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Joanne's night continues but takes a new turn that leaves her doubting her own instincts
This is the continuing fictional story of a middle aged lady led into the unknown by a man who has a strange hold over her making her do things that are totally out of character for her. Now both him and her continue to play out their individual sexual fantasies.

The story contains scenes of hardcore sex, mild bondage and moderate pain. Please be warned.

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on

Joanne’s Story – Part 3 – Complete Trust

“Do you trust me?”

His eyes looked directly into my soul as they always seemed to and I noticed they were glinting in the candle light that adorned the small bathroom. The steam from the shower had cleared and I was sitting opposite him, the man I had only met the day before but now felt like I had known him all my life. I had been a good girl and done as I was told and got a shower and now had a fluffy white ‘hotel’ towel wrapped in a turban around my head and another wrapped around my body which was folded in on itself just above my breasts. I could see his eyes running slowly up and down my body and that made me feel wonderful knowing that he wanted me so much, as I did him. My eyes were wide and there was a faint smile on my face.

“Do you trust me………….!” He repeated and I sipped a glass of ice cold champagne that he had brought into the bathroom a few moments after I had stepped out of the shower.
“I think so!” I lied. I knew that I did, and I knew from the short time that we had known each other that he would let no hard come to me.
“You think so?” He queried with a slight hint of a smile. You either do or you don’t!” He sipped on a champagne flute. “So is it yes……or no?”

I could hear that his tone wasn’t aggressive but it was firm and as I looked at him I noticed he had now dressed from earlier and was now in jeans and a T shirt.
“Yes……………………..I um………………….!” I looked directly at him again leaning forwards slightly as I did, my lips pursed slightly. His eyes looked directly into my soul again and I almost melted! “Yes, of course I trust you Peter!” I grinned. “Because I know you would never let any harm come to me!” I smiled sweetly, looking directly into his deep dark emerald eyes that were wide and sparkling in the flickering light.

He reached outside of the bathroom door and lifted a box from the floor and flicked it open with the lid facing me so I was unable to see its contents.
“I am glad you said that Joanne.” He grinned, “And I would never let any harm come to you……………ever.” He smiled again as he spoke softly. “I only deal in pleasure and not pain!” Both our minds seemed to flick back to when he had dripped the candle wax onto my body and I couldn’t help but allow a smile to cross my lips. “But now,” He smiled again continuing, “I am now going to make all your dreams come true!” He looked directly at me as he spoke, my eyes looking directly and deeply into his once again and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end in anticipation of what he might be planning next.

He reached into the box in front of me with a mysterious grin on his face.
“Put this on!” He said as he threw a soft black leather thong over to me. I lifted the garment off the floor and looked at it feeling the soft material in my hands. A smile flickered across my mouth briefly. “Is that it?” I queried innocently. “Just a thong?”
“You wish!” He grinned as he tossed a rather small bustier made of the same material to me. “And this!”
Again I looked at it admiringly noticing the leather lacing up the front. “In case you haven’t noticed, Peter, I think this might be a little small for me!” I giggled softly as I gazed back into his eyes, ‘those eyes’ that could see directly into my soul and seemed to have such a power over me.
He simply laughed. “That’s the idea!”
He could tell that I liked what he was producing from the case although I had no idea what he had planned next as his eyes scanned me up and down almost continuously between glancing down at the case.
“So, is that all?” I asked.
“You are joking aren’t you?!” He suddenly snapped back and that sudden change of attitude caught me off guard and I found myself frowning slightly.

“You have five minutes to put those on!” Standing he exited the bathroom with the case and shut the door.
“Yes………………….Sir!” I said almost under my breath. Dutifully I slipped the thong on and then struggled slightly to manage to get my generous breast flesh into the small cups of the bustier. I looked at myself in the mirror and could see that the bustier had pulled my waist in and my breasts were overflowing the bra cups and almost spilling out of the top. Perhaps that was what he wanted me to look like and if he did then that was fine by me. By the way he had made me fell so far since we first met that short time ago I would have done anything he asked and was just hoping that this wouldn’t end too quickly. He certainly had me under his spell and I was very happy to be there, right now.

