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I had met chris a while back while i lived in maryland, we where best friends, always getting in trouble together. His adopted sister (Who was 2 years older than us) had always caught my eye, she was perfect, big tits, great ass, she had it all.

In a few years i had to move to a small suburb near boston, i had made freinds quickly. I always considered myself a good looking guy, ripped abs, great face, not to mention a good 8-inch cock. At 14 years old, i was livin it good, getting head here and there, but nothing much else.

It had been in may of 2003, school was just about over and i was making my summer plans to go down to maryland and spend 2 weeks at my friends house. I had made the plans and was excited to see all my friends again. I hadn't seen them in about a year.

One day, i got an e-mail from my friends sister, how did se get my e-mail? anyways, in it she told me to call her and she gave me her screen name. After a day or so, i finally saw that she was online. We had an average conversation, until she said one thing i could not forget.

"Hey, john, i've never told you this, but i think you're really hot"

"come on, your my best friends sister"

"So, i still think your really hot"

"well, to tell you the truth, i think your very hott also" i said

"check your e-mail" she said

"umm okay" i said

As i checked my e-mail i noticed i recieved another e-mail from her, this time it was a pretty big fil, i opened it and to my surprise it was a picture of her, not naked, but she just looked so much hotter than when i last saw her about a year ago. Then i noticed that underneath the caption it said "You can have it all". I was amazed, i had no clue what to say, i was just purley speechless. Of course i showed all my friends the picture and bragged about how i was going get some action from this angel on the computrer screen.

~July 2003~~cockeysville, Maryland~

We had finally made it to maryland after about a 3 and a half hour drive. I quickly grabbed my bags and was greeted by chris outside.

"What the fuck is up dude" he said puttin his hand up for a high- five

"yo whats up dude" i said.

I came inside to only be dissapointed: kirsten, his sister, wasn't home but would be back in a couple of hours. So to run time i started unpacking as we caught up, he told me of his multiple sexual experiences with different girls, and of course i shared mine.

After unpacking he took me out and we met up with a bunch of his friends, and he pointed out the girl that he had told me about in one of his stories, she was hott, but im sure kirsten was better. We came home late, tired a stomachs full of beer. As we walked in, our parents where still up, talking and drinking wine. I looked toward kirstens room and saw that the light was on, then the door quickly opened. There she was, better than i could have ever imagined, by first look i could tell she had nice c cup sized tits, and a great athleting build, she was wearing short-shorts that unmasked her amazing sexy legs.

"oh my god! John! i havn't seen you in such a long time!! you've grown so much" She said and quickly ran over and gave me a hug, feeling her boobs on my chest made me wanna get a hard on, but i knew that in my sport shorts, that would mean trouble. SHe pulled me over into her room and quickly whispered "I'll talk to you tonight"

~1:45 am~
"John? John, wake up"

"huh? what..oh..hey" i was sleeping in the coach in the living room, even in my just awoken state, i could still make out her beautiful figure, she really was an angel.

"lets talk" she whispered since it was a single floor house, we had to remain quiet, but knowing this family, they wouldn't wake up if the house blew up. we talked about school and stuff, life in Boston. "lets make this convo a bit more interesting" she said

"okay, how"

"lets talk about sex"

"well....i really dont have much experience with sex....but i have had other experiences"

"fine, lets ask each other questions then"

"good deal" i said

"okay you first" she said

"ummm......okay...uhh....have you ever hooked up with a guy"

"John, im 16, come on, get a little more dirty" she said

"well, okay, have you ever given head"

"twice, to the same guy, i loved it, and i hear im pretty good at it, maybe you might just be lucky enough to find out" I was lucky enough even to be talking to this girl, now she was telling me i might get some head, this was surreal.

"hmm..i wish" i said in my head

"okay! my turn!" she said "hmm.....have you ever gotten head"

"yeah...more times than i can count" i said, it happened to be the truth

"well....well...well...i think we got a manwhore over here" she siad

"hey!......well, actually, you have a good point"

"okay, your turn" she said


"partially.......wanna see?"

"umm...uhhh" i couldnt find the right words Just then she pulled down her pijamas to reveal one strip of thin hair goin down to the finest pussy i've ever seen, i had no words, i was staring at the greatest thing in the world, Pussy. As soon as it came, it went, she pulled her pijamas back on and said "Alright, you've seen me, my turn" I unhesitantly pulled down my underwear to unveild my big cock. "Wow, that one of the bigger ones i've seen, thats pretty impressive for a kid your age".

