzed from work and that seemed to add to my indecision.

I knelt before him. His legs were spread giving me a perfect view of the base of his thick cock. He pulled the foreskin back and looked at me over the head of his massive shaft.

"Go ahead, take hold of it. I really appreciate you helping me out."

The drunk was back in his voice. I slowly reached up, my eyes following my hand past his smooth, toned thighs, above his soft balls, until the tip of my finger touched him. His cock jumped a little at my touch.

"Let me help." he insisted, grabbing my hand and wrapping my fingers around his thick member. He started slowly leading my hand up and down his shaft. I was mesmerized by the head of his dick, slipping in and out of his foreskin.

When he stopped guiding me, I immediately brought my other hand up to his balls, softly cupping them and feeling their warm softness in my hands.

I couldn't believe what I was doing. The thought had never even crossed my mind, my and another man. But it felt so good, and I was getting so horny. My cock was throbbing in my pants, dieing to escape find release. He began to moan with pleasure, biting his lip and glaring at me longingly.

"This is ok," he uttered, "but it's taking to long. How about you get creative."

He reached forward, ran his fingers through my hair, as though I was his girlfriend. His eyes were soft, almost playful. Then his fingers locked in my hair. It scared me a little and I tried to pull away.

"Stop fighting bitch, you know you want it. Taste it. Taste my cock. Fill your sluttly queer mouth with my cock."

"No, I can't, I mean I just..."

He pulled my wet lips to his cock, the playful look in his eyes disappeared. I tried to fight it, my urge and his pull, but the minute my lips touched the head of his dick, my mouth opened. I took every inch of his meat I could, choking most of the way down.

It was sloppy, my saliva covering his cock and running down onto his balls and eventually his muscular thighs. He was more fucking my mouth than I was sucking his dick. With every thrust of his hips my cock grew harder, closer to orgasm. I began to want it, to want his cum all over me.

"Do you like my big cock, slut? Does it taste good? Do you like daddy fucking your mouth?"

I wanted to scream YES at the top of my lungs, but I couldn't manage much more than a loud slurp as he continued fucking my face.

Suddenly he stopped.

"I am ready to finish," he said, pushing me to the floor. He stood up and looked down on me with a fierce hunger in his eyes.

"Take your clothes off."

My dick almost jumped out of my pants. I knew what was next. I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time. I pulled my shirt of and dropped it beside me. Shoes came off and them pants. I slowly slide my boxer-briefs down, feeling his eyes devouring me every second. There I stood, my rigid cock in full view of the man I was about to let fuck me.

"Get on the bed, slut." he commanded, moving out of my way.

I took a step forward and laid on my stomach on the bed. A powerful hand landed on my ass.

"On all fours your stupid slut. I am not sure I should fuck you if you are that fucking dumb. Get your tight ass up here."

I instantly jumped to my hands and knees, scooting across the bed so he would have room to get behind me. Looking back I caught a glimpse of him pulling a bottle out of the bed side table. He poured some warm lube onto the top of my ass crack, letting it slowly run down until it reached my virgin ass hole. He caught some on his thumb, and rubbed my tender ass, massaging my hole until his thumb was completely inside me. He kneaded my tight ass for what seemed like a forever, then quickly pulled his hand away.

"If you scream, you little bitch, daddy will tape your fucking mouth shut. Do you understand, slut?!"

I eagerly nodded my head, feeling his strong hands take hold of my hips as he climbed onto the bed.

Then I felt it. The warm head of his cock found my ass. He ran its full length up my ass crack, getting it nice and slick. He pulled away a fraction, letting the head find its way back down to my man pussy. Then there was a thrust. No warning, no easy going, just a push and his massive cock disappeared into my ass.

Once fully in he paused, as if letting me adjust to being penetrated for the first time. I had been biting my lip to keep from screaming in pain or ecstasy, which ever cam first. I used this break to release my lip, only to taste a little blood in my mouth. I guess I bit harder than expected, but it felt better than expected.

Then the fucking started. Just like the penetration, there was no warning or warm up, just instant fucking. His cock plowed into me, over and over again. My body was limp with pleasure, only held up by his firm grip on my waste. I could feel his balls slapping against my young taint, pushing my cock to its limit.

"Do you like daddy's big cock in your ass, baby? Does it feel good to have your ass filled with my huge dick? Come on slut, let me hear you say you like it."

"OHH DADDY, I love you big cock! Ohh please cum inside my ass, daddy! Fill my ass with your hot cum! Oh daddy yes!"

I was his little bitch. I wanted nothing more than for his hot cum to fill my ass.

"Here it comes slut! Take my cum!!"

He pulled my hips into him, burying every millimeter of his massive cock into my tight virgin ass.

"OHHHHHH FUUUCK!!!" he moaned as his monumental load exploded into my ass. I could feel his heart throb through his hard shaft. His cum was warm inside of me. Every part of my man pussy that wasn't full of dick was drenched in hot, sticky cum. As he pulled his thick member from my now gaping hole, I could feel his warm juices running down my ass cheeks and dripping off of my balls.

Collapsing onto my stomach I felt the pool of cum that must have shot from me while I was being fucked. I couldn't believe what had just happened, but mostly I couldn't believe how much I loved it. As I fell asleep I began to wonder, what is in store for the morning?

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