Re entering the bathroom he saw me sitting smiling, wrapped once again in the toweling bathrobe. “Hello again!” I grinned. “So Sir, do you want to see what I have on now?”
“We haven’t finished yet!” He smiled back sitting down once again with the case on his lap. He lifted out a pair of 6” heeled black soft leather thigh high boots with long pointed toes and passed them to me.
“These next!” He grinned. “And then put your hair up and redo your makeup!” Before I even had a chance to ask, he said. “Red lipstick and dark eye makeup!”
“So, very slutty?” I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Just do it!” He snapped at me again.
“Sir, yes Sir!” I said and gave me a mock salute with my hand jokingly. Thankfully he took the joke as a joke and smiled at me. He might have reacted differently but I had put my complete trust in him and therefore I was feeling confident knowing that whatever was going to happen next would be enjoyable.
I grinned at him again before pushing a leg out through the toweling material exposing a shapely leg to him. He gazed at my thigh as I proceeded to slide my foot into the soft material of the boot before hauling it up over my smooth legs. I repeated the action and standing in front of him, I turned my back. Glancing back over my shoulder, with my hair now piled high on top of my head, exactly as he had asked, you smiled the most gorgeous smile I could and fluttered my eyes to make them twinkle. Then and only then I slowly eased the gown down over my naked shoulders.

I could see the expression of excitement on his face and hoped that my actions would get his pulse racing as I eased the gown lower and lower, inch by inch. Finally he would catch sight of the bustier, the soft black leather contrasting with my pale skin. Then the soft flesh at the base of my back came into view at the bottom of the bustier and I heard him let out an extremely satisfied deep sigh as view of my bum cheeks came into view held together only by the thin black leather material of the thong winding its way down between the crease of my generous soft and shapely bum cheeks. With a sweet smile I released the gown completely and my full body dressed in the back leather stood before him. I still had my back to him and was looking over my naked shoulder watching as I knew he was trying to take in the erotic sight of me dressed as he had instructed. His eyes were wide and mouth open as he gazed up at me and I saw his eyes run up and down my body over and over again lingering occasionally on the soft curves of my bum cheeks. I grinned at his reaction and started to turn to show off the ‘piaster resistance’ but before I could my lover suddenly rose from his seat and placed his hands on my bare shoulders. Just the feel of his strong hands on my soft skin sent shivers down my neck and spine and a tingle of excitement started once again inside the tight leather coverings of the bustier and thong.
“We aren’t finished yet!” He whispered as he took a sly peak down the front of my costume to see my voluptuous breast flesh literally overflowing the bustier. Reaching up around my neck he placed a collar onto me with a chain hanging down.
I giggled involuntarily.
“Trust me?” He literally purred directly into my ear in a soft whisper.
“Yes!” I was smiling as I spoke.

I then felt a black silk scarf being trailed across my shoulder and up around my neck before it was placed over my eyes blindfolding me for the second time this evening. He purred in satisfaction just to feel him close to me.
“You are wonderful!” I whispered.
“And you are perfect!” Came his reply as I felt his soft luscious lips close onto the back of my neck in a soft kiss. I shuddered again and felt warm inside.

Now completely in the darkness again I felt him move around to the front of me and my wrists were being pulled together and fixed in place in front of me with soft leather cuffs. I giggled again.
“Joanne?” He purred softly only inches from my lips.
“Yes?” I almost croaked excitedly.
“It’s show time!”
Seconds later I felt a slight tug on the collar chain and felt myself being led out of the bathroom. I followed instinctively telling myself that I did trust him, this man, this stranger that I had only met in person the day before. But this man had done and indeed was doing things to me and with me that I could have only ever dreamt about in my wildest fantasies up until now. I felt the warmth of the room with the crackling fire still burning and the faint scent of candle wax in the air. I cast my mind back to the first time we had communicated online. If I was honest with myself I knew from the start there was something special going on. And I used to look forward to and relished every moment since that I heard from him or spent with him in cyber and in my thoughts and dreams. I didn’t know where this was going but I simply didn’t care right now, I was living the dream and loving every second of it.

“Joanne, don’t make a sound!” He ordered in a whisper. “You will enjoy this, I promise, and trust me!”
“Okay…………!” I replied softly suddenly feeling that there might have been other people in the room with us. “Are we alone?” I asked……………
He didn’t answer, instead lifted my cuffed wrists and fixed them to what felt like a rope. Then I felt then being pulled gently until my hands were comfortably above my head.
“Who else is here?” I asked feeling bewildered.
“Shhhhhhh!” Came him swift reply! “Don’t make a sound, Jo!”
“Okay!” I squeaked. “Sorry!” A slight smile crossed my lips in amusement.

I now stood in the centre of the room in the soft leather lingerie and boots, with my hands secured above my head. My lips were full and red from the lipstick I had been told to wear for this special show and my bare skin would have been glowing golden in the soft flickering lights of the candles and the open fire. I stood still patiently waiting for something to happen but not knowing what. There was silence in the room other than the sound of the fire crackling.

