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Sleeping beauty was a dream cum true! But she was his daughter.
Sleeping beauty was a dream cum true!
But she was his daughter.

By Oediplex 8==3~

She was Sleeping Beauty, she was a dream cum true. She was my daughter. I of course knew she was a gorgeous and sensuous woman, just like her mother had been when we were first married. But she was not her mom's uptight restrained girl, she was her daddy's libertine libido in feminine form. She lay on the couch of the recreation room in just thigh high boots, over white lacy silk stockings; and nothing else save the silver charm I had given to her on her sixteenth birthday.

That was five years ago, and she had never taken it off. I told her it was a magical talisman that would protect her from all the evil of the world. She believed me, perhaps it worked; but it didn't protect her from making foolish mistakes. I had no idea how she had come to be so erotically unclothed and drowsing on the couch. I could see her clothing strewn about, the liquor bottle, rum, and her cigarettes stubs in the ash tray. Beer bottles, and a man's jockey shorts under the sofa, told me that she had been screwed last night.

I didn't need the guy's evidence to see that she had had sex the night before. The puffiness of her ruddy labia, that was exhibited so immodestly at the juncture of her spread thighs, was telltale enough. While I prayed that the lucky trinket she wore would work, I also was glad she had gotten a preion for the pill at eighteen. She certainly needed that wise protection, I don't know when she lost her virginity, but there were fellas wanting to get into her pants the moment she entered puberty.

I hadn't seen her so naked since she was ten. Now here was my dearest girl was sprawled out like an odalisque from one of the masters, or a Playboy centerfold. I mean it was obvious what had gone on - or - come off as her nudity made obvious, and no doubt gone down on, and gotten up and cum in her for that matter. I was no prude, nor a hypocrite; however it was unusual, in fact had never happened before, that she had one of her dates do her down here. Normally she took them up to her room if they were going to make love.

Perhaps it had been a spur of the moment thing, they got carried away and then she had dropped off to sleep when they finished. The gent leaving in the night, left her here in dishevelment, to be discovered by her dad the next morning. A fabulous vision to be sure. Most arousing. Indeed, I wasn't made of stone to not be affected by this erotic tableau. Though a part of me was rock hard, nonetheless. I was in my boxers and an old tee shirt, what I normally wore around the house when we were just the two of us. Just the two of us, since my wife died three years ago of ovarian cancer. I had my work, and an occasional lady out to dinner, but sex for me was few and far between.

Not so for 'Miss Pussy 'N Boots', slumbering on the divan so delightfully displaying her splayed charms. This pussy had the love life of an alley cat. Perhaps I am unfair, she was not promiscuous, but she was quite the sex kitten when it came to doing it frequently. She was not shy either about being open and honest of her lovers' prowess and stamina. I not infrequently got a review of the evening passed at our breakfast table. I confess to being titillated by the salacious details she deigned to share with her old man.

Old man maybe, but not dead, the morning woodie was tenting my underwear and the reason lay before me in all her splendor. The fullness of her breasts capped with pink areolae, the nipples peaked in perfect erect form. The delta of her pubic fuzz framed the crinkly slit that provided a haven any male would want to occupy, even - yes, her father could have those desires. Especially when unexpectedly confronted with this magnificent and most aphrodisiacal apparition. I couldn't help myself, I suddenly and unintentionally had the hots for my daughter. I wanted to kiss those luscious full lips, and feel the perfect tits against me, and sink my rampant pole in her twat.

I'm only human, a weak male of just flesh and blood; and my flesh and blood, my offspring was putting the sproing in my sprocket as it filled with blood from peering at her lovely flesh exposed to my gaze. She opened her eyes. She looked at my face, then down at herself, then back at me, at my middle - my boner barely contained by my boxers. She didn't panic, no expression of horror at being discovered 'in flagrante delicto' by her papa, she didn't make a move to cover up, didn't move at all. Except to smile.

That sweet, mischievous smile of hers, that "I've been a naughty girl, but you'll forgive me won't you daddy?" smile that had sparkling eyes and a confident expression that was sure of my soft spot for my precious impish nymph. I never can resist when she does that. Nor could I now. After all, what had she done that was so bad? Not that she had fucked, she was an adult, and so what if they had done it in the recreation room, they had been in private. Her being unclothed? Well there was just me in the house, and I was her parent, no big deal; it wasn't like I was going to take advantage of her after all. So who cared, and it was nobody's business but ours.

"Are you hard because of me, Daddy?" she said in a sultry voice, a come on line that would be more appropriate in a porno film. I was frozen, like a deer in headlights, my vulnerability being exposed by the obvious stiffy I sported. She took advantage of my inability to retreat from the magnetic effect her erotic vision had on me. "You like what you see, don't you?" It was a rhetorical question. "You got to see me, wouldn't it only be fair if I got to see you?" I realized my stare was zeroed in on her snatch. She said in just a whisper, but it was a command even so, "Take them off, daddy." Yet I hesitated. "I want to see . . ."

Like an automaton, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band and slid my shorts down over my hips. They dropped to my ankles. "And the shirt." I pealed it off and tossed it to the side. I stood straight up now, like I was attention back when I was an army recruit, chest out and arms at my side and my soldier at my groin was ramrod straight too. "Momma said you were the handsome-est devil she had ever seen. You're still a grand man, papa, a real specimen of a rugged male, a hunk, a he-man and sexy as hell. I'm very glad that you find me attractive and arousing, because I have something to ask you."

It was all I could do to speak without choking, the tension was so tight in my throat, but I managed to breath out a word. "What?"