"yeah, i get that all the time" i said. "alright, my turn, what size boobs ya got"

"C, i supposed you'd like to see those too" she said, i reponded with a "Umm...uhh.well..ya"
She lifted up her thin t-shirt to reveal an amazing pair of tits, perfect nipples, and perfect size, losing control of myself i quickly reached of them, i started to rub them and was ready to get a slap in the face, when i looked up and say he with a pleasureful expression in her face "Wow, she was enjoying this" i had expected her to flip out at me just spaztically grabbing her, but it didn't sem like it. I rubbed her tits a bit faster now, and began to lick her now hardening nipple "mmmm" she moaned as i flicked my tounge over and over her nipple "oh ya,...mmm...thats it...just like that" she kept moaning, i sensually rubbed her body as i kept licking on her nipple, i began to feel her hand going up my thigh and past my groin where her hand met my cock, i moved from her nipple to her mouth and we began to make out while she rubbed my cock through my underwear, hopin to return the favor, i reached down into her pijamas, and began to slowly make my way down, past the little strip of hair to her mound, and finnaly reached her wet pusy lips "mmmmm!..." she moaned as my hand made contact i slowly started rubbing her nice sweet wet pussy while she rubbed my steady growing cock. She suddenly stopped and pulled off, i was frustrated and confused why she had just randomly pulled off.

"You'll get your treat soon, just be patient" she said, with that, she walked off leaving me witth a hard cock thirsty more action, i got back under the blankets and began furiously jacking off, spewing my load high onto my stomach and some on my chin, not to mention the blankets. I cleaned my self off with near by tissues and passed out into a deep sleep.

The next day i woke up at around noon, the parents where out and only me, chris and his sister where home. washed up and ate some breakfast while i wated for my friend to wake up. At about 12:30 he finally got up and we went out with his friends again. We returned home at around 9 that night, our parents had retreated to bed and we had decided to watch some tv, we watched some stupid shows. He retreated off to bed and i was just getting ready, when his sister walked in "Ill see you again tonight" and she just walked out. I got into bed and i couldn't sleep, just thinking about what happened, i finally passsed out, but not for long, being awoken by that sweet wonderful voice again. "hey sexy" i opened my eyes and saw her wearing just a sexy pink thong. She then strattled on top of me and whispered into my ear "Lets get straight to the point tonight" she said in a sexy voice, i agreed. "just relax" she said I felt her hand slip down my abs and into my underwear, i felt her warm hand grab my cock and start rubbing it. she pulled off my underwear and kept on rubbing my cock, wich was half-hard by now. She took some of the precum and used it for lubricant. "mmm...yea..thats great.." i moaned she then put her warm tongue on the top of my warm head then felt her slowly slide her tongue down my shaft, fitting only a few inches in there "wow, its so big" she siad, my cock now at its full 8 inches. "oohh yea...." i moaned "you like that" she asked "of course.." i said "then you'll love this" she got back on top of me "Is this what i think it is" i asked "oh yea" she said and quickly slipped off her thong. I pulled her over and began to lick her pussy, her juices where so warm and nice smothered around my face, she moaned loudly into a pillow, to muffle the sound. I began to finger her, her pussy felt so warm around my finger, i worked my way up to her clit and began to flick it with my toungue. "oh!...mmmmmmmmm" she kept moaning "mm, thats it, mmmmmmmmm oh god yes!" "come here" she said. She worked me back down to the couch and pulled out a condom, she slowly slid it onto my cock. She got on top of me, with my head in between her soft wet lips, she went down slowly "mmm....oh god...oh...mmm" she went down further and i saw blood start to flow out a little bit, i realized i had just popped her cherry. "I.. thought.. you where'nt.... a virgin" i asked "i.. never... said that, i... just said... i wanted to.... talk about sex." after a short clean up, she got back on. "ok..ready" she whispered "always" i responded. She took my cock and put it to her soft moist lips and began to slowly go down. The feeling was amazing, having my big cock in her tight little cunt. She got about halfway down my shaft then went back up. "oh.....mmmmm!" she moaned.Up and down, it fel so farm and wet and tight. "mmmm...oh...OH..Oh..Im cumming...Oh!" the force of her cumming forced my dick out as her warm juices poured onto my cock. "". Right then, i felt the tingle in my balls start to rise. "!.....oh god.....". "In me, in me" she said. i let it all out into my condom, while she kept on goin up and down on my softening dick. she pulled out and took the condom off, licking up all the cum. she then laid down on me. we lay there for a few minute. "" i said. "you think that was good, wait till tommorow night"

Continued in part 2.

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x7W0Xp Great blog post.


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Fucking lie


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That was the cheesiest story I have ever read, It was so faked out to be. The last one was worse, 14 Yr old with 11 inch cock.. 8 inch is to obig for a 14yr old too.


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100% that he is lyin


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liar how can you have 8 inch dick u are just 14

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