Suddenly and completely out of nowhere I felt myself take a sharp intake of breath drawing my tummy in as I felt the soft tips of fingers from a hand touch my bare tummy. The fingers were sliding lightly over my warm skin, practically hovering above the skin with the lightest touch possible. I trembled slightly, the flesh of breasts wobbling as it overflowed the cups of the leather bustier. The fingers moved higher as did my chest as I breathed in again deeply and excitedly. He was teasing me again with his fingers, like he had before. I relaxed knowing it was Peter, my new lover playing games like he seemed to enjoy doing. Then more fingers were touching my bare shoulders in circular motions as I moved my instinctively towards the movement.
“Your hands are wonderful!” I sighed.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhh!” Came a whisper near to me.
“Sooorry!” I giggled slightly.
The tips of the fingers, the touch of which were doing so much for me, continued their motions on my warm skin and I let out a satisfied sigh with a smile on my painted lips allowing my head to drop forward slightly.

Then, they were gone. He is teasing me I thought to myself, in my private darkness. Then seconds later I sensed someone behind me and caught a faint hint of aftershave in the air. My back arched and I murmured softly. The lips were soft and dry as they brushed the nape of my neck kissing the warm skin softly. Then I felt the wetness of the tongue trace a line from the top of the back of the bustier straight up along my spine and up the length of my neck to your hairline. I shuddered having always loved my neck to be kissed. Then the tongue made its wet tickling journey back down my neck. I twisted my back as the tongue moved down and I lost concentration on the finger tips that had suddenly reappeared and were once again hovering delicately over my warm skin.

My mind was buzzing now and my breathing increased but then my attention was suddenly brought back to the moment as the finger tips turned into hands. Soft hands were now rubbing my shoulder and tummy, the hand on my tummy easing lower to the waistband of my soft leather thong. I could help but smile and murmured. “Oh fuck baby, this is wonderf……………….oh sorry!” I giggled softly. “I’m not meant to be speaking!” I deliberately whispered out loud the last sentence before purring contentedly as the hands and lips continued to perform their magic on my bare skin. I was now writhing about as I stood, almost dancing without moving my feet and I could feel the heat from the fire. I could feel the electrical pulses in my body start to shoot from nerve ending to nerve ending enlightening my passion and felt my nipples start to harden knowing that they would be fully visible through the soft leather material of the bustier. Mt breath was starting to come hard and fast through my parted lips that seemed to be trapped in a faint smile.

I don’t know what it was, perhaps I was lost in my dreams but suddenly I stopped my movements and stood perfectly still. I concentrated my mind and all my feelings on what was happening to me. I was right! I knew it! There were now, more than two hands on my body! I hadn’t noticed it at first; having been caught up in the moment, but the finger tips that had been tracing over my skin had now closed onto my body. But now I suddenly felt more fingers on the bare skin at the base of my back and I gasped under my breath. My chest rose again as I breathed in and could feel my breast flesh tremble slightly at the movement, so tight was the bustier. My nipples would now be clearly visible and my breathing was becoming deeper and slightly strained as I murmured excitedly. The new set of fingers were suddenly joined by another set as I felt the light soft touch of lots of fingertips sliding softly over the skin of my thighs just above the boots and I trembled slightly moving my head trying to catch what might be going on. The darkness could not be moved and I was now well and truly at the mercy of whomever was with me at the moment in time. Goosebumps appeared on my body as I grinned uncontrollably. “Oh fuck……………!” I whispered.

Another murmur of satisfaction left my lips as I felt the wet tongue that had been tracing my spine up and down slide down to the base of the side of my neck. It was making wet spiraling motions up the side of the neck to the base of my ears and then down again. I could feel soft hair tickling my shoulder as the tongue worked its way up and down before the lips closed softly over my earlobe in a light kiss, before repeating the process. Then I let out another low moan as the tongue slid delicately into my ear sending an immediate pulse of electrical ecstasy direct to my dripping pussy lips, encased in the leather thong.

I was almost lost in the moment again when suddenly I gasped as another wet tongue moved over my bare stomach and I knew at this point that my mind hadn’t been playing tricks on me. There were definitely two people with me at that moment in time but I had no idea who. All I could do was breath as the excitement of the situation was almost unbearable. My nipples were rock hard and my chest rose and fell in the bustier as my breathing increased my fleshy breasts always threatening to topple out at any moment. Then I heard his voice again, the voice of my lover, my friend and my teaser and tormentor.
“Release them!” Came his words in a low tone and I shuddered just to hear his voice.

I was in a dreamlike state when I heard his voice but was brought back to reality when I felt the bustier start to loosen at the front. My breathing increased almost to a pant and I almost screamed out as I suddenly felt two wet tongues encircling my erect naked nipples and drawing them into the heat of their wet mouths.

My nipples were throbbing with the consistent sucking of the teats by the mouths of the people I was unable to see and the effect was sending pulses of electricity throughout my breasts and down into my loins. My hot pussy was tingling in the tight confines of the leather thong and dripping wet. I hadn’t even been touched down there since being tied up but that didn’t stop the stirrings caused by the treatment I was receiving now and it definitely was having the desired effect on my clitoris and the inner chamber of my cunt.