"Would you like to have breakfast down here?" She spread her thighs even further, and her pussy lips separated to reveal a glistening rosy lining. Her meaning was clear, she wasn't speaking about bacon and eggs in the rec room; but the genitalia of my little girl, the honey pot of my sweet darling, the vagina of my daughter grown to full womanhood. As in a dream, a dream come true, I knelt on the shaggy carpet and bent to give my beloved her wish. I was at my most talented and dedicated tongue tickling, going through the whole of the dance with the tender tissues I lapped. I made her pleasure button zing with joy, the hole to open with welcome, and the slot to exalt from luxurious licking.

Then her hands reached down and caught my armpits to signal that I should stretch up and over her. I carefully set my knees on the couch between her legs and took her in my arms. Her soft twin cushions with the pretty points pressed in sensuous contact with my chest. Our lips connected in a lusty smooch, but quickly opened and we Frenched for the first time. Our mouths were hungry for each other's face. My member angled and maneuvered to find the center of her sex and enter the haven it had been yearning for since seeing it so brazenly presented when she was discovered still slumbering.

The old man was no novice, the sword found the sheath readily enough and it slid smoothly half way into the well oiled scabbard before with drawing to the engulfed bulb and then burying itself fully in the cunt of the finest piece it had known since my honeymoon with her mother. I was surprised at the tightness, then realized that it was experience and muscles that gripped my cock in this mature cunt. So much the better, I was not going to have to treat her like some innocent virgin, but she was a hearty and healthy gal who knew what she was doing and thorough enjoyed the raunchy ravishing a rutting male would provide.

Her legs wrapped around my waist as she provided the greatest access to her body. Her arms hugged my torso and her hips were moving in counterpoint to my hunching haunches. This was all out screwing. The incestuous lust and suppressed desires we had been staving off for years were now unbridled and running wild and free. At last this filly was saddled with the rider who had raised her. It was at her instigation and even invitation that we coupled. Well then I had no reason to feel guilt at our copulation; damn! I was ecstatic that I was at last getting to share her body, give her the physical loving just like I had given her mother.

I banged her crotch with my loins, the smacking sound filled the room. She was moaning and groaning and mewing with ecstasy, my own grunts and growls of passion were animal noises of carnal delight. The sofa rocked and squeaked from the workout we were laboring at. The air was filled with the aroma of sweat and heated bodies and sex fluids that dripped down our legs. My pace picked up. She knew what that meant. Looking me straight in the eyes she told me by her gaze that it was not just okay for me to cum in her, but it was a necessity, she demanded it, it was a completion that was crucial to our coitus as a bonding and spiritual uniting. All that was sent to my head without words, just the expression of love she had told me those volumes.

Then I had no more time to think as the automatic instinctual urgencies overcame all other actions. Call it sin, all it wrong and awful and a crime; but I fucked my daughter and she screwed me back just as wantonly. I climaxed in her, shooting a huge load of jism, as she too peaked with her orgasm and flooded around my driving dick in her pussy. Our cums seemed to have after shocks, as my pulsing was throbbing for several moments and she had secondary small paroxysms that slowly dwindled to a calm peace. My penis lost its tumescence and slithered out like a fat worm backing out of its lair.

Then she laughed. "I knew if I could have you catch me in the altogether, that you couldn't resist me seducing you."

"Well," I retorted, defending my honor, or what little shred was left of that excuse for not giving into my base incestuous lust long held in check, "you aren't actually completely undressed, you have stockings and boots on."

"True, and my necklace as well." She held up her lucky charm for us both to see. I knew the day you gave this to me, that we would be lovers someday. Momma was fearful of that, because I was so free spirited and pretty and a little sex-pot. But I wasn't afraid, I knew I just had to wait until the moment was right. All those mornings I lay in my room naked as the day I was born and hoping you'd walk in on me. I always left the bathroom door unlocked, and why do you think I ran around the house in such skimpy clothes all the time. But dear trustworthy daddy never would make a move or do anything naughty, though I know you'd sneak a peek when you saw me in my scanties."

"So I arranged to be in the most seductive pose I could, with a freshly fuck cunt in full view." She reached up and began to stroke my tool which was regaining its turgid condition rapidly. "Oohh!" she cooed, "I think your whopper is getting a second wind, papa!"

"Indeed, my darling kinky kitten," I agreed. "If you'll turn around and get on your tummy, I'll show you what your mother's favorite position was."

"Oh, goody!" said my little Miss Pussy 'N Boots, as I once more entered the haven any man, even her father, would want to occupy.

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NYCWD, I'm an expert, what can I say?Crys, didn't I just say that to you last night?Karen, that's a great video!Britt, I got so much rtyhhm that it's coming out of my ass. Oh, never mind.Kevin, how'd you guess?Finn, I'm a deadpanner.TrishK, well, I was naked from the waist down.Karl, it's an important cause.David, I was just tired.Borys, we should all have a chair dancing party.Chamblee, did you tip your waitress?Michelle, thanks!Poppy, none, unfortunately. And I never got your email. With the snatch photo.Christie, Valerie, that's a children's song?Whall, did you actually watch one of my videos for once?Stephanie, I'm surprised you're the first one who did that!Cambria, yeah, that's probably a good idea with anything I post!

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I saw my daughter nude after she got fucked once and I have the vision burned on my memory. Hair was a mess, nipples all slimy from getting sucked on and her shaved cunt was all covered with cum. She was asleep and I jerked off into a pair of her panties I found on the floor. One of my best jerk off cums ever. I think I'll cum now just remembering it. She was 17 and just out of high school. At 23 now she still lives at home and I hear her fuck her bf in her room when he is over. Damn she is a hot one.

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yhtreu uy vhkilh khklh

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I cummed like 3 times reading this! Make a second one man you kick ass and if anyone says shit about it, it's because they are jealous

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