Suddenly the two sets of hands were back on my body, this time both hands on each of my heavy breasts lifting them and mauling the tender flesh as the aggressive sucking and gentle nibbling of my nipples continued. It seemed to go on for an age and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. My pussy throbbed uncontrollably as juices flooded the canal and I knew I was so close to cumming yet again. I started to pant and moan loudly.

But the sucking didn’t stop; it became more aggressive as I felt my swollen teats being bitten gently as the areolas where being sucked intensively and the hands mauled at the flesh of my heavy udders. The feeling started from my clitoris, slowly at first but within seconds electric pulses were shooting around my body and my hot pussy and nipples burnt with such pleasure. I shook uncontrollably and my legs gave way leaving me suspended by my arms to the rope above. I tried to stifle it but couldn’t help but scream loudly as the orgasm took hold of my body and I came, my juices practically squirting into the tight space between my cunt and the soft material of thong filling it up before some seeped out of the edges and ran slowly down my thighs and inside the tops of the leather boots.

I was panting as I felt my breasts being released, first by the hungry mouths and then the hands as they flopped back into position on my chest. I suddenly felt a pair of arms, strong arms come under mine and lift me back to my feet and then soft lips touched mine in a light kiss, followed by another kiss but I sensed that they were different lips to the first kiss. I stood panting and trembling looking around but with no vision through the blindfold and no sound in the room save the crackling of the fire. Moments passed and there was nothing as I slowly regained my composure.

Then I felt it. A soft hand on the outside of my thighs and I sensed someone behind me although the hand was the only touch. Then another hand on the outside of my other thigh, just above the boot, neither hand moved but instead just stayed still on my warm skin. I tried to make sense of it all and could feel the heat of the unknown body through the hands on me. I felt something touch my boots at the feet trying to ease between them and obligingly I parted my legs slightly as I felt slightly more pressure parting my thighs. Suddenly I felt bare skin against my thighs as the leg now pushed its way between them. I eased my feet further apart until I was standing with my legs about 18 inches apart. The body moved away and I was left alone once again, trembling with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I started to move my feet back into a more comfortable pose until I heard him speak again, his voice reverberating in the room. “Don’t move Joanne!”
I heard my voice call out from somewhere but in my dreamlike state I couldn’t tell where he was in the room. I didn’t even know where I was in the room!

But then out of the blue my sense of smell was enlightened once again to the fragrance of a rose near to me. I felt the soft petals being gently drawn over my lips then down the front of my neck, tickling the skin as it went before being pulled away from my body once again. I giggled softly as it touched my tummy and I felt my nipples start to stiffen once again as the rose made its way up from my tummy first into the valley between my big soft breasts, circling each nipple in turn, without touching the nipple itself, but instead just playing on the areola before sliding over the flesh to repeat the motion on the other. I giggled once again as it slowly slid back down through the valley down onto my tummy. But this time it went lower until it was in line with the top of the thong and for some unknown reason I started to tremble. It wasn’t through fear; it was more anticipation of what might be going to happen next, my lips were parted in expectation.

‘Trust me!’ His words came back into my mind but still froze when I felt it and stood perfectly still my breathing now short and sharp! It was cold and metal and against my skin. My breathing quickened. Now it was on my tummy and as I felt it move slowly downwards dragging my skin behind, the fear built up in me. ‘Trust me!’ I thought of that again in my panic and realisation that the cold and metal that I felt had a sharpness to it also. ‘Trust me!’ I told myself again and felt a bead of sweat run down my cheek. The cold metal knife blade was nearing my pussy. I gasped loudly as I felt my thong suddenly slipping at one side as the knife easily cut through the thin material of the leather. This was repeated on the other side and the thin material fell to the floor leaving me exposed. My hot cum juices that had been held in place inside my garment were now free to run free and I felt them tickle as they ran down my thighs into the boots. But I didn’t care! I was stuck in a fearful shocking state. ‘Trust me, I would never let any harm come to you……………ever’! Was he lying? Did I trust him? Do I trust him?
My whole body was trembling now as I stood for what seemed like ages.

“Peter?” I murmured tentatively with a trembling voice.
“Shhhhhhh!” Came a swift reply.
“Please……………………….please don’t hurt me!” I squeaked in a trembling voice and felt tears well up in my eyes and soak into the silk blindfold that I wearing.

I suddenly didn’t know if I did trust him and I was afraid, very afraid as I felt the cold metal of the knife once again on my skin.

To be continued………………………………

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you have done it again stunning story thank you your muse

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Great detail, lovin' the outfit too